tagGay MaleJust to be Fair

Just to be Fair


It's Saturday night and you find yourself aching for some enjoyment as you sit in your apartment. Your hand squeezes your hardening cock through your jeans. "Fuck, I need to get laid," you think to yourself. As you stroke yourself through your pants, you run through a list of phone numbers in your head. "Amy? Nah, she's dating someone now. Trisha? Out of town. Nancy. Damn those are some nice tits on her. I'd love to slide my dick between those beauties."

You take out your phone and give her a call. You wait and wait as the phone rings. Your hand continues to massage your mass. Just as you're about to give up, she answers. "Hello?" she sounds annoyed.

"Hey, Nancy. It's Jason. What are you up to tonight?"

"Hey, Jason. Ummm… I'm a little… busy at the moment."


"Yeah. I've uh… got company."

In the background you could swear you heard a girl call to Nancy, "get your dripping twat back in bed. Mama's hungry." Your cock lurches in excitement as you imagine a threesome with Nancy and this mysterious woman she's in bed with. Fuck it, it's worth a shot.

"Any chance I could stop by too?" you say both knowing and innocent.

"Not tonight, Jason." Her voice shudders as she hangs up. The last thing you hear before her phone drops to the hook is, "fuck it, I'm coming to you," followed by sounds of movement and a slight moan you believe to be Nancy.

It's too much for you. Your dick is out before you even realize it as you stroke your length furiously. Your hand slides up and down your aching shaft as you imagine your cock ramming into Nancy's tight pussy, the sweet, dripping bush of her friend planted firmly in your face. You bite your lip as the fantasy takes you closer and closer to paradise. Just as the image of Nancy and her friend tag-teaming your dick flashes in your mind, your eyes roll back in your head and your cock fires load after load of ecstasy across the room. Out of curiosity, you lick the cum from your hand to see what you taste like. "Hmmm… I don't see what all the girls fuss about. It's not that bad."

You expect your hard on to subside as you clean the mess up, but it doesn't. You want more. Your cock is begging for a lot more, and you know that it will only be worse if you ignore it any longer. You have no choice but to get in the car and drive.

As you roll down the road, your free hand is deep in your pants, stroking your swollen cock. You can barely concentrate on the road. "Fuck, I have to get off NOW."

You see a porn shop up the road, so you pull in, figuring a stop in the video booth will at least allow you to jerk off and clear your mind for a couple of minutes, long enough to decide which bar will give you the best chance of getting some tail tonight. Grabbing some quarters from the dashboard, you make your way inside. You ask the clerk which way to the booths. He sees the circus tent you're pitching and points you down a hallway. "Have fun," he says and gives you a knowing wink as you walk away.

You decide to go into booth four. "Lucky four," you think as you open the door. But it is not empty as you expected. Inside there is a fairly attractive white boy, blonde hair. Blue eyes. And his dick. You can't help but eye it hungrily. It's only six inches, but it's so hard and thick in his hands as he strokes himself to his mini-movie. You are mesmerized by the glistening shine of his precum on the tip. You don't even notice as he turns to see who opened the door he forgot to lock. His eyes rise from the bulge in your pants until your gaze fixes with his. It is not a look of embarrassment but understanding. In that instant, you know that he too is there because his cock wanted more action than he could provide, and in that instant you want to reach out and take his cock in your hand as a way of saying "I'm sorry. I feel your pain." You want to help him cum because you feel his same craving for orgasm. You find yourself reaching out for him, but when you realize what you are doing, you readjust your movement so your hand reaches the doorknob instead. You offer an awkward apology and then take the booth just beside it.

You select a lesbian mini-movie, something with a starlet who reminds you of Nancy. You unzip your pants and pull your raging hard-on out as the movie begins to run. Your eyes fix to the two women, licking, sucking, fingering ravenously at the others' dripping pussies. You look at them, but in your mind, all you see is that gorgeous white cock next door, begging for you to touch it. Stroke it. Suck it. Begging for you to swallow its cum. This deep desire to please this foreign cock dominates your thoughts as you jerk of, rubbing your hand up and down your dick, wishing it were his you were feeling, massaging. You don't know what's come over you. You normally consider yourself a straight man, but the need for that dick is overpowering. Your cock sucking fantasy becomes more intense as you jerk yourself wildly. From the room next door, you hear the stranger cry out in orgasm. His moans push you over the edge as you spray your seed all over the screen. Again, you lick the cum off of your dick. This time, however, you wish it were his.

You carefully place your cock back in your pants, pleased that though you couldn't finish the man off yourself, at least you got to share his orgasm and cum at the same time. Your dick begins to soften as you put it away and open the door. However, the stranger is leaving at the same time. You see him leave right before you do. He turns and gives you a look and you find yourself instantly hard again. The man behind the counter doesn't notice that your erection has just returned to life. Instead he just calls out to you (to both of you?) "Cum again!"

"I sure hope so," you say back.

In the parking lot, you see the stranger with the gorgeous white cock go around back. "He must have parked there out of fear that someone would recognize his car." You begin to follow him, which he notices. You awkwardly fumble for words. "I parked around back," you lie. When you reach the back lot, your face goes flush. His is the only car back there. He gives you a look that screams, "you're busted."

"Well, you see I…"

"Are you gay?" he asks.


"Gay? You were checking out my cock inside, and now you're following me to my car. What gives?"

"I'm sorry...It's just…" You can't think of what to say, you are so overcome with embarrassment.

"You owe me."

"What?" you are taken aback.

"You owe me. You saw me. I want to see you now."

You are amazed at what's happening. Even so, you are hesitant to commit yourself to it. It's one thing to fantasize about sucking him off. It's another to actually do it.

"Seriously. Take your dick out."

You hesitantly remove it. Even so, though your brain may be nervous about what's going on, your dick is all for it. It points out greatly, hard and firm and begging to be viewed in all its massive eight-inch glory. "There," you say, trying not to seem too excited or ashamed.

"Very nice. That's a pretty impressive cock, man. You got nothing to be embarrassed about."

"Thanks," you say as you begin to put it up.

"No, we're not done. You saw me jerking off."

"You're kidding."

"No I'm not. Start stroking that dick of yours. It's only fair."

You gladly, though carefully oblige him as your hand explores your length in slow strokes. You think you see a rustle in the crotch of his pants, which causes your strokes to increase tempo a little.

"Faster, man. I was beating off much faster than that."

You pick up the pace until your hands are flying over your engorged member. Suddenly an idea comes to your mind.

"Well, sure, now you get to see me jerk off fast like you were, but I never got to see you jerk off slowly."

He chuckles and smiles. His hands go to his zipper, taking and sliding it down, allowing his fully stocked cock to flop out. "It's only fair." He says.

Your eyes are transfixed to the sight of him masturbating and you can tell that his is glued to your own self-gratification. You are overcome by the desire to touch him, to hold his mass, to stroke him, but you don't want to come off wrong. Another idea strikes your brain. "You're doing it wrong."

His eyes light up, and you know he caught your drift. "Well, why don't you come over here and show me how to do it right?"

You walk to him, cock outstretched like a lance heading straight for him. You take his dick in hand as you stroke your own. Your head is swimming with lust. His cock feels even better in your hand than you imagined. So hot and hard, so eager. It twitches with your touch. And you plan on touching it a lot. He follows your lead and takes your cock in his hands as well. Stroking you, feeling you, fondling you. You can't help it. You are overcome by the urge. You drop to your knees and begin sucking his dick in deep thrusts with your mouth. You let his warm delicious mass penetrate your mouth and fuck your throat. Your tongue explores its length as it caresses the head. He begins to moan. "Correcting my technique again?"

"No," you gag between thrusts with your mouth. "I just want your cum."

He opens the door to his car and falls down into the back seat, pulling you with him. He reaches down and pulls your dick to his own mouth and mumbles, "Just to be fair" before swallowing your length into his mouth, an impressive feat given that you are eight inches. Your heads bob and swallow into the swollen crotches of the other. He sucks your cock like a thirsty man in a desert sucks on a water bottle, and you return the favor by licking his dick like a Baskin Robbins cone and you want to taste all thirty one flavors. You are intoxicated by the smell of his manly cock as your mind swims in the fantasy as his dick swims in your mouth. You feel him begin to convulse in your mouth. She shaft twitches. Your eyes beam with excited anticipation. You don't have to wait long before his hot, creamy cum floods into your mouth. Your eyes roll back in pleasure as you fill his mouth with load after load of your own flavor, just to be fair. You both suck and swallow until the last drops have been drained, and still your dicks twitch in the hopes of more orgasmic bliss.

After the sexual frenzy subsides, you each remove the dick from your mouth. "Fuck, that was hot," you say to him as you put your finally satiated cock back into your pants. "I agree," he tells you as he returns his own monster back to its cage.

Now both fully dressed, you climb out of the car. He walks you around front to your own automobile. "We should do that again sometime," you say to him.

"I don't know," he suddenly says, very seriously. "I'm not gay, man. It's just... I really needed to get off. You just happened to be there."

You feel somewhat rejected, but are still thrilled at the experience. You begin to climb back in your car when you feel him give your ass a playful slap. "See you around," he called out as he walked around back.

"Yeah right," you say to yourself. "Mr. Forget this whole thing ever happened"

You are feeling hungry. You never know sucking dick could take so much out of you. You decide to go by waffle house to get a bite to eat. "Better make sure I have enough money to pay for the meal," you think, so you reach into your back pocket to check your wallet. There, wedged in next to your pocketbook is a note. "Call me anytime, Aaron. 555-3216."

You get the feeling he's done this before. "oh well," you think to yourself. "Used or not, it was still great." You look at the note again and chuckle as you drive off. "I just might," you say as you press your hand to your happy, sleeping dick. "I do, after all, need to give you my phone number too. Just to be fair."

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