tagIncest/TabooJust the Six of Us Ch. 24

Just the Six of Us Ch. 24


Finally! I know you guys have been waiting for a long, long time, and for that I sincerely apologize. I truly hope that this chapter lives up to your expectations, but just remember that I'm not ending this without a proper ending. I'm not abandoning this story, contrary to popular feedback. Finally, no... I don't know when 25 is coming out.

For Lynn and Carol

You email truly touched me.

Thank you to Dexter for the edits!

Chapter 24

"Wake the fuck up man! We got shit to do!"

Mike heard the voice, and was vaguely aware of light beginning to peek in through the window. A heavy form was pressing down on him.

'Danni,' he thought, smiling. Her soft form felt comfortable on top of him, her dark hair laying around his neck, her breathing coming in deep, rhythmic sighs.

"Hurry the fuck up and get up. Maybe you can fuck her quietly before the rest of the house wakes up, since you're so damn set on this revenge shit."

Mike laughed quietly, happily. He was so glad to be whole again. It felt like a cloud had lifted, or like someone had turned on the lights in a dark hallway he'd been stumbling down. He wrapped his arms around his sister, pulling her tightly to him. His cock had slid out and was hanging between his legs. Danni had one leg up and one leg straight, her head laying against his neck, her breathing deep and rhythmic. Her warm softness felt so wonderful to Mike. It was comforting, yet so very erotic. He squeezed her gently against him again, his arm wrapping around her waist and sliding her gently to the side, pulling her hips in line with his own as his cock began to bounce upwards, growing erect at the thought of her.

His hands moved down to her luscious ass, gently kneading and squeezing, his cock growing ever more erect until it was pointing up between her ass cheeks. Mike smiled as he felt it reach full strength and began to try and gently slide it in. It was a little difficult to reach, in his current position, but as he slid Danni up slightly, it popped down underneath her and she settled back down atop it. He slid her towards his shoulders and head again and finally felt the tip of his cock pushing at her pussy. He began to gently push downwards on her hips, not releasing the pressure until he felt himself slide in gently. When the flesh of her pussy began to pull uncomfortably against his cock, he slid back out and began to slide in again, hoping her natural lubricant would have spread a little more.

Danni suddenly propped herself up on her arms and reached down. "Let me help there, lover," she said and shoved a finger in her pussy, pulling them back out a second later, and reaching down, spreading the juices over his ridiculously hard cock. "We've got so much fucking to make up for, I don't wanna have to wait."

Mike smiled and looked up at her, his hands on her hips pulling relentlessly towards his cock. "You won't ever have to wait again," he said, finally pulling hard enough to push the tip in. After it hit the freshly spread juices, it slid easily in, deeper. Mike groaned in time with Danni.

"Jesus, baby," Danni moaned softly. "Fuck, you have a wonderful cock," she groaned.

"Just try and be quiet," he reminded her. "We don't want to wake up the others."

Danni bit her lip as she raised herself up slightly, his cock emerging from her depths before sliding gently back inside.

"Why do you want to keep you getting better a secret?" Danni asked.

Mike pulled gently down on her hips again, his cock deep inside her as she sat atop him, he lowered his head to her breasts and gently brought a nipple into his mouth and nibbled gently.

"Well," he began, "I want to be able to pay those three back for all the torture they put me through the first time, and the second time as well. I plan on walking around the house all sweaty and buff from working out. I might even not try to hide any erections I have. Eventually I'll tell one of them, make love to her, and then keep torturing the others."

"So its a revenge thing," Danni said, her hips pushing down his cock as it slid smoothly in, each moment bringing more and more pleasure. "Fuck," she moaned. Sliding upwards, she was able to focus again. "What about me? I didn't need punishing?"

Mike grinned and suddenly pushed her off of him, turned her over and rolled over on top of her and entered her, this time from behind. He grabbed two handfuls of her brown locks and pulled gently, his cock sliding in to the hilt.

"Oh shit," she groaned

"I never said I wasn't gonna punish you, babe," he laughed. "It's just going to be much more enjoyable right now for you than it's going to be for them."

Mike pulled her hair, pulling her back gently and sliding his cock in deeper. "Fuck, Jesus," she groaned as he slid into her.

"I'll stick with you, thanks," Mike quipped.

Danni turned her head and rolled her eyes at him.

Grinning he pulled more forcefully on her brown locks pushing deep inside her. His good nature eventually won out, he released his hold on her hair and moved his hands to her shoulders.

"Aww," Danni said, slightly disappointed. "I kinda like the hair pulling."

Grinning, Mike reached back up and pulled gently, but forcefully, his cock sliding in deeply again.

"Hell yes," Danni sighed, her ass slapping against his hips. "Remember, be quiet stud," He pulled hard again, his pelvis making contact with her beautiful ass as his cock delved into her reaching her core, he pulled back and repeated the move, again and again, as her orgasm began to build. She arched her back and raised up as he pulled harder on her hair. Not too painful, but just painful enough to push her to bliss.

She buried her face in the pillow and groaned in pleasure, as her pussy convulsed around Mike's steadily plunging cock. After many long moments, her orgasm subsided and she grinned back at Mike as he continued to plunge into her.

"Goddamn this is gonna be a fun punishment," he said.

She moved out from behind him, his cock sliding wetly out of her as she pushed up against the door and fell to her knees. She looked up at him with her gorgeous eyes as she gently wrapped her hands around his cock and began to kiss the tip.

"Goddamn," he moaned as she was staring up at him, her gorgeous face loving the tip of his cock. She moved her tongue up over the slit and then down one side of the shaft then the other. The anticipation of her finally sliding it into her mouth drove him closer and closer to orgasm. Finally, she pulled back and opened her mouth, her eyes never leaving her brother's as she pulled his cock into her mouth and moved her hands around to his butt and pulled gently. His cock disappeared into her mouth and she took him deeply, impossibly deep. He felt the back of her throat and then she closed her eyes for a second and she forced it back, past the constrictive muscles there and deep into her throat. Pulling him out, she repeated the move, the tip sliding in easier the second time, and even easier the third. It wasn't halfway into the fourth plunge when she felt him tap her shoulder. She plunged him deep into her throat, her gaze unwavering. His cock began to burst forth his seed into her. Mike's face was contorted in pleasure, but he was clearly fighting to keep quiet. After several long moments of cum soaked pleasure, she finally released him and pulled him out of her throat, swallowing what cum had gotten into her mouth, as he finally stopped she inhaled taking a well deserved breath of air.

After several minutes of standing there allowing her to lick and suck at his sticky cock, Mike finally opened his eyes and smiled down at her. Danni winked and continued to lick and suck, probably content to remain down there all day, sucking and licking on her favorite part of him.

After a few minutes, Mike looked down again and she was still licking. "As much as I'd love for you to stay there all day, we do have to do other things today."

"Nah," she said, giggling. She licked one more time and pouted at him. "Alright, fine," she said with a sigh.

Mike smiled and turned to get dressed, Danni moving to retrieve some of his boxers from a drawer. Seeing her going through his underwear drawer, Mike rolled his eyes.

"How about some blue jeans and an old work shirt of mine, too," he said playfully.

"Oo, I think I like these," she said, holding up an old white jockstrap and placing it strategically at her crotch.

Mike turned and burst out laughing. "Man, I guess I still have that from football," he said between chuckles.

"What? You don't think it'll look good on me."

"Sweetie, you could make a potato sack look good," he said.

Danni scrunched up her face and peered at him. "So you are saying I'm so ugly the potato sack looks better than me?"

Mike turned and looked around at nothing for a second, his brain trying to work out just what had been said, and what it had intended to convey.

"Wait, no I... uh..."

"Maybe I should handle the compliments."

Danni couldn't take it any longer and burst out laughing. "I'm kidding you big doofus, I know what you meant."

Mike smirked at her.

"But still, that was definitely a "Mike" compliment." Mike had a knack for accidentally insulting people when he meant to give them a compliment. The sisters called it a Mike compliment.

"Yeah yeah," he said, turning and grabbing at the jock strap.

Danni danced out of reach and began to push a foot into one of the straps. "Stop, I wanna wear it!" she giggled excitedly.

Mike shook his head and reached for a pair of normal underwear, some boxer briefs and a white undershirt and turned to another drawer to get a pair of long shorts. Turning back to his grinning sister, he burst out laughing and quickly covered his mouth.

Danni had succeeded in pulling the jockstrap on, and the effect was ridiculous.

"Now that is hot," Mike said sarcastically. "That's a great idea, try and turn me on with my own underwear."

Danni danced around in a little circle, wiggling her butt at him. "What? You don't think I'm sexy anymore?"

Mike closed his eyes and shook his head.

Danni spread her legs a little bit and bent at the knees and began thrusting with her crotch towards him, moving forwards and scowling at him.

"Hey baby," she said in deeper voice. "You're so fuckin' hot girl, lemme play with your boobs," she said, thrusting her crotch at him and moving close.

Mike was laughing quietly, as she pushed him against the dresser.

"Just touch it, girl," she said deeply. "Just let me stick it in a little, just the tip, you're so fuckin' sexy girl."

Mike rolled his eyes and reached for another shirt.

"I'm on the rag," he said handing her the shirt.

"That's okay sweet-tits," she said again, deeply. "That's what you're mouth is for, slut."

Mike burst out laughing as Danni finally stopped thrusting her imaginary dick against his leg. "Just for the record," Mike said, putting his arms around her and kissing her on the forehead, "you make a horrible guy."

"That was the most disturbing thing I've ever witnessed," the voice said.

"Aww, thanks slut," she giggled in her normal voice. Reaching for his offered shirt, she pulled it on and pulled off the jockstrap, grabbing at a blue pair of boxers.

Mike headed for the door to go to breakfast and turned back to her as he reached it. "It's good to be back," he said, turning the knob.

"It's unspeakably awesome to have you back," she said. "Just remember, I'm still sad that you can't remember anything, and you're still brain damaged."

Mike chuckled and crossed his eyes. "Howdy, I have brain damage" he said, quoting from Danni's favorite episode of Robot Chicken.

"Kick it over here Hi My Name is Ricky!" she responded with a smile and a giggle. He turned at the door and looked back. "By the way, you don't look very sad right now, you might want to work on that."

Danni frowned for a second and lowered her head, doing her best attempt to look sad before raising her gaze back to Mike. "How was that?"

"Terrible, you look like you just had sex," he said.

Danni smirked at him and pointed a finger in his direction. "I wonder who's fault that is."

Mike chuckled and headed to breakfast, stopping just outside the door to remind himself that he had a plan, and needed to act like nothing had happened the night before.

He headed downstairs and into the kitchen. Sarah was at her customary place at the sink.

"Throw her down and fuck her!"

'Seriously man?' Mike thought.

"Sorry, got a little over-excited. It's been awhile."

Mike stepped over to her and gave her a peck on the cheek. "Hey sis," he said.

Sarah turned from the dish she was washing and smiled. "Hey," she said. "How was your date with Emily? Did y'all have a good time?"

Mike smiled and moved to get a bowl of cereal. "It was good. Finally talked about us," he said, turning and peering at her briefly. There was hint of irritation in her face, but she didn't look upset.

"Good," she said, making the word sound like the exact opposite.

Mike chuckled quietly and sat to eat. "Still, I don't think we'll start dating. Too much has happened to her."

"I'm sorry hun," she said, not sounding very sorry. "I hope it works out between you two."

Mike set the bowl down on the table and moved behind Sarah, putting his hands on her shoulders and rubbing gently but forcibly. "You work too hard, Sarebear," he said massaging he shoulders.

"Aww, you haven't called me that in forever, and good lord boy does that feel good." Sarah lowered her head as Mike rubbed, a low moan escaping her lips.

Emma and Beth came down the stairs at that moment and Mike turned from his shoulder massage and smiled at them, and then at Danni who appeared behind them.

The conversation at breakfast tended to center around Mike's date with Emily, and the sister's were obviously pressing him for as much information as possible. Mike toyed with them, embellishing some parts of the story.

Sarah sat the last dish down and took off her apron, turned and headed for her room. As soon as she was out of ear shot, Danni leaned forward to her siblings. "So what are we doing for her birthday today?"

Beth raised her head and swallowed the mouthful of smoothie she was drinking. "I can check if they have any fresh crab at the store, and make that for her. I don't think she wants Red Lobster again."

Mike winced. "Shit," he said. "I completely spaced and forgot it was today. I've gotta go get her something. He felt a push on his leg and glanced down, Danni's bare foot was sitting in between his legs and her toes were pulling at the edge of his shorts. He glanced up at her and shot her a "Knock it off" look and tried to push her foot down.

She wasn't having any of it and continued her assault on the opening in his shorts leg. "You can go today and find something for her," she said, still focused on the conversation. "Do y'all think she wants some kind of get together, or party?"

Emma shook her head. "I doubt it, honestly, she always insists on being the one to clean it all up after."

"Yeah, I think not having a party for her is a present, honestly," Beth added.

Danni had finally succeed in pushing her toes into Mike's shorts and was rummaging around inside, finally scoring a hit as her big toe brushed against the tip of Mike's cock.

Mike closed his eyes for a second and coughed. "I think that's good," he said. "I'm guessing y'all already have gifts for her?"

Knowingly, all three shook their heads yes. Mike wondered briefly why women were so damn good at remembering things and guys were so bad at it.

"Boobs probably have something to do with it, bro."

Danni had succeeded in pushing Mike's cock to the side and along his shorts leg to where she could better access it from where she was sitting across from him.

Mike tried to spoon another mouthful of cereal into his mouth as she rubbed her toes up and down his cock.

Emma and Beth stood, almost in unison and Danni's foot shot out of his pants leg.

Mike coughed as the two left the room. "You are insane," he said.

Standing, Danni turned and faced away from him, arching her back and sticking her ass out.

"Why don't you just lay me down on the table and have your way with me, forget all this revenge stuff?"

Mike winced, closing his eyes and shaking his head. "Nope, they deserve payback. Besides, having to wait for something as... delectable as you makes finally having it that much better."

"I'll tell you what," she said, returning to her normal posture and facing him. "You can have me whenever, and wherever you want me. All you have to say is a code word, or phrase and we can fuck, right then and there."

Mike swallowed hard. "That sounds... fun," he said, a smile finding its way to his face. "Whats the codeword?"

Danni scrunched up her face, thinking. "A random phrase would be too obvious," she said, but smiled and suddenly snapped her fingers. "I've got it! Whenever you want me, start singing, or humming With or Without You, by U2. That way no one will think you've gone nuts or catch on."

Mike smiled and nodded. "Deal," he said.

Danni grinned and headed back towards her room, stopping at the bottom of the stairs and looking back. "You're gonna want to, right?"

He looked at her incredulously. "Are you fucking kidding me?"

Satisfied, Danni bounced upstairs.

Mike returned to his room to retrieve his checkbook, pulled on his work boots and a pair of blue jeans. Heading for the door he grabbed his wallet and keys and headed out to find a birthday gift for Sarah.

"You've got the gift in your pants already! What else would a woman want!?!"

'Nice try but girls want something more than a dick,' Mike thought.

"How about a new mop?"

'Would you like to never have sex with her again?'

"I'll just leave the gift ideas to you. Mushy shit is your department anyways."

'Good idea.'

Mike headed downstairs and out the front door to his truck to go birthday gift shopping.

Forgetting that it was Sunday and almost none of the stores were open, Mike began to drive home until he passed a closed department store and spotted a truck out front with a sign on it, and Mike suddenly knew what Sarah would be getting for her birthday.

When he got home, Beth had returned from the grocery store. Mike hopped out of his truck and went to pick up a few bags of groceries to help her inside with. As he carried in a bag, Beth came bouncing back out, a white halter top covering up her perfect breasts. Mike glanced over and put an anguished look on his face, trying not to over do it. Time seemed to slow for just a second as though someone else was enjoying the scene unfolding. Beth bounced down the stairs of the front porch towards her car and Mike couldn't tear his eyes away from the enticing view.

"I'm gonna lose it if you make us wait for those puppies. Holy shit! Nom nom nom!!!"

"Nom nom nom...," Mike thought mostly to himself.

She passed Mike and there was no doubt that she saw the drooling look that he had given her impressive feminine attributes.

"The Pope would have ogled that shit man," the voice said again.

Mike chuckled quietly to himself and carried the bags in. As he returned for another load he caught Beth bouncing up the steps. He stared again, not bothering to try to resort to subterfuge.

"That's all there is," she said as he began to pass her.

"Alright," he said, and followed her inside. She moved into the kitchen and began to put stuff away.

Mike turned and headed for the stairs but was intercepted by Danni and Emma, both dressed in work out clothes and heading for the back door.

"Hey Mike, you too sore to run yet?"

Mike groaned, expecting the coming discomfort, but shrugged. "I guess I can take it slow and see how it goes," he said and began to head upstairs to change into running shoes and shorts.

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