Just the Six of Us Ch. 03


"Throw her down and fuck her"

Mike ignored the voice, determined it wasn't going to spoil this moment, for either of them.

Slowly, he worked his way tenderly up her neck, kissing a thousand times every few inches, or so it felt to her. He moved from her neck to her jaw line, gently pressing his lips to her silken skin, moving toward the front of her jaw, to her chin and back around to the other side. Her mouth was open and small whimpers would waft out every few seconds. He kissed from the bottom of her jaw upwards, slowly towards her earlobe, taking it in her mouth, still fondling and pinching her nipples, eliciting small gasps and cries.

"Oh God, Mike." She pressed her body fully up against his and reached down, sandwiching her arm between them and gently resting her hand on his cock. He gasped, twitching suddenly at her touch. He grabbed the back of her head and pulled her in for a deeper kiss, amazed at how wonderful it felt to be embracing his older sister. His older SISTER, and she had her wrapped around his shaft. It felt so exciting, so dirty, so bad. A tingly shudder worked its way up his spine as she gently rubbed his cock up and down between them.

She pressed herself forward slowly, feeling her pussy lips finally start to press against the iron rod sticking between them. She was still wearing shorts and underwear, but they weren't anywhere near thick enough to dampen the sensation she was feeling. Lightning shot through her body as she slowly began to rock him backwards and rub her clitoris onto his cock through her shorts. Lips locked together, they slowly fell backwards until she was astride him, gently rocking back and forth, softly rubbing his cock with her hand and his face with the other. He had both arms locked fiercely around her body and his hands were deeply meshed with her long hair.

"Oh God, Oh God," She began to gasp, "Mike!" As she cried out his name, an orgasm began to course through her. She hadn't realized that he'd turned her on so much. She definitely hadn't expected that orgasm. She shuddered up and down on him, still stroking his cock and kissing him deeply. She heard him gasp and cry out, "Sarah, oh my... yes..."

Warm semen hit her breasts, her stomach, and coated her fingers. He was involuntarily thrusting forwards, driving her orgasm further. "Oh Mike, yes sweetie. Yes, cum for me. That's it sweetie. That's it. Oh God, I'm coming... yes."

Mike pushed his head further into his pillow, arching his back as he began to shoot out on his stomach, on hers, on her breasts, her hand. She lay there moaning a few more minutes as her orgasm ran its course, then lay still, collapsing on to his chest. A few seconds passed before she could raise her head. She smiled up at him as he stared at her. He lifted a hand and ran it along her cheek, brushing her hair out of her face.

"Hi," she said smiling at him, sweetly, then laying her head back down. A few long moments passed as they quietly enjoyed the feeling of their bodies against one another.

"I have to tell you something, but I don't want you to get a big head about it or anything."

Mike grinned, "Let me guess, you're pregnant."

She burst out laughing and slapped him a few times on the shoulder, pushing herself up a bit. "No, you big idiot." She fit him with a stare that said, 'I'm being serious with you now, so pay attention.'

"That was so... HOT," she said loudly, giggling again, "and oh my God, Mike, where did you learn to kiss like that? That was very, very erotic. I don't know if I've ever cum that hard in my life."

"Really?" he said. He felt like standing on the bed and flexing as hard as he could and doing the Ace Ventura 'Oh Yeah Can You Feel That' celebration dance, but he wisely thought better of it.

"Me either," he agreed finally. "It was just so exciting, feeling like we were being so naughty, you know? I can't believe this happened! I know normal porn definitely won't work anymore though. God I feel naughty."

"I know," she said, then turned to look at him quickly, "but I'm definitely glad we did it."

"So what happens now?" he asked. "Is it going to be weird between us?"

"Fuck Her"

"Mike, listen," she said, turning to him, taking a very direct approach. "I'm your sister, first and foremost. I love you no matter what. I have absolutely no problem with what just went on between us." She had propped herself up on her elbows now. "If you do, then we can pretend this never happened and go back to being plain old siblings."

"I don't know if I'd ever forget this," he smiled.

"I don't mind helping you with your homework, laundry, or anything else, so I liked being able to help you with this and clear you mind. Even if it's only going to be for an hour before you start getting built up again."

"Sarah, I'm not saying I regretted it, I just don't want you to be, different to me now that this has happened. I don't want it to ruin our relationship. That was the first time anyone has ever... done that for me."

"Really?" she asked, genuinely surprised. "I wouldn't have guessed that. You seem like you know what you are doing, especially in the foreplay area. You have a very um, persuasive tongue," she said with a cute embarrassed laugh.

He turned a little red at that, "I just, never really had the opportunity for any of this. You just made it so warm and special. You were just so easy to... figure out, you know. It was like I already knew where to kiss, and where to touch." She smiled and felt her heart thump a little faster at his innocence and shyness. She leaned up and kissed his forehead again.

"Well, I'm glad I could be your first then."

"My first?" he asked,

"Yeah silly, your first hand job," she smiled at him. "You gonna be ok?"

"Hell yes," Mike said, stretching.

"Well, you know where to come if you need any more help."

Mike gaped at her, a look of genuine surprise on his face.

"What?" she asked. "You didn't really think this would be the only time, did you? That was way too much fun not to do again."

Mike could feel his heart do a somersault.

She patted his stomach, "We'd better get moving, this would be very difficult to explain, and we definitely don't need to give Danni anymore ammunition against you. Of course," she quickly reached down and grabbed his cock, giving it a quick kiss, "you could always just flash this monster at her. She'd start fucking you so quick, your head would spin."

"Sarah!" he yelled at her, shocked. "She's my sister!" He hit her with a pillow.

"What the hell am I, you big dummy?"

"You know what I mean," he said, scowling.

She cackled and rolled completely off of him. She quickly reached down and grabbed her shirt, pulling herself together quickly and heading to the bathroom to wash up.

Just as she was leaving the room, Mike looked over at her and whispered to her, "Sarah, I really meant what I said. You really are very beautiful, and exciting."

"I know you were, sweetie, but it means a lot to hear you say it." She turned and blew him a kiss, wiggling her butt at him as she shut the door behind her.

Mike lay back on his bed, naked and closed his eyes. 'No voice," he thought, drifting to sleep. He dozed off quickly, and there were no nightmares.

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by Anonymous

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This is so good, still reading it from time to time after all these years... Keep writing.

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by Anonymous06/20/17


When she said he could touch her I came really hard
Thank you for that amazing piece of writing. Im looking forward to more!

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