tagNonHumanJust Being Wolfy Ch. 10

Just Being Wolfy Ch. 10



Hi guys!! We have reached the TENTH installment of JUST BEING WOLFY series!!

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BIG thanks and appreciation goes to STEVESWOMAN for editing and checking my grammatically-error story!

This story is DEDICATED to all of you!!! :D


The Ruben Grand Dinning Hall was decorated luxuriously. There were circular tables to sit 10 people in perfect rows. There was a group of people playing violins and a piano at the background. The light in the hall was dimmed to golden and the food prepared looked scrumptious and filling.

I stood next to James anxiously waiting for Jerry to arrive. We were standing by the main door to the Dinning Hall to welcome our guests and so far all of the Andashman Pack and Nyca Pack were already seated.

James gripped my hand, caressing it to calm me down. It worked. I started to breathe out evenly but my breathing spiked up when I saw Jerry and Fiorelle approaching us, followed by the rest of his pack.

Jerry's eyes rested on the bump of my belly. It was more defined and slightly bigger so it was hard to hide it from him. He bit his lips so hard that I could smell blood wafting from him. He looked like he was ready to snap but he managed to calm himself down as he shook hands with James and nodded at me in acknowledgement. I gripped James's hand in mine tightly. Anxiety started to overwhelm me but James kept on whispering calming thoughts in my restless mind. Fiorelle just smiled faintly at me. It made me wonder how wicked his plan might be to acquire me.

"Congratulation Gracielle." she whispered to me, her voice was a little hoarse so I knew that she had been crying. "Alpha Female role suits you." She looked at Jerry but he ignored her as he nodded at James and me again. One of our lower ranks showed them to their seats.

I spent the whole feast fidgeting and I kept on glancing at the clock on the wall, wondering what he was waiting for. Why hadn't he burst out in flames of fury? I scanned around the area and saw that everything was normal. I could even see Jerry eating and talking around with the people in his table. Fiorelle was eating quietly by herself. I looked at the clock again, watching the hands move painfully slow toward midnight.

Finally, the clock struck twelve midnight. James stood up; he cleared his throat and started to make his speech. I looked at Jerry apprehensively but James gave my right shoulder a squeeze of comfort before he started his little thank you speech.

James was speaking but I didn't hear any of his words as my eyes were fixed on Jerry. He smiled at James but I somehow knew he was faking it. He was waiting for something, I knew it. Just as all the pack members made their toast, a loud ripping sound boomed from all directions.

I stood up slowly, holding on to James as we watched the scene unfold as if in a slow motion in front of us...

Jerry stood up, clapping his hands in false happiness to us -- the newly mated couple. All the pack members raised their glasses and made a toast. My eyes fixed directly to a large number of people ripping off their fancy clothes and phased into a much bigger wolf. I took a frightened step back just as James shouted his signal.

But it was too late.

It was far more than too late...

We had let our guards down when the clock strokes midnight. Fiorelle grabbed Jerry and screamed something to him but we couldn't hear anything as loud rippling growls boomed once again.

Large black, hairy wolves leaped up the tables and started to attack everyone in the hall. Three of them sprinted up to us. James pushed me away, I could barely hear him when he said, "GO, LOVE!! RUN!! HIDE!!!" I held on to him, refusing to let go but he pushed me away as he ripped his clothes open and phased into his wolf form.

I stared in horror as he leaped to the advancing black wolves. He looked so small comparing to them. Where and when did Jerry gather up these stray rebellious wolves to fight his battles?

Fear made me glued on the floor. I didn't even realize Tylie was at my side and pulling me along with her. "RUN GRACILLE!!" She pushed me and we ran from the Dining Hall as all hell broke loose.

Jerry was nowhere to be seen.


I touched my belly protectively as we ran up the grand marble staircase. I panted. I was beginning to feel tired. My belly cramped and throbbed but I kept on going anyway, intent on protecting our love gift. "Where should we hide?" she asked me fearfully as we could hear the fight amplified in the Dinning Hall. I pulled Tylie's arm and we ran to our home quarter.

"James -- James." I panted out breathlessly as I pushed her inside our bedchamber and locked the door. "James showed me a secret passage from here to the far side of Ruben Estate." my heart lurched as I remembered earlier today when he showed me the secret passageway.

"Use it to save yourself when the fight starts love." he had said to me, his strong arms encircled on my waist, I protested at his order, demanding that he should come with me but he chuckled; he was certain that all of them will be fine, "Don't worry, love. I'll come and take you back home after that."

Tears welled in my eyes as I pushed away the books from the built-in bookcase. I forgot which book was the secret key. "Tylie?" It was then that I noticed I couldn't hear her sobbing anymore. I turned around and saw her lying on the ground, unconscious. I bit my lips as I approached her, 'Tyl -," my voice broke as I saw Jerry emerging from the dark shadows in our bedchamber. I took a step back. "You killed her!" I accused him, taking another step back.

"She's just unconscious, Gracie." he said seriously. It was then I noticed something in his hand, some sort of a vial. It glowed when moonlight hit it. He took another step towards me.

"Stay away from me!" I screamed at him as I bolted to the left but he was faster than me. He had me trapped in his arms. I hit out at him, trying to slash that handsome face of his but he held both of my arms easily with one hand. He bit the vial's top off with his teeth and he smiled at me widely.

My heart thudded and pounded as he forced my mouth wide open and poured the glowing liquid into my mouth. I coughed, the taste was bitter and rusty. I couldn't breathe for a moment as he forced me to swallow it, I managed to spit some of it out but he poured more in, making me gag and gasp for air, finally leaving me with no choice but to swallow it.

My head spun; my vision clouded as I fell limply in his arms.


A searing pain stabbed right into James's core as he killed the last remaining black wolf. The fight stopped as the last stray wolf fell dead. It had not been an easy task to beat the large black wolves, as they were bigger and stronger. Despite all of that, he and his pack had been filled with pure raging instincts to fight, with not strategy in mind.

James was left bloodied but that wasn't what was causing the searing pain.

He fell limply on the floor as he howled and phased back in his human form. The Grand Dining Hall was a big mess; tables were overturned and priceless plates and dishes were destroyed. A very strong stench of blood and conflict saturated the hall.

Malcolm looked like he was about to talk to James, to ask what was wrong with him but before he could he even utter a word, James sprang up and sprinted out from the Dining Hall.

"GRACIELLE!!!" he shouted desperately as the searing pain dimmed to little stabbing in his heart. He wrenched open their bedchamber and saw the unconscious Tylie on the floor. His eyes darted all over the area but he couldn't find any sign of her. Tears rolled down his cheeks as he fell lifelessly on the ground. The searing pain meant only one thing: his lover, his darling mate, was dead.

He howled and phased into his wolf form and leaped through the grand window, landing on his four paws perfectly. He howled heartbrokenly into the forest.


The pounding pain in my head woke me up; I groaned at the sudden burst of sunlight streaming directly on me. I sat up straight, leaping in shock when I realized I wasn't at Ruben Manor. I was still wearing my dress from last night. I stood up and brushed the dirt away when I realized that there was a chain attached to my left leg. I tried to snap it free but it was too strong and I was still too exhausted.

James! I thought. My love, where are you?

But I couldn't hear anything in my thoughts. I couldn't feel James' warm aura in me. A sudden horrified thought flooded into me. What if my love was dead? I fell limply to my knees, sobbing. It was then I realized that I was in some sort of a cave. There was a bed in the corner and a table filled with various types of food and drink. I sniffled but hunger and the need to protect my offspring made me stand up and walk slowly to the table. I was thankful that the chain was long enough to let me reach the food. I finished everything within minutes.

I sat down on the edge of the bed, looking around my new area. My eyes darted wildly. "Full?" a voice asked me suddenly. I turned around and snarled at Jerry who was sitting languidly in an armchair, barely hidden in the dark shadows of the cave.

"What have you done to me?! Where is this place?!" I screamed at him, flinging the metallic bowl at him. Unfortunately, he caught it at the last minute. He smiled feraly. "My mate is dead, let me go home and mourn!" I pleaded.

"Oh he's not dead," his voice tittered excitedly. I looked at him with confusion. "He's the one who thinks that you're dead,"

"What the hell do you mean?!" I hissed at him.

He smiled, "Don't you remember the vial?"

I glared at him, "What vial?!"

He chuckled as he stood up and approached me. I edged away from him on the bed but the chain held me at my position. He clicked his tongue. "This will never do," he mused as he took a key from his pocket and removed the chain from my leg. "You're not an animal to be kept trapped, Gracie."

"THEN LET ME GO!!" I retorted.

"The vial," he continued as if he hadn't heard my outburst. "Gregory is such an excellent potion maker, he was the one who found the ancient potion to make an mated wolf's bond weakened to such an extent that they think their mates are dead," he paused for a moment, still standing a few feet away from me, "But unfortunately, the potion effects is not permanent."

"He will rip your throat out, Jerry." I snarled at him. "Stop this madness at once! We're not meant to be! Just accept it and moved on!! YOU HAVE FIORELLE!!"

At the mere mention of his mate's name, he cringed and bit his lips, "She slept with someone in my pack."

"THAT'S YOUR FAULT!!" I screamed at him. "I honestly believe that she loves you, just -,"

He cut my words by jumping on top of me, making me lie flat on my back on the bed. I struggled but he held both of my hands high above my head, he trailed kisses on my neck and sniffed at James' saturated scent on me. "She's not and honestly, let's not change the topic here." His hands went to my dress, trailing down and then his hand rested on my growing belly. "I'm very surprised that he knocked you out already." He ran circles with his fingers on my belly but before he could even pull my dress up, my self-defense instinct triggered inside me. The mad desire to protect my offspring and myself washed over me like a burning fire. I slammed my forehead to his, so hard that he staggered backwards. My head throbbed but I ignored it as I took the chance. I ripped off my clothes, phased into my silvery-gray wolf form and bolted out from the cave.

I could hear Jerry growling and the sound of his bones rearranging reached my ears as he phased into his wolf. I sprinted as fast as I could, leaping from boulders to fallen trees. It was then I realized on my surrounding, I was at Thorn Forest. The cave which I had been was the exact same cave where Haylie and I had used to play house.

JAMES!! I thought desperately as Jerry continued to gain on me but I still couldn't feel James aura wrapping around me.

I sprinted and made a few trick turns to confuse him. I knew this place better than he did since I spent almost all of my waking moments playing around the forest. After twenty minutes of running, I finally lost him.

Tired and sore from all of the running, I sprinted lightly to a secluded light waterfall. I jumped on the small rocks on the waters and went into the waterfall. There was a hidden small cave behind it; this was Haylie's and my other secret place. I was thankful for Haylie for not cleaning up our things after I had mated with James. I phased back into my human form and laid down on the comforter and pillow we had brought from the manor a long time ago. There was even a basket of food but I was too exhausted and sore to even have the urge to eat. I fell asleep within minutes, praying that when I wake up, James would feel my aura around him.


A soft trail of fingers caressed my body as I slept. I smiled, thinking that I was safely tucked in James's arms and all of the bad things that had happened earlier were just a nightmare.

"James." I whispered as I opened my eyes. I took a step back, covering my nudity with the blanket. Jerry was lying next to me, naked. I covered myself and hissed at him, "GO AWAY!!"

It was dark in the cave so I figured that it must be night time already but I could still see him clearly in the dark. He smiled at me as he stood up and started to approach me.

"Stay away from me!" I warned him. "I'm pregnant, don't do anything to me!" but his intention was wild in his eyes and I knew that nothing could stop him. James...I thought crying, forgetting about the potion. Save me...

I made it look like I was going to run to the right but I darted to the left at the last minute. He was a fast learner; he grabbed me and threw me to the thin comforter. He tore the blanket off me, lust dominating his eyes as he eyed at my naked body hungrily. He bent down and started to kiss my breasts. I cried uselessly to myself as he ran his hands down to my body and circled on my belly. I closed my eyes in defeat.

But he stopped as if he had thought of something. His eyes lost the mad glint as he blinked at me. He released his hold on to me but he was still on top of me. I opened my eyes and whispered, "Are you not the same sweet wolf who saved me from the abandoned hole?"

He looked deep into my eyes, still silent. "Gracielle, forgive me," he whispered as realization and comprehension flooded his mind. "I -- I was angry and hurt when you mated with James...I was...too competitive, too egoistic, too proud..." he was about to roll off me when a booming snarl leaped from behind and tore Jerry off me.

James was in his wolf form. He was bloodied and injured from the fight with the black wolves but I could see the raging anger and heavenly relief burning in his eyes; anger at seeing Jerry on top of me and relief at seeing me alive. He flung Jerry out to the water, right through the waterfall. Jerry didn't even make a counterattack on him as James leaped through the waterfall. His jaws snapping at him, intent on keeping my honour. Jerry just let James thrash him around like a rag doll and James would have broken his neck half if it weren't for me.

I phased into my wolf form and threw myself at James.

He took a swipe at me, not realizing who I was for a whole second in his anger. He stopped, regret flooding in his eyes as he saw the blood his swipe had caused.

We were in the water. I could hear the sound of the waterfall behind us. I phased back into my human form and put myself in between them. James growled at me. Gracielle love, stay away, he thought at me.

I was immensely relieved to finally realize that Jerry was right; the potion's effect was temporary. I could feel James's warm loving aura in me. I could hear his angry murderous thoughts.

"Don't." I went up to him, hugging his wolf form. James phased back into his human form and enveloped me in his arms. "He didn't do anything to me, he was about to let me go when you leaped in, my love." I said.

Confusion ran across his handsome face. I looked at Jerry, who was now up on his feet. Jerry looked horrible. There was a deep gash on his left arm and on his right thigh. There was a scratch on his face but he wouldn't have any scar on that handsome face of his.

"Just kill me, James." Jerry pleaded as he knelt down in the water. "I've been so blinded with rage and competition that I have lost the girl I really loved." He gave an ironic laugh as rain started to pour down on us. He winced as the pain started to ebb from his injuries. "Fiorelle was there all along and I pushed her away to another man's arms. Just break my neck James. I deserve it for giving you and the whole pack grief."

James held me tight; he pushed me to stand behind him, just to protect me from Jerry should this was just one of his desperate tricks. "What do you mean, Thorn?" he growled at him, his fingers flexing automatically. "I should rip your throat out and break every bone in your body for her."

I held James tightly. I was starting to feel cold from the water and the pouring rain. "Forgive him," I said. "He's finally realized on his true feelings. I forgave him already. Please...let's just end all of this and go home." Oh, home! I wanted to go and warm myself in front of the toasty fireplace. My body was aching and tired and I was very hungry.

James paused for a moment. The anger in his eyes were still raging and I honestly thought that he would leap out and snap Jerry's throat but he said seriously, "Get up, Jerry."

"The Four Council will kill me nonetheless," Jerry reminded them. "Just let me die with honour under your hands."

"They can't punish you," I replied, as I went towards him. James tried to stop me but I was too quick. I knelt down in front of him and touched his face. "I will not demand justice over you." Tears seemed to roll down on his face but I wasn't sure. It might be the rain itself. "Let's start over, friend," as we finally stood up.

I looked at him curiously. "What made you stop earlier?"

He had the decency to blush, "I -- I had a flashback of Fiorelle." I smiled at him. I understood his one sentence. "Her father will demand justice," he paused. "I deserve it."

"We will make sure that you have a second chance, Thorn." James was still cautious with him since he pulled me to his arms protectively. "For now, let's just go home."


Fiorelle huddled in a tiny spot on their bed. She had been crying non-stop ever since the surprise attack broke out at Ruben Estate. She knew that she had lost Jerry forever since she hadn't heard anything from him but she could still feel his aura around her.

He wasn't happy.

But she didn't know why and thought that perhaps he had killed Gracielle in the process of claiming his victory. She had never known more pain than this. She lay down on the bed on her side in a fetal position. She hugged her knees to her chest as fresh tears rolled down her face. She could smell Jerry's wonderful scent on their bed and she breathed it in deeply. She could hear the door being creaked open but she could care less on entertaining a visitor. She closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep.

She could hear approaching cautious footsteps and caught a whiff of the sorely missed scent. She popped her eyes open and fresh sobs erupted from her when she saw the state Jerry was in.

He was badly injured. There were cuts and deep gashes everywhere on him. He looked at her forlornly. "I didn't do it." he whispered as he fell on his knees in front of her. "I could have done it but....I didn't."

She sat up slowly. Were her eyes and ears deceiving her? Was she hallucinating? To make sure that she was sane, she crawled down to him and sat on her legs just feet away from him. "Why didn't you do it? Isn't it -- isn't it your devout mission to get your revenge for your lost love?" Her voice broke at the end as she cried.

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