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Just Relax


'Just relax.'

The voice belonged to Melinda's neighbour-across-the-hall, Patrick, though he was not in the room with her. He was probably, she thought, in his own bed, asleep. His voice came from a little digital recorder which was sat beside her bed. Mel had been having trouble sleeping and Pat had told her that he could help, if she was willing. At two in the morning, with another sleepless night looking her in the face, she had decided to give Pat's hypnosis recording a go.

'Let your body settle naturally onto the bed,' Pat's voice instructed, and Mel did her best to follow the instruction. She let herself relax as best she could against the mattress. She was failing to sleep, as usual, in a camisole and boy shorts; sleeping naked, even in the warm, July weather in New York, was just not in her nature.

'Remember, Mel, that this is not deep hypnosis. You're just going to enter a light trance which will make you more relaxed. You just need to listen to the sound of my voice and allow yourself to relax. Just relax. You are quite safe. Safe and sound. Just relax and allow my voice to wash over you.' Pat had explained that this was not exactly hypnosis, more like a mild form of altered state. When she had mentioned stage hypnotists and post-hypnotic suggestions he had laughed and told her that she need not worry; unlike what you heard in the popular press, hypnosis could never make you do anything you were not inclined to do anyway. All Pat was going to do was encourage Mel to be inclined to fall asleep.

'Get comfortable, Mel. Let my voice flow over you like warm water. I want you to concentrate on your body, on how your body feels. Feel your body become more relaxed. Feel your head and neck relaxing against the pillow. Let that feeling of relaxation wash down through your neck into your shoulders. Allow your shoulders and back to relax into the mattress. Feel that relaxation spreading upward into your stomach and chest.'

Something about the situation made her nipples perk. There she was, lying in bed, listening to Pat's voice. Pat had lived across the hall from her for over a year and they had been friends for almost all of that time. Not tight friends or best friends, but close enough that they spent the occasional evening watching a movie. But that was the limit of their relationship; Pat was attractive, smart, tall, and way outside Mel's league. Mel was short, too heavy, her boobs were way too big for her frame, her face was too fat, her nose was too small. She had good hair, maybe, blonde and full and shoulder length. People said she had good hair, which was obviously just a way of saying something nice about her...

'Just relax and let the feeling spread down through your hips and into your thighs. Let it flow out and into your arms. Feel your arms and legs growing heavy as they become more and more relaxed.' She let herself drift back into Pat's voice, putting aside the imperfections of her body. It was like having Pat in the room with her. Though if he had been, she would have been mortified and hiding under the sheets. 'Let that feeling of relaxation wash down to your fingers and toes. Feel it rebound and as it does so, it grows deeper. Feel your toes and fingers, and hands and feet, grow heavier, more relaxed. More relaxed than you have ever felt.'

It was kind of weird. Nice weird, not scary weird, but kind of weird. Mel felt like her hands and heels were now pressing into the mattress. She doubted she could have moved them, even if she had wanted to, and she did not really want to. Her body felt heavy. Pat had said he thought she would make a good subject. He had said that imagination was important and Mel had that in spades. 'Feel the wave washing back up your legs and arms,' Pat's voice said, and she could. 'Feel it bring with you a warm, relaxing feeling.' Yes, she did feel warm and relaxed. 'Feel it pouring into you torso and chest, feel yourself filling up with relaxing warmth.' Mel almost let out a gasp as her body seemed to suddenly sag into the bed. Almost, but not quite; gasping would have been so much effort.

'Feel the relaxing waves washing through your neck. Feel them filling your head, making you relax, making you feel so good.' She did feel good. Her head felt filled with cotton wool. She felt warm, wrapped in wool, relaxed. So relaxed. 'Just relax,' Pat's voice said. 'Relax and let yourself float. Feel yourself float and relax and feel so good. Remember how you feel. Remember how good it feels to be floating here, relaxed. In a few seconds, I'm going to let you come back up. When you do, you're going to keep this feeling of wellbeing, of feeling so good and so relaxed. When you try to sleep, you're going to allow yourself to float back into this relaxed state where you feel so good. You can do it whenever you wish. Coming up now. On the count of three you will no longer be in a trance, but you will be relaxed.'

'One. Starting to rise.' The wash of relaxed feeling seemed to drain out of her, slowly at first.

'Two. Coming closer to the surface.' Mel's eyes flickered and her right hand shifted as she came up.

'Three. And awake. You're feeling good, relaxed.' Mel opened her eyes and let out a sigh. She was expecting the recording to end there, but Pat had one last message for her. 'Goodnight, Mel. Just relax and go to sleep.'

And Mel turned over and slept.


'How are you sleeping?' Pat asked as they met on Friday morning, both of them leaving their apartments at the same time.

'Much better,' Mel replied. Four nights of listening to Pat's voice had resulted in four nights of deep, relaxing sleep. It was amazing, except... 'Though, I've had to play the recording every night before I could get to sleep. It works, but it's not like I'm learning to sleep better.'

Pat looked at her for a second, as though coming to a decision. 'Have you time to grab the recorder before you go out? I'll make you something new. It'll mean going a little deeper, but I think it'll let you drift off much more easily.'

'Deeper?' She sounded uncertain.

'Nothing to worry about. Just relax. A slightly deeper trance will just let you absorb the lessons better.'

Mel nodded and her hand was turning the key to let herself back into the room before she had consciously decided to do it. 'Okay, I'll be right back.'


'Just relax.'

After four days, just those words made Mel's limbs began to feel leaden and her mind sink into a comfortable fug. She suspected she was wearing a stupid grin. 'Relax and listen to the sound of my voice. Relax and feel warm and comfortable. Relax and feel safe, feel good.'

The first part of the induction seemed to be basically the same as the last one. The only difference was that it was shorter, taking her to her relaxed, happy place quicker as Pat had assumed she would have got the hang of it now, and she certainly had. Then things changed.

'We're going to go deeper now, Mel. Deeper than you've ever been, but you feel good about that. You feel good, warm, and safe. I want you to imagine yourself on a beach, lying naked on the sand.' Mel giggled, even if it came out sounding more like a hiccup; lying naked on a beach, huh? Pat was being naughty, but she found she was far too relaxed to care. 'The waves are washing over your feet. The water is warm, heated by the sun which is beating down on your skin.' She could feel it, the warmth on her skin. It made her feel... good. Kind of sexy actually. 'The waves are washing over your feet and getting higher. Each wave washes in, and out. In, and out. With each wave, you go a little deeper into your trance. Deeper than you've ever been. Each wave washes away your stress as it goes out and makes you feel more relaxed. Deeper, more relaxed, more comfortable. Count the waves, Mel. On the tenth wave you will be deeply, deeply relaxed. The first wave washes in, and out. One.'

As the imagined wave washed out, she felt her mind sliding deeper into the trance. 'In... out... two.' It was almost as if her mind was washing away. 'In... out... three.' Just leeching out of her. All thought draining away. 'In... out... four.' Leaving just a comfortable haze of nothing. 'In... out... seven.' Seven? Had she lost count? She could have; there seemed to be nothing in her head but space. 'In... out... nine.' Space waiting to be filled. 'In... out... ten and you're so warm and comfortable and safe. The waves wash up between your legs. Feel the waves washing against you, Mel. Feel the warmth there between your legs as the waves wash over you.'

Warmth... warmth between her legs. Yes, she could feel that. The warmth... it was... really nice. 'Feel the sun on your body. Feel the sun warming your beautiful body. Feel the comfort. Know how comfortable you feel lying in the sun with the warm water washing in and out... in and out...' She did feel comfortable, lying there in her mind. But there was also a tension beginning between her legs as the waves washed over her. Washed in and out... In and, oh, out. 'You feel comfortable and relaxed, warm and secure, secure in your body, secure in yourself, as the waves wash in...' Oh! '...and out.' Oh... God! 'Know that you can come back here to the warmth, to the... heat, to the comfort, whenever you wish. You can come here whenever you wish, Mel.' The tension was growing unbearable now, a pulsing throb which grew with each crashing wave. 'Come whenever you wish, Mel.' The tension snapped, washing over her in an orgasm which spread through her body like a tidal wave and she could do nothing but feel herself exploding from within until she sank into happy oblivion.


Mel opened her eyes and looked up at the ceiling. She felt... She felt incredible! Relaxed, comfortable, rested. There was a lingering memory of feeling really good before she fell asleep and... and she could go back there any time she wished. That was right. All she had to do was imagine the beach, right?

Ten minutes later and she got out of bed. Well, she could not get back there so easily yet, apparently. Also, her panties were kind of sticky. Very sticky. That had to have been a great dream, shame she could not remember it. Oh well, a shower would have her feeling fresh and she could replay the recording again tonight. She figured it would take a few sessions before it all sank in and she could just switch off and sleep. She was rather looking forward to it.


'How's the sleep going?' Mel almost jumped at the sound of Pat's voice. Of course, it was Monday morning and they usually left at the same time, so it was silly to be surprised. 'Are you enjoying your beach?'

Mel looked at him and blinked. Three nights of going to sleep on the beach under the warm sun with the waves washing... She felt the warmth spreading through her groin, the slow throb starting down there between her legs.

'That wasn't meant to be a stumper.' He was wearing a slightly confused grin.

'No, sorry, it's great. I feel so much more relaxed. I, uh, I still can't quite get there on my own though.'

The puzzled grin became a puzzled frown. 'Really? I was sure... Okay, I need to think about this. Hypnosis, you know it's not an exact science. Give me the player back tomorrow morning, I'll have a new induction ready by then.'

Mel smiled brightly at him. 'Thanks, Pat. You know, you don't have to do this...'

He smiled back. 'Hey, we're friends. You know you can come to me any time.' He turned and headed off down the corridor before he could see Mel's eyes roll back. The sudden wave of pleasure which washed through her was incredible. She put a hand on the wall to stop herself falling over. Her teeth gritted as she tried hard not to scream as she came, and came, and...

'Damn,' she muttered as the orgasm finally subsided, 'need to change my panties.'


'Just relax.'

Mel lay naked on her bed, but in her mind she was on the beach as soon as she heard those first words. The water was lapping at her feet and the sun warm on her skin, and there was already a soft throbbing in her pussy.

'Remember the beach,' Pat's voice said, redundantly as it happened. 'Remember the warmth of the sun and the water. I'm going to count down from three and you will be there, but deeper than before. Three. You feel the sand under your back. Two. The water rushes up to cover your legs.' And the throb in her pussy grew more insistent. 'One. You are there, on the beach, the sun beating down on your gorgeous body. Beating down and warming you as the water rushes in... and out... in... out... in deeper... out deeper still.'

Mel's inner muscles began to ripple with each wave. She heard herself give a muffled, drowsy moan. 'In and deeper you go, and out. In...' Another moan. She felt almost as though the waves were sliding into her now. A thick, powerful, watery cock pushing into her cunt. That was pure imagination. Pat's voice was saying nothing to provoke it. God! Was she that repressed?

'Become aware that you are not alone.' Hell no, there was a big cock... He had never said "out." She was full of thick, male member. Her kegels clenched around it. 'To your right, I am sitting.' Right, Pat had said he thought she needed an imaginary friend to tell her to come back to the beach. 'You are still relaxed and comfortable. So comfortable. You feel good with me there. You feel warm and relaxed with me there.' She felt relaxed, even though he was sitting there looking at her lying there, naked.

'You look beautiful. You look relaxed. You look comfortable. You are beautiful and relaxed and comfortable. And you can come here any time you want.' Her pussy throbbed at the words. 'You can come here at any time...' Another throb. '...just by imagining me here telling you to come.' Another throb and this time it turned into a pulse which quickened, and her pussy clenched with the beat of the waves and she was coming, just as she had been told to.


Mel wandered through the Waterway Mall not entirely sure why she had decided to go there after work. Maybe it was just that she felt like she could. For the last several months she had been so stressed out and tired after work that all she wanted to do was go home and collapse. Now she was sleeping better and she felt so relaxed. Nothing at her office was bothering her. Well, nothing aside from...

Well, there was her libido, which seemed to be in overdrive. She woke up with a soft throb deep in her pussy and it went on through the whole day until she came home and went to bed. Then she would climb into bed, play the recording, and come like a train. It was a little embarrassing. She had not been able to look Pat in the eyes all week. He seemed to be oblivious to the effect his hypnosis recordings were having on her.

She blinked and discovered she was looking in the window of some sort of trendy clothing boutique. She never bought clothes in a place like this; her chosen wardrobe tended to cotton blouses and long, pencil skirts. They made her look professional. And totally frumpy. In the window, the dummies were dressed in short skirts and little tank tops. She could never pull that off with her figure... Could she?


'That's... a new look for you?' Pat said. Mel felt her cheeks colour as his eyes scanned over her body, taking in the four inch heels, two inches higher than usual, the tight micro-skirt, and the short, tight, spaghetti-strapped top which her big boobs were filling out nicely.

'You, uh, like it?' she asked, not meeting his eyes.

'Well... yeah. I mean... I always thought you could pull off... a, uh, sexier look. It's just that it's quite a change.'

She grinned and looked up at him. 'I guess I'm feeling more comfortable. Hey, I got a new DVD. Action comedy, with Jackie Chan. Want to watch it tonight. I'll bring the movie, you get the food.'

'Sure,' Pat said, grinning happily, 'you can come any time.'

'Right,' Mel replied, turning back to her door to hide her face. 'I... forgot something.' She made it inside just before the throb in her cunt exploded into orgasm again.


The pizza, which they had had because it was sort of traditional on film nights, was good. The film was both amusing and filled with over the top action, and Jackie got the girl in the end. Mel sat through the whole thing feeling horny.

She had decided that it was the sound of Pat's voice. After a couple of weeks of listening to him every night and... well, there was the probably unintended business with her coming at his recorded command, every night without fail, harder every time... After all that she was just attuned to his voice. Her pussy was attuned to his voice. When he spoke, she got wet. When he spoke to her her kegel muscles clenched.

As the credits rolled to an end and they were sure there were no more outtakes waiting to pop up without warning, Pat turned to Mel and said, 'That was great. I enjoy doing this with you, y'know? You can come anytime.'

She did not try to hide it. Her eyes rolled back as she allowed the waves to wash up over her legs and invade her pussy. She felt them fill her, driving into her hard, and heard herself moan. She thought she might have heard Pat ask if she was okay, but then he shut up as her back arched, pushing her tits upward, and her moans turned into a shriek of pleasure. It had to be obvious what was happening to her and this time she wanted him to see it. She wanted him to see her come when he told her to. She no longer cared if he knew what he was doing to her. She wanted him to know, and to keep doing it.

'Uh... wow,' Pat said when Mel was lying back on the couch, panting.

'The last week,' Mel said, 'has been crazy. I've been horny all the time, wet most of the time. I've come every night, every time you've told me to. Really hard.'

'I told you to?' He was looking confused again, or trying to. Mel was not buying it. There was a hint of a twinkle in his eye...

'Yeah, when you told me to. I almost convinced myself you'd done it by accident, but then I started thinking about the things you'd said. Especially the bits about me being beautiful. Body confidence was not part of the "help me sleep" idea.'

Pat grimaced. 'Are you mad? I can probably remove the conditioning...'

'Are you nuts?! I've never felt this sexy in my life. What I want is you fucking me, you sneaky bastard.' Her eyes widened. 'God! I've never said anything like that to a man before. I want you in me, but...'

'Yes?' He sounded a little eager. Okay, a lot eager.

'I want to have no control over it. I want you to put me under, control me.'

Pat grinned at her. 'Just relax,' he said.

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