tagLoving WivesJust the Neighbor Ch. 02

Just the Neighbor Ch. 02


The next day was a Monday, and a typical Monday. Ginger had a few clients to see, being a Web Designer she has the convenience of doing much of her work from home. I, on the other hand, own a construction company so much of my time is spent at various sites and in the office reviewing bids or blueprints. I had three bid openings so most of my week was going to be spent on the road. I had talked to Ginger, usually in the evenings from my motel room, but no mention had been made of the Sunday evening. Not to say that I hadn’t thought about it, and in the privacy of the room had jacked off thinking about it. I had mentioned it to her and what I had done, but she would only giggle and tell me that she too had done the same thing.

It was mid morning on Thursday and having finished up was heading home. Picking up my cell phone I decided to give Ginger a call and tell her I was homeward bound. “Hi Lover. I’m all finished up and should be home in a few hours.”

“Hi Babe, how did things go?”

“I got two of the three. I’ll stop by my office and drop all the stuff off and then I think I’ll take the rest of the week off. How about we get away for a long weekend?” Thoughts of heading off to our cottage, on the lake, went through my mind. A nice long weekend of being naked and screwing our eyeballs out!

“That sounds great! I can’t get up there until tomorrow afternoon. I’ll stop by the store and pick some things up and see you there. You should have enough food to hold you over until I get there.”

“OK honey. I’ll pick up some beer for myself, and wine for you.”

“Get a couple bottles of a nice sweet wine…..Love you….” Ginger hung up.

I stopped by the office and then picked up some beer and wine. Deciding I didn’t want to cook I stopped and grabbed a pizza before getting to the cottage. After eating and taking a shower I relaxed back on the couch with another beer and just my boxers on. My mind wandered back to those early years of our marriage and I remembered the ‘home videos’ we kept in a drawer. Rummaging through I found one of the old ones and slipped it into the VCR. We had one of those big screen TV’s but weren’t connected to any cable or satellite dish, we had all that at home. Here we just used it to view movies on the big screen, and whether we watched old home movies or XXX we rented there was something erotic about seeing them enlarged to that size.

“Oh damn!” The movie hadn’t been rewound from last time and the scene opened with Ginger’s bottom facing the camera and a friend of ours cock working in and out of her cunt. The camera picked up not only the moans coming from her lips but the sound of his thick glistening cock pumping in and out of her. My cock hardened and slipped out of the opening of my boxers. Reaching in I pulled my balls out and glancing down watched my hand cradled them while I stroked my hard cock with the other. “Damn! I’m not going to last long….” I said to myself.

My gaze returned to the screen. The camera had been set on a tripod and I came into the picture. Moving up behind them I used a bottle of oil and coated my cock. As I coated the shaft my other finger found Ginger’s tight back hole and began to gently slip into her.

“Ohhhgawd!! Steve-e-e-e…..” Her body shuddered as I slipped deeper into her. “Matt…can you feel that…..”

“Fuck yes!!!” Matt, our friend, began humping faster into her spread pussy. “YES! Put your cock in her Steve! Fuck that hole!”

I moved forward and removing my finger held the tip of my cock against the hole I had just violated. Slowly it disappeared into Ginger. Once the entire eight inches of my cock was completely buried I hesitated while Ginger became familiar with the fullness. She and I had done anal before but this was a first of her taking two cocks at once. From her screams of joy there was no mistaking her enjoyment.

“Ahhhhhh…damn…” My own fist was pumping my cock and I could feel the heat building in my balls. I knew this movie well and I also knew I wouldn’t last long.

At this point in the movie I had used the remote and zoomed in close to the two cocks splitting Ginger’s bottom open. You could see the movement of Matt’s balls and the expansion of his cock.

“I’m cumming-g-g-g-g….ohhhhhfuckkkk-k-k-k-k…..” Matt was groaning as his cock delivered it’s first load into Ginger’s pussy.

Ginger lowered herself, holding me tightly inside her, until she had his entire length. I began fucking her and my balls slapped against Matt’s erupting balls. The camera caught every movement and the groans of lust as we all climaxed. His cum leaked around from her open pussy and dripped down onto the bed sheets, you could see it spasming and the muscles milking his load. My motion increased and as I felt his cock shooting his load on the other side of her thin membrane my own cock unloaded and load after load of cum filled her ass. My balls continued to slap loudly against Matt’s….my own cum coated my cock and ran down over Ginger’s pussy and his balls….mixing with his cum on the sheets.

“Grrrruggggggghhhhh-H-H-H-H-H-hhhhh….” I couldn’t wait any longer! My cock shot it’s first load from my working fist. Moving my head slightly forward the first load hit the back of my throat, swallowing I watched as my fist pumped load after load onto my chest, then my belly and finally oozed over my fist. Swallowing my first load I gently continued to stroke my now softening cock and glanced back to the TV. As I pulled out of Ginger and rolled away my load ran freely down over Matt’s cock and her pussy. Then she lifted off him her cum filled holes released the overflow and it ran onto his flaccid cock.

I knew what was coming next and cupping my emptied balls in one hand, continued to slowly jack my now soft cock.

Ginger turned and lowered herself over Matt’s face, cum still dripping from her. “I really need to cum again….and you know what will get me off….” Her hand stroked my cheek. Moving slowly towards them you could see Matt’s tongue licking her underside. Ginger took Matt’s semi-flaccid cock in her fingers and as my face came into the picture she offered the cum coated cock to my open mouth. “YESSSSSSSS….ohhhhhFUCKKKKKK…..” I sucked his cock tasting our mixed juices that coated it. Matt was sucking and swallowing the cum from both Ginger’s holes as her fingers rubbed her hard clit. “I’M CUMMINGGG-g-g-g-g-g…..” Her body shook as her orgasm overtook her. She fell onto her side off Matt’s face and lay on the bed.

Taking a hand towel I cleaned myself and an idea took shape in my mind. Rewinding the tape to a point just before this scene I left the videotape in and turned off the TV. As I crawled into bed and drifted off to sleep I thought about how much Ginger too enjoyed that part of the movie. So tomorrow when I heard her arrive I would be naked on the couch stroking my cock to hardness watching the video as she walked in. ‘Yes, what a way to begin the weekend,’ I thought to myself.

Ginger had called about 10 that morning and was at the grocery store wondering if we needed any other supplies. I also asked if she had heard from the kids. It would be more than embarrassing to be in the position I had planned and then learn that one of them had decided to give us a surprise visit and tag along with their mother. Ginger said she had talked to them the previous evening and they were all well and busy in their own lives for the weekend. Knowing this I smiled to myself, and had a good idea of when she would arrive, so a little while later I positioned myself naked on the couch. Her first view as she walked in would be slightly behind me, and the TV screen. This would also give her an open view of me stroking my cock, which I knew would begin the flow of her sex juices.

The tone sounded letting me know that the gate at the main road had been opened and relocked. I glanced out through the trees and saw her car coming up the winding road to the cottage. Sitting back I noticed my cock was leaking its precum at the thought of what was about to take place. I knew I had to control myself as I didn’t want to cum right away, but tease my cock and Ginger. My ‘recovery rate’ wasn’t as fast as it used to be and I wanted to take the day and enjoy the intensity of wanting to cum for as long as possible. Hitting the ‘play’ button on the remote the movie started, I heard the door open and close and a soft gasp. Without turning around I watched the scene on the TV and slowly moved my fist up and down my cock, spreading my precum along its length. I heard the sound of clothing rustling and knew her hand was moving down inside her pants and she was searching for her clit. Knowing she was watching excited me all the more and hearing what she was doing made my balls tighten in the sac.

“uggg…” A soft moan escaped her lips and there was movement. I stared at the TV and could hear her clothing being removed. This wasn’t the first time we had played this fantasy, and I knew without looking, her blouse was now open, the straps of her bra was off her shoulders and pulled down exposing her breasts. Her pants, along with her panties were around her ankles and she would be leaning against the doorframe. One hand caressing her nipples and the other working feverishly between her slightly parted thighs. “ohhhh….” She moaned again and I had to slow my fist and squeeze my cock so I didn’t expend my load. The shaft of my cock was rigid and I could feel the veins, distended, throbbing against my fist. The head was swollen and a deep purple, precum leaked freely from the tip and coated my fingers. I forced myself to release my grip and pressed my palms against my thighs letting the moment of ejaculation pass.

“ooohhhhHHHHHGGGAAAWWWDDDddddd….” The sound of her climax and knowing her fingers were buried deep in her wet pussy, the other fingers rubbing her clit made me turn to watch the erotic site I knew was unfolding.

“w-w-what t-t-the-e-e…” I had turned and was stopped in my movement! Not only was Ginger standing there just as I had pictured. BUT so was Marilyn! I couldn’t move! There against the door leaning against one another, their eyes closed tightly in the aftermath of shattering climaxes, they stood nearly naked. Ginger stood just as I had pictured her, bra straps pulled over her shoulders the bra cups pulled down exposing her heaving breasts and hard nipples; pants and panties around her ankles. But this is where everything I had imagined changed.

Ginger didn’t have her fingers buried in her own slit, but deep in Marilyn’s, and Marilyn’s finger were buried in Ginger’s pussy. By the looks each had brought themselves off with their own fingers. A t-shirt and bra were on the floor, obviously Marilyn’s, along with pants and panties that had been kicked off quickly and lying out in front of her. Her body was firm as I guessed, her breasts were small with light pink quarter sized areoles and delicate hard darker pink nipples. Her stomach was well toned and flat, and at the juncture of her thighs was a neatly trimmed silver gray “V” of pubic hair, which at the moment was well matted from her juices that both her fingers and Marilyn’s had spread over it while masturbating.

Ginger opened her eyes and saw me staring at them. With a slight smile she pulled her fingers from Marilyn’s pussy and slowly sucked the juices from her fingers. “Show him it wasn’t just a fantasy.”

Slowly Marilyn walked towards me, her nipples were rock hard and the soft gray hair of her pussy was matted. Looking up into my eyes her handed reached out and grasped my hard cock. A gasp escaped my lips and as she looked into my eyes she knelt before me and took the head of my cock into her mouth. “OHHHHHHHHFUCKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!” My cock began unloading! Load after hot load erupted! Marilyn sucked ravenously as her fist pumped my shaft. “Oh…OH…. DAMN ….ohhHHHHGAWDDDDFUCKINGDAMNNNNnnnn……” The last of my load shot down her throat and leaked around the edges of her lips as my fingers gripped her silver gray head.

Ginger walked over and helping Marilyn to her feet looked at me. “I told you we have been having fun, but you thought it was just a fantasy.” Taking Marilyn’s hand she moved towards the bedroom. “Come on Marilyn….you too honey…..She wants to feel your hard cock in her pussy. But we’ll have to wait a few minutes, so in the meantime…..” Ginger lifted her hand and showed me a double-headed dildo. “You can watch us and we’ll see how long it takes you to get hard so I can see you fuck her horny slit…..”

I followed them in a daze to the bedroom…..you can imagine the weekend we had……….

Hope everyone enjoys reading this story as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

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