tagRomanceJust to Make it Last Longer

Just to Make it Last Longer


Heather looked into the night sky, leaning onto Glenn’s shoulder for one last night, for he had to leave the town because of a promising job offer. She looked into his watery eyes, seeing a drop of tear forming on the rim. Glenn wiped the tear off his face as it leaked out of the corner of his eyes. He looked at Heather, the girl he loved, who was now almost asleep and half drunk.
“My love,” he muttered “I’ll be gone by tomorrow morning and I won’t be able to see you again.” More tears seemed to flow out of his eyes as he said those words. “Heather, I don’t want to leave you, and you know it. I can’t do this! I won’t leave you for anything. We’ve been together for so long, and I couldn’t bear losing you. You are my best friend, and I am yours. But I have to leave.” More tears of regret poured out, landing onto Heather’s long auburn locks. He loved her lots since he first met her.
He remembered the first time he met her: she was in a blue dress, her hair tied up in a messy ponytail, after a long journey from Belfast, finding a place to stay the night in the small town Glenn lived in. She carried nothing more than a large box of her belongings, alone, confused, and tired, she barely escaping the terrible conflict. He greeted her warmly and took her to his small house where he lived alone. After they settled down, they started talking.
“Thank you so much for letting me stay the night. I promise that I’ll be off before sunrise, and I hope that I’m not so much of a bother…
As the memory faded, Glenn looked at Heather, who seemed to be sleeping on his lap already, and carried her back into their room. He put her into bed and put the blankets over her. He sat down beside her, admiring her for one last time.
“Why?” Glenn said, frustrated “Why did I not treasure our time together? All those months that you stayed with me for, and I never felt like this. Your eyes, your ears, your lips, your hair, etcetera. What is this feeling? I love you, and you’re here with me. But why do I feel like I want to strangle you? Every feature on your face, every thing that you do… I don’t even know how to explain this!”
A hand slowly closed around his. He looked at the hand and saw her small ivory coloured hand holding his fingers. He didn’t know how to react, for questions kept arising in his mind.
“Did she hear me?”
“Did she know that I love her?”
Although they were close, they’ve only regarded to each other like siblings, looking out for each other and caring for each other. They’ve barely even talked about love. And Glenn was always too shy to tell her when he had the chance to do so.
A minute passed, and Heather was still silent. He let go of her hand and went to fetch himself some water.
“Water! Water! What does that remind me of? I think of something but I don’t know what!”
And then he remembered. A figure of Heather appeared and he remembered their first night together.
“Mr. Glenn, can I have some water next to my bed, I’ll need it before I’ll go and I won’t ask for anything more.” He remembers Heather’s voice as he remembered himself boiling the water with a paraffin stove. He remembered bringing the warm water to the bed.
“Have some water now, you look tired and it’s the least I could do. Come on, you don’t want it to get all cold, considering the weather, and you won’t be leaving tomorrow- it’ll be too cold for anyone to travel.” He knew that he needed an excuse to keep her here for longer. “Where are you even off to?”
“Nowhere, but I’ll find a place to settle, eventually…” Heather sighed and made herself comfortable.
“Ms… Um…”
“Heather is fine.” She gently assured, “What did you want to say?”
Glenn walked towards her, pulled up a chair and sat down next to the bed.
“Heather, I… I… uh… Want to tell you something.”
“Glenn, are you saying that…”
“Yes, you can stay. There’s a tailor looking for an assistant. You may want to consider staying here for a while.”
Glenn smiled as he recalled Heather’s puzzled face when she found out that he was the tailor. He slowly sipped his cup of water as he brought the other cup to the bedroom. He quietly walked in their bedroom as not to disturb his secret love. Heather was still asleep, and probably a little drunk from the wine they had earlier. Glenn leaned close to Heather as she remained still, with her eyes gently closed.
“Heather, oh Heather…” Glenn whispered in her ear, “It’s the last time I’ll be looking at you this way, my darling. I’ll be gone tomorrow and we’ll never see each other for a very very long time.” Glenn knew that he probably won’t come back, but he refused to believe that he’d leave his love forever. “Heather… You knew that I love you, and I’d wish that we’d exchanged one more word, but you are asleep, and I wouldn’t bother you.” Glenn walked towards the window and tears started to pour out of his eyes.
“Glenn…” Heather muttered softly, as if she was trying not to let him hear her.
“Heather! My love!” Glenn shouted without a thought. “Um… Heather… I meant… My… friend?” Glenn covered his face out of embarrassment. Heather slowly sat up on the bed and chuckled softly.
“It’s alright, sweetheart, I knew all along. It was very obvious, from the first day we met to this very moment. I felt your love. And I also heard everything you’ve said.” Heather assured him.
“Heather I’m sorry-”
“It’s alright Glenn, can you please close the window and sit next to me? It’s a little cold and it’s hard to see you when you’re at the window.” Heather shyly said. Glenn did so immediately, and sat on the chair he pulled up earlier.
“Yes?” Glenn asked wearily.
“No, sit right next to me, on the bed like you usually do.” Heather insisted. She pulled up the blankets and allowed Glenn to awkwardly shuffle next to her.” They always slept in the same room since the first night, but Glenn usually just slept on the floor despite the large bed in the room.
“Heather, why are you-?” Glenn only had time to say before Heather’s swiftly moved her head sideways and planted a long deep kiss on his lips. Heather ran her cold, slender fingers down Glenn’s neck and chest, sending shivers down his spine. After what seemed like forever, they pulled back for air.
“Heather… Hea-” Glenn groaned before their lips met once more. As Glenn realized what was happening, he wrapped his arms around Heather and deepened the kiss, causing Heather to lightly moan in surprise. Glenn drunk Heather with all of his senses- her smooth, freckled skin, the taste of her lips, and her sweet smelling hair. Intoxicated, Heather flung her arms around Glenn’s neck and surrendered herself to his love. After another eternity, they pulled back for air.

“Glenn!” Heather moaned, “I want you” A smile spread across Glenn’s face.
“I’d thought you’d never say that.” As Glenn said that, Heather slowly lifted his shirt up and threw it to the side of the bed, revealing Glenn’s muscular body that she craved for so long. Glenn unzipped his pants as Heather kissed him all over. She gently caressed his toned body as he removed his pants to reveal his huge cock.
“Your turn, darling.” Said Glenn as Heather swiftly threw off her nightdress and laid there, fully naked and exposing her fine chest and her small, hairy, ginger pussy. Her fine slender body laid on the bed as she caressed herself slowly and sensually. As Glenn saw Heather playing with herself, he gave in to his temptations and settled himself between her legs. Heather moaned with pleasure as Glenn bent down and licked her fine virginity, encouraging him to do it again. Glenn put a finger into her and started massaging her walls, which he was rewarded by Heather’s moaning once again. Heather moaned loudly as Glenn teased her with his tongue, as she wanted him in her. The way his tongue was only close enough to give her only enough pleasure for her drove her crazy as she wanted more and she knew she would get it.
“Stop it!” Heather complained to Glenn, who was still teasing her. Glenn knew that it bothered her, but he always loved the face Heather made when she wanted something desperately. What he saw before him wasn’t a woman he loved dearly, but he pictured more like a little girl asking for candy. Finally listening to her moaning pleas, he finally got up and took her in his embrace. Heather’s small figure slowly grinded on Glenn, who continued to tease her by playing with her nipples.
“Glenn, I want you badly” Heather moaned “Just give it to me.” Heather was losing patience now. She moaned as Glenn touched the tip of her right nipple as she reached for him.
“Heather, my love” Glenn groaned as he impaled her with his 9-inch cock. Heather moaned in both pain and pleasure as it pushed through her tight virginity.
“Glenn-” Heather moaned before he impaled her once again, stronger this time, which caused her to scream. Glenn couldn’t hold himself back from Heather’s sweet voice moaning with pleasure. He wanted to pull out, but his hips had a mind of their own. Both Heather and Glenn moaned as they climaxed towards their release. Heather let out a loud moan as she released her load for the first time, as Glenn cumblasted Heather’s cervix. Glenn moaned as he released his semen into Heather and took the empty cup to contain the juices they discharged.
“Yes love?”
“What does it taste like?”
“Bit better than perfect, darling.” Glenn went back to Heather’s small throbbing pussy. He savored her musky juices mixed with his slightly salty cum. He offered Heather the cup full of their juices combined. Heather hastily had a small drink, and gulped the remains of it down quickly. After they finally had enough, Glenn cuddled Heather as she slowly closed her eyes.

“Sweetheart,” Heather softly said. “I really love you. I loved you since our third night together. I loved you lots and I didn’t really know how to tell you. You were so nice to me and you were so sweet, trying to care for every little thing I desired. You were very funny too. How would I have guessed that you were the tailor that wanted an assistant? How would I have guessed that you faked the rain on the sunrise of the second day?” Heather started to giggle.
“Well now you know why I was such an idiot.” Glenn slyly said.
“Glenn?” Heather dreamily said, “When will you be back to see our child?”
“I’m not sure, but hopefully I’ll get us enough money and we’ll get so many things sorted, like electricity, or even a television.” Glenn replied. “Tomorrow I’ll be gone at sunrise, and I’ll only be able to see you maybe a few times a year.”
“All this time I’ve almost took you for granted.” Heather sobbed, “I’m going to miss you so much.”
“I’ll be back for the holidays.” Glenn assured. “Take care of the tailor’s workshop for me from now on.”
“I’ll never forget this night.”
“Neither would I,” Glenn sighed “I’ll replay this memory over and over when I’m alone, just to make it last longer.”
“Just to make it last longer.” Heather muttered as she dozed off.

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