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It's a surprise. I wait in the hallway for your signal. You open the door, and usher me into the bedroom. After 5 minutes of making him wonder, you bring me out. We meet, for the first time. The anticipation builds, as we go about the normal routine. Make supper, light conversation. Trying not to make the obvious TOO obvious. After supper, you light candles. Trying to make the scene a little bit more comfortable.

He begins to kiss you. Lightly at first, then harder, as his hand finds my breast. He gazes at me while he kisses you. Then stops. It's our turn. We look at each other shyly, and then slowly move towards each other. The kiss is fantastic. Our first. Your tongue caresses mine gently, as you pull me closer. We continue to make out while he watches. You pull away to look at him.

"Give him head?" You ask.

I oblige, slipping off of the couch, and onto the floor. You remove his boxers for me, revealing his huge, thick cock. The shock on my face is apparent. I've never seen anything like it. I look at you first, a bit apprehensive. You smile, and say "You made Joe cum earlier. That doesn't happen often. I have to see what you do!" I giggle, and go to work. I take him all in my mouth, eager to prove my skills. You hold my hair out of my face, so you don't miss a second. I slide my tongue ring over the tip of his cock, and take him all again, deep throating. I hear his sounds of pleasure, and your giggle of enjoyment. You ask him how I'm doing, and he utters "amazing." He reaches down then, and lifts my shirt up and over my head, and quickly removes my bra. He cups my breasts, and pinches my nipples, as I continue sucking him off, trying to take him deeper each time. As he's about to come, you pull me away. You're naked now.

You lower your head to mine, and kiss me gently. As if in thanks. He asks me to suck your nipples for him. I obey, and take an erect nipple into my mouth, licking, and sucking on it. You make a sound of surprise, like you didn't expect what was coming. As I move onto your other nipple, he positions himself behind me, and removes my pants. At this point, you suggest moving to the bedroom.


It's a water bed. Huge. You both tumble into bed, making out frantically. I enter the room more calmly, and come to lie next to you both. He moves over, and I'm pinned by his weight, as he begins to make out with me. Forcefully. Passionately. His fingers are in you. I hear your breathing, knowing that you are enjoying every second. Watching him make out with another woman at the same time. He removes his fingers, and offers them to me. I take them in my mouth. I can taste you. My first taste of a woman. He smiles, and moves back over to you. He enters you and you begin to moan, loudly. You reach over, and fist your hand in my hair, and pull me closer, kissing me passionately. I can feel every thrust, the movement of the bed. Of you. He stops then, and pulls you onto your knees. You bend your head, and begin sucking on my nipples. Pinching, and twisting to the rhythm he has set. You take my hand, and put it between your legs. As soon as my fingers touch your clit, you begin to moan loudly. He starts to fuck you harder, and I increase the pace as well. I press harder. With a final trust, you both come, and collapse on top of me. He moves up to my face. He wants me to lick him clean. I do, slowly, tasting you both.

He lies down then, lifting me on top of him. Not for sex. Not this time. Not with me. He positions his cock between my breasts, and guides my mouth to your nipple. He begins to move, tit-fucking me. Slowly. Giving himself time to build up. To fuck you again. After a moment, he moves between your legs, and begins to eat you out.

He gazes at me while he does. Then, he invites me to join in. I move down, again, apprehensive. I've never done this before. Not sure what to do, I hesitate for a minute. Then, I lean forward.

The taste of you is amazing. I roll my tongue over your swollen clit, then back. I do what I would want someone to do to me. I hear you say "God. I see why Joe liked you so much." Within minutes, you cum again. You pull me up, to your mouth, and kiss me. "I love that you taste like pussy." You say, and laugh.

He comes over you then, and enters you. While you're being fucked, he fingers me, kisses me passionately, and bites me. Your cries get louder. Your grip tighter in my hair. Then, it stops. He stands. "I want to cum on her," he says to you. I move to the edge of the bed. While he jacks off, you begin to kiss me. Your hands caress my breasts, and my clit.

He moans once, and I feel his cum on my breasts. You stop kissing me, and lick him off your hand. Then, bend to lick his cum off me.

You smile at me in the dark. "We'll have to do this again sometime."

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