Karen Is Had



Chapter 1

I met Karen in a dance class. She is about 5'8" with the most beautiful body I've ever seen - you can't hide much in a leotard. I asked her to be my partner and we hit it off pretty well. She has a winning smile and a witty personality. Fortunately, over the years I have had my share of attractive women and so I consider myself a good judge of beauty and I like beautiful women.

After some chit chat, I asked her for her phone number, which she gladly gave me but also added that she was married to a musician. She worked as a hair stylist. For several weeks we danced together and I often felt her lovely breasts pressed against my chest. She never seemed to mind when I would cop a feel and she was very friendly, even affectionate for a married woman. What a body!

I was about due for a haircut and asked her if she knew a good stylist for men. She suggested that she cut my hair since she did some freelance work outside of the shop. I said fine and asked her how much it would run. Forty-five dollars was a bit steeper than I wanted to pay, so I suggested we barter. She was curious and asked what kind of a trade.

While in college I'd worked part-time as a masseur and I still swap massages with friends. We agreed to trade one massage for one haircut and set a time for it.

Karen arrived at my house on Saturday and I got the royal treatment; shampoo in the sink, scalp massage, styling and beard trim. She was great and after a little cheese and wine, I showed her where to change and then led her out to my hot tub. She was a bit surprised when I didn't join her.

After her tub, she joined me in the living room where I had moved the large coffee table in front of the fireplace and had a roaring fire going. There was a thick foam pad, covered by a sheet, on the table and a bottle of scented oil.

Karen stepped out of my robe and wore a tiny string bikini, which she jokingly modeled for me. I knew she looked good but in this bikini with her huge breasts and magnificent hips, it was all I could do not to cum in my pants. I smiled at her in approval and she sat down on the edge of the pad. I sensed that though she knew she had a nice body and knew that I, among many others, admired it, she was not completely comfortable with the idea of another man touching her, especially when she had so little on and so much to touch. I suggested that she lie face down and that I begin with her back. She rolled over onto her stomach and adjusted her bathing suit. As she lay her body down and her full weight pressed her huge chest to the pad, her beautiful breasts pressed out of the sides of her flimsy top. This was going to be a very thorough massage.

Applying oil to her shoulders, I began to knead her shoulders and neck. As she relaxed, I massaged her upper arms and then returned to her shoulders and neck. After getting my fingers tangled in the string around her neck, I untied the neck bow of her top and continued to rub her magnificent body. She was relaxing but I realized that if I were going to get to handle all of her body, I was going to have to move slowly.

I methodically moved down to the middle of her back and then untied the bow in the middle of her back and laid the strings to the side. She didn't seem to mind. Her body felt even firmer than it looked. I massaged her lower back and then moved on to her legs and ass and spent considerable time and effort massaging the soft skin of her upper thighs. I eased her legs apart and massaged the tenderness of her inner thighs.

Whenever my hand would brush her cunt or the sides of her swelling breasts, a soft moan would escape her lips. It was time for her to turn over and taking hold of her bra, I helped her roll over. Afraid that she might tense up, I made sure that her bra remained in place at least for the moment. It lay softly across her breasts covering little more than her nipples. I sensed that she was still a little nervous, so I began on her face. Closing her eyes, she quickly relaxed as my fingers danced across her face and down her neck to her shoulders. I skipped over her chest and massaged her firm abdomen. Karen had a perfectly flat stomach with no pouch whatsoever.

Moving around to the end of the table, I stood in front of her head, and reaching out over her body, I began to administer long body strokes from her hips to her shoulders, coming up her sides and across her breasts. In a matter of moments her bra had slid off of her chest and up to her neck. I removed it and was surprised that she made no protest at all. Her tits were unbelievable and my cock was ready to explode.

I began to massage her chest and her pink nipples hardened. I took them both between my fingers and massaged them until they looked like pencil erasers. Karen, eyes closed, was moaning in ecstasy and I could see her legs starting to move. I fought my urge to suck on her breasts and instead moved to her side and began to massage her legs.

I massaged her feet and calves and worked my way up to her sculptured thighs. Slowly, moving forward and then retreating, I inched my way along her satiny thighs towards her sweet pussy. Her bikini bottoms were tiny and held in place by two small bows, one tied on each hip. Parting her legs a bit more, I lifted her knee and began to knead the muscle on the inside of her thigh. I rubbed along the top of her thigh until I reached her hip and then brushing my fingers across her mons and down along the very edge of her pussy and then back down the length of her thigh. Karen let her leg fall to the side, giving me greater access to her luscious womanflesh.

After massaging one leg, I switched to the other, giving it the same treatment. Karen lay on the table, her long legs raised and bent as her sheathed pussy oozed below me. I let my fingers trace over the satiny skin of her inner thigh as I straddled the table and sat down with her feet between my thighs. Lifting her legs one at a time, I wrapped her legs over my thighs and around my body. I gazed down at her steaming quim and thought how it would feel to ram my cock deep into her dripping pussy. Placing my hands on her knees, I massaged both her thighs with long strokes beginning at her knees and going toward her steaming pussy. I lay my palms flat on her legs and pressing my thumbs along the soft flesh of her inner thighs, I pushed forward.

Karen's body writhed slightly as my thumbs touched the sheer material of her bikini and raked across her engorged pussy lips. They were so swollen that they began to peek out of the sides of her tiny bikini. She was drenched. I gazed up at her magnificent chest and saw her nipples standing up like pencil erasers. I could smell the sweet scent of her pussy as it lay only inches below my face. I repeated this lovely stroke several times making sure to caress and tease her seething pussy. Her breathing got heavier and her huge chest began to heave as her nipples seemed to get even harder.

Sitting there between this goddess's golden thighs, with her entire beautiful body open to me was just too much. I placed both palms on her mons and let my thumbs massage and caress her sweet pussy. As my thumbs rubbed over her swollen labia, I pressed them open and they wrapped around the thin strip of material that still covered her seething twat. Karen looked like she was in heaven as her head rolled gently from side to side and she moaned softly. My thumbs slid into the leg openings of her bikini and searched for her tender clit.

My fingers caught under the hip strings and they both opened. Now the only thing keeping her from being totally naked was gravity and the moistness of the sheer material as it lay trapped between her pussy lips. As I drew back the material to expose her seething pussy, Karen grabbed my hand.

"We shouldn't be doing this," she protested as my hand remained firmly against her pussy.

"Oh?" I quipped.

"Well, I'm a married woman and I've never been unfaithful. I'd feel guilty just giving myself to you like this," she said.

"Maybe I should tie you up then," I joked but her smile seemed to indicate she might not mind that, given her state of arousal. "I think I'd better finish your massage," I said as I rubbed my thumbs across her engorged pussy lips one last time. Karen closed her eyes and continued to moan as I rubbed her pussy and then slid my hands down to her thighs. Sliding back on the table a bit I eased her legs down to the floor, spreading them even wider. I stood up, keeping one hand on her firm hip and walked around the table and sat down on a small hassock above her head. My hand trailed up her side as I moved and once settled, I began to massage her shoulders and neck. As I came back around to the end of the table, I noticed the sash of the robe on the edge of the sofa and got an idea. I folded the sash in a loop and laid it across my thighs. Pulling her arms up over her head, I placed her crossed wrists in the open loop and continued to knead her slender neck and then slide my hands across her soft shoulders and then along the length of her stretched arms to her wrists. . With one quick move, I closed the loop around her wrists and she was bound. I looped another loop around them and then quickly tied the ends to the lower crosspiece of the table before Karen realized what had happened.

"Just relax." I whispered as Karen tried to pull her hands free and I began to massage her magnificent chest. I love the way a big-breasted woman looks when her arms are drawn over her head. I continued to massage Karen's huge tits and began to pull at her nipples. They were even harder than before. Leaning forward, I lowered my mouth to her breast and she moaned loudly. She again pulled at her bindings but gave up quickly when she realized it wouldn't help.

I sucked her entire nipple into my mouth and Karen shuddered. Then I switched to her other breast and then back again. I pressed her huge tits together until they almost touched. I began to suck on one and then switch to the other eventually, fitting both of her nipples into my mouth at the same time. I sucked hard on her tender nubs and her body writhed with pleasure. She seemed to be enjoying herself and I was in heaven; and just getting started.

I moved around to sit beside her and Karen lifted her long legs back up onto the table and then crossed them trying to offer at least token resistance and keeping her only remaining sense of modesty from being removed. I peeled the front of her bikini down revealing her mons and began to stroke my fingers through her soft, brown curls. When my fingers found her clit, her thighs relaxed and I began to tease her sensitive love button.

Instead of pulling her bikini off, I got up and walked away. Karen was frustrated and puzzled. She wanted to feel my fingers and my lips caressing her clit. Now her conscience wouldn't bother her; after all she was tied up.

"Where are you going?" she pleaded but I had a plan in mind. I left her to lie bound and naked on the table while I collected a few items I needed. I returned to the room with several pillows, her pantyhose and a few other items I'd collected.

I propped one pillow under Karen's head and then said, "Lift your ass up." As Karen raised her magnificent ass, I slid another pillow under the small of her back. "Higher." I instructed and the beautiful woman raised herself further and I placed another pillow under her shoulders. As she lowered herself onto the pillows, she saw me cutting her pantyhose in two.

"What are you going to do to me?" she pleaded in a demanding sort of way. I did not answer but instead, tied a loop around her thigh just above her knee and pulled her thigh open, securing the end of the hosiery to the rail of the table. I tied her other leg to the other side of the table, spreading her thighs wide as her feet fell to the floor.

Standing up beside her, I removed my T-shirt and then slid my shorts off. Karen gasped at the sight of my raging hard-on. I straddled her oil-covered body and sat down gently below her chest, my cock falling between her pendulous breasts. Her skin felt like satin and my cock pointed straight at her mouth. I pressed her huge mams around my ramrod and began to slowly rock back and forth in her slick and very deep cleavage. I slid forward between her breasts until the tip of my cock touched her soft lips. I smiled down at her.

"Must I?" she pleaded.

"Most certainly," I said as I slid forward bringing my cock to her mouth. Her lips parted and I pressed my shaft into her sweet mouth. Her tongue went to work on my rod and I could tell she was quite experienced. I envied her husband who got to enjoy her beauty and passion whenever he wanted.

It was difficult for Karen to suck on me in this position with her hands tied above her head and her neck bent forward by the pillow. But in spite of that, her mouth was wonderful. I lifted my body up and then slid the pillow from under her head so it lay back on the pad. I shifted around to straddle her head and pressed my cock back into her mouth. I watched as her mouth hungrily sucked on my raging cock.

Lowering myself into a 69 position, I began to kiss her thighs, nibbling my way from her wide-spread knees to her open quim. Every time she moaned with pleasure it tickled my cock. As I inched my way toward her womanhood, her thighs were in a constant state of motion. She fought to close her thighs but there was no escape for her. Closing my mouth on her sweet pussy, I began to lick and nibble at the most intimate parts of her beautiful body. When my lips finally closed around her clit, I felt her entire body convulse in a powerful orgasm. She began to suck feverishly on my cock as I continued to probe her drenched pussy with my tongue.

I don't often cum in a woman's mouth; not because I don't want to but because it usually takes me a long time and most women aren't talented enough or don't have the endurance to last until I cum. Not so today. In moments I felt my load rising and feverishly went after Karen's clit. She erupted in yet another orgasm and sucked harder on my shaft, teasing my piss hole with the tip of her tongue and was rewarded with a shower of hot cum as I exploded in her sweet, wonderful mouth. Karen swallowed quickly trying to get all of my cum as it gushed over her tongue.

Instead of withdrawing from her mouth, I left my cock in there, waiting for it to soften as I continued to suck and tease Karen's clit. Cum just oozed out of her body, running down the soft crease of her thigh. Lifting myself out of her mouth and off of her body, I turned around and kissed her first on her breast and then her mouth.

"Will you untie me now?" she asked.

"Are you kidding? I'm just starting to enjoy you. You have a lot more pleasure coming," I said. Karen sighed and closed her eyes. "It'll be a little while before I'm hard again so just rest easy for now." I said.

To be continued....

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