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Teen Intern Tells Sexperience


I received a lot of request (surprisingly by younger females) who want stories written about them with older men, bosses, boyfriend's fathers, uncles, etc. This special request came by a young reader who asked if I could publish her story for her. Stacey is like a lot of teenage girls who have reached out to me and have shared their experiences about being with a much older man. A lot of these teenage girls are very ambitious and have a certain confidence and maturity beyond their years. The common thread that runs between them is a turn-on for confident, powerful older man. Their praises include their wealth and power and how sexually advanced they are and that they are exceedingly more endowed then their boyfriends or guys their age. Every word in this teenagers experience is her own. Through questions I prompted as we went through the time-line of her experiences was how her story got here.

My name is Stacey. I am an 18 year old senior that goes to a private High School in NYC. As part of an internship program I work in a very powerful law firm in the city that specializes in commercial land development and real estate properties.

Coming to work directly from high school and experiencing the dramatic change from the immature acting boys to these older men of power began to make me think about what it would be like to be with a much older man. Working so close to these older men with their take-no-prisoners personalities and their wealth and power really began to excite me and seeing the entire older attorney's constantly leave for lunch or dinner with a girl, not much older than myself added to my curiosity.

About me. I stand 5'5" tall and weigh 108 pounds. I have long blond hair and my measurements are 34D-21-33. I wear braces, which in my school uniform or cheerleader uniform gives me a very innocent look. After school I always go to my apartment to change into professional cloths for work. I always dress fashionably for work, in short pencil skirts that show my narrow waist and my tapered legs. I always wear sheer blouses that show my sheer, lace bras (white or black) and always wear tan, black or nude thigh-high stockings with black or brown pumps to accent my legs and to add a sexy quality my outfits.

I admit that I love the compliments and looks I get from the older men in the firm and have enjoyed going to dinner with a few of the older attorneys to very up-scale restaurants when they were meeting clients. Being right beside these older men and listening to them talk about taking over companies or building multi-million dollar luxury buildings in the city and around the world made me think about what it would be like to be with them.

The excitement that surrounded these men was infectious. Sitting beside them in their private limousines as they dropped me off after dinner made me feel so special, and when I watched them look at my body as we talked sparks went right through me. When they told me how sexy I was and how mature I was it always had me instantly thinking about what it would be like to be in his bed. They always escorted me to the lobby door and gave me a kiss after they thanked me for coming that night; a few of the older attorneys letting the kiss linger before they walked back to the limo.

When that happened, the instant my lips met theirs I felt a tingling excitement run through my body that I never experienced before. Each of those nights always ended with me stripping to my stockings and high heels and lying on my bed rubbing my breasts and nipples with one hand as I masturbated to the fantasy of being in bed with the older attorney that kissed me that night.

Although I have a steady boyfriend in High School I admit to cheating on him and sleeping with three older men. The first man was a wealthy land developer that did business with the firm. His name was Jack Travers. I had just turned 18 a month ago and was assisting one of the firm's younger attorneys when I met the 80 year old land developer.

When I was introduced to him I immediately thought to myself how handsome and totally distinguished he was especially for his age. As I was introduced to him I watched his eyes scan my body from head to toe and as he did I instantly felt the room temperature go up 100 degrees as I felt my I felt my skin get real hot and felt my nipples get instantly hard in my sheer, lace bra. I was so impressed with the way he conducted himself in the meeting and had an instant attraction to his personality and confidence. Like a lot of the older men in the firm or that do business with us, he was tall with a slender build and had wonderful white hair and chiseled facial features. They also all were extremely confident and I could tell that they had strong personalities.

During the meeting I caught his eyes taking more than quick glances at me, in fact he looked at me from head to toe with complete indifference to the firm's attorney who was there. When we made eye contact I could see the hunger in his eyes and would purposely re-cross my legs and watch his eyes travel to my legs. Sensing he knew exactly what I was doing he shot me a knowing grin and I returned it with a knowing smile.

In the meeting he learned that it was my 18th birthday and that I was going out with my boyfriend to celebrate. A half hour after the meeting two dozen roses were delivered to my desk with a card that read, "Cancel your plans with your boyfriend. I'm going to spoil you rotten tonight. Jack."

The second I read the card my heart started racing in a way I never experienced before. The confidence in his words; more commanding me than asking me had my body trembling with excitement. I began to get really excited at the thought of going out with him.

Up until now the idea of being with an older man was purely fantasy and wishful thinking on my part, but now being confronted with the reality of it I was tingling all over as I pictured Jack and I together. I admit that the thrill of him wanting me and the realization of him being 62 years older than me added to my excitement.

Without any hesitation or guilt I called my boyfriend and told him I had to work late on a project that had a deadline. Although he was a little annoyed I said that I would go out with him on the weekend to celebrate my birthday. As I talked to my boyfriend all I could think about was Jack and that I was going to be with a man who was 62 years older than me.

I knew that this would be cheating but all I cared about was the excitement I felt about being with Jack. Although I knew I should have felt guilty, I didn't have an ounce of guilt and as soon as I hung up with my boyfriend I called Jack on his private cell phone thanking him for the beautiful roses and accepting his invitation.

When he asked if I canceled plans with my boyfriend already I told him I did.

"Any quilt or second thoughts?" he said in a deep confident voice as if knowing what my response would be.

"Oh God, I couldn't wait to cancel on him," I said without any hesitation.

"A sexy 18 year old who knows what she wants. I like that quality Stacey. I like it a lot," he said with authority, which turned me on like crazy.

That night was amazing, starting with him taking me to an exclusive restaurant in the city that I knew was impossible to get a reservation for. Dressing for my date was unlike any experience I ever had. In the shower my body was electric, as a tingling sensation flowed all over my skin as I thought about my date with Jack. Every time I washed my breasts and made contact with my nipples I nearly came.

The thought of me being together with such an older man had my hands running all over my body as I closed my eyes and imagined us kissing and even becoming intimate with each other. As I dressed for our date I felt so sexy. Every item of clothing I put on was with him in mind, especially my sheer, white bra and tiny, satin thong.

As I put on my nude thigh high stockings, sheer white bra, and silk thong all I could think about was him seeing me this way. I decided on a sheer white blouse that showed every stich of my lace bra and a tight pencil skirt that went way above my knee and showcased my long, tapered legs. After stepping into my 4 inch black high heel pumps I looked in the mirror and smiled at myself approvingly with a sly grin.

When I came down to the lobby and saw him standing tall and inpecibally dressed in a very expensive black jacket and slacks with a crisp white dress shirt that clung to his slim chest I nearly melted. After taking in my outfit he told me how sexy I looked and took my hand and led me to his limousine where his driver was waiting to open the door.

Once we were in his private limousine he opened a very expensive bottle of champagne and made a toast to me being 18 and very sexy. After the toast he leaned in and gave me a soft, brief kiss. I can't tell you how sexy I felt the second my lips made contact with his. Although the kiss only lasted a second it sent sparks right through my body and set the tone for the evening.

As we rode to the restaurant we talked about what he had planned for the night, which included a ride above the city in his private helicopter. As he talked we began playfully kissing. What started as our lips touching and our tongues meeting briefly turned into our tongues twisting across each other's as our lips touched softly. I was going crazy in every way as I felt my body more turned on that it's ever been before.

During dinner the chemistry between us was building by the second as we shared sexy kisses. During each of these kisses his hand went up my crossed stocking covered leg right to the top of the lace trim. As his finger traced along the trim touching the bare part of my skin I would groan, "Umm," from the thrill he was sending through my body. When we kissed my heart was beating a mile a minute in anticipation of what might happen between us.

After dinner we rode in his limo where he took me to helipad where is private helicopter was waiting for us. The cabin was luxurious with a long cushioned sofa. During the ride the intimacy grew between us as we shared playful kisses that turned into deep, passionate kissing as our tongues explored each other's hungrily. As we kissed his hands ran up and down my stocking crossed legs which had me so turned on. Hearing him say how sexy my body was had me moaning softly. As his hands roamed up and down my stockings sparks were shooting right through me. His touch alone made me hungry to kiss him.

Taking a ride high above the city in his private helicopter was so impressive. He put his arm around me and told me how sexy I was then opened a very expensive bottle of champagne and made a toast to me being 18 and being very sexy. I was so captivated with him. When he leaned in we started kissing again as our tongues explored each other's heatedly and with an incredible hunger.

It was as if we were lovers as our mouths were open and our tongues flicked across each other's slowly. It was such a sensual kiss. I never kissed like this before and it felt so naughty and so right. To me it was the sexiest thing imaginable and he being 62 years older than me made it even hotter.

I can't begin to tell you how sexy and alive I felt. Here I was just turned 18 that day in a deep, sensual kiss with a 80 year old man I had met a few hours earlier. A part of me felt so devilish to be kissing a man 62 years older than me. It was such a naughty kiss the way our tongues were out of our mouths flicking wildly across each other's. As we kissed his hands were roaming all over my stocking crossed legs which had me moaning.

"Oh god that feels so nice," I groaned as his hands ran up the side of my thigh right to my stocking tops.

"Beautiful legs Stacey. Beautiful legs and an amazing body," he said in a deep, resonant voice.

The excitement of being with him and him being 62 years older than me had me more turned on than I have ever been in my life. I never felt close to being this excited when I went out with my boyfriend or any guy my age. Even the time I cheated on my boyfriend with his best friend didn't come close to having me this excited and turned on.

We continued kissing this way for half an hour until he reached in his pocket and took out a diamond necklace. I nearly died. It was the most beautiful and most expensive thing I have ever seen. After putting it on me he told me I was so sexy and that he wanted me in his bed. I groaned and told him that was exactly where I wanted to be. He then picked up the phone in our private compartment and told the pilot to land on his private helipad.

After he hung up the phone we kissed all the way to his helipad. As we kissed his skilled hands roamed all over my body from my stocking crossed legs to the tops of my breasts. All I could think about was that we were going to fuck. I was groaning like crazy as he kissed me than whispered in my ear that he couldn't wait to fuck me. It drove me crazy to hear him say the word fuck. There was something about the way he said it with so much confidence that made me groan and almost cum. I was groaning like crazy as we went back to our sexy kissing

Out of the helicopter we walked hand in hand to his Penthouse apartment in the building he owned. We stopped every few feet to kiss each other as my body was tingling from the anticipation of fucking him and being his lover that night.

I was amazed at his Penthouse. It was a sign of a man who was very successful and wealthy. In every room we kissed hungrily until the tour ended in master bedroom. Lavish is an understatement for his bedroom as it was the size of an entire house.

Taking me in his arms we kissed passionately until he turned me around so that my back was against his chest. As he kissed my neck, telling me how sexy I was his hands began to trail up the sides of my legs to my breasts. He played with me this way for half an hour as I had my head turned to the side and kissed him passionately.

As he held me close to his body his hands roamed all over mine. I was moaning in a deep throaty voice as I felt his toned physique right up against me. I was groaning from the way he was thrilling me as my eyes were rolling inside my head as his power and confidence were literally taking me on a sexual journey I never experienced before.

Finally after an hour of this sexy torture, when he knew I was going out of my mind he said he had to strip me and that he had to see my body. By now I was climbing the walls. The build-up from meeting him today until now had my pussy soaking wet.

As each bit of my clothes was removed he had me groaning in a low throaty voice. Just the way he deliberately removed every item of my clothing as he kissed me and told me how sexy I was demonstrated his incredible confidence. With my boyfriend or other boys my age my cloths were off in a minute and sometimes never fully off because they were always in such a mad rush. The way he methodically removed my cloths told me that he had done this hundreds if not thousands of times before.

"Beautiful bra Stacey. Very sexy," he said as he skillfully unclasped it

Just the way he removed my bra made me groan and feel so sexy. After he removed it he spent half an hour kissing all over my 34D breasts, telling me how sexy they were. He kissed all over my breasts without hitting my nipple for half an hour. While he kissed and ran his tongue over my breasts he would break away and we would kiss briefly.

Every time our mouths or tongues met I felt like I was about to cum. I was delirious and each time my body began to shake he stopped kissing my breasts and met my tongue for a wild kiss. Finally, as if knowing I was going crazy he began kissing and sucking my nipples.

"Oh fuck," I groaned out loud as his lips began sucking on my aching nipples.

I went wild and as he sucked each nipple with an intensity that caused me to throw my head back lift the backs of my feet come out of my pumps as I shuddered and came in a violent rush. After I came the backs of my feet went back into my high heels and we kissed as he unzipped my mini skirt at the side.

As I stood in front of him wearing a pair of nude thigh high stockings, a black thong and black open toe high heels a sly grin came across his face as he complimented me on my look and my body and said,

"I like a confident girl Stacey."

I cannot begin to tell you how sexy I felt to be in my stockings and heels with such an older man. Standing in front of him dressed the way I was made me feel more nude than I ever have. The way he looked at me with such a hunger had me so turned on.

Taking me by my waist he spun me around then squatted on his knees. For the next half hour he ran his hands over my ass as he told me how sexy it was. Every few seconds he would kiss my ass which caused me to groan and throw my head back. Each time his lips kissed my ass sparks went right through my body. I was going out of my mind as he kept running his hands over my ass and kissing each of my cheeks.

"Such a sexy ass Stacey," he said as his hands ran across each of my cheeks.

Hearing him say I had a beautiful ass made me groan over and over again. After the sexy half hour I looked back and told him he was driving me crazy. As I looked back and groaned he took hold of my thong and began to slowly pull it down. I was going insane as he slowly pulled it over my ass cheeks. When he reached the bottom of my ass he deliberately pulled it away even slower which had me going crazy.

He did it so slow that I could feel my wet pussy pulling away from the satin material of my thong. I was going wild knowing he was so close to my pussy and that he was watching it pull away from my thong. As the thong separated from my wet pussy lips he said in a deep resonant voice,

"Such a beautiful cunt Stacey. Absolutely gorgeous."

"Oh god," I groaned out loud knowing that he was looking right at my pussy.

Once again his words had me groaning like crazy. I was going wild as he kissed my ass and told me how sexy and beautiful it was. Lowering my thong to my ankles I lifted each of my pumps as he removed my thong. Once off he had me lean forward and spread my ass cheeks and for the next hour he kissed all over my pussy and my asshole as he slowly inserted his tongue into each hole.

As his tongue explored the scorching wet sex of my ass and pussy I couldn't stop thinking about this being the most intimate thing I ever experienced. I never felt this way before, certainly the few times my boyfriend or other boys went down on me. There was just something about the slow and confident way he was using his mouth and tongue over my exposed holes that felt so intimate. I was delirious and kept cumming from the amazing way he ate each hole.

This was all so new to me and I was absolutely loving the self-assured way he was taking me. When my eyes weren't rolling back inside my head from the incredible skills of his tongue and the feeling of his hands on my ass I would look back and groan in heat as I watched him work his magic on me.

It was such a sexy sight, seeing a man 62 years older than me tasting my sex with so much skill and confidence. What got me off like crazy was when he took hold off my breasts and began twisting and pinching my hard aching nipples between his skilful fingers as his mouth and tongue consumed my ass and pussy.

After having cum so many times he stood and we kissed hotly. The taste of my sex on his mouth made me explode in a wild wave. Stepping back he began removing his cloths. I was groaning out loud in anticipation of seeing his body. As he stripped my eyes were riveted to his every move as took off his cloths with incredible confidence. When he took off his shirt I groaned in a low throaty voice. The paleness of his skin and elastic quality of it even though he was in amazing shape made me groan. It was the first time I really began to think about the differences in our ages. Knowing we were 62 years apart had me going crazy.

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