tagIncest/TabooJust the Six of Us Ch. 13

Just the Six of Us Ch. 13


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Chapter 13

Mike cautiously crept into the kitchen, expecting a female ninja sex attack from all angles. His sisters were all seated in their customary positions, plates filled with a dish Beth had conjured up. He fixed himself a plate and quietly took a seat.

Emma, Danni, and Sarah all had grins on their faces, though Beth was oblivious to what was going on. She had found a shirt, though it did little to conceal her large breasts and ample cleavage. Mike felt like his brain was thinking a thousand different things at once. 'Emma's ass pressing against his lap, or Sarah's tongue wrapped around the head of his cock those few weeks ago, or Danni's arched back pushing her breasts into the air as he gave her an orgasm, or Beth's massive cleavage.'

"Get a double handful of that, will ya"

He shook his head again, drawing smiles from three of the four girls at the table. He cursed himself silently. Except for the voice, they knew exactly what was going on in his head. It did give him some consolation that they were feeling good about themselves, knowing that he couldn't stop thinking about them. He speared a meatball with his fork, cut it with a knife and popped half of it into his mouth.

He'd have to keep himself occupied, he decided. Sitting around doing nothing wasn't going to help the situation at home. He'd go work out some, maybe call one of his buddies and go have a drink. Beth wasn't trying to get him to ram his cock into her, maybe he could talk with her, maybe go to a movie or something. The ideas began to circle in his brain like a wagon train as he weighed all the possibilities as he felt his mood lighten, and he even managed to return his three sisters cat-just-ate-the-canary like grins.

The table was quiet throughout lunch, and after cleaning his plate and rinsing it, Mike turned to his sisters.

"Ask them if we can fuck now. Just hav'em all line up."

Having given some thought to his options throughout his meal, he announced, "I'm gonna head out and clean the pool, then mow the lawn. Ya'll need anything before I do?" he asked, smiling.

Wide smiles flashed across Danni, Sarah, and Emma's faces briefly before they managed to brush them away. Then they just shook their heads and went back to finishing their lunch. Unintentionally, he'd once again piqued their interest.

He went back upstairs and changed, then headed out the back door and to the shed to get the mower. Sure enough, a few minutes into mowing he noticed a flicker of movement from the windows on the second floor, from both Danni's and Emma's rooms. He smiled to himself, loving the feel that came from being watched. It felt so good to know that his sisters found him sexy, desirable.

A sudden idea struck him, and he stopped pushing the mower to pull his sweaty t-shirt over his head. He wasn't rippling with muscles like one of those infomercial guys, but he had come to understand that he had a nice looking body. He ran a hand over his tight six-pack, smiling at the thought of what he was doing to his sisters, and then began to push the mower again. He hoped they were getting turned on up there.

Then his previous thoughts brought him up short. 'What the hell am I doing?' he thought. Why the hell would he want to turn his sisters on? That's only going to make things worse. By Sarah's own admission they were addicted to him, and by spurring them on he would only cause them to be more earnest in their efforts in seducing him. "I really am an idiot," he said to himself.

"Finally, something we are in agreement on besides pussy. The other being when both your heads are on and in the right place. Namely, one head on correctly, and the other head in the aforementioned pussy. But you just keep doing what you are doing, and I'll have this fucking bet won by morning."

Mike ignored it, grumbling to himself and pushed the mower onwards. A half hour later, he'd finished mowing and started cleaning the pool. The window shade was still pulled open, but he couldn't see any movement. Were they still watching him? Or had he just imagine the first time that he thought he'd seen someone moving around?

"If you keep screwing around they might actually think to give up on us and go out and hunt up someone else to fuck. You know women, if they're not being fucked they're just plain fucked up."

Mike figured it was best if he stopped responding to the voice altogether. He quickly finished cleaning the pool, checked the filter and replaced the chlorine pucks. Heading back to the shed, he grabbed the blower and cleaned the walks and the deck of the pool. The sun was high in the sky by now, and it was getting pretty warm. Pulling his shirt back over his head, he put the pool cleaning supplies away and went inside. Heading upstairs and into the bathroom, he didn't see a single sister on the way through the house.

His shower went quickly, and as he was toweling himself off, the door opened and Emma came in.

"All finished?" she asked.

He gave her a quick nod, pulling his underwear up in a noticeable rush. She was wearing only a bathrobe, which she let fall to the floor as he pulled up his boxers. Her impeccable body stood naked before him, drawing his gaze and taking his breath away. She just grinned and opened the shower door. Stepping inside, she turned on only the cold water.

She gasped as she was shocked by the chill, causing her nipples to quickly harden and making her breath come is short swiftly gulps. Mike couldn't bring himself to look away, and even wished he could climb in and nibble on her now erect nipples.

"Get in there and fuck her you prick! NOW! She wants it bad."

Mike forced his eyes closed and turned to leave. Everything in his body was telling him to jump into the shower with his sister, or at least yank her out and throw her to the floor, spread her legs and impale her with his throbbing love spear.

But instead, he quickly exited the bathroom, headed to his room and lay on the bed. What the hell had he gotten himself into? He desperately hoped his sisters would get bored with trying to seduce him; otherwise, this could quite possibly kill him.

"There is definitely something wrong with you, passing up a perfectly good piece of pussy."

He closed his eyes as he lay back on the bed, letting the cool air of the ceiling fan blow his body the rest of the way dry. He reached down and opened his towel, letting the breeze dry off the rest of his body. Soon, his breathing became measured, and sleep overtook him.

Mike snoozed for a couple of hours, after which he began to drift back into consciousness, the haze of sleep lifting and finally dissolving. There was something happening to him, something familiar and wet.

His eyes popped open and his head shot up as he lifted himself to his elbows. Sarah was at the foot of his bed, his rock-hard cock in her mouth, her eyes locked on his.

"Damn it, Sarah," he said, and put a hand on her head in the beginnings of an attempt at pushing her off.

She grinned and gently exposed her teeth against the skin of his dick, causing him to freeze.

"You wouldn't," he said, shocked at his eldest sister.

Pulling her brother's cock almost out of her mouth, she smiled and winked at him. "Try me, stud," she said, and pulled him right back into her depths of her throat.

He groaned as she pulled him deeper, feeling her tongue caress the head of his shaft. He moaned again as she pulled him out, then quickly back in once again, her lips pursed as she sucked forcefully on his rod. She began to pick up speed as she bobbed up and down on him, pulling him farther and farther into her mouth until the tip of his dick was poking the back of her throat repeatedly every few seconds.

He began to feel his orgasm rising, and was just about to inform Sarah, when she suddenly stopped moving, removed his member from her mouth, and just stood up. Then, without another word, she turned and left the room. Leaving her shocked and flabbergasted brother unable to speak, lying naked on his bed.

"See what I mean? You're gonna run all of our pussy off. Now, instead of fucking you, they're gonna start fucking with you. Dumbass."

He ran a hand over his head, thankful that she'd stopped, but at the same time not glad, not glad at all. His erection didn't subside for at least another fifteen minutes, and he was dressed when it finally did. Exiting the room, he jogged quickly downstairs. Beth came down behind him and headed into the living room, carrying a book. She was wearing just her panties again, but still had her shirt on from earlier. She headed into the den.

Sarah was bustling around in the washroom, humming to herself, feigning innocence.

'Innocent my ass,' Mike thought.

Emma was nowhere to be seen, but Danni was watching TV. He grabbed his keys and headed for the back door.

"Going to work out," he announced.

Danni glanced over and sat up. "Mind if I come? It's been so long since I exercised."

Mike thought for a moment, but quickly decided that out of all of his sisters that he was now intimate with, Danni wouldn't purposely torment him. Or at best, she was the least likely to do so, or so he hoped. He'd be focusing on his workout, anyways.

He nodded at her, and having gotten his consent she promptly bounced upstairs. His gaze automatically followed her as she wiggled seductively up the steps. She reappeared a few minutes later, wearing a pink tracksuit and heading for his truck, with Mike following quickly behind.

They had polite conversation as they headed to the gym a few blocks away. Mike was thankful to have a break, and was glad that he'd decided to let Danni come with him.

After parking his truck, they entered the building and Mike quickly headed over to a set of machines and began to do a few sets of his standard workout. There were a few other guys in the workout room, but no other girls.

Danni smiled at him as she unzipped her tracksuit, opening it in the front and pulling it off. She was wearing a loose low cut shirt over her pink sports bra, and had on pink spandex workout shorts. She went over to the machine Mike was working out on, and sat directly on the one opposite him. Sitting down, she wrapped her hands around the hand grips and pulled the two arm bars inwards several times.

Mike smiled as he watched her exercise, her arm muscles and chest heaving and pulsing as she worked out. A few reps later, he switched machines and she quickly followed, sitting in front of him again. This was a machine that you lay down on, and as she did, Mike was afforded a magnificent view of her ass. She curled her legs under the bars of the machine and began to pull, tightening her thighs and flexing her ass.

Mike felt himself swallow hard as her ass flexed and un-flexed. 'Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all.' he thought briefly.

"Keep watching, it was a great idea."

She did a few more sets and then moved, following Mike as he switched machines again. The next one she chose worked her inner thighs. She mounted the machine and began to pump her legs inwards, the machine pushing them back out, which then started the cycle all over again.

Mike's eyes were locked onto her crotch. He could clearly see the lines of her pussy lips through the skin tight material, and he felt his crotch began to stir. She smiled and winked at him, seeing the bulge beginning to tent his pants.

They continued their workouts for another twenty minutes, Mike switching machines and Danni following each time. He was desperately trying to conceal the bulge in his wind shorts, but was having no luck whatsoever.

"You're doing that on purpose," he finally accused.

"Yup," she said, licking her lips and winking at him.

"Do I have to cut you off too?" he said, looking at her with a grin.

"You do, and I'll kill you."

She raised her eyebrows and shot him a feigned "hurt" look. It quickly changed and she put her hands on her hips. "I thought you loved me!" she said, pouting her lips and lowering her head.

Mike rolled his eyes and shook his head, drawing a giggle from her. "You know I love you." he confirmed, causing her to giggle even more.

"Oh, you know as well as I do that this little test of yours isn't going to work, don't you. You can't resist any one of us, let alone all of us. You do realize that don't you?"

Mike chuckled. "I'm beginning to grasp the concept."

"So why are you going to put yourself through this?" she asked, "you could have already had sex several times today. I don't understand it. You've got three women that love you and want to fuck you regularly, and they all know about each other and are more than willing to share you. Men have killed for less."

"Listen to her, she's a fucking genius."

He shrugged. "I've just got to prove to myself that I can resist some of these impulses."

"Some?" she asked, smiling and drawing close to him.

He chuckled again as she drew even closer, straddling the machine and him to come to rest on his lap. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him, but quickly remembered they were in public. Fearing suddenly someone they knew might see them, she quickly dismounted.

"It's even easier now to forget that you're my brother," she said quietly.

She turned and headed for the bathroom, stopping at the doorway and winking at him. Mike grinned. She reappeared a few seconds later, biting her lip nervously and quickly waving him forward, disappearing behind the door.

Mike smiled widely, immediately knowing what she had in mind. He waited fifteen to twenty seconds, glanced around the room at the two or three other guys still lifting weights. They all seemed to be way more interested in flexing and admiring themselves, and seemed not to be giving any notice of Danni, nor himself.

"I'm about to win the bet, aren't I."

'Nope,' Mike thought back to the voice.

He quickly went towards the men's shower room, but turned at the last second, letting the door to the female bathroom close quickly behind him. Danni was in one of the showers already, soaping her naked body. She smiled as his head appeared around the corner. She was in a shower stall, the curtain open, water cascading down across her short brown ponytail and down her back, over her shoulders, causing her nipples to harden and point outwards from her perky breasts.

Mike realized this was the first time he'd seen her in any brighter light than the glow of a full moon, and took the chance to admire her flawless body, but from a safe distance. Her breasts were larger than Emma's, but smaller than Sarah's. She had pink nipples, and dark tan lines, something that caused Mike's dick to jerk, and it hardened even more than it had already been.

She closed her eyes, knowing that he was watching her, running her hand along her body, washing bubbles across her tanned skin and across her breasts. She ran her hand across her nipples and down her stomach, between her legs and farther, running a finger across her pussy, lingering for a few seconds, and then traveling upwards towards her stomach again, and then the other breast. She ran the other hand down towards her snatch, still pinching her nipples with the first as she slid a finger into her pussy.

Mike felt like he was going to faint. His gorgeous sister was masturbating for him in public. He felt like running over to join her and lend a helping hand.

"That would've been my suggestion, but noooooo, so why bother."

Just then, the door to the locker room swung wide open and a few girls walked in. They spotted just Mike's back as he bolted from the room, immediately heading out the side door and into his truck.

Danni burst out laughing as she heard him leave. Picking up her things, she exited the shower room. She dressed quickly then caught up to Mike in his truck, covering her mouth as she did so. Once inside, she burst out laughing, seeing Mike's face turning nine shades of red and his breathing heavy from his adrenaline dump. He glared at her for a second, before her giggles caused him to smile too.

"You're almost as bad as Sarah and Emma," he said.

She cackled at him for a few seconds, leaning over and laying her head on his shoulder as they started for home.

"Well, we are sisters," she said after her laughter had subsided, giggling again as she finished.

They pulled up to the house a few minutes later and went inside and were greeted by Sarah. She was wearing a short skirt and matching blouse, carrying a load of folded clothes toward the stairs. She dropped a towel on the floor and set the rest of the load on the table as Danni and Mike came in through the door. Smiling, she bent over to get the towel, and both of them caught an eyeful of her naked ass, peeking out from under the skirt as she bent over.

Danni just closed her eyes, laughing as quietly as she could. Mike shut his eyes as well, trying not to grin and softly shaking his head. They both headed for the living room a few seconds later as Sarah stood, nonchalantly folded the towel, picked the stack back up and headed upstairs.

"Man I love your sisters."

His sisters must have finally decided to give him a break, and throughout the rest of the evening, they sat and watched TV, behaving and not tormenting him. As it grew late, Mike even leaned over and kissed each of his sisters on the cheeks before heading upstairs. Danni took his hand as he kissed her cheek, and prompted him to pull her from the couch. As he did she led him away by the hand.

"Night you guys," Sarah called after them, but for the first time, without a smile on her face.

They slowly walked upstairs, hand in hand, and as they reached the top step, she stopped him. Danni was several inches shorter than him, and as she stood in front of him two steps above, he found himself looking at her eye to eye. She smiled at him and kissed him on the cheek.

He leaned forward to kiss her back, but she put a hand on his chest and gently pushed him backwards, straightening him back up and drawing a confused look from him.

"Mike, I understand if you don't want to make love. I know it's important to you that you prove... whatever the hell it is you are trying to prove to yourself. I love you, and I guess I can do without sex for one night."

Mike didn't know if he could lover her any more than he did at that very moment, but he was sure going to try. Without saying a word, he effortlessly lifted her up, causing her to squeal in astonishment. He carried her into his room, kicking the door closed behind them, and laid her gently on the bed as he began to kiss her face.

"Wow," she said, feeling his lips pressing into her cheeks, across her forehead and to her ear lobes. "I guess I won't have to do without after all."

He smiled and continued kissing, moving from her ears down to her upper neck, planting kisses downwards and to the muscle connected to her neck and shoulder, drawing a giggle and a sigh of pleasure as his tongue gently tickled it. He lifted her torso back up as he pulled her shirt and sports bra off, freeing her pert breasts.

She sighed happily as he began to fondle her, relishing the feeling of his lips on her skin, wishing he would move to her nipples faster, needing to feel his tongue on them.

As if reading her mind, he complied, moving his tongue across her left breast, drawing her nipple into his mouth and gently rolling it around, sucking on it gently, and then moving across to her other breast. Her nipples responded quickly to his tongue, and she moaned in pleasure as he gently bit down on them. He pushed his hands underneath her torso, lifting her easily in his arms and continuing his tongue assault on her breasts.

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