Kafi Has Her Fill


"I'm feeling so full and stretched."

"That's good. Just relax, you can increase your pace as you get more accustomed to my size."

Both Kafi and Adi's breathing was deepening and Kafi was moaning on each down stroke. I stood to the side of the chair and raised one leg on to the arm. Adi could see all my pussy and snatch and knew what I wanted. Reaching out he began fingering me along my slit, deep inside me and around my clit. I was enjoying his attentions. Kafi had increased her efforts and was now fucking at pace.

"Kafi turn round and face the other way," instructed Adi.

Kafi lifted herself free of his cock. She stood on the floor turned her bum towards Adi and gripping his cock she manoeuvred him back inside her as she lowered herself on to him once again. Adi's cock seemed to penetrate deeper like this and with her feet on the floor she was able to exert more control and pressure and subsequently to fuck Adi harder. Adi continued to play with me with one hand whilst giving attention to Kafi's tits, nipples and clit with the other. Kafi was breathing hard and moaning loudly as she slid herself up and down his cock. His attention to her clit was obviously having the desired effect.

"Oh God I'm cumming," screamed Kafi as she bobbed up and down faster and harder.

"Yes little one cum all over my cock don't hold back."

Once her legs had stopped shaking Kafi slowly sank down to sit on Adi's lap, his cock still deep inside her,

"Wow that was fantastic," she gasped trying to catch her breath "I thought my stomach was going to explode."

"Claire go and sit on the edge of the bed I'm ready for you now," said Adi.

I did as requested and Adi eased Kafi off his still rock hard cock. He stood up and taking her hand they both crossed over to the bed. "Claire lie on your back. Kafi get on the bed and kneel either side of her head facing me."

I was now looking up at Kafi's pussy and very wet looking snatch. Adi lifted my legs up and pushed them back securing them under Kafi's armpits. My pussy was now wide open and very wet from Adi's attention and having seen Kafi cum so powerfully. Standing on the floor Adi soon had his cock at the entrance to my love hole and leaning forward he pushed the whole of his fat meat all the way inside me. It felt so good being completely filled. Adi began to stroke his cock in and out of my cunt and I began to taste and savour the delights of Kafis pussy as I eagerly licked and sucked it eating as much as I could. Adi gradually increased his tempo and in-between moaning and sighing I increased my attentions on Kafi's wet slit. I then felt the unmistakeable build up deep down in my stomach as Adi worked me up into a long drawn out climax. As I shouted out my own joy Kafi delivered me a mouthful of her warm tasty juice as she came once more.

"I've still not finished but need to slow a little," said Adi as we all started to recover. "Kafi lie face down for me." Kafi did as requested and keeping her legs together Adi knelt either side of her hips. He forced his cock down between her legs and with a little adjusting pushed it inside her. He lay on top of her like this for some time very slowly moving his cock in and out a couple of inches.

"O.K lets have you both kneeling at the edge of the bed," instructed Adi as he slipped his cock out of Kafi. We knelt side by side and Adi stood on the floor behind us. He took it in turn to push his cock into our waiting cunts doggy style. Whilst fucking one he was fingering the other. The room was filled with moaning and heavy breathing and soon Adi had Kafi cumming once more before fucking me hard with the same effect.

Adi sat on the edge of the bed and invited Kafi to kneel in front of him. He offered her his still hard cock and she began licking and sucking it as she had done some considerable time earlier.

"I'm going to fill your mouth with cum and I'd like you to taste it and swallow it for me. Will that be alright?"

"I've never done it before but I'd like to try it."

Kafi returned to her oral ministrations until Adi removed his cock from her mouth and tipping her head back slightly he began to wank his cock. He was close to cumming and it wasn't long before he was uttering a very loud sigh as he shot four very large loads of creamy white spunk into Kafi's waiting mouth. Kafi rolled the copious amount of sticky fluid around her mouth with her tongue before dispatching it down to her tummy in one big gulp.

"Mmmmm that was warm and tasty," said Kafi licking her lips. I had already got Adi's fast softening cock in my mouth cleaning him up and sucking away any remaining juice. Adi guided us both on to the bed and lying on his back he had us both snuggling into his chest one either side.

After a period of quiet relaxation I suggested that Kafi might like to take a shower and she took up the idea.

"Did you enjoy your surprise then?" I asked.

"Oh very much," replied Adi.

"Why don't you go and see if Kafi wants you to scrub her back?"

With that Adi joined Kafi in the bathroom. After about fifteen minutes they both emerged and started getting dressed.

"I'm going to take a bath," I said as I made my way to the bathroom. After a good soak I got dried and when I returned to the main room Adi and Kafi had gone. I knew where they would be and I got myself dressed before going down to join them.

As I entered the bar I could see Adi and Kafi sitting on high stools next to the counter. Adi was gently stroking Kafi's white stocking covered thigh. He enjoyed doing such things so others could see. I approached and took the stool on the other side of Adi. Adi turned and kissed me full on the lips. "Three glasses of champagne," he said to the young girl behind the bar. She poured the champagne and set the glasses in front of us. "A toast," said Adi "To two very pretty ladies and two willing and satisfying fucks."

From the look on her face it was obvious that the girl behind the bar had heard everything. Adi didn't care he obviously wanted her to hear. "Lets move over there we'll be more comfortable," said Adi pointing at a table in the corner. Adi sat in the middle with us either side; he was stroking both our thighs. "It was a fantastic surprise today I really enjoyed you. What did you like?"

"I loved it all," said Kafi. "I didn't think sex could be such fun. I won't be seeing Malcolm again."

"What were your best bits?" I enquired.

"The feeling of Adi's cock filling me up the first time will be something I'll always remember. I also thoroughly enjoyed having cum from both of you I really enjoyed tasting it."

"I was very happy to give it to you and I know Adi feels the same. He gave you an extremely large load. I got very excited seeing Adi's cock disappearing inside you that first time. Adi has a very fat cock and I don't think you'll come across any bigger, I certainly haven't."

"I'm glad you both enjoyed yourselves I certainly did," said Adi "Kafi you need to ensure you get some more experiences with different men and women. Perhaps Claire can help you. Something you don't know Claire, but I'm sure you suspect, is that Kafi and I had another quick little fuck in the shower. A stand up doggy."

"Did you make her cum?" I enquired.

"Yes I did and she went down on me and sucked another load from me. She kept my cock in her mouth until I'd finished so I can confirm she really does like sperm. Whilst I was soaping her I worked a nice soapy finger into her bum. She is very, very, tight in there. However I hope we can change all that because Reinhard is coming over with me in three weeks."

"Kafi you are going to be very lucky. Reinhard broke in my arse; he's very good at it. I can now even manage Adi. Reinhard is nowhere near as fat as Adi but he is much longer. His girth is good for first time anal and he penetrates very deep when he fucks you. He will also give you experience of having a cock in your throat."

"Mmmm I'm getting wet thinking about it."

"Well if I don't get back to my room and pack I will miss my flight. Once again can I thank both of you for the pleasure you gave me this morning?"

"The pleasure was mine," said Kafi.

"And mine as usual," I added. "I will talk to Kafi and I hope she can inform you of at least one experience she will have had when we meet in three weeks."

We all stood up and Adi had a long snog with both of us before we went our separate ways.

All I need to do now is help Kafi get some experience. It should be fun.

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