tagLoving WivesJust the Neighbor Ch. 01

Just the Neighbor Ch. 01


“Steve, are you sleeping yet? I need to talk to you….” Ginger’s voice trailed off and I knew by the tone this was something that needed to be addressed. That is one thing that you ‘learn’ after thirty years of marriage, and although I was tired I rolled over and propped myself up on the pillow.

“No Sweetheart I’m not.” I felt her move closer to me. “What’s up?” I could feel her nakedness next to me and after all these years still reveled in how her softness excited me. I reached beside the bed and turned on the soft night lamp. It cast a soft glow throughout the room. Ginger wadded up her pillow and propped herself up on her elbow.

“Do you remember years ago after we had been married a few years, and we decided to act on some of our fantasies? “ Her hand rested on my chest and gently played with the hairs.

I smiled and felt my cock jerk at the thought. “Oh yes, I think of those times quite often.” Back before the kids had come along we had ‘experimented’, but then with children growing up and normal life those times were forgotten. We had never gotten into swinging, but had enjoyed acting out some of our fantasies with another girl or guy. “It’s been a long time, but they were certainly good times….Why? Now that we have the house to ourselves again do you want to try it again?” I wondered where this conversation was going, but decided it best to see what Ginger had on her mind.

“I don’t know…” Her voice trailed off as she collected her thoughts. “We’re not young and sexy like we used to be….my tits sag and I’ve got stretch marks from having kids…..” I smiled and looked down at her exposed breasts. They weren’t as firm as they used to be, but 38C’s probably wouldn’t be at fifty years old. They were still enticing, full orbs that rested comfortably in the palm of your hand with large dark nipples that hardened to the touch.

I chuckled and reaching out, ran my fingers lightly over her nipples. “No, we aren’t young kids that’s for sure, but you still have an attractive body. Even with, what you think are flaws, you’ve always kept yourself in shape and those imperfections only add to your beauty.”

Ginger smiled, “ Thank you lover. You’re grayer and all, but even bald you still are a striking man. One thing though that hasn’t changed is that nice thick eight inches.” She glanced down at my hardness. “But after having kids and getting older I’m not that beauty you first saw thirty years ago.”

“Thank you for the compliment.” I had to smile and gently caress her cheek. “Just remember that as we have grown older all those we knew back then have aged as well. We all change as life goes on, but your beauty is still there. I look at Marilyn,” Marilyn was our elderly widowed next-door neighbor. “I can see you when you get her age, looking just as attractive…” I stopped there knowing that there was something she wanted to say.

“Well…something happened today…” I looked at her as she hesitated waiting for her to go on. “All morning I was thinking about those times years ago, and I had to do something about it. I sat down in the chair in the living room and let my robe fall open and began touching myself.” I smiled and my cock came to full erection. Ginger would often masturbate during the day when I was at work and she knew how much it excited me to hear her tell me about it. Her graphic detail was much better than any porn movie or story ever printed.

“Oh really?” I closed one hand around my hard cock and with my other hand slipped it under the covers and between her thighs. Ginger has a thick mat of dark brown pubic hair that she keeps neatly trimmed and I was surprised at how wet it was from her juices. As I slipped a finger between the outer folds, she parted her thighs slightly, and I found the erect nub of her clit

“Oh….Honey be careful. I want to tell you this and I’ll cum if you don’t stop.” She smiled and her dark brown eyes twinkled as she looked at me. Easing up off her clit I gently caressed the outer lips feeling the hair part as my finger moved. “

“Sorry..” I smiled and winked at her. “So your robe fell open and you started playing with yourself…..”

“Yes. It felt so good. I held my lips apart with my thumb and index finger. I buried two fingers in my pussy and let my pinkie play along the crack of my ass and…and…you know how I like having my little back hole teased….” How well I knew how she liked that. I had never been able to get my seven inch cock into that tight hole as she always remarked how thick it was, but she did like a finger or small dildo to play back there. “I used my other two fingers of my other hand to frig my clit. I could see it…it was so hard….I rubbed it and stroked it and when I came my eyes squeezed tight and my hips came right off the chair. Oh Honey! I felt my juices just cover my fingers! It felt so good….but then…” She hesitated and I raised my eyebrows questioningly. “But then..when I opened my eyes Marilyn was standing in the doorway looking at me……”

“What! You’re kidding?” I couldn’t believe it! Ginger looked at me and shook her head no. Marilyn is our next-door neighbor. She and her husband had lived there since we had moved in, Marilyn had babysat our kids when they were growing up, as they had never had any, and about five years ago her husband had passed away. She is an elderly lady and had been ‘adopted’ as Gramma to all of us. She and Ginger were close and I would do little jobs for her since she was alone, although she was quite capable of doing much by herself. We were so close it was nothing out of the ordinary for us to just walk in to one another’s house without knocking, she was just one of the family. She was physically fit for her 68 or 69 years, and jogged and swam every day. You just never thought of her in a sexual way, not that she wasn’t attractive. Only about five-three and maybe 120 pounds soaking wet she was a petite lady, short silver gray hair, blue eyes, a sparkling smile and breasts that if I took my hand and placed over one would completely cover it.

“Oh Steve! I was stunned…embarrassed…it was terrible!” What had been a raging hard-on now lay limp on my thigh. What a thing to happen! How would this affect our relationship with Marilyn after all these years? My mind was a whirl of questions. “I heard her go out the backdoor and I got up and wandered around wondering what I should do. I threw on a sundress and knew I had to go over and talk to her, got up my courage, took a deep breath, and walked over to her house. What a surprise that was!” Ginger laughed quietly.

“By that statement I guess everything worked out then.” I felt relief go through my body.

“Yes it sure did.” Ginger smiled and took my limp cock in her hand. “I didn’t see her when I walked in so I went into the living room and went around her couch. She was slid down, her jeans and panties around her ankles with her legs spread open.” My cock began to come to life and Ginger gently squeezed it. “Her blouse and bra were on the floor beside her. She had one of those big double headed dildoes going in and out of her pussy and you’ve seen those little vibrators that slip over your fingertip..” Ginger glanced up at me and I nodded that I understood. “That was working her clit. She looked up at me and I just stood there in shock! I couldn’t believe it! She never stopped and I watched as she brought herself off.” My cock was by now hard as a rock and Ginger was rapidly moving her fist up and down the length. “My nipples were so hard and I was so horny watching her!” Ginger’s fist slowed its pace and I was so close I arched my hips up to have her get me off. Her hand moved not allowing it and she lightly held me on the edge of cumming.

My body shook. I don’t know whether from anticipation or what I was hearing or maybe both. “What did she do? What does she look like naked?” Slowly Ginger straddled my waist and lowered herself onto my shaft. “Ohhhhhdamnnnn….”

“Do you really want to know? My God you’re cock is SO hard!” Teasingly Ginger rose off the length of my cock and slowly, ever so slowly descended back down its length. “You feel so good inside me….”

“Yes! YES! DAMN let me cum!!” She was torturing my mind AND my cock!

“Her body is well toned, she is really quite attractive…” Ginger rode my length again. “..I was really surprised for as petite as she is that she had that thick dildo buried in her pussy.” My balls pulled tight and my cock swelled inside her. “Her breasts are not real firm but being so small my hand covered them completely….”

“You..you..touched them?” My body was taut as a guitar string!

“Oh yes…the areoles are so light colored…” Ginger circled her own nipple indicating the size. “...that it’s hard to define the flesh of her breast and them, except when excited they have little bumps all around them…just like mine.” Her finger traced the little bumps around her own breast. “The nipples are pink and sensitive, like mine, and they got so hard but aren’t any larger than a little pebble,” She rolled her nipple between her fingers. “You can’t wait much longer…can you?” Ginger tightened her inner muscles around my throbbing cock!

“No…can’t much….longer…” I managed through tightly clenched teeth.

“Oh good I want to feel you filling me.” Ginger moved faster knowing I was going to explode. “You’ll love her pussy. She keeps it nicely trimmed just around the edges..” Her muscles gripped me so tightly I thought my skin would rip! “And you can see the pinks folds of the outer lips surrounded by her pubic hair that exactly matches the beautiful silver-gray of her head.”

“oohhhhHHHHAHHHHHFUCKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!” The image of Marilyn naked in my mind! Ginger’s cunt muscles gripping my cock! I felt load after load explode deep in her. “GAA..FUCK..DAMNNN…” The dildo sticking out from around her silver pussy hair! Small breasts…hard pink nipples!

“Oh yes lover..that’s it fill me up!” Ginger sat motionless on my cock and reaching around behind her cupped my balls and gently milked them. “Her clit was so small I almost couldn’t find it with my tongue.”

“WHATttttt!!! OhhhhgawddddamnnnGinger-r-r-r-r-r!!!!!….” She didn’t! I could see her on her knees sucking on Marilyn’s clit! “Oh damn baby.” There was no cum left in me I felt completely drained.

“Yes lover, I did…I used my tongue and got her off again.” Ginger smiled. “I need to get off too.” Slowly she moved off my still semi-erect prick and moved up my chest, her shins pinning my shoulders to the bed. “I really need to cum.” I watched my cum, leaking out of the spread outer lips, come closer to my mouth. “Clean me up first, please.” My hands found the cheeks of her ass and I pulled her to my open mouth. “She sucked my nipples…and…and…jacked me off…and…ohhhhyesss don’t stop-p-p…she fucked me with her dildo….” My head moved so I could suck my cum from her and my tongue could flick rapidly over her hard clit. “sheeee….used her tongueeee…aaaHHHH….on my clittt-T-T-T-T….and made…me…. CUMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSS……”

Ginger grabbed my head and pulled me tight to her pussy. I sucked her clit into my mouth and used my tongue back and forth over the hard nub. Her body shuddered and slowly as her orgasm lessened she rolled off me and lay quietly.

“I know that was just a fantasy for me. But damn sweetheart, it was great!” I had never thought of Marilyn in that way, but Ginger’s fantasy had really turned me on.

“Uh-huh…” She murmured as she cuddled up to me. By her soft shallow breathing I knew she had drifted of into a satisfied sleep.

I too drifted off to sleep with thoughts of her tale sifting through my mind.

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