tagIncest/TabooJust Like Mom

Just Like Mom


Everyone in this story is over the age of 18 when they are engaged in sexual activity

Chapter 1

Tom watched his younger sister walk into the house from cheerleading practice. Haley was a far cry from the underdeveloped teen he had known when he left for the Marines four years earlier. Tom had noticed her developing during his infrequent trips home, but now she was the full package.

"Wow. I still can't believe I'm here. And look at you... my little sister is all grown up. By the way, where's mom? Shouldn't she be home by now?"

"She's still at work," Haley replied. "She came home early yesterday because you were arriving, but ever since dad left she's become a workaholic."

"That figures. Do you ever see dad?" Tom asked. "I stopped by before I went to Iraq but we hardly ever keep in touch."

"Mom made me go out there for Spring Break. Suzi had just turned 26. I almost threw up when she said we could be just like sisters. Every night I could hear the bed slamming against the wall and Suzi screaming while dad fucked her."

"Yeah, I know what you mean," Tom said shaking his head. "Suzi's a piece of work. Did you know that Suzi came on to me while dad was at work?"

"Really?" Haley asked raising her eyebrows. "Did you fuck her?"

"Jesus Haley, she's my stepmom."

"You DID fuck her, didn't you?"

Yes, he thought to himself, he had fucked her in every conceivable way a man could fuck a woman and then listened at night while his dad did the same thing. He left after three days and vowed to never go back.

"Let's change the subject, okay? How are you getting along with mom? Before I got back mom sent me an e-mail that indicated you have been a 'handful' lately. What the heck does that mean?"

"Nothing," Haley answered with a shrug. "She thinks I'm oversexed. So what if I like boys. That just makes me a normal girl. I'll bet I haven't done anything she didn't do when she was my age."

"You mean mom the ice princess? I don't think so. Exactly what is it you did that got mom so worked up?"

"It was no big deal. Mom came home early and caught me with a boy. We were just fooling around a little. As I said, I'm a normal 18 year old girl. Mom is overreacting."

Haley decided not to tell him that their mom had caught her naked in her bedroom with a boy's cock stuffed in her mouth. Her mom had called her a slut.

"Just be careful around mom, sis. You know what she's like."

"Well I for one don't think she's the prude she pretends to be. Some of the comments from her yearbooks are more than a little suggestive. I bet she has some incriminating memorabilia tucked away and I'm going to find it."

Motivated by their conversation Haley went up to the attic to look for evidence of her mother's sexual history. Haley was going to find it and throw it in her face. After rummaging around she discovered a trunk full of their mom's old clothes that had a false floor. Underneath was a lockbox.

"Hey Tom, you have to come up and see this," Haley yelled down. "I think I hit the mother-load – you know, where mom keeps the secrets to her slutty past."

"I don't know sis," Tom replied sticking his head through the opening to the attic. "It's her private things. Just let it be. Besides it'll probably only confirm that it was a miracle she conceived children twice without ever having sex."

"She's always looking at my private stuff and not telling me. She even stole my vibrator. It had to be her. Anyway, I'm betting she fooled around when she was young and I plan to find out."

Despite his objections Tom was a little curious himself. He went up and sat next to Haley on an old spring bed with a thin mattress. Haley easily picked the lock. Inside was a diary. Haley flipped through it quickly. It was written during her mother's high school years. Haley looked up at her brother with big eyes.

"Oh... my... god. Listen to this."

Dear Diary,

I didn't want to go to the party. I don't mix well with jocks and cheerleaders. I went anyway because Jenny insisted. Pete was going to be there and Jenny has this big crush on him. It didn't take her long to get his attention. Jenny can be a real slut when she wants to. Anyway, when they went upstairs to fuck I was left all by myself.

I should have realized the punch was spiked. I was on my third cup when Bill from English class walked over and began talking to me like we were old friends. I mean, I hardly knew the guy other than to say hello. He was part of the football crowd, but as I said, the punch was spiked and I was feeling no pain. He told a few jokes and I giggled like a little girl.

After that everything happened so fast. Bill pinned me against the wall and mashed his mouth over mine. I felt his tongue push between my lips. His hands grabbed my butt cheeks and pulled me hard against the bulge in the front of his pants. I guess it was a combination of the spiked punch and the suddenness of his attack, but rather than fight I kissed him back. I didn't just kiss him. I was grinding against his hardness.

Several people had gathered around us and were encouraging Bill but it didn't seem to matter. It was like I was watching myself from across the room and enjoying the show. His hands went under my blouse and bra until he was squeezing my naked tits. He sunk his teeth into my neck. I gasped and continued to grind against his hardness.

Bill slid his hands under my ass cheeks and lifted me up the side of the wall. I threw my arms around his neck for support and wrapped my legs around his waist. He had already pushed up my top and bra. He sucked a nipple into his mouth. That is my weakness. I just love having my tits sucked. It makes me go crazy and this was no exception. I was moaning and biting my lip as his mouth and teeth did incredible things to me.

I don't know how he managed to get his cock out of his pants but suddenly I felt his hard knob pressing against my panties right at the opening to my pussy. He was going to fuck me right there with everyone watching. He pulled the crotch to the side. I screamed when his huge cock disappeared deep inside me. He slammed into me hard and fast driving me up the side of the wall on each thrust.

I've always been a little oversexed, but this was over the top. I don't know how many people were watching but the room seemed full. I saw the glowing lights of several video cams and flashes from cameras. The thing is I didn't even care. All I wanted to do was get fucked by his great big cock. I loved the way it felt so deep inside me each time he slammed it up my cunt.

"Holy shit, Tom," Haley exclaimed looking up from the diary. "Mom was a fucking slut. I thought she had a past but, jesus, I never expected this."

"How... how do we even know it's real? She might have made it up... you know, a fantasy kind of thing."

"I don't think so," Haley answered. "Why would she put it in a diary like that? It doesn't really matter though. She wrote it so she must have wanted it."

Haley continued to read.

I know I had at least two orgasms before I felt his cum shooting into me. Bill lowered me to the floor and pulled up his pants. I looked up and saw a hard cock waving in my face. I'd just been fucked and now I was being asked to suck a cock in front of a roomful of onlookers. I didn't even know whose cock it was. I tried to look up to see but two hands grabbed my head. His hard meat slid into my mouth.

I do love sucking cock. I like the feel of a man's hard flesh sliding between my lips and across my tongue. I like to slobber all over it and suck it like a wanton whore. In fact, I usually get off sucking cock. This time was no exception. I reached between my legs and rubbed my clit while I was devouring the hard flesh swirling in my mouth. It didn't take long before my pussy clenched and gushed all over my fingers.

The guy I was sucking didn't have a chance. In less than two minutes I felt him swell. I clamped my lips tightly around his knob. His cock pulsed. A stream of hot cum splashed off the roof of my mouth and dribbled over my tongue. He thrust deeper into my mouth and unleashed a second torrent of cum. More and more pumped into me until it was leaking from the corners of my lips.

He finally drained the last few drops from the tip and pulled it from my mouth. I looked up at him with my lips parted so he could see the load pooled inside. It was Tommy Jackson, the quarterback on the football team. As he was stuffing his cock back in his pants I closed my mouth and swallowed.

Two huge linemen stepped forward and dangled their sizeable cocks in my face. I quickly gobbled one into my mouth and wrapped my hand around the other. I sucked on the first one until spit was drooling down my chin. I moved my mouth to the other cock and attacked it like a hungry whore. He swelled between my lips and pumped several powerful spurts of cum into my mouth.

I still had my lips wrapped tightly around the cock that was shooting into my mouth when I felt something warm and gooey splatter against the side of my face. The other guy was pumping his hard meat and spewing his seed all over my face and hair. I moved my mouth to his cock dribbling cum down my chin and sucked him dry.

Several hands pulled me off the floor and moved me to the couch. I was kneeling over the back sucking on two cocks dangling in my face when I felt my skirt being hiked over my ass and my soaked panties pulled down to my knees. A hard cock slid between my cheeks splitting open my pussy. It quickly filled my empty cunt and began fucking me.

I swallowed another load of cum and then another. The guy fucking me grunted and pumped his seed into my pussy until it was running down my thighs. Another cock immediately replaced the one that had been fucking me. I could hear loud squishing sounds from so much cum sloshing around inside me.

After another load of cum in my mouth and pussy I was rolled onto my back with my head over the arm rest. Someone mounted me and hammered my pussy like a madman. Another cock slid into my mouth. I tilted my head back and felt it slide into my throat. He fucked my mouth until spit was running up my nose and into my hair. He finally pulled out and sprayed cum all over my face.

The guy fucking me pulled out and sprayed cum all over my tits. He slid his cock between them and rubbed the knob all over my sensitive nipples. Like the whore I had become, I slid a hand between my legs and rubbed my pussy until it exploded with another gushing orgasm.

Two more cocks slid into my body and sprayed cum into my pussy and mouth. Another two mounted me and filled me with more cum. I could barely open one eye with all the spit and cum drooling down my face but I could make out four guys standing in front of me and pumping their cocks. One at a time they sprayed cum all over my face and tits. Another four stepped forward and repeated the ritual.

Once again I put a hand between my legs and fingered my pussy while cum was splattering onto my face and tits. I think I might have let them go at me all night but Jenny came to my rescue. I heard her yelling foul things at the guys surrounding me before she pulled me from the couch and took me into the bathroom.

I want to be ashamed of what I did but every time I think of that night my pussy gets wet. Am I a slut? I must be. God, how am I going to face everyone at school on Monday? I'll let you know how it goes Diary.

Love, Diane

Neither of them said anything for several seconds. The image of their pristine mother had just been shattered. Sexual electricity filled the air. Haley's swollen nipples felt like they were going to explode. Tom had a noticeable bulge pushing out from his pants.

"Wow. That was over the top."

"Jesus Haley... that's our mom. What she did with all those guys – I mean if she really did it - doesn't that bother you?"

"Not really. What's the big deal? So she fucked a bunch of guys in high school. It wasn't like they raped her."

"God Haley, what has happened to you?"

"I have a very active sex drive - just like mom it seems. Reading that has made me so fucking horny. My panties are soaked. What I need right now is a big cock."

"Haley, don't talk like that," Tom replied trying to sound stern rather than highly aroused. "No wonder mom is upset with you."

"You mean mom the slut? What the fuck does she have to do with it?" Haley asked dropping her eyes to the bulge in her brother's lap. "Besides, from the size of the package in your jeans I think someone else is horny too."

Haley reached down to her brother's lap and brushed her fingers across his hard cock.

"Stop it, Haley," Tom protested putting his hand over hers. "This isn't right. For god's sake, you're my sister."

His words were hollow. He did not pull his sister's hand from his cock. She squeezed his bulge with her fingers.

"Maybe so," Haley teased, "But your sister needs a hard cock and this is the only one nearby."

Tom sat there frozen as Haley unzipped his jeans. He wanted it as much as she did. She reached inside and pulled his throbbing meat out through the opening. With her fingers wrapped around his bulging flesh she slowly stroked him. He watched as his sister lowered her head and sucked his vein streaked shaft between her lips.

"No, sis... please," Tom tried weakly to force an objection he hoped she would ignore. "It's not right... it's... ooohhhh... oh god...."

The pleasure surging through his body was too much. He stopped fighting the feelings of guilt and let it happen. He looked down at his sister's bobbing head. Her hand was wrapped around the base of his cock. He noticed that she was digging around inside her panties with her other hand.

It had been a long time for Tom. His balls were swollen with cum. The need to release was too great. He fucked his cock up into Haley's mouth. She used her hand and lips on him in perfect synchronization with his thrusts. Tom's breathing became erratic. He felt his cock swell and mumbled a warning to his sister.

"Oh shit... I'm going to cum... oh fuck..."

Haley tightened her lips around his cock just as the first surge erupted from the tip. It sprayed like a fire hose off the roof of her mouth and splashed across her tongue. A second, third and fourth pulse pumped streams of hot cream into her mouth until it was drooling from her lips and running down her chin. Haley fell back on the mattress with a hand in her panties pumping her fingers in and out of her pussy.

"Oh fuck... oh fuck... oh fuck... yes... yes..."

Tom watched his sister squirming against her fingers. Her tits were shaking like water balloons under her top. Suddenly Haley arched her back. Her legs stiffened and her toes curled. She screamed. Her body twisted and jerked on the mattress. Cunt juice gushed from her pussy and dribbled down her fingers.

"Ohmygod," Haley said trying to catch her breath. "That was a good one. I don't usually cum that hard unless I have a cock inside me."

Tom was speechless. He wanted to scold his sister but knew he couldn't after what he had just done. Besides, he was still turned-on even though he had just drained his balls. Haley looked over at his hard cock. After wiping cum from her lips she pulled down her panties and straddled him. Just before he entered her they heard the front door slam shut.

"Hello," their mother's voice echoed up the stairs. "I'm home."

Tom quickly pushed Haley away. He dressed and scrambled out of the attic. He ran to down the stairs to greet his mother but instead saw a woman he did not know. He looked at her lips and wondered how many cocks they had been wrapped around. She hugged him tightly. Tom wondered if she could feel his hardness.

Chapter 2

Tom lay in bed that night trying to sort out what had just happened. Maybe his mother just had a vivid imagination. Who hasn't fantasized about having wild sex, he thought, and maybe it was her way of dealing with those fantasies. It bothered Tom that he was turned-on by images of his mother with all those boys. He couldn't get it out of his head.

Tom turned his thoughts to Haley. His mom had been right to worry about her. She was oversexed. How could he have been so stupid to let his sister suck his cock? Not only that, he almost fucked her. Thank god their mother arrived in the nick of time. He was determined to put a stop to any further sexual activity with Haley.

The next morning Tom slept in and missed Haley and his mother. After working out and doing some chores he went into Haley's room to see what he could find using the excuse that his mother had told him to look out for her. After poking around Tom found their mother's diary stuffed under her mattress. Haley had taken it from the attic. He knew he shouldn't, but Tom sat down on the bed and began reading the next entry.

Dear Diary,

Now I'm the school slut. Everyone knows what I did. Even the teachers know. I want to blame it on the punch but I know it was more than that. I've had sex on the brain for several months. Not the kind of sex I had with Johnny when we were dating. That was okay. No, when I say I had sex on the mind it was the kind you see in porn movies.

I guess it all started when I found my father's stash of porn in the basement a few weeks ago. He had a huge collection of magazines and videos. I looked through them and couldn't believe what I was seeing - girls with cum splattered all over their faces and tits, multiple cocks in their pussies, asses and mouths. My cunt was dripping when I finished. Then I watched my first porn video and I was hooked.

I rushed home after school every day to watch and masturbate until my pussy was raw. I would lay in bed at night imagining sucking and getting fucked by all those big porn cocks. I even imagined getting gang-banged by one cock after the next. In fact that became the fantasy that turned me on the most. All I was really doing on Saturday at the party was living out a fantasy.

I decided that if I was going to be the school slut I may as well act like the school slut. Yesterday I didn't wear any panties underneath my pleated skirt. I flashed Mr. Roberts in math class and Mr. O'Neil in physics class. I felt so naughty doing it. They pretended not to notice but I caught them peeking. Even Miss Bonner peeked at me during study hall. I spread my legs and let her eyes feast on my naked pussy.

It was during study hall that I invited Frank and Barry to fuck me. I heard them whispering about what I had done at the party. I passed them a note that said that I wasn't wearing any panties and that I was going to the bathroom to finger my pussy. Then I asked Miss Bonner for a bathroom pass and left the room while glancing lustfully at Frank and Barry.

My fingers were flying across my clit when the stall door was flung open. Frank and Barry quickly shed their jeans and dangled their cocks in my face. I didn't need any further encouragement. In no time I had both cocks standing tall and dripping with spit. I stood and let Frank sit down on the toilet seat. I straddled his lap and lowered my dripping pussy onto his cock. I shuddered when I felt it slide deep into my belly.

Barry stepped forward and shoved his cock between my lips. He fucked my face while I bounced up and down on Frank's throbbing member. I slid a hand between my legs to finger my clit. An orgasm exploded from my pussy and then another. They switched positions. Frank fucked my face like a maniac while Barry slammed into my cunt. I was making loud gagging and choking sounds. Spit drooled in strands from my chin.

I heard Barry grunt and felt his warm seed spurting into my cunt. I pressed down hard against him. His cock pulsed again and again until I could feel the creamy mixture seeping out of my slit. Frank pulled his cock from my mouth and aimed it at my face. Huge ropes of cum splashed against me landing all over my face and in my hair. I could feel it running down my cheeks and dripping from my chin.

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