tagMind ControlJust a Little Accident

Just a Little Accident


The accident was as weird as the results of the surgery.

I was coming home from a party with my then girlfriend Patty and we ran, ok I ran off the road. No big deal right?

Yeah that's what I thought until I woke up in the recovery room with my mom and dad standing over me and a nurse looking at me funny.

I felt light headed and confused, "Hey, what happened?"

The nurse came closer and took my pulse, "You had an accident son, but you're ok now. It was touch and go for a while. Look at my finger please," she shone a small light in my eyes and had me follow her finger around, "Good, how do you feel?"

Blinking I yawned making my jaw crack, "I feel dizzy a little, but overall ok I guess."

"That's probably the pain medication doing that. I'll tell the doctor you're awake and he'll be in to see you soon. Are you hungry?"

"Yeah I'm starving!"

"Ok, I'll be right back!"

She soon came in with a tray and set me up to eat. It wasn't the best food, but tolerable. It took two more days for the doctor to release me and my parents took great care of me for the next week until I was released back to work. Patty, the little slut, dumped me while I was in the hospital and started to date another guy. She didn't get a scratch on her, only her purse was ruined and her dress torn. I wanted to smack her; at least she could wait until I was better to dump me.

They said my brain had swelled from the impact and I should be a hundred percent in a few weeks. I opted to be put on some experimental drug for head injuries and was soon feeling a lot better. My parents could see I was feeling better and went on their two week cruise that had been delayed.

Seeing them off I cruised down the highway and decided to visit my old buddy Jim, maybe his sister was home. I had the hots for her since last year, but could never seem to ask her out.

Jim wasn't home, but Sheri was. She asked me in and we sat down in the kitchen drinking tea.

"Well Dave, how's your head? Jim said you almost died."

She had on a thin tee shirt and I could see her bra through it. Her jean covered legs were tucked under her in the chair and she had her chin resting in her hand.

Looking at her cute dimpled smile and short blond hair I could feel the old lust coming back. I cleared my throat, "Actually they said I died on the table twice and had to be shocked back. I'm still on the experimental drug cocktail for another week, but I feel a lot better."

She touched my arm with concern in her eyes, "Wow, I didn't know all that! I'm glad you feel better, I miss seeing you over here and I know Jim does too."

I liked how her hand felt on my arm, "Thanks. I guess you heard what Patty did while I was in the hospital," she nodded and took a drink of her tea.

"Yeah, I can't believe the bitch did that! She always thought about her self first anyway."

I shrugged and took a sip of my drink. Getting my courage up I figured I may as well ask her, "Are you seeing anyone right now?"

"No, not really. You want to go to a movie or dinner some time?"

"Yeah that would be great! How about this weekend, maybe Saturday night?"

We made plans to meet here and I got a hug which carried me all the way home in a cloud. I could still feel her large soft breasts as they pressed into my chest.

Ordering a pizza I settled in to watch a movie. It seems I missed several new releases while I was in the hospital and the satellite had some great ones on. Putting the recorder on I got a soda from the fridge and the doorbell rang.

Grabbing my wallet I opened the door and was surprised by who was there. Grinning at me was the little girl, now grown, that I used to baby sit for extra money, "Lucy is that you?"

Giggling she stepped in and set the pizza down then gave me a big hug. I could feel she had filled out very nice since the last time I saw her.

"Hi Dave! When I got the order I insisted that I'd deliver it on my way home. How are you? We heard about your wreck me and mom were frantic until she heard from your mom that you were ok. I guess that hard head of yours protected you, huh?"

I laughed, "Yeah it sure did! Man how old are you now, I haven't seen you in a while?"

"I'm eighteen and a half and I start college next year!"

"Wow time flies. Come in and sit down, do you have time to visit for a while?"

She took off her coat and tossed it on the chair, "Sure, my stupid boyfriend just dumped me so I have plenty of time."

"Oh sorry, I'm glad to see you. Come on you can help me eat this pizza!" she walked ahead of me and I admired her tight heart shaped ass as it swayed back and forth in her low cut jeans. She had a light shirt over a tube top that barely contained her tits.

I got her a soda and we gabbed for a while watching the movie and catching up on family stuff.

When the movie was over we started to play cards and talk some more. We were playing stud poker using candy for money and when I lost the third hand in a row she scooped my M & M's over laughing. I didn't mind losing again as long as I could see down her top at her nice big tits. I think she was flirting with me just a little because it took her a while to collect her winnings this time.

"Wow I won again!" she giggled.

"Very funny, very funny. Ok this hand is going to be mine," I started to shuffle.

I won a small pot and she shuffled then I won a medium sized one, "Hah! I told you it was my turn!" I snapped my fingers as I looked in her eyes and laughed. I saw her eyes go blank and her face went slack. Her hands dropped into her lap and she just stared at me, "Lucy, are you ok?" she slowly nodded, but he expression didn't change.

It kind of freaked me out the way her eyes didn't focus on me, but just stared. The thought popped in my head that the accident must have changed me somehow. I figured 'What the hell!'

If she was fooling with me at least we'll get a laugh out of it, "Lucy, take off your shirt."

She nodded and unbuttoned it to let it fall from her shoulders onto the chair.

Her face never changed, it was very weird, "Lucy stand up and come over here."

She stood up and walked over to stand next to me. I swung over and thought for a moment as I admired her full breasts under the tube top, "Take off your jeans, shoes and socks put them on the table," she didn't hesitate. Watching her lithe young body as she stripped for me was getting me hard as a rock.

She stood there in her tube top and panties, "Now take off your tube top and bra," I figured this was the moment of truth if she was fucking with me.

With out any hesitation she pulled the tube top off and dropped it on the floor. Unsnapping her bra she shrugged out of it and dropped it also. Her tits were firm and her nipples stood up high and hard. I didn't know whether I should see how far she would go or not. My hard on made me decide though, "Lucy have you ever had sex before?"

She nodded again which made me smile and my cock twitch, "Take my clothes off for me."

She stepped forward as I stood up. My tee shirt was first and then she unsnapped my jeans and pulled them down. I wasn't wearing any shoes or socks so I stepped out of them. She kneeled in front of me and slid my boxers down over my hard dick which sprang up almost hitting her face. Lucy stayed on her knees in front of me, and you know what I asked next, "Lucy have you ever sucked a mans cock before?" she had a small grin on her face, nodding. I noticed her nipples had gotten hard when I asked her that.

Stepping forward I held my cock at the base and wiped the pre-cum coating the head on her lips. Her tongue snaked out and licked them.

Lucy, suck me off sweetie," I knew my orgasm wasn't too far away either.

She still had that little grin on her face as her hand came up to hold the shaft and feed my cock in her mouth. At the first touch of her tongue I almost shot my load. She must have had a lot of practice because she gave me the best blow job I have ever had. She couldn't swallow me to my balls, but damned if she didn't try. I could hear her moaning and making little yummy sounds as she sucked me.

I felt my balls tighten getting ready to cum; reluctantly I pulled out and told her to stop. Stroking myself I stepped back and just looked at her, she was a gorgeous eighteen year old woman in the prime of her young life and I had complete control of her alone in my house. I couldn't believe my luck.

"Lucy, stand up and take off your panties," she stood up as ordered and dropped them to reveal her smooth shaven mound. Her pussy lips were slightly swollen and distended, "Sit on the table here in front of me so I can lick your pussy baby," she sat down after I cleared the space and pulled her legs open which opened her pussy showing the wet gash.

"I love your pussy Lucy; it looks so good and juicy!" I started licking the outside then slid my tongue as deep as I could making her squirm and moan, "Talk to me Lucy and tell me what you want me to do to your cunt," I used my tongue to fuck her slit.

"Lick my pussy Dave, make me cum on your face. I want to squirt my juice in your mouth!"

She grunted as I licked her clit laying my tongue flat and running it across faster and faster until she squealed and surprised me by spraying out a long hard stream of pussy juice in my mouth and on my chest, "Yes, yes, yes cuuuummmmmmnnnnggggg!" I clamped my mouth over her pussy until the squirting had subsided.

Standing up I noticed she had her elbows down and was trying to catch her breath, her chest was heaving and her tits quivered, "Do you want me to fuck you now Lucy?"

"Yes, yes fuck me Dave. Fuck me!"

She reached out and pulled my cock to her cunt and moaned when I slipped it in her warm wet hole. Her arms went around me and pulled my ass tighter to her burying me to the base in her cunt. I started to pump in her pussy like a madman then quickly remembered I didn't want any kids just now, "Lucy, are you on any birth control?" I kept slamming her as she answered.

"Oh fuck me! No, no, I'm not."

Pulling out I had a little trouble catching my breath. She was staring at my throbbing cock glistening with our juices licking her lips, "Lucy I want you to suck me off and swallow my load of cum," she dropped like a brick to the floor and devoured my cock, slurping and slobbering all over it like it was her last meal. Seeing her work on my cock gave me a lot of incentive to fill her mouth up. I grabbed her ears and held on as she worked me over the top.

"That's it Lucy suck me baby! I'm gonna to cum sweetie, here it comes, oh fuck, shit, shit! Ummmmmmmnnnnngggg!" she clamped her mouth on the head and jerked me into her mouth draining my sperm and swallowing every drop then milking the last drops out to lick them off the slit. When I finished she sat back and swallowed the last smiling like a cat with cream. Using her fingers she wiped her lips and licked them clean.

I sat back down in the chair to catch my breath and watch her, "Shit, Lucy that was the best blow job I've ever had baby!" she sat there looking at my cock as it started to soften her eyes still had that glazed look, but now the grin was like a satisfied lover.

"Lucy, get dressed and sit back down in you seat, please."

She complied as if she was getting dressed for work in her own room and soon sat down looking at me blankly.

Standing up I paced the room trying to see how best to use this new power. It took me several minutes of thinking up scenarios then discarding them. Finally I decided to see if she would remember me fucking her, "Lucy, you won't remember me making love to you. Only recall how much you want to get too know me better and have fantasies of us making love," I snapped my fingers again and sat back.

Lucy dropped her head down and shook it. Then she scooted her chair close to the table and glanced around again looking confused, "Aren't we going to play some more Dave?"

"Oh, sorry. Sure we can play some more if you want? Do you want some soda?"

She squirmed in her seat a little, "Yeah maybe a little, not a full glass though."

He could see her trying to figure out why her pussy felt different, then shrug and handed me her glass.

We played for another hour with her winning again. She said we should go out sometime and I teased her about changing her diapers, "At least I can say I've seen you naked!"

Her face got red and she squealed, "Don't you tell anyone that, please!" she took a sip of her drink, "I never saw you naked though," she was grinning at me.

I stood up and pulled my tee shirt up, "I will if you will!"

She got red again and waved at me, "Not tonight, I'm too tired."

"Oh rats!"

She didn't say anything for a few seconds, "Well, I should go, it's getting late. Can I call you and we could go out sometime?"

I told her it would be fine and she kissed me on the lips and with a small smile left.

The next morning I went to the local mall to get some jeans. Going through a few stores I saw a gorgeous thirty something mother of a small girl about a year old. She had long blond hair and really big tits with a trim waist and slightly wide hips. This woman had a lot of attitude when she walked by and smiled at me in a sexy way, as if to say 'I know you want me' look on her face.

I followed her around from a distance and she left by the same door I had used. She stopped by her car two spaces over from mine and I watched her put the sleeping child in the seat and load her packages in the rear. Coming over I walked by said hello and when she turned to look at me I snapped my fingers as our eyes met. Her face went slack and eyes blank just like Lucy the night before.

I stepped over, "Hi, what's your name?"


"Hi Veronica, is anyone home at your house today?"


"Are you married?"


"What time does he come home from work?"

"He's out of town until Saturday."

I couldn't believe my luck, "Veronica you drive home and I'll follow you. Drive like you normally do and take care of your baby when we get there, ok?"

With a cheerful smile she said ok and I followed her down a tree covered drive a few miles out of town. There were no homes anywhere close that I could see so I parked next to her in the drive. She got out looking normal took the little girl out and carried her inside with me following. After she lay her down she went back out and got the packages setting them on the counter in the kitchen then just stood there when I called her name.


"Do you have any kind of security system in the house?"

"Yes, we have an alarm system with outside cameras on motion sensors that go to the police station by phone."

"Is it off?"


"Good, go take a quick shower and come back into the kitchen."

She left the room and I followed her. She went into the master bedroom and started to unbutton her outfit as she walked towards the bathroom. By the time she got the water running she had all of it off except her panties and bra. Naked she was even more good looking and sexy than I thought. Her tits were very big but didn't sag very much and her aureole's were almost two inches across with long hard nipples poking out. She had neatly trimmed her bush leaving just a strip of hair above her clit. Looking at her hips they had a little spread to them but probably because she had a kid. Still she looked damn good to me.

Coming out of the shower she dried herself off and strolled back into the kitchen. I remembered I hadn't told her to dress again. Following behind her I liked to watch her natural sway and the little bounce of her ass cheeks. She stopped next to the counter.

I stripped out of me clothes and sat on the counter next to her, my cock was dripping and hard as a rock, "Veronica, do you like to suck cock?"

She turned towards me and nodded.

"Good, suck my cock please."

Smiling she bent down and engulfed me from head to balls in one swoop. She ran her tongue out across my balls as her hand cupped them. Her head came up and she licked me squeezing my pre-cum out on her tongue to slurp it in then bobbed up and down on me like a soft wet vacuum.

She was very good at swallowing a cock and her mouth was amazing, "Do you swallow cum?"

She nodded and started to suck me a little faster.

I grabbed the back of her head and started to fuck her mouth. Soon I was feeling the tightening in my balls as my orgasm started, "Yeah Veronica, fuck! Suck me baby, eat my cock!" she had her hands on the counter beside my hips while I fucked her face, "Oh shit, shit, shit! I'm cummmminnnnnng!" I blasted my load down her throat shooting out a long stream of cum emptying my balls in her vacuuming mouth. When I finished she didn't stop sucking me but kept it up getting me hard again, it must be what she did to her husband.

Pulling her off me she sighed wiping her mouth and licking her fingers. Getting my composure I slid off the counter, "Sit on the counter, I want to eat your pussy."

She literally jumped up on the top and pulled her legs open with a grin, "Yes eat me."

With a laugh I licked her soaked lips and stuck my tongue in her just like I did to Lucy. It made her squeal and moan. When I started to lick her clit she pulled my head closer and gasped as I rubbed it with my tongue. It didn't take long and she had her first orgasm, her moans could have been heard next door if anyone was close. She must have been used to having only one orgasm.

"Stay there Veronica we're not done yet."

She stayed in that position and held her legs open while I did her again and again. Her orgasms were coming faster and faster until she finally lay back and groaned with her legs pulled back and spread open. I leaned over her crotch and continued to lick her pussy. The last orgasm she passed out and her legs slowly dropped down to hang off the counter. She was breathing heavily and I could see her pussy lips quiver.

I had a raging hard on again but had to wait for her to wake up. Looking around I grabbed two stools and put them close together. Slipping on a rubber I got up on my knees and slammed in her cunt like crazy, holding her legs apart. She must have felt my cock sliding in her cunt because she woke up and started to moan, "Fuck me, fuck me!" She had me wanting a quick release. Pumping her quickly I soon filled the condom with my seed and pulled out making her sigh.

Washing up at the sink I soon had my clothes on and the condom wrapped in a paper towel to take with me, "Veronica, you can get up and take a shower, get dressed and remember having a nice nap this afternoon and dreaming of being fucked by a very horny young man that made you cum several times."

She quietly stood up and staggered back to the master bedroom while I made my getaway.

All the way home I tried to come up with other ways to try out my new power and soon had a mental list that included friends and neighbors daughters or even their moms.

With a loud laugh I tossed the cum filled rubber out the window and into the ditch.

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