tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKaren Becomes a Sex Slave Ch. 02

Karen Becomes a Sex Slave Ch. 02


I don't know how long I laid there but I eventually went to sleep. I was awakened by the door being shut. I ached all over from the whipping I had taken and from being chained down spread eagled on the bed.

"Hello." She said. "Time to eat. I'm going to untie you and if you try anything I'll beat you until your unconscious. "

She sat two bowls down on the floor in the corner. She walked over to me and reached down and put a collar and leash on my neck. Then she proceeded to untie my hands and feet and tugged on the leash.

"Get up cunt and get on your knees." She paused. "Pets are meant to be lead on a leash and to be on all fours."

I got out of bed and got on the very thinly carpeted floor as I could tell it was concrete immediately under it.

"Crawl bitch." She commanded and started walking towards the bowls forcing me to crawl behind her.

I crawled behind her to the bowls. When I got there the food smelled horrible, as I looked at it I realized it was a can of dog food. I went over to the bowl of water and stuck my face down in it and slurped up as much as I could.

She asked me. "Are you going to eat."

I responded. "No. It's dogfood."

"Of course it is. That's what pets and slaves eat until their masters decide other wise." She responded.

She jerked my leash and said. " C'mon slut, suit yourself." As she lead me to the center of the room. She jerked back on the leash raising me up to where I was sitting with my ass on my calves. She reached up and hit a button and a chain started down from the top of the room. It had a set of leather cuffs attached to it and she secured my wrists to them. She pushed the button again and the chain started back up lifting me first to my knees, them up on my feet. She then got some rope and tied around my ankles. She tied each ankle of to a ring in the floor spreading my legs wide apart. She pushed the button again and the chain tightened some more pulling me tight with my legs being pulled both ways and my arms being pulled tight above my head. Pretty much making me immobile.

She walked over to the wall and came back with the flogger. "So last time we worked on your back, this time it's going to be on your front."

"You don't have to count today cunt, I'll just whip you till I want to switch." She said as she raised the flogger over her head.

SMACK. She hit me across both tits with strands of leather hitting both nipples that were already sore and tender.

"Aaaahhh. I cried out.

She hit me with three more across my tits quickly one after the other. Raising red whelps up each time she hit me. Then she placed three across my mid section and belly. All I could do was grunt a little each time she hit me. Then she raised the flogger straight up and swung down hitting my tits across the top and nipples on the way down. After doing this it left the flogger on the floor between us. When she brought it back up she smacked my spread pussy with it.

I cried out. "No don't whip my pussy."

She began swinging it up and down over and over hitting my tits on the way down and pussy on the way up. "I'll whip whatever the fuck I want to whip cunt." She screamed as she continued to reign blows down on my tits and pussy.

I was hanging there sobbing by the time she finished. She walked over and traded the flogger for the riding crop. She came over and wiped some of the tears off my face and said. "We are just getting started."

She walked back in front of me. She pulled the crop back and swung it. I watched as it came towards my breast and then it struck me right on the left nipple.

"Arrgh" I cried out. She repeated it on the other breast striking my nipple there. "Uuhhh." I grunted.

Her next swing landed across the top of both tits. The end hitting one tit and the shaft hitting the other. She started swinging harder and faster hitting one tit, then the other, and then both. On top across the bottom on the nipples. Each time it hit my breast would sink in from the hit and be red when it left. Every once in awhile she would swing across my midsection. When she finished I was cover from my tits to my waist in red spots where the end of the crop had hit me.

"Please no more. Please don't hit me again." I sobbed.

She just snickered and said. "I haven't even touched your pussy yet bitch."

"No please no don't whip my pussy." I pleaded.

She swung from down by the floor and hit my pussy dead center. My pussy exploded in pain. She started swinging over and over hitting my pussy and inside of my thighs. I was trying to get away but the chains and ropes held me tight. There's was no getting away from the assault on my pussy.

Finally she stopped and walked away. She went over to the wall and to my horror picked up the cane. She walked back over towards me with a wicked smile.

"Please not the cane." I sobbed. "Please anything but that."

"You ready to eat this pussy yet white bitch?" She asked.

"No I'm not going to eat your pussy." I answered.

She immediately swung the cane across my tits hitting both nipples. My tits exploded with pain. I tried to scream but nothing came out of my mouth. She hesitated to let the pain radiate from my tits. Then she started swinging relentlessly hitting my tits over and over and alternating one across my belly when I least expected it. I was just hanging with my head down by the time she was finished. When she walked away I looked down my body and it was covered with angry red welts, crop marks that were starting to bruise already and those wicked looking cane marks. The cane had brought the blood right to the surface and some of them had blood trickling through them.

She walked back over and put the crop down and walked to another wall and picked something up. She came back towards me and had an adjustable steel rod that had a vibrator attached to the end and attached to it was a hitachi wand. She walked up to me and stuck the one end of the rod in a hole in the floor directly under me and extended the handle up until the vibrator was pushing up against my pussy. She reach down and pulled my pussy lips apart and shove the vibrator up into me as far as she could get it and went to the top oh my pussy and found my clit. She rubbed her fingers around on my clit gently pinching it between her fingers, pulling on it and getting it hard. She spread the hood back away from it and put the hitachi directly against it.

She stepped back and looked at her handy work and seemed to be pleased. "That looks good." She said.

She walked back over to me and turned on the vibrator and the hitachi. They buzzed on and I let a gasp slip out of my mouth. Dammit I didn't want her to know I enjoyed any of this. She took her hands up and grabbed a nipple with each one between her thumb and forefinger and pulled just hard enough to make my mouth come open the slightest bit. When my mouth opened she bent over and kissed me roughly shoving her tongue in my mouth and exploring all over. She was kissing me hard enough that I thought she was going to bruise my lips.

She broke the kiss and stepped back letting go of my nipples. "You'll learn it doesn't always have to be painful." She walked away and I heard the door close behind me.

The vibrator and hitachi started working their magic on me. My pussy was starting to get wet and was tingling. There was no way to get away from it. The pleasure started to build and I thought Oh my God you're going to orgasm chained up in this dungeon just minutes after you had the entire front of your torso whipped and beaten. Was she right. Was I a slut that just needed to be shown the way. Then the orgasm hit. It started deep down in my pussy and exploded out. I squirted juices everywhere around the vibrator. I could feel them running down my legs. The vibrators never slowed down and it wasn't long before another orgasm hit me. I struggled to get away from the hitachi but couldn't. Another orgasm was building. I orgasmed again. I didn't know how many more orgasms I could handle but there was no end in sight.

I hung there from my arms chained above with my legs tied apart and impaled on that vibrator and hitachi. My arms were aching and my pussy was spasming in orgasm after orgasm. They just kept coming one after the other until I was just having one continuous orgasm. My eyes rolled back in my head and I was drooling from the intensity of the orgasms. I eventually passed out from all the pleasure.

I slowly awoke and noticed that the vibrators were off. I slowly opened my eyes and sitting on the bed was a young beautiful black girl. She looked to be in her early twenties. She was sitting there naked with her left hand pulling and pinching her nipples and her right hand buried between her legs with two fingers fucking in and out of it. I could tell she was getting close to cumming so I just watched as I was still too weak to talk much.

I could hear her fingers going in and out as she fucked her hand in and out. She started moaning and going faster pulling on her tits harder and harder. She let out a low deep moan and orgasmed all over her hand.

She sat there for a few minutes recovering and noticed I was awake. "Hello there." She said as she walked over to me.

She reached out and ran her hands across my breast very gently. "Looks like Mom has had a good time with you, she told me you were down here. You are so fucking hot hanging there all battered and bruised."

She continued to feel my body on both sides front and back. "I just couldn't help myself. I had to play with my pussy. When I got here you were just hanging there quivering from all those orgasms."

She walked around behind me and admired her moms handiwork on my backside. Rubbing my raw bruised ass. She commented. "She never had any mercy on you I see."

She came back around in front of me. "I've got to turn these back on or she will have me looking like you." She said as she reached down and turned both vibrators on. She leaned in and gave me a kiss on the lips but never tried to put her tongue in my mouth. "I'll see you later, I'm so glad they got someone older this time. I've always wanted to have a MILF here and your definitely that." She grabbed her clothes and headed out the door locking it behind her.

The vibrators started working their magic on me. I could feel the juices drying on my legs from earlier. Then the first one started coming. I gave up and shoved myself down on it as hard as I could. If I was going to cum I wanted to cum as hard as I could. When I orgasmed I squirted pussy juice down both legs. The orgasms came one after another until I lost consciousness again.

I was suddenly woke up by a blast of cold water. When I opened my eyes the original woman was standing there with a water hose.

"Wake up Cunt." She said. "It's time to eat and take a shower."

She turned off and pulled the vibrators out and away from my pussy and removed the rod from underneath me. She untied my legs and they felt like rubber underneath me. She lowered the chain down and undid the cuffs holding me there. When she did I collapsed to the floor in a heap. My arms and legs felt like I had no control over them from being stretched above and away from me.

She reached down and reattached my leash and said. "C'mon slut." And started walking towards the corner.

I struggled to get on all fours but she got to the end of my leash before I did and when it jerked tight she had to stop.

She walked back and grabbed my hair and pulled me up into my knees. Then she slapped me hard across the face and said. "Cunt when I say c'mon I mean now." She walked away and I started crawling behind her as fast as my weakened arms and legs would allow.

We got to the bowls and it was dogfood and water again. I was absolutely starving and had no idea how long it had been since I ate. I started with the water again and took several big gulps of it down. I put my head back over the food bowl and contemplated take my a bite.

She told me. "You might as well eat it, that's all you're going to get."

Before I could make up my mind to eat it she grabbed my head and shoved it down into it saying. "Eat it bitch, like the fuck Pet you are going to be."

It smelled horrible and I had gotten some of it in my mouth and on my lips. I felt like I was going to puke. I swallowed what had gotten in my mouth and my guts wretched. But I was so hungry. I took another bite and swallowed it down. It was horrible but I ended up taking a few more bites, fighting back the urge to puke with each and every bite. I went back over and gulped down the rest of the water but I couldn't get the taste out of my mouth.

She jerked my leash and walked over into the corner of the room. She pulled me up to my feet and attached my leash to the wall. She walked over to the wall and got a water hose down. "Time for a shower cunt. Your starting to stink."

She blasted me with cold water that took my breath away. I turned away from her and she sprayed down my back. She stopped and threw me a bottle of shampoo. "Wash slut. And it better be good you need to keep good and fresh so if someone wants to use you, your always available and ready."

I started with my long brownish blond hair. It was tangled like crazy from being used like a set of handlebars anytime she wanted me to move. When I got done with my hair I squirted some more on my hands and gently started washing my body. I started with my tits. I had been so proud of my 36 C tits that were nice and firm with no sagging even after breast feeding my two kids, but now they were so sore. They had whelps all over them and were battered and bruised beyond recognition. I eased my hands on down my body washing my torso. This was the first time I had my hands on my body since she had whipped me. I could feel the welts and marks everywhere. When I got to my pussy it was raw and sore. The soap burned as it came in contact with it.

She barked at me. "Wash the inside to or I'll wash it for you."

I eased my finger up inside my pussy and started washing the inside of my pussy out and tears started pouring out of my eyes. It felt like someone had lit a match inside of my pussy. I hurried and hoped she would be happy with the job I did.

"Don't forget your ass." She ordered.

I reached behind me and washed my ass and asshole as best I could. My asshole was still sore from her raping me earlier.

When I was finished she walked right up to me with the water hose and started with my hair rinsing me off with the ice cold water. After finishing my shower she let me brush my teeth and was able to get the awful taste of that dogfood out of my mouth.

She jerked on my leash and once again took me to the bed and fastened me back down spread eagled on the bed. She leaned down and put her lips on mine and tried to pry my mouth open with her tongue but I wouldn't part my lips. She reached down and grabbed both nipples and twisted as hard as she could making me gasp in pain. This allowed her access to the inside of my mouth with her tongue. She kissed me passionately but I refused to kiss her back.

When she broke the kiss she said. "One day soon you will be kissing me back." And turned around and walked out.

I didn't lay there very long before sleep overcame me. I was totally exhausted and slept in a very deep slumber.

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