tagSci-Fi & FantasyKai Mal: Prelude to Trinity

Kai Mal: Prelude to Trinity


Theres a whole down there....

I climb through it, little is known of the inside, or of the origin, all that is said, is that inside dwells a fantastic beast... I will venture inside to meet him, so what if many call me a fool, I am not a fool, only a curious being, the bell does not toll for me, so what have I to lose???

Ah, at last I am inside...here it is dark, of course, and damp, so typical...I cannot see even in front of me, but I dont worry, my eyes will adjust...Wait, I do hear some noise, or music perhaps??? I dare not make a sound, why give him notice of my arrival, seems a bit foolish. Yes, music indeed, though no music I've ever heard, it is most beautiful, in a sad kind of way...so dark and sounding almost like crying...

I am inevitably drawn to this eerie music, no need to even look, it pulls me there like a giant magnet..I find myself moving, though not by my own will. I am being pulled closer...the music is painfully loud now, I try to cover my ears, but as you would expect, I have no control of any of my limbs..Finally, standing before a door, a great door in fact, carvings cover it, art like I've never seen, and so beautiful, I feel tears well up...

It is time, the door opens...blinding light on the inside of this room, someone summoning me..calling my name, but wait, how is it that they know my name??? I hear it still, almost in pain they sound, calling my name...Rowan, come in further Rowan...Well I oblige, as I know I must. As I step further into the room, the music fades...I at once feel peace, as I have never felt it before, and I wonder, should I not be scared instead??

Alas, I must stop thinking and just act. I am here I say, barely audible at first, then again louder "I am here", "Who is it that beckons me" I ask?? Perhaps not really wanting an answer..He answers "I am the one you seek", my heart beats faster still...I step even closer, and the sight before me is enough to make my heart stop altogether...

As I strive to take it all in, he speaks again..."You have found what you seek, now what will you do"? First, I must describe what I see..A giant form, I cannot put into words exactly, darkness so profound, I feel myself stumble. He in all his glory, is utterly beautiful, perfect, I dare say, perhaps too perfect. He sits on a throne of sorts, a throne like no other, gigantic and grand, adorned with every jewel known to man.

He sits there so strong and inviting..I will try and describe him to you. He is my every fantasy, hair so dark, it looks painted on, eyes so brilliantly green, I wither at the site of them, and his hands, oh so beautiful, such long fingers... Not to mention his form, his build, there could not exist a more perfect specimen...He speaks again, and his voice I cannot bear, "Tell me Rowan, what will you do now that you have found me"?

I struggle to speak, hoping my voice won't fail me, "I am here, my only wish, and forgive my boldness, for in your presence I can do no less, is for you to possess me completely"..."Ah, how great that you do not disappoint me, I knew you would be the one Rowan, why else would I have called for you"? "Never do I call out, never do I ask, with you, I knew there would be a difference." "I am so pleased that you find me acceptable, tell me though Master, if I may ask, did I find the hole on my own, or did you lead me to it?" "HaHa, you, the wisest of them all, it was I who lead you here, but I did not force, I offered it to you, and you had the choice"...

"Come now Rowan, come to me, so that I may finally find the peace I seek", "And pray, do not call me Master, for I have a name." "My name no others know, but I will bestow it unto you, "My name is Kai Mal." I walk up to him, so totally encompassed by him. I give myself freely, this is what I have always searched for, what I always longed for...I reach him, this magnificent creature known as Kai Mal, I dare not make a move, He must be the one to start...

He reaches for me, so gentle he seems, yet his demeanor is desperate. He takes my hand and brings it to his lips, I shudder then...I am enraptured, I am his...He stands and takes me in his enormous arms, he carries me to his bed, if indeed you can call it that, for it is more like a giant shell...

He lies me down and removes my clothing...I shiver, oh this is too much, if I am dreaming, I must wake now, for this to be a mere fantasy I cannot accept...

He puts his mouth near mine, I can feel his breath on my face...I long to taste him, he makes me wait, torment, pure torment...

Finally, he reaches down, and kisses me, ooohhhh I cannot explain the feeling then..I orgasm instantly, what more can there possibly be, what more in life is ever this good???? We kiss and I am his....

Finally he disrobes, and I know now, what pure perfection looks like, I can barely contain myself, and he, so calm...if ever I've seen a more beautiful specimen, it was only in my dreams...he lies atop me, and I am moaning softly, waiting...

When he feels that perhaps I've suffered enough, he enters me, again I orgasm, wondering if I will die from all this pleasure...In and out, back and forth, bliss knows no other name...I am in a place now, that I have always wished to be...I dont ever want to leave...

He finishes then...and as he shudders so hard, I think he might collapse..."Do you wish for more my love"?, and what can I say but "yesssssss..."

He lies down then, and I mount him, this is so much, too much, I cannot take this much pleasure and still remain alive...He now, starts to moan, to breathe harder, as I ride him I know beyond a doubt, that this will be the last time, and after this, I will be dead...There is nothing else after this...Nothing else will ever matter again...

As one we orgasm, and this time, we grasp each other as we near the end..The peak we have reached, now only the downward spiral....

I cry now, silently, a loss so profound that I am but a mere shell of myself. The end came and it was glorious, I will never regret the price I will now pay, never!!!

As we lie there, we both know its time..."Rowan, was it worth the ultimate price?? Was it worth your life?? I answer, with no hesitancy, "Yes..."

He kisses me one last time, I feel his lips still as I reach the abyss....

The End

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