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Just Relaxing


Author's Note: In order to preempt the e-mails I know I'll get about this story, I can tell you that only one of the chapters actually happened to me exactly the way I wrote it. It's your job to determine which one. Enjoy!

Chapter One: Mary and Dan

I take vacations—by myself—to relax. My job in TV news is stressful on the calmest days. Plus, having recently turned forty, I know the station is always looking for a cute, young thing right out of college to take my place that they can pay minimum wage to. So I'm constantly having to prove myself and keep myself in decent shape. I've done alright with all that so far, allowing myself to unwind a little on vacation.

This summer I chose to head for the trees and lakes of northern Wisconsin. I did my homework online and found a log cabin resort that appeared to have everything I wanted: seclusion; woods; lakes; and, about a half dozen cabins, meaning there would at least be other people to interact with if the mood struck me.

Two days of driving got me to the resort in the middle of the afternoon of the second day. Just getting out of the car convinced me I had made the right choice. It was considerably cooler than back home and the only noise I heard was that of my shoes on the gravel of the parking lot in front of the office.

I checked in and was happy to hear my cabin was waiting for me. The owner directed me to a central parking area which put me within easy walking distance to my cabin. That walk was the beginning of what would prove to be an eventful week. The woods got denser and denser as I neared my two bedroom log cabin, which turned out to be even prettier than the pictures on the website.

A small front porch that ran along the entire length of the cabin was only a tease of what I found once I got inside and started exploring. As soon as I put my bags down, I stepped out onto a magnificent deck in the back that offered a view through the trees of a huge, crystal clear lake. I was in heaven already before even checking out the bedrooms, living room, kitchen and eating area.

Then I noticed the loft and decided I might never leave. This would work.

It took an hour to unpack and organize, only because I'm a woman. It was only going to be few days in this wonderful wilderness, but I packed every conceivable weight of clothing knowing that it would be cold at nights and either warm or cool during the day, depending on whether I was in the woods or on the lake or in town or whatever. I had a swimming suit, shorts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters and heavy coats. I had it all.

My first task, I decided, was to go buy food to cook. I had noticed a grill on the back deck and the kitchen was as good as mine at home, so the range of options in food I could get was endless. That took another hour after a short drive into the nearest town, which was technically called a village where I came from.

Upon arriving back at the parking lot for the cabin, I had my first brief encounter with the neighbors as I unloaded the car.

"Can we help?" I heard a man ask while I pulled plastic grocery bags out of the trunk.

I turned and saw a man and his wife behind me. Or, at least, I assumed they were man and wife but the first impression I had was that she was fairly younger than him. He looked to be around fifty, and the woman was no older than me, if not younger.

"Oh, no, that's alright," I began to say, but they were approaching me with every intent of making sure it only took one trip to get everything.

"Here. We'll get those," the man said as I stepped aside. He and his wife split the last few bags between them and I slammed the trunk closed.

"Thanks," I said as we began the walk to the cabin. "You must think I'm cooking for a whole family, but it's just me."

"How long are you staying?" he asked.

"A few more days," I replied.

His wife said, "We've been here two days already and have a week left. It's so beautiful."

"I agree, and I haven't really looked around much," I said.

I managed to unlock the cabin and the three of us placed the bags on tables and counters in the kitchen and eating area.

"Thank you so much," I said. "My name's Charlotte, by the way."

They introduced themselves as Mary and Dan and I had a better chance to look at them up close. Dan was certainly a nice-looking man, but Mary was truly stunning. She had short, fly-away blonde hair that I would have killed for, gorgeous facial features, and a tall frame that was proportionally well filled out. She was just extremely cute.

"Would you like to come over tonight sometime after dinner and sit on the deck with us?" Mary asked after the introductions were complete. "The bar is well stocked."

I didn't need to know the bar was stocked to quickly accept the offer. They seemed like really fun people from the short conversation we had and they could probably give me some hints on what to do in the area, as well. We set a time, they made sure I knew which cabin was theirs, and they left. The week was starting off just fine.

The sun was sinking by the time I was ready to head over to the 'party' and it was getting cooler. I threw on a sweatshirt and jeans, matching the casualness of what Mary and Dan wore when I met them. I felt guilty not taking anything, but they had insisted.

It was a short walk along an eerily quiet trail from my cabin to theirs. I saw the glow from a fire in a fire pit as I approached and the smell of the smoke permeated the woods around me. This was exactly what I went on vacation for and now I only hoped that my new friends were as nice as they initially seemed to be. If not, there were other cabins with residents I hadn't met yet.

I was glad to see I had not underdressed. Mary and Dan were just as laid-back as myself and I eagerly climbed the deck steps to join them. I accepted Mary's offer for wine and we sat in chairs overlooking the lake.

Clearly, Mary was the extrovert of the two. Dan was attentive, but rarely entered into the conversation, choosing instead to listen and add a comment when prompted to. I mentally had already pegged him as a senior vice president somewhere and Mary as a corporate marketing person. I was certain that the talk would get around to jobs eventually.

For now, we concentrated on the cabins, the lake, and what Mary and Dan knew of the people in the other cabins.

"There are two guys in the next cabin over," she said, tilting her head in that direction. "Don't know their names yet. They fish almost all day. But I've seen their boat and it's huge. It's more like a catamaran than a regular fishing boat. I'd love to go out on it."

"But are the guys cute?" I asked with a smile.

"Oh, yeah. Kind of young, though," Mary said.

Dan never flinched. I began to think he was used to Mary's commentary.

That led the conversation into me having to admit I was divorced, although by my own accord, and the not totally surprising declaration that Mary was Dan's second wife.

Finally, we talked jobs and they were interested in hearing what it was like to be on TV. I am proud to say I correctly guessed Dan's job exactly, but Mary turned out to work for a public relations firm. I considered that a near miss.

It was dark before Mary offered to show me their cabin, which was the next size larger than the one I had reserved. She was a good tour guide and probably missed her calling in real estate. We were becoming very comfortable around each other, which, unbeknownst to me, was part of a much larger plan that Mary and Dan had for me.

By the time the tour was nearing completion, I was feeling a bizarre magnetism toward Mary like no other woman I'd ever known for such a short period of time. I meet tons of people in my job, but she was unique. It wasn't just a physical attraction to her natural beauty, but a bonding of some type I couldn't explain.

We were in the loft, surrounded by soft chairs and a couch, looking down into the living area with its big stone fireplace, when we stopped and I felt Mary's hand on my forearm.

"We really appreciate you coming over tonight on such short notice, Charlotte," she said. "Dan thinks you are very cute and I have to agree."

Her hand swept across my shoulder-length blonde hair and a shiver went down my spine.

"I have a favor to ask, if you don't mind," Mary said quietly.

"What's that?" I replied.

"Kiss me."

I desperately wanted to, but my mind forced me to speak first.

"Mary, I'm not...you know...I'm not...," I stammered.

"I'm not either," Mary interrupted. "Just kiss me."

She was a couple inches taller than me and when she leaned forward, it was as if I had nowhere to escape. Or I didn't want to.

Her mouth touched mine and her hands were on my arms. I felt her tongue on my lips. I instinctively turned my head a little and our tongues met. Within seconds, the kiss intensified and my hands reached out for her. My first sensuous kiss with another woman made my knees weak the longer it lasted. My hands went up to her soft hair and Mary's arms wrapped themselves around me. The feeling of her body against mine only deepened my appeal for her.

It lasted maybe a minute. It seemed like an hour to me, with all the thoughts and feelings rushing through my mind and body. I could hardly breathe when we finished.

Then I looked down and saw him: Dan was below, looking straight up at us. His hand was on his crotch. Mary felt my body go tense.

"It's OK, Charlotte. It's what we want. Kiss me again. Please," Mary begged.

I obeyed. It was just as long; just as wonderful. My pussy grew damper by the second and I cursed myself for it.

"I have one more request," Mary said in a near whisper.

I looked at her, acknowledging her with only my eyes.

"Make love to me...while Dan watches. It's the only way he can...I mean, he can't...we haven't had sex in over a year," Mary tried to explain. "Maybe this will help, Charlotte. Do it for us, please."

My hesitation was obvious. She gave me a minute to take in everything she had said. Then her hands slid inside my sweatshirt, onto my bare stomach. Her fingers were like magic against my skin.

"Just this once," Mary pleaded softly.

I nodded.

She smiled and kissed me harder than before, letting her hands rise to the bottom of my breasts and I was never so thankful that I had not worn a bra. She covered my tits with her palms and massaged them. I grabbed her by the ass and pulled her closer. There were times I wasn't sure I had any idea what I was doing. My body was just reacting and I was a passenger with no control.

When my eyes opened, Dan was nearly to the top of the steps coming up to the loft. Mary and I watched him sit in a nearby chair, with a very noticeable bulge in his jeans.

"Thank you, Charlotte," Mary told me. "You won't regret this."

I should probably explain what appeared to be such a hasty acceptance of Mary and Dan's appeal. One of the little pleasures I get out of being in TV news is a peculiar sense of voyeurism almost every time I'm on. I know people are looking at me, men in particular. I think I have a pretty decent body and more than ample breasts. Having guys watch me has always been in the back of my mind during my career. I enjoy it.

To be able to act as sexual therapist for Mary and Dan and, in real time, have a man watch me having sex—even though it was with his wife—made my decision much easier. I had mentally been preparing to show myself to a man for a long time. The fact Mary was so sexy made it even easier.

Luckily for me, Mary took charge. She resumed her fondling of my tits, pulling on the nipples under my sweatshirt and joyfully watching my face show all the pleasure I was getting out of it. At the same time she began to lift the sweatshirt, Dan began to open his pants. When Mary was leaning down to lick one of my tits, Dan was pulling out his cock. I didn't' know who to watch. My eyes flew back and forth between the man and his wife, each view offering me a great turn-on.

Mary started to lift my sweatshirt with the clear intention of taking it off and my heart pounded faster. I couldn't help but look over at Dan and gaze at him pulling on his long, hard cock. He had pushed his jeans and underwear down to the middle of his thighs. Whatever issues Mary was hinting at that her husband had, they were apparently solved by watching me get topless because I couldn't remember seeing a larger erection in my entire life. At least, not in person.

Mary spent a few moments sucking and licking my tits, much to my delight. I wondered why no man knew how to do such a simple thing in the same erotic fashion that Mary did. Flashes of ecstasy flowed straight to my pussy every time her tongue hit my sensitive nipples or she bit them with just the right amount of force.

Not until I moaned out loud did she begin to lick her way down my body, past my navel and to the top of my jeans. Kneeling in front of me, she opened my pants and pulled down on my panties to give her access nearly to my clit. She licked me, and then little-by-little tugged on my jeans and panties until they were half way down my hips and ass.

She might have been putting on a show for Dan, teasing him with a few inches of my skin at a time. I just wanted her to finish and, hopefully, apply her wonderful tongue techniques to my pussy. It was certainly working for Dan, though. The head of his massive cock was turning pink and the veins bulged up and down the shaft.

Slowly, Mary got me naked. I stepped out of my shoes, jeans and panties with her assistance and the feeling I had was indescribable. My pussy throbbed with anticipation. But as much as I wanted Mary to make me cum, I also wanted to do the same to her. I desired to see her naked and an hour earlier the possibility of it would have never crossed my mind.

When I saw her face draw near to me, I wasn't sure I could stand up by myself. I spread my feet apart without her even having to ask. Mary put her hands on the outside of my legs and leaned in. Then I felt it. Her mouth was on my pussy. She kissed me. All over.

I closed my eyes and felt my body shake. I actually gasped out loud when her tongue first touched me. It was under me, searching for the opening where my sweet juices were already leaking out. She found it and I gripped the top of her head as she pushed the tongue inside me.

"Oh my God, Mary," I whispered.

She probed me over and over with that wonderful, wet tongue. I pulled her closer. She inserted it into me even further. Mary was fucking me with her tongue and I was making indiscernible noises of joy that I'd never made during sex with a man.

I swore it couldn't get any better...until she moved up to my clit. First, her lips surrounded it. Then she sucked it into her mouth. Then her tongue attacked it and I cried out, "Yes, Mary. Oh fuck, yes! Yes!"

That's when it struck me that I was about to cum, with a woman I'd only met that day assaulting my clit and a man I didn't know masturbating as he watched. Of course, that only added to the explosive climax that caused my squeals to echo throughout the cabin. I shook from head to toe as I came, Mary holding me by the ass to apply as much pressure as she could to my clit. Then I came again. Waves of pleasure collected at my pussy and were released by Mary's delightful tongue. It was without a doubt the best series of orgasms I'd ever had.

I had to beg Mary to stop. She stood in front of me and kissed me, my own juices still wet on her lips.

"I want to make you cum," I whispered into her ear.

Mary responded, "I'm going to face Dan. Stand behind me and strip me in front of him."

I would have done anything for her at that point, after what she'd just done to me. So I gladly stood behind her and moved my hands inside her shirt. I felt her bra and removed the shirt while Dan watched and stroked his still very hard cock. Before taking off the bra, I let my fingers slide inside it and caress her luscious tits. They were so firm for her age, and maybe a little bit smaller than mine. But they felt wonderful.

I leisurely unhooked Mary's bra and teased her husband as much as I could by taking it off slowly. His eyes never left her tits, especially when I squeezed them and rolled the nipples between my fingers.

I let one hand travel down her body and inside her jeans. Then I unbuttoned them and pulled down the zipper, giving me more space to again insert my hand and seek out her pussy. Mary leaned her head back when I stroked her clit and I kissed her neck.

I took off her jeans first, leaving her in just her tiny panties. For a couple minutes I let my hands wander all over her pussy and ass and thighs. I could feel the wetness accumulating in her panties.

I removed the panties slowly, rubbing her clit once it was exposed before getting Mary naked.

Whatever problem Dan had with Mary in the past was not evident to me now. He was as hard as a rock and seemingly ready to cum at any time.

I wasn't sure what they wanted, so I took a chance.

"Help me, Dan," I said to him. "Help me make Mary cum. Fuck her while I hold her."

He was out of the chair almost before I finished. His rigid cock sprung out from between his legs and I knew if we acted quickly, he'd be fine.

"Put that beautiful cock inside her," I said. "Now!"

Mary became the center of a sandwich with me behind her and Dan swiftly closing in from in front. He put his cock in place and even I was surprised with the swiftness with which he was ready.

"Ahhhhhh, yes! Oh Dan. Yes!" Mary cried out as the cock was driven deep inside her pussy.

I instantly reached up for her tits and pinched her nipples tightly. She gasped partly because of that and partly at the force with which her husband was now fucking her. I let him hold her by the ass and I felt his knuckles on my own pussy. To say the whole scene was erotic was a gross understatement.

Soon, I was rubbing her clit, feeling Dan's wet cock sliding in and out of her the entire time. Mary's little yelps of delight increased in intensity as she came closer and closer to cumming. But it was Dan I was most interested in. Would this 'treatment' be enough to bring back whatever he was missing before?

The answer was better than I expected.

Simultaneously, they announced that they were about to cum. They urged each other on and I joined in, pressing harder and harder on Mary's clit.

Then they came in prolonged mutual moans and groans, Dan's hands nearly making me cum again in the process as he clung to Mary's ass and I held onto her from behind.

Even my heart was pounding at the end, feeling and hearing the obvious pleasure they had cumming together for what was apparently the first time in ages. It was an evening I would never forget.

Chapter Two: Mark and Doug

Mary and I sat on the deck of my cabin the next morning. I learned a little more about her and Dan's struggles to save their sex lives, caused as much by their busy work lives than any physical ailments.

"What you did last night, Charlotte, was take us back to how we used to act with each other," Mary explained. "Sex used to be fun. Lately, as in the last year or two, it was just something we tried to fit into the schedule. It was becoming a task."

"I hope it works for a long time," I said.

Mary giggled. "Well, it should. We never left the loft last night."

She didn't need to tell me any more and I didn't ask. I was happy for both of them.

"So, what are you going today?" she asked me.

I shrugged. "Don't know. I'll probably walk down to the lake and see what it's like."

"Mind if I join you?" Mary said. "Dan's going fishing with some guys he met. The lake's an hour away, I think he said. I said 'No, thanks.'"

"Sure. That way I might not get lost."

"Change into your bathing suit," Mary suggested. "The beach down there is pretty good and the water's barely warm enough to swim in."

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