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I'm a handyman. It's an interesting trade and I can turn my hand to just about anything. Concreting, carpentry and carpeting are my three mainstays but if needed, I'll turn my hand to other things that come up. Most physical work just needs good co-ordination and a willingness to use your brain. I do, however, tend to steer clear of electronics. You want a TV fixed, go to a specialist.

My slogan is "I'll Just Do It". There's another mob who I did some work for once and they liked my slogan so much they pinched it. I had my lawyer send them a letter about it but they ignored me.

Anyway, enough rambling on about me. I wanted to tell you about this job I had to do. It was carpentry. Friend of a friend put this guy Tobias onto me. Tobias needed his back veranda fixed. What kind of name is Tobias, anyway? I called him Toby once and thought I was going to lose the job on the spot. Oh, yes. I was talking about his back veranda.

Termites are the devil, but also a lucrative earner for people like me. The little buggers ate half of Tobias's veranda before he even knew they were there. He found out when he stepped out on it one morning and fell straight through it. This resulted in a quick call to the exterminators and then a subsequent call to me. A quick check and I was able to inform him that the whole veranda needed to be torn down and rebuilt. Preferably with treated wood to prevent those walking teeth from visiting it again.

I gave him a quote and a timeframe and suggested that he might like to get another couple of people out to do the same. I gave him the names of a couple of firms I knew, confident that if he called them they'd give him extortionate quotes. Apparently he did, they did, and I got the job.

So I fronted up on the agreed date and started stripping down the chewed remains of the old veranda. That didn't take long and I took the time to knock up a set of stairs so Tobias didn't have to jump down into his yard.

The next day I started putting in the new veranda. I was able to start on the structure right away as the original pilings were still there, the termite having ignored them. Not to their taste apparently.

For the next couple of days, everything went smoothly and I was going to finish in time and within budget, which is always a nice thing to do, and I'd make a decent profit as well.

Then Tobias's wife, Jody, turned up. Ay caramba, that woman was hot. She'd been at her mother's place for a few days and she arrived home on what was to be my last day there. I had just finished putting down the final flooring when she came slinking onto the nice new veranda and looked around. I like that word, slinking. It describes the way a cat approaches a mouse, and in this case I had a suspicion that I was the mouse.

I suppose you want a better description than me just saying she was hot. She was medium height, slender and stacked, and I mean stacked. Her boobs jutted so far in front of her that I'll swear they came through the door two seconds before the rest of her. If ever boobs were made for touching and tasting, hers were. They looked soft and bouncy. I know they were bouncy as they did so as she walked, bobbing up and down and from side to side. She was wearing a silk blouse from the look of it, with no bra. I think she liked the feel of the silk rubbing against her nipples.

She had the cutest little bottom, barely covered by a mini-skirt and legs that looked as though they were the poster children for pantyhose models.

What else? Black hair, and that doesn't mean dark brown. It means black. Brown eyes and red lips. No collagen in her lips either. It looked as though she was one hundred percent natural. That includes her boobs. The plastic surgeon who can make boobs that bounce the way hers do hasn't been born.

Jody introduced herself, telling me who and what she was, and I responded in kind. She had one of those sultry voices, the kind that seems to be breathing lusty suggestions into your ear. When I said I responded, I responded in more ways that just introducing myself. My cock damn near twanged, it snapped erect so fast. If I'd been wearing light trousers, it probably would have ripped them apart when it snapped to.

Did I mention that she had a nice pair of boobs? I think I might have said something along those lines. Well, those nice boobs were tipped with a pair of erect nipples, pressing hard against that silk shirt she wore. My hand just itched to feel them.

Do you remember my motto? If not, it's at the start of this story. I glanced around the yard and noted that we were really quite secluded where we were. There were sufficient hedges, trees and fences to prevent anyone from looking in on us. Tobias was at work and as far as I knew, we were alone.

I reached up and started undoing the buttons on Jody's silk shirt. She looked slightly startled but didn't try to stop me. All she did was ask "What do you think you're doing?" in a puzzled voice.

The answer to what I thought I was doing was so obvious that I just ignored the question, continuing with the buttons until the shirt gaped open, and then I pushed it back and off her shoulders. I have to say I've never seen such a magnificent pair. I cupped them, weighing them in my hands while my thumbs reached up and rolled the nipples.

And all this time Jody just stood there, letting me touch her. She didn't look scared or puzzled, just interested as I stroked her breasts, watching my hands playing with her.

Not wanting Jody to feel constricted by the shirt binding her arms, I reached for it and slid it down her arms and off, tossing it lightly onto my sawhorse. Then back to her breasts, treasuring them. Bending over I sucked each nipple, tasting her and letting her feel my teeth grazing against her flesh.

"You were just made for a man to touch," I murmured to her, standing back and admiring the view.

Jody just smiled and stood there, patiently waiting to see what else I might do, challenge plain on her face. I reached for the waist of her skirt, checking for a button and/or zip. Finding both it was the work of a moment to undo them and let her skirt drop. Jody calmly stepped out of it, hooking it up with one foot and dropping it on top of her shirt.

She was now wearing a miniscule pair of briefs, cut high on the sides and low in the front. She wasn't wearing them long, I assure you, and this time I did the gentlemanly thing and helped her out of them.

Once again I did the step back and admire bit. I really liked the way she had shaved her pubes to a little arrow, pointing to where I fully intended going.

I slowly undid my jeans, making sure that Jody could see what I was doing. As soon as I had it was pretty obvious what was pressing firmly against the opening fly, but I did not take my erection out and display it for her. Instead I gave Jody a challenging look of my own, daring her to start contributing to what we were doing. She didn't hesitate. She just slipped her hand inside my open fly and found what she was looking for, drawing it forth.

I thought she might just hold it or possible stroke it but Jody surprised me. She sank gracefully down onto her knees and her mouth closed smoothly over me. All I could do was stand there in torment as her head bobbed up and down, slowly driving me wild. She timed it to a nicety. When I thought I was about to explode she released me, rising swiftly back to her feet, looking down to admire her handiwork.

Now I am a largish man, with large hands and feet and other parts, shall we say. But I'm quite sure I've never been as large as I was when Jody finished teasing me. However, it was now my turn to do some teasing, and my hand slipped between her Jody's legs, settling on what it found there.

While my erection lay throbbing between us, my hand plundered Jody's pussy, kneading and massaging it, fingers diving between her lips to ensure that she was stirred internally as well. She gasped when I started manhandling her clitoris, biting her hand to stop herself yelling. When I stopped she was standing there quivering slightly, hot and moist and ready.

I reached around her and cupped her buttocks. Pulling her towards me I also lifted her and Jody, finding herself tipping forward, threw her arms around my neck to catch herself, which was just what I wanted. With her arms around my neck I was able to lift her higher, pulling her firmly against me so she could feel my erection pressing hard against her stomach.

"Legs" I murmured and Jody lifted them, wrapping them around my waist.

Now that she was clinging to me I could move her a lot more easily, and I slowly lifted her up, letting her feel my erection drag against her as I lifted. Then she felt it dragging against her mound and pressing up against her slit. I held her there for a moment staring into eyes that were staring back at me.

Then I started lowering her, letting her slide down onto my cock, pushing past her lips and starting to make itself at home. As soon as I was satisfied that my head was safely within her I let her see me smile, and then I let her go.

Jody squawked, frantically clutching with both arms and legs to prevent herself plunging straight down and skewering herself.

"Bastard" I heard her mutter, as she managed to control her descent, letting me fill her at a slightly lower speed. Looking into her eyes, they seemed to open wider and wider as I filled her. Then I was fully in her and she was laughing up at me, confident that she could handle anything I could dish out.

So I tested her out. Jody squeaked slightly when I started walking, finding herself bouncing on my cock in time to the steps I took. She squeaked even louder when I went down the steps and into the back yard, looking up at me with a touch of horror in her eyes. "Where the hell was he going?" I could feel her thinking.

Not far actually. Just onto the grass. Kneeling down, I tilted Jody towards the grass, laying her flat on her back with me looming over and in her. Then I pulled back and slammed back into her, bringing forth a little squeal. Now that I was pounding her, Jody was ready, willing and able to take me on.

Apart from some gasping, I was reasonably quiet as we played on the grass. Jody was a different matter. She squeaked and she squealed. She begged for more, harder and faster, and I did my best to oblige her, and my best was damned good, if I do say so myself.

I continuously pounded into her, while my hands massaged her breasts and my mouth possessed hers, trying to stifle some of those squeals, which were getting louder as things progressed.

The way she had treated my cock on first encountering it had predisposed me to a quick orgasm, and I had to fight it off in a most frustrating way while building up Jody to the required point. Eventually she arrived at the sticking point, much to my relief, and I suspect I let out a heartfelt groan as I was able to finally slam into her and let myself go, hearing her muffled screams of pleasure as my mouth ground down on hers.

Then we were lying apart under the sun, relaxing and breathing heavily.

"I'm supposed to check your work and give you a cheque for the balance of your bill if I'm satisfied," Jody gasped.

"And do my efforts meet with your approval. Completely satisfied, are you?" I asked.

Jody nodded. "You do excellent work," she said. "I'll go and get your cheque while you put your things away."

Rising, she stalked into the house, snatching up her clothes on the way past. I also rose and started tidying up, looking around the new veranda with approval. I had indeed done a neat little job here.

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Poor hubby is know a cuckold and maybe he does know it already.
A fun story

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