Just the Six of Us Ch. 10


Mike figured he would just have to accept the fact that Beth wasn't repulsed by the idea of him fooling around with their three sisters and he wasn't going to get out of having to sit through her brainstorming session. Maybe speaking with her would curb his sexual appetite. She usually worked problems out well enough for the rest of the family as a whole.

"Second, you aren't forcing yourself on them." she stated, "In fact, they are initiating the contacts and events themselves. Essentially seducing you, correct?"

Mike nodded, curious as to where she was going with the theory.

"So," she continued, "they are attractive and have any number of other options, but are choosing to engage in sexual relations with their own brother as opposed to any other options open to them, correct?"

He nodded again, following her logic so far. "So that had me wondering," she stated, then asked, "Was it Danni's close call that caused all this?"

He shook his head, remembering that he'd been fooling around with Sarah earlier, the same day of the incident and his fight to save her.

"At any rate, that could have been the cause of Danni becoming intimate with you." she said, and then explained, "Oftentimes, when a female of our species suffers a devastating emotional episode, she will seek out the attention of the closest male father figure. That would of course be you, and especially since you were the one that 'pulled her out of the fire', literally. In this case, she needed you immediately after then it evolved into something that went beyond the traditional brother/sister relationship."

"Stick your dick in her mouth, that'll shut her up."

He nodded again, briefly wondering if he was actually needed in this conversation.

"I won't pretend to know that I am aware of what caused Emma to, do what she did," she said, blushing slightly for the first time.

"Me either," he admitted.

"Sarah, I can only guess, knew how conflicted you had become watching us at the pool and it was no surprise that you had become so aroused what with three attractive women running around the house half nude."

He briefly grew embarrassed knowing that he hadn't been as covert as he thought he'd been at the pool that day. "Four," he corrected. "I told you before, I think..."

"I know," she interrupted, her gaze lowering in a sudden shyness. She sat silently for a few seconds before continuing. "I know you think I'm sexy or whatever, but it's just hard for me to accept."

Mike smiled, wishing he could say something in the language of 'Beth', to illustrate and prove his point.

"Anyways, my theory states that when deprived of any other options, a woman that has suffered some kind of sexually altered state, whether or not it be abuse, a newly awakened libido, or any number of twisted perceived motherly duties, they will seek the nearest most convenient albeit acceptable male out for reassurance in some form. In this case, sexually. The fact that it's a blood relative is easily overridden if the trauma is considered acute enough by the subject in question."

Mike shook his head, trying to decipher what she'd just said. "So you are saying that my sisters are seducing me because they haven't gone to the trouble of finding another option?"

"In a nutshell." she confirmed. "In this case, convenience appears to have played a part. You're here, your available, and as I understand it your always ready. I believe the old adage is: Ready, willing, and able."

"Ouch," Mike said.

Beth looked at him curiously, and then it suddenly dawned on her why he'd made the comment. "I'm sure it doesn't hurt your feelings that they find you attractive. That is in fact the first most logical necessity."

"Gee, thanks," he said. "So how do you prove your theory?"

She looked at him curiously, as if the answer was obvious. "We introduce a new set of variables into the situation, obviously; new collection of options or choices."

"She means half a house full of other men, dickhead."

Mike felt a sudden surge of jealousy at the thought.

"I'm quite certain that they'll seek out the new male company instead of yours, and we can get back to some type of normality around here." Beth was smiling, obviously convinced that she was correct.

"First off," Mike said, "I don't think it's that simple. Second, Danni won't go out with any guys, not for a long time I'm guessing," trying to sound like it didn't matter to him, but it felt like a long dull knife was stabbing him in the gut now. Having to think of any of his sisters with anyone else caused the green eyed monster of jealousy to raise its ugly head.


'Mine?' Mike asked the voice.


"How else do you propose we test for a solution to the problem?" Beth said, frowning.

Mike had a sudden thought, a rare moment of genius for him.

"Well, instead of testing three different subjects," he suggested, "how about testing just one."

Beth was already shaking her head. "I can't. In essence there are not three different subjects, each are equally affected inside the same singularity. There are a different set of variables for each of our sisters, but the problem stems from one source,, you. I can't just test one and expect to get an answer that will satisfy all three situations, since all three are connected."

Mike chuckled, knowing she wouldn't understand at first. "No, I wasn't talking about them."

"Well, who then?" she asked, then admitted, "I don't think I quite understand," but then she had another one of her 'Ohhhh!' moments, as Mike saw some form of recognition in her eyes.

"Consider them normal for a second." he replied. "If we say that it's normal for three sisters to want to seduce their brother, then it makes sense to say that the fourth sister should want to do so as well. So..."

"You are a fucking genius."

"So I should attempt to understand why I don't want to seduce you!" Beth said, standing and clapping her hands together, suddenly excited that she'd found an easier way to figure it all out.

"I take it back. Getting her to understand why she doesn't want to fuck us, is not going to get her to fuck us, Idiot."

Mike didn't know if he should be happy or be insulted that she didn't want him. 'Oh well, can't fuck'em all," he thought.

"Blasphemous, how dare you! YOU TAKE THAT BACK!"

"So what are you going to do?" he asked, looking back at Beth.

"I don't know yet." she answered, "I'll have to give this quite a bit of thought, I would think."

Mike knew she would approach and investigate the problem scientifically and methodically. Chuckling, he started upstairs. Shutting the door behind him as he entered his room, he laid down on his bed and picked up a magazine.

The door opened a few minutes later, and Beth came in.

"Work it out yet?" he asked, seeing the smile had returned to her face.

She nodded. "Sure have! Stand up."

"Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh baby, it's on!"

Mike was curious, but highly doubted she wanted to do anything sexual.

"Stand up?" he asked.

She nodded. He stood, knowing that she would quickly grow impatient with him if she thought he didn't understand. He watched as she came over and stood very close to him. Inhaling deeply, she brought her nose close to his neck and moved downwards. She moved to his chest, continuing to inhale and exhale deeply.

"Beth?" Mike said, confused.

"Just a second," she said, lost in thought and concentration. She continued to sniff her brother, moving over every inch of the front of his body. When she appeared to be finished, she straightened and pursed her lips.

"Smell anything interesting?" he asked, thoroughly confused.

"Well, some species, including humans, experience some levels of sexual attraction through various scents." she explained, "I was just testing that hypothesis."

Mike chuckled, amused. "Did you get aroused?" he asked, smiling.

Beth hesitated, a confused look crossed her own face. "I uh, I don't know really."

Mike tilted his head. Could she really not know what being turned on felt like?

"Beth, have you never been aroused?" he asked.

She blushed, and twirled her hand in her hair. It was something she did when she was not quite sure of a certain situation or herself.

She answered. "I honestly don't know."

Mike thought for a second, unsure of how to approach the topic. "Well," he began, "how do you feel when you masturbate?"

She didn't raise her eyes to meet his, and her face turned an even deeper color of red

"You've never masturbated?" Mike asked, perplexed. "Man I thought everyone did that."

"Quick, pull your dick out and show her how."

'Not helping, as usual,' he thought.

"I just never really wanted,, or more accurately, found the need to." she said, continuing her impression of a sunburned tomato.

"Wow," he said. He didn't know whether to be impressed or feel bad for her. "So you've never had, that is..."

She shook her head no, understanding in advance of what he had implied.

"She's never had an orgasm. Let's, give her one."

"Wow," he repeated. "I'm sorry, Beth," he said suddenly, "But, it's nothing to be embarrassed about."

Mike thought for a moment about how to proceed without causing her any more embarrassment. An idea struck him then, causing him to snap his fingers. He reached over and lifted her face.

"Trust me," he said, seeing the look of panic rising to her face. "I'm not going to embarrass you and I'm certainly not going to hurt you."

She calmed visibly and nodded.

"Now just tell me what you're feeling," he said, leaning close. "Close your eyes," he ordered.

She looked nervously at him again, but he put a hand on her shoulder.

"Trust me," he said.

She closed her eyes, letting her hands hang limply at her sides. She was wearing a low-cut shirt, and Mike stared briefly into the yawning peaks that were her cleavage. Shaking his head, he drew himself out of his brief boob-filled reverie and moved around behind her.

She was only slightly shorter than him, and he gently pulled her shirt down until her neck was exposed. He reached up and pulled her blonde ponytail off her neck and laid it across the top of her chest. Slowly leaning his head forward, he pursed his lips and began softly kissing her neck. Between each second or third kiss he blew a cool stream of air across the small hairs at the back of her neck where his lips had just passed. His hands reached up and massaged her sides around to her front, just below and almost touching the underside of her breasts.

"That holds a certain, fascination I suppose," she said, softly. "I feel something now that I didn't feel a few moments ago."

"Want me to stop?" Mike asked.

"No," she said, "As I said, this is very interesting. Continue."

Smiling, Mike leaned in and gently continued to kiss the area between her neck and shoulders. He opened his mouth slightly and gently sucked on her skin.

Beth began to feel like all the blood was rushing from her head. She'd started to feel like this when she'd seen Emma sucking on her brother and then again when Mike had been making love to Danni. "I think perhaps I 'am' becoming aroused," she said after a few minutes, as Mike kissed up the side of her neck and down the other.

"Did you feel that way when you were sniffing me?" he asked.

She nodded, "I think so, but not nearly as strong. This is much more, oh, go back to that spot, much more potent."

She began to direct him, discovering where his kisses felt better to her, and where it didn't feel quite so arousing. 'Was this how it felt like to be "turned on"?' she thought, and then she found herself wanting to turn around and kiss him back.

"Bend her over and shove it in her! Hurry before she changes her mind, and gets away!"

Mike stopped kissing finally. "So," he said, turning her around. Her eyes still closed as she was still enjoying the feel of his lips lingering on her neck.

"Do you think you are turned on?" he asked.

She shrugged her shoulders ever so slightly. Then finally drawing herself out of her daze, she said, "Kiss me." as she finally opened her eyes.

"Kiss you?" he asked.

"Kiss her? Fuck her you pussy!"

'Again, not helping', he thought to his perverted self.

"Yes," she answered, "you've been kissing my neck. Kiss me on my lips. This is all new to me, you know."

He leaned over and kissed her for about two seconds, then pulled back and said, "Okay."

"Is that how you kissed the others?" she asked, moving her hands up onto his sides under his shirt.

"Well, no." he answered. "Those kisses are done in the throes of passion."

"Well, you've been telling me I was sexy." she said, "Am I not passionate enough for you?"

"Of course you are." he answered, "I just..."

"Then kiss me like you kissed them." she said, "With passion."


He hesitated for a fraction of a split second. Then, coming to grips with the realization that she may just be on the very verge of awareness, he surrendered to her request.

Taking her in his arms, his hands sliding across the surface of her skin, he gently enveloped his sister in a lovers embrace. Their lips met, and then parted. Their tongues danced inside each other's confines.

Her hands moved pasted his sides to his back, and she pulled him tighter into her body. His hands moved down her back and under her panties to grasp both cheeks of her ass. She half gasped, half moaned into his kiss as he kneaded her ass in his grip. After a few moments, she pulled her head back to break the kiss, but did not release him from her arms. Her breathing shallow and quick, she laid her head on his chest.

"Now can you test your theory?" he said, "Now that you know how it feels to be turned on."

She nodded, at the same time she was tried desperately to catch her breath. "So, I can come and ask you questions, about any of this, if I have any?"

Mike chuckled at the thought. Beth, the smartest person he knew, asking him questions about something she didn't understand? "Of course," he said simply, "about anything, anytime."

Still feeling a bit flushed, she pulled her head from his chest and kissed him on the cheek.

"Thanks baby," she said, calling him by 'her' pet name for him again.

"You're going to let her get away?? DAMN IT TO HELL!!"

'Again, not helping.' he thought as he released his grip. She smiled at him as she released her own, then turned and left the room.

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