tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKaren & Cathy Ch. 14

Karen & Cathy Ch. 14


Several days later I bumped into Karen on the street and invited her for coffee. She wore a beautiful yellow body suit that fit like a glove. It accentuated the contours of her luscious body, fitting tightly in the hips, waist and chest but with soft puffy sleeves that looked very feminine. The front had a thick, brass zipper with a large ring and ran from the tip of her mons to the collar.

"You look exquisite," I complimented her and she smiled in thanks. As we drank our coffee I said, "Why don't you tell Cathy to get a matching outfit. After all you look so good in it."

On Wednesday both girls showed up at dance class in matching outfits, Karen in yellow and Cathy in blue. The colors were perfect for them. The yellow contrasted with the darkness of Karen's long hair and the blue accentuated Cathy's beautiful eyes and her long blonde hair as it cascaded over her shoulders.

"You two will make me the envy of every man here," I said as I wrapped my arms around their slender waists and we walked into the studio.

Once home, we slipped out of our clothes and into the tub, the first stage of an evening of fun and sex. We fucked and sucked all night and then slept quite late in the morning.

As we ate a very late breakfast, I sat reading the paper as the girls scurried about the kitchen. Looking up from the paper, I asked, "Do you two have any civic pride?" It was a strange question and they both looked at me a bit puzzled. "You know, are you proud of our city, or of people who do good things for our city?" I added. The girls looked at each other without a clue to what I was up to. I could see however that they knew something was up.

"I guess we do," Karen said looking over at Cathy. Cathy shrugged her shoulders in agreement but said nothing.

"Good," I said as I went back to reading the paper and the girls tried to figure out what was going on.

It was about one o'clock when we finished eating and I turned to the girls saying, "Time to get dressed, you both have a full day ahead of you," They looked at each other a bit baffled and followed me into the bedroom.

"Get dressed but I don't want you to wear anything under your bodysuits," I said. "Oh yeah, no body jewelry," I added. Karen and Cathy removed their nipple rings and then picked up their clothing and dressed. As they stood fixing their hair, I once again marveled at just how beautiful these two women were. The bodysuits fit very tightly and it was easy to see that there were no creases along their skin from bras or panties. Their huge tits filled the soft material of the suits and their nipples stood out hard for anyone to see. When they started to walk, their huge breasts swayed beautifully so that a blind man would have known they were braless.

We drove across town to the local community college. It was the end of the school day and with one beauty on each arm we walked into the building. The young boys in the halls gaped at the girls' breasts as they swayed and jiggled with each step. You could feel the heat being generated by those lustful gazes. Many a fantasy would come out of this little stroll. We entered the gym and climbed high into the bleachers. Several members of the school weight-lifting team were entering the gym and beginning to work out. They looked at us with some curiosity, wondering who we were and why we were there. They went on about the workout as we watched. After about 20 minutes Karen asked me if I knew where the ladies' room was.

"Why don't you ask one of the boys?" I said, "but first, why don't you slide your zipper down a bit?" I added. Karen hooked her finger into the brass ring and pulled the zipper down to between her huge tits. I nodded at her and she pulled it down a bit lower, exposing her very ample cleavage. As she walked down the stairs, her huge tits bounced beautifully and more than one young eye focused on her swaying titflesh. Karen walked up to one of the weight-lifters and in a very sexy voice asked for directions. The boy was speechless as he gazed down at Karen's tits and just pointed in the direction of the girls' locker room. Karen winked at him with a smile as she turned and walked to the locker room. His eyes burned into her ass as he realized that there was nothing under her bodysuit.

"Cathy, your turn," I said and as she slid the zipper of her bodysuit down, she waited for Karen to leave the gym. Standing up, she bounced down the stairs to the floor and then ran across the gym, her huge tits bouncing wildly under her tight bodysuit. The effect was perfect. The young boys were transfixed by what they saw. I could see a few erections stirring under their stretch suits.

When the girls returned, they were pleased at the number of young erections they had elicited. All eyes were focused on their pear-shaped asses as they climbed the steps side by side. Sitting down on either side of me, I placed my hands on their thighs and asked how they were enjoying the workout.

"Are we here because of why I think we're here?" Cathy asked cutely.

"What do you think?" I quipped. Both girls looked at each other and laughed silently.

"Let's go," I said as I stood up and we left the gym by the upper doors.

The bell rang and the workout ended. The six weight-lifters headed for the showers. School had been out for almost an hour and the building was all but deserted.

Once inside the locker, room the team began to strip down and discuss the charms of their two beautiful visitors. The descriptions were rather crude and lustful, reflecting the age and the fantasies of the boys. Stepping into the doorway of the shower room the boys did not see me.

"Gentleman," I said in a firm voice. They stopped talking and looked at me. "Some of us in this town are very proud of you. I was pleased to read this morning that you'd won the state championships," I continued.

Karen and Cathy appeared on either side of me. They stood completely naked. The boys' eyes practically came out of their sockets as they drank in the two beauties standing before them.

"The girls would like to show you their appreciation and admiration in a more personal way than just getting your picture in the paper," I said as the girls lifted their arms and began to pin their hair up to keep it from getting too wet. "These young men are champions, treat them as such," I said as the boys stood transfixed and the girls walked into the showers.

Cathy walked up to the largest of the boys and deftly slid her hand around his cock. It was soapy and she began to slide her hand along the length of his shaft. Still a bit dazed, he raised his hand to her firm breast and began to squeezed it.

Karen found another cock and sinking to her knees, wrapped her lips around the boy's raging hard-on. Another boy knelt behind her and Karen felt his hands close around her huge tits. It was only a few seconds before all the boys managed to get involved. Cathy sank to her knees and taking the team captain's cock into her mouth, reached out to begin stroking another boy's shaft. Karen also was reaching for other cocks as the two beautiful women tried to service all of the team.

Reaching down, the captain lifted Cathy to her feet and pressed her body against the cold, tile wall. He stepped up to her and pushed between her thighs. As she lifted her leg and wrapped it around his hip, he lowered his body and then slid his raging cock up into her wet pussy, impaling her fully on his ramrod as her feet left the floor. Her entire weight rested on his cock as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and lifted her other leg, locking her ankles around his hips.

Turning around, he was able to reach down under her thighs and pump her body up and down on his shaft as if she were a ragdoll. A second weight-lifter approached her from behind and she felt his hands encircle her hanging titflesh as his ramrod grazed against her spread asscheeks. As the first boy raised her body, the second stepped closer and as her body descended on the prick in her pussy, she felt another prick press firmly against her tight asshole. Cathy had never been fucked by two men at the same time and the thought of being double-fucked by two such powerful young men excited her more than the slight pain of her sphincter being stretched. In an instant, she hung suspended between the two cocks now in her body.

With one holding her hips and the other her sides, the two boys pumped Cathy's panting body up and down on their shafts. Both boys were able to feel the power of Cathy's love muscles as she squeezed their cocks deep inside her body. Both boys had some sexual experience but neither had ever felt what they were experiencing at this moment. It only took a few moments for both boys to explode in Cathy's body, filling her with their hot cum.

Meanwhile, Karen was still on her knees with one cock in her mouth and another between her hands as the boy crouched behind her was plunging his fingers into her pussy and fondling her tits with his other hand.

One strong lifter put his hands around Karen's body and lifting her off the floor spun her body upside down. Her legs fell over his shoulders as her face brushed against his cock. She opened her mouth to swallow his cock as he licked at her open pussy. She wrapped her arms around his waist and then felt someone else licking the crack of her ass. They carried Karen into the locker room and eased her body down onto the padded table. Her head hung over the edge of the table as her mouth continued to suck on the boy's cock. She could feel her legs hanging over the far side of the table as one of the boys grasped her ankles and raising her legs, pulled her thighs wide open. In an instant she felt a hard cock enter her love hole as the boy in her mouth began to knead her massive tits like soft dough. Two pistons began to hammer into either end of Karen's body as she felt the excitement of being double-fucked.

Cathy was laid face down on the table beside her and two more boys entered her mouth and her ass. The boys watched in astonishment as these two beautiful women serviced them. Four cocks in four such beautiful holes at the same time and on the same table. It didn't take long for such young boys to cum and fill the girls with their cum. For almost an hour the boys took turns fucking my two beautiful women. They each came at least twice, once in each woman before they were through.

One by one the boys pulled their spent cocks out of Karen and Cathy's bodies and headed for the showers. The girls were tired but felt satisfied. There was something about fucking young boys that excited them. Both women went in to shower when one of the team captains asked Cathy to lie down on the floor. She lay back and waited as he climbed on top of her body for one final fuck. He slid into her love hole and powerfully thrust into her body. The hot water pounding on them only added to her pleasure as his powerful thrusts filled her loins. She came quickly and so did he.

"On behalf of the entire team I want to thank you for showing your appreciation in such a pleasurable way," he said as he helped Cathy to her feet. They showered and he went to get dressed.

Cathy and Karen were drying themselves off when I returned to them. "Civic pride?" Cathy quipped. I just smiled at her as my fingers slid into her still moist pussy.

"Let's go home," I said.

Cathy subsequently moved in with me and Karen remained with her husband but visited us almost daily.

The end

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