Just Walk Away

byDG Hear©

"I won't let you down, I promise."

The babysitter came over and walked the girls to her house. I gave her forty dollars in advance to watch the girls. We told her we would be by in the morning to pick them up. She looked at us a bit strange, probably wondering who I was but she had no problem taking the girls or the money.

Marcie came out in her one-piece bathing suit. She looked a bit embarrassed. "Here's what an elephant looks like in a bathing suit," she remarked. "Jack, are you sure about this?"

"You don't look that bad. Believe me, we have a lot heavier women come in the gym all the time and they aren't anywhere as pretty as you. If you are willing, after this is over, I'll help you exercise if you want. No cost to you, I'll be your trainer."

Out of the blue Marcie hugged me. I held her tight in my arms. I guess we might each have had feelings for one another. On the way to the nude day party she told me she had a crush on me in high school. I told her I wished I had known it back then. I didn't date that much and outside of baseball was somewhat of a loner.

I saw a big bruise on her arm. She told me it was when Bill grabbed her before he left. I thought to myself that son of a bitch has hurt her for the last time.

I asked Marcie "Do you know why Sheila's ex-husband was in prison for murder?" She told me it happened three years ago. He had come home early from work and found Sheila in bed with another man. He got his gun and shot the man three times. He ran out of the house but was caught within the hour.

He was found guilty of pre meditated murder since he came home early and used his gun. No one knows why he didn't shoot Sheila. He got life imprisonment and Sheila ended up with all their assets. There were a lot of rumors flying around at the time, but that's the story Bill told her.

It was getting dark when we arrived at the party. There must have been fifty people there at least. When I walked in the pool area I saw Sheila. She still had her bathing suit on, what little there was of it. Her tits were busting out of it and the bottom was a thong bikini showing her whole ass. She was talking to Bill and came over to me when she saw me.

Smiling she said, "I knew you would change your mind. You're just like me, always looking for a good time." I didn't say anything to her. I waved to Marcie and she came into the yard.

"What the hell is she doing here?" asked Sheila.

"She's my date. It's over between you and me."

Bill saw Marcie and started toward her yelling. "What the fuck are you doing here? You and your fat ass is embarrassing me." He grabbed her arm and that's when I pushed Bill into the pool. He went to come out and I told him he better think twice because I had enough of his shit and if he as much talked to Marcie, I'd kick his fucking ass.

Everyone was staring at us. I knew it was really embarrassing Bill. He knew if he made a move toward me I'd squash him like a bug.

"She's my fucking wife! What the hell is it to you?"

"She's my friend and she won't be your wife much longer. She'll be applying for a divorce on Monday. Until then I suggest you stay the hell away from her."

I took my shirt off so my muscles showed. I took Marcie by the hand and she introduced me to Henry, the man giving the party. He just asked that we not cause any trouble. I just told him I would not start any trouble but I wouldn't let Bill harass Marcie.

He said he always liked Marcie and if Bill started any trouble, he'd ask him to leave. I said we weren't planning on staying at the party long. The full time we were there we did get Bill and Sheila's attention.

Marcie and I got into the pool. She said she felt better with her body underwater; it made me laugh. After Sheila saw us together she was one of the first women to take off her top. I guess she was doing it to get even with me but I had no feelings for her, especially now. Needless to say she attracted the men. It wasn't long before Bill was playing with her tits.

Marci and I stayed in the water for about a half hour. We got out and got a drink. About that time a number of people were taking off their swimsuits. Sheila was one of the first followed by Bill. I guess it was a nude party after all. They wanted our attention in the worst way. Bill grabbed Sheila by the pussy and I just laughed and shook my head.

Marcie was nervous so I told her it was time for us to leave but not before I talked with one old guy taking pictures. I asked him if he would make me copies for a hundred dollars. He was more than happy with the offer. I told him to get as many of Bill as possible and handed him fifty dollars in advance.

We thanked Henry for the swim. I think he was happy that we were leaving. I could hardly blame the guy. I guess Marcie and I were stick in the mud compared to everyone else there. And he wouldn't have to call the cops if Bill and I got into it.

Marcie and I left the party; we had brought along a change of clothes. After getting dressed we went to the Olive Garden for a nice dinner. We had a couple of more drinks and I took her home. We walked into her house and she kissed me. I mean really kissed me.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that," said Marcie. "What happens now?"

"First, don't be sorry, I loved it but I won't do anything else. You're still married and I don't want to give Bill any ammunition. Tonight I'll sleep on the couch to make sure you're safe."

Bill never did come home that night. I figured he stayed at Sheila's. The next morning Marcie packed a suitcase for the girls and herself. I called Sheila's number and told her that Bill could come by and get some of his things. He had better be out by the time Marcie got back on Monday.

We were on our way to see a judge friend of mine to get a restraining order against Bill. After Sunday he wouldn't be allowed near Marcie till they had a court hearing.

We picked up the girls and I took Marcie and the girls to the zoo. "What are we doing Jack? I'm a mess right now, I'm not sure what I'm doing and we are at the zoo?" said Marcie.

"Exactly! You need to be with your girls and try to enjoy yourself for a little while. The problems will still be there a couple of hours from now."

We did have a nice time at the zoo. For a few hours it was all about the girls and the animals. Afterwards we stopped at Burger King for something to eat. I remembered the girls liked that place.

I took them by my sister's house and asked here if she would watch the girls for a couple of hours. She knew I was serious. I introduced Marcie and the girls. "What's going on, Jack?" asked Sue, my sister.

"We're going to see Judge Aaron about getting a restraining order. I called him this morning and he said I could come by his house but Marcie has to come with me. He has to see the bruises on her arm."

My sister hugged me. "Sure Jack, I'll watch the kids. Marcie, it was nice meeting you and good luck. Don't worry, I know my crazy brother and he'll protect you." Sue smiled at me. I knew I was doing the right thing.

After getting the restraining order we spent the night at my apartment. I never had a lease, I just rented it by the week. I let Marcie and the girls have my bed and I slept on the couch. It was odd, but the girls never asked about their father.

The next morning we stopped by my gym and I let my employees know that I wouldn't be there the rest of the day. I took Marcie and the girls home. Bill and Sheila must be on afternoons. I saw both of their cars at Sheila's.

Marcie and the girls went into their house. I went down to Sheila's to have a talk with Bill. I knocked on the door and Sheila answered.

"What do you want?" asked Sheila. "Didn't you cause enough trouble?"

"Tell your boyfriend to get his ass out here, we need to talk."

Bill came to the door. "I'm not coming out there. What the fuck do you want?" He asked, talking through the screen.

"This is a restraining order. If you go anywhere near Marcie or the kids, you'll be arrested. She's applying for a divorce today. We're asking for a custody hearing on Friday."

"Who the fuck do you think you are? That fat bitch can't make ends meet without me. She can have the fucking kids. Let's see how she expects to support them," laughed Bill. "You can't protect them all the time."

"Let me make this very clear. If you touch a hair on any of their heads I'll fucking find you and beat the living shit out of you. You're nothing but a bully and take it out on your wife and kids."

"I can't believe you would give up a woman like Sheila for a fucking cow like Marcie. Well Buddy, she's all yours."

I took a couple of steps toward the door and Bill quickly shut it. I slipped the restraining order in the mailbox, and went back to Marcie's. She said Bill had already been there and took a lot of his things. When it was time for Bill and Sheila to go to work, we had Trina come over and watch the kids.

I had called my lawyer friend Bill Nash and he had the divorce papers drawn up. For now she was asking for custody, alimony and child support. He was able to get Marcie a meeting on the decree on Friday. He had a copy of the papers served on Bill at work on Tuesday.

I had to work all week but I told Marcie if Bill came by to call the police and to call me. I promised her I would be there. I did go by each night and slept on the couch and was usually woken up by the girls in the morning.

On Friday Marcie had her custody hearing. Bill was stupid and said he would represent himself. The grounds for divorce stated cruelty and adultery. The judge overseeing the case told Bill that it would be wise to have an attorney present. Bill told the judge he didn't need one. What an asshole and stupid as well.

Marcie told the judge she was emotionally and physically abused by Bill. She did still have bruises on her arm from the last time he hurt her. Bill denied ever hurting her. He came back with she just bruised easily. When it got time to prove adultery Marcie took out the pictures that I had picked up from the old man at the party.

He had at least twenty different shots of Bill having sex with Sheila and even a few with a couple of other women. Bill yelled out that the pictures meant nothing. It was just a party. He even said that Marcie and I were there.

The judge asked if it was true and Marcie said it was but we had left before there was any sex or nudity. Bill was really pissed when the Judge ordered him to pay three hundred a week child support and two hundred a week in alimony. This would be in effect till the divorce case would be heard in two weeks.

The restraining order would also stay in effect. For now Marcie and the kids could stay in the house. Bill was allowed to come by and collect his personal things with a police escort. He also had the right to see his children on the weekend.

He was pissed when he left the courthouse. He said no fat bitch was going to take him like that. Marcie should have been happy but she was scared.

Outside Bill was waiting for us but kept his distance. "You don't know who you're fucking with. You might have won the first round but Marcie can't go ten rounds. Even with me giving her five hundred a week. Hell, the condo is fifteen hundred a month. She'll be begging me to take her fat ass back but I wanted rid of her for years now." He walked away laughing.

Marcie looked at me. "He's right, I can't do it financially. The girls and I will have to find another place to live. We just can't afford it. I need to find a job and then there will be child care. Jack, did I make a mistake?"

Chapter 4

I was reading the paper one morning and I came across the court news. I read where Marcie and Bill's divorce was filed. What was more surprising was the one underneath theirs. It was Angie and Nick; I couldn't help but smile at least a little.

Deep down I new I still loved her but was doing everything I could to forget her. Their divorce was listed as irreconcilable differences. I had to wonder what it was. I'd have to ask Uncle Ralph if he knew anything about it. Inside my gut I was both happy and sad. Angie was the only woman I have ever loved and she shit on me.


At Marcie's divorce hearing Bill had a lawyer with him this time. Unfortunately for him the judge kept the same rulings as the previous judge. Bill still had to pay the three hundred a week in child support and the two hundred in alimony.

He told the judge that he wanted a DNA test done and it was approved, but he still had to pay the child support till the test results were final. I asked Marcie if there was any chance that the girls weren't Bill's.

"No, Jack, I will be honest with you. I've only been with one other person and her name was Cindy. I'm sure she didn't make me pregnant."

I was a bit shocked. We had quite a few gays come in the gym. It never bothered me but I was surprised that Marcie told me about it. Her friend Cindy was now in the service. They had met at the community college and became best friends.

Marcie said she was heart broken when Cindy left on deployment. That's when she met and slept with Bill. She got pregnant and that takes us up to now.


When Bill asked about the separation of assets we had all the paper work ready. The condo was appraised at less than was owed on it. If they were to sell it they would have a negative amount still owed. The economy and real estate market was still very low.

Marcie's lawyer said that if Bill would sign the house over to Marcie that she and the girls could still live there. Bill saw it as a way of getting out from underneath the negative debt. He readily agreed to signing over his interest in the house.

His lawyer asked about the rest of the assets. All the furnishing and such. They didn't have much in savings and they did have two vehicles that had liens on them. It was decided that both of them would keep their vehicles. The couple of thousand in savings would be divided equally.

When it came to dividing the household goods that both have bought together Marcie agreed to let Bill have whatever he wanted. Needless to say he asked for a lot of the major items. He made a list and presented it to the judge. The judge told him he was not getting anything that belonged to the kids. He had asked for the bunk beds and dresser.

He mainly got the big screen TV and one of the bedroom sets and the surround sound system plus some other things. They picked a day that he was to come over and pick up his things. He had to have a police officer with him seeing the restraining order was still in place.

Bill did have visitation rights to see the girls but he never used them.

After the divorce hearing I stopped by to see Marcie. She was sitting at the table crying. "What's the matter Marcie?" I asked.

"I don't know how I can make it on what Bill is giving us. I should have let the condo go but the girls love it here, their friends are on the same block. What am I going to do, Jack?"

"I have a couple of suggestions if you want to hear them," I said.

"Please, anything that might help us out."

"Rent me a room! You have a spare room seeing Bill took the furniture from it. You have your room and the girls share the other bedroom and have their bunk beds. I pay two hundred a week where I live now. I would just as soon pay it to you. I can move in my stuff next week. I don't have all that much but I'll put the extra things in storage."

Marci stared at me. "Would you make it two hundred fifty if I included meals?" She was smiling at me and knew I liked her cooking.

"It's a deal! Do you want to hear the rest of my proposition?"

"There's more?" asked Marcie.

"I'm in need of a bookkeeper. Not necessarily full time, maybe three days a week. I'll pay you a hundred dollars a day. We also have a woman at the gym who watches the children of members for five dollars an hour. I'm sure she wouldn't mind watching April and Mandy."

"Oh my God! That would be wonderful. When can I start?"

"Let's say I move in this weekend and you can start on Monday."

"Jack, I need to know why you're doing this. I love everything you have done for us but you need to know that I'm not in love with you. To be honest with you I was crying because I got a letter from Cindy and she is moving back to Ohio in a couple of months. I think I still love her Jack but when she see's me she'll probably walk away."

Damn! This was a lot to take in. I was at least glad that Marcie was honest with me. Why couldn't Angie have been like that?

"If she loved you then, she'll still love you. Have you written her over the years?"

"Yes, I've kept it from Bill. I've sent her pictures of the girls and of course I was in a few of them. I wasn't quite as big as I am now. She's the only bright spot in my life other than the girls. Help me Jack! Help me lose some weight."


Over the next couple of months everything was working out great. I had a nice place to stay and good food prepared by Marcie. I loved watching the girls and started to think of having a family of my own some day. If I could only find the right woman.

Marcie worked out everyday at the gym. Even the days she does the bookkeeping she stayed and worked out. She was determined to get in shape. She has already lost twenty pounds and is looking pretty good.

It was sort of funny that we've seen each other naked by accident, (using the shower) but we never had sex. I guess once she told me about her and Cindy we just stayed friends. I have to admit I loved her like a sister. It was funny that even my parents treated her like a daughter.

One day she decided to tell my parents and my sister the truth about her and Cindy. I think my family took it quite well. They realized that life has changed over the years. Marcie's daughters still called my parents grandpa and grandma.

I stopped by to see my Uncle Ralph to ask him if he knew anything about Angie and Nick. Even though it's been way over a year I couldn't get her out of my system.

"Yeah, Jack, Angie came to see me a couple of months ago. I know it may sound stupid coming from me but I think she loves you Jack. Now that she's divorced, I think you ought to talk to her."

"I can't, Uncle Ralph. She really hurt me bad."

"Jack, I don't want to interfere with your life, but you do need to talk to her. She gave me her phone number to give to you. Here it is. Please Jack, do me a favor and at least listen to what she has to say."

I couldn't believe my uncle Ralph. He's the same man that told me to be careful that it wouldn't work out.

I talked with Marcie and told her all about Angie. It felt good just getting it out of my system. I think I cried while spilling my guts. When I was finished talking Marcie hugged me and said she thought I should see Angie and listen to what she had to say.

Meanwhile back at the home front, the DNA test came back and confirmed that Bill was the father of the girls. Now they were just waiting for the divorce to become final.

Bill was offered a promotion if he moved to Dayton, Ohio. He accepted it but was surprised when Sheila said she wasn't moving. There was a big argument when Bill found out he wasn't the only guy Sheila was sleeping with.


The day came when Gunnery Sergeant Jacynthia Quinn, USMC, came to the gym. She was a good-looking woman who looked like she wouldn't take shit from anyone. She had on her uniform and asked if Marcie was there.

Marcie came out of the back room crying when she heard her name. I watched them hug. I was happy for both of them. Marcie asked me if she could leave the girls there while she and Cindy went out for lunch and talked.

First she introduced her daughters to Cindy. Both of the girls hugged the Marine. I could see an immediate bond forming. Marcie gave me a hug and said, "Thank you." Nothing else needed to be said.

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