tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKaren Loses Our Bet

Karen Loses Our Bet


This is the second of a series. Check out chapter one, Karen is Had first.


"Have you ever been tied up before?" I asked as I looked down at my bound beauty.

"No, but it was kind of exciting." Karen answered.

"Ever been man-handled?" I asked as my fingers teased her hard nipple.

"Once. But it was more in the nature of wrestling than being beaten up." she said. "Will you stop that? It's hard to concentrate with you pulling on my nipples like that."

I decided on a plan. I rearranged some things in the room and then replacing the pillow under Karen's head, straddled her chest again. I brought my growing cock to her lips and Karen opened her mouth, letting me slide all the way in. As I rocked forward over her face, I picked up my Polaroid camera. As I slid most of my cock deep into Karen's mouth, I snapped a picture. Then sliding back on her full chest, I slid my cock almost out of her mouth, revealing her full face and the head of my cock pressed between her soft lips and I snapped another one. Karen tried to protest but her words just tickled my cock as it slid back into her mouth. I laid down the camera and continued to gently pump into her sweet mouth. Finally, I withdrew.

"What are you going to do with that?" she demanded. She was worried. She'd never been photographed naked or performing any sexual activities and this, being her first adulterous affair, she was scared of any evidence.

"You are such a beautiful woman and lover and our afternoon has been too fantastic not to have some way of remembering it." I answered as I walked around the table and took several photographs of her amazing body as she lay bound and spread on the table. I took close ups of her tits and her open pussy, slick with oil and cum before putting the camera on a standing tripod.

"Don't worry. These are for our private enjoyment only." I assured her but Karen was still scared. What else might I do to her? I aimed the camera at her body and set the timer. I lowered myself onto her so that my cock was poised right above her pussy, the tip barely touching her swollen pussy lips. The flash went off. Sliding down the table, I began to nibble at her thighs and her very moist pussy. Pointing my tongue, I inserted it into her love channel and when I heard her moan loudly, I knew she had forgotten about the camera.

Karen's quim was a bottomless well of cum. The more I licked and kissed her, the more sweet nectar oozed out of its depths. Her body was in a constant state of motion as waves of orgasms rolled over her.

Hard once again, I began to nibble my way up the length of her lovely body. I sucked and chewed gently on her huge breasts and then reaching her mouth, kissed her deeply as my cock wedged between her engorged and open labia. Her tongue drove into my mouth and she tried to suck mine deep into hers as my cock slid effortlessly into her oozing womanhood. She felt like a satin vise. I felt her powerful inner muscles close around my shaft as we began to fuck. As I rocked into her body, her pendulous breasts heaved and rolled on her chest. Her body was still slick with the oil and I slid across her soft skin with amazing ease. I pounded into her soft, warm pussy and she moaned louder and louder. I knew it was going to be awhile before I would cum again and I continued to haul into her tight love hole. Karen's quim was ravenous as she met each of my thrusts by raising her powerful hips.

Reaching under the table, I released her legs and she immediately lifted them and wrapped them around my body. She was fantastic. What a lover! By the time I felt my cum boiling and ready to explode, Karen had had several more powerful orgasms and was screaming quite loudly as passion overwhelmed her beautiful, bound body. I felt her inner muscles grasp at my cock and as I took my final thrusts, I felt my balls explode, spewing hot cum into her hungry pussy.

With her legs locked around my hips, I was a prisoner in her quim; not that I minded. In fact, I hoped to be a prisoner there many more times in the future. After several minutes Karen relaxed her hold on me and brought her long legs down to the pad. We kissed for several minutes as I relished the beauty of her wonderful body. When I finally withdrew from her luscious body, Karen looked spent but satisfied and she had a great smile on her face as her bound arms framed its beauty. I sat beside her stroking her body and joking with her as I brushed a few loose strands of hair from her cheeks and forehead.

"You are a magnificent lover," I told her, "and you possess an amazing body; by far the most beautiful I have ever had the pleasure to enjoy." I added. Karen smiled. When she saw the camera again she looked worried.

"What about the pictures?" she asked almost begging.

"I told you they were for our private enjoyment only," I said but she didn't look convinced. "Tell you what. You want me to give you the pictures. Right?" I asked. She nodded. "Well, I want you to experience a few new things and continue to be my lover. So we'll have a contest," I said.

"What kind of a contest?" she asked looking a bit hopeful.

"You said you once wrestled with a man. So we will have a little wrestling match." I explained.

"What's the deal?" she asked a bit suspiciously.

"If you pin me, or get me to give, then I give you back the pictures," I explained.

"And if I lose?" she asked.

"Then I keep the pictures and you get to try out a new experience," I teased her.

"And what would that be?" he teased back.

"Bondage," I said.

"But I'm already tied up!" she said sarcastically.

"Yes, but you've never been bound or been beaten. You know I wouldn't hurt you but it will add to the excitement to our lovemaking. Besides, have you ever cum as many times has you have today?" I asked. Karen knew I was right; and that annoyed her a bit.

"Do I have any choice?" she asked.

"Not if you want to get the pictures," I answered.

"This is blackmail," she announced.

"Yup!" I quipped. I collected the pictures and took them into the other room. I untied Karen from the table and walked her into my bedroom. I untied her wrists and tossed the sash over the headboard. She helped me put away all the breakables. I watched as she moved around the room. He soft skin still glistened with the sheen of the massage oil and her naked breasts swayed beautifully as she moved. Her breasts were firm and high, even without her bra and her nipples were hard as could be. I approached her and wrapping my arms around her, kissed her deeply. I could feel the heat of her naked body against me and the hardness of her nipples against my chest.

"Are you ready?" I asked.

"Yes." she replied as she shoved me onto the bed and piled on. As she straddled my chest, I grabbed her hands. She was strong and as she fought me, her huge tits bounced everywhere and I found it hard to concentrate on anything else. Finally, I pushed her off and we began to roll around on the bed getting all entangled. Karen was fighting for real and I decided I'd better take her seriously. She was strong but not strong enough.

One more roll and both of us went crashing onto the floor. Karen straddled my head and pressed her oozing pussy to my face. I almost succumbed to that intoxication but managed to push her off. Picking her up, I threw her onto the bed and she landed face down. I dove on top of her and my ramrod wedged into the crack of her ass.

"Don't you dare!" she screamed as she scampered away from me. I made a mental note of this for a later date. We continued to grab at each other until finally I maneuvered on top of her and pinned her down. Sitting across her chest, I pressed my knees onto her upper arms and she bucked valiantly as she tried to toss me off. She realized she could not and finally gave up.

"You lost," I said. "Now, you're mine." Karen nodded reluctantly but with a twinkle in her eye that said she didn't mind all that much. After all, I'd given her one hell of a sexual workout for the past several hours. I climbed off of her body and walked over to an armchair. I sat down.

"Stand up." I instructed. Karen stood up. She stood proud and tall, brushing the hair back off of her face. Her posture was that of a dancer and her huge tits stood out like ripe melons. Her legs were long and flaring and her waist was narrow, with a beautifully flat stomach.

"Bring me the sash over there." I instructed and Karen obeyed. "Cross your hands behind your back." I said. Karen turned around and crossed her wrists behind her beautiful ass. I tied her wrists together firmly with the soft cloth.

"Turn around." I instructed and Karen obeyed. "Closer." I said and the tall beauty straddled my legs, bringing her body as close as the chair would allow. I reached between her satiny thighs and then lit my fingers slide up her leg to her open quim and ran my fingers across her most intimate flesh. Karen's body flushed as my fingers entered her dripping love channel. She was drenched and somewhat embarrassed by that fact. I pulled her closer with my fingers and sucked her hard nipple into my mouth. I began to bite at her breasts as my fingers teased her oozing pussy. I pressed her back away from the chair and turning my fingers in her pussy, I stood up and led her into the next room. I stood her in the center of the open French doors.

"Spread your legs as wide as you can." I instructed. Karen obeyed, carefully trying to keep her balance as she slid her feet as far apart as she could. I tied her ankles to the hinges of the doors with two pieces of cloth. As a dancer she had an admirable ability to spread her long, tapering legs.

Standing behind her, I tied her elbows together with another piece of cloth, forcing her huge breasts even further out. Above her head was a small pulley and I ran a chord through the shive and attached it to Karen's wrists. Bending her body at the waist, I drew the slack out of the chord and pulled her wrists high above her body. Bent this way, her beautiful ass was open and her magnificent tits hung down heavily below her chest. I got my camera and began to take more pictures.

I slid a chair in front of Karen and sitting in it, lifted her face to my cock. Once inside her mouth, gentle pushing and pulling on her hair made her rock back and forth along my rigid shaft. Karen sucked and licked at my tool until it was super hard. I could feel my cockhead as it rammed the back of her throat; but I didn't want to cum just yet. Pulling her body all the way forward, so she was balanced on her toes and held up by her wrists, I began to play with her pendulous breasts. They felt even larger hanging down in this position.

"Time for your first beating." I said and Karen trembled slightly. Withdrawing my ramrod from her sweet mouth, I decided to gag her. As she opened her mouth to protest, I filled her mouth with her bikini bottoms and tied them in place. I rolled up a section of the newspaper and slapped it against my thigh with a crack. Karen jumped at the sound but then realized it was only a piece of newspaper and after all how much could that hurt? I traced a path over the backs of her smooth thighs and her firm ass with the paper. The newspaper would sting a bit but wouldn't be overly painful.

"Ready?" I asked but before Karen could answer, I hit her across the back of her thigh with a loud crack. She screamed into her gag more out of surprise than pain. She was surprised though at how much the paper could hurt. I hit her again on her other thigh and then across her sculptured ass. Each blow caused her to clench the muscles in her ass and I loved to watch her as her ass began to turn a deep shade of pink. Each stroke was painful as it hit an already sensitive area. I took more pictures of Karen's beaten ass. I removed her gag and took some more pictures. The two best ones were a shot of her beaten ass, showing her tits and face hanging down between her spread thighs and a head on shot with her head tied back, mouth open, tits hanging down and her thighs spread wide.

Cupping her huge breast in my hand, I released her wrist rope and helped her stand up straight. Her tits were still thrust out because of her elbow bindings. I retied Karen with her wrists to the upper hinges of the French doors, so she stood spread-eagled before me. I replaced her gag and she looked at me with pleading eyes. I began to beat her with the newspaper across her flat stomach. She winced as the paper slapped against her smooth skin. She felt very vulnerable as she felt the hits strike higher and higher along her ribs. I traced the tip of the paper roll across her beautiful breasts and Karen got a real pleading in her eyes.

I hit her firmly across her left breast - right across her very hard nipple. There is a certain sound made when you beat a woman's breast, which is unique. I wasn't hitting her as hard as I had on her ass but it was enough to make her wince with each hit. Karen watched in fascination as her huge breasts bounced with each stroke of the rolled newspaper, especially when I hit the underside of her breast and her huge mam flew up towards her face. Her breasts turned a light pink as her nipples got harder and harder. Her skin turned darker and darker as I struck her huge and very sensitive breasts over and over again.

Sitting down in front of her, I placed my hand between her spread thighs, stroking her oozing pussy. "Bring your breasts to my mouth." I instructed her and Karen slowly leaned forward until her nipple brushed my cheek and then turning her body slightly, pressed her tender nipple to my lips. I knew how sensitive her abused tits would be and I kissed her gently, sucking her warm nipple into my mouth. Karen practically collapsed in her bonds as my tongue flicked across her sensitive nubbins and my fingers teased her moist clit and stroked her tender ass. I took some more pictures of her beaten breasts and her ass.

Now I thought I'd try something new. I released one of her ankles and tied it to the floor plate in the middle of the French doors. I released Karen's wrists and then attached her other ankle to the pulley over her head. As I pulled on the rope, her leg was raised while her other foot remained anchored to the floor. I helped Karen hold onto the doorpost as she tried to keep her balance. Higher and higher went her foot until I was able to get her into an almost vertical split. Her dancer's training really helped here. Her legs were almost straight from floor to ceiling and her upper body was forced horizontal and her pussy was wide open. I decided to have some fun with her.

"What is the most fascinating sexual position you've ever tried?" I asked as I teased her hanging tits. Karen blushed but did not answer. I hit her thigh with the newspaper about six inches from her open pussy. She started to talk. Her answers were not terribly satisfying. I began to hit a bit closer to her open womanflesh as her clit was clearly visible. Karen's voice got a bit shaky. I hit her gently across her mons and her legs began to tremble. I hit her across her clit and she screamed.

"Okay, okay. I'll tell you. Only don't hit me there again!" she pleaded.

Stepping up to her body I smiled and said, "good," as I slid my cock into her gaping pussy. This was a new position and as I placed my arms around her raised leg, I began to thrust easily into her wet pussy. "Tell me about it," I told her. When she hesitated, I hit her across her hanging titflesh. It was hard for her to talk, fuck and keep her balance all at the same time.

"It's a yoga position called the plow," she said jerkily as I rocked into her body. I dropped the newspaper and gently rubbed her tits as she spoke. "I can suck on your balls while you fuck me." I stopped dead in my tracks, trying to figure out how to do that while imagining how wonderful it would feel. Whatever it was, she certainly had a body lithe enough to do it. I withdrew from her body and untied her. I drew her close to me and kissed her deeply. Karen responded by hugging me tightly and thrusting her tongue deep into my mouth.

Taking my hands, she led me to an open area in the middle of the room. She had me kneel on the thick carpet and then came around in front of me and lay down with her head between my knees. She slid forward until her mouth was poised under my cock and then maneuvered me until my balls descended into her eager mouth. I felt her suck hard on my balls as her tongue teased the sensitive skin. Holding onto me, she rolled herself into a ball and then parting her thighs brought her legs down on either side of me.

I saw what she was trying to do and taking hold of her legs, gently guided her body until I felt her glistening pussy lips brush across the head of my cock. I sat in disbelief as she slowly lowered her pussy onto my rigid cock and I felt her talented mouth create a tremendous vacuum around my balls. I felt her long legs lock behind my back and then slowly, she rolled her body back and forth along my shaft as I felt the exquisite delights of her fantastic body. Karen worked wonders on my cock and balls as her mouth sucked and her inner muscles massaged my shaft. I did not move. I couldn't. There is a heaven.

Each time she slid her pussy to the end of my shaft, I got a spectacular view of her sweet, tight asshole. What a woman! I couldn't tell which was better, her mouth or her grasping pussy. Now I was the one who was moaning. Suddenly, Karen unrolled herself from my cock and lay flat on the floor.

Looking down at her, I could see that she looked exhausted and a little disappointed that she hadn't been able to make me cum again. She looked tired and I smiled down at her. I lowered my mouth to her pussy and kissed her clit. She had endured quite a bit and still had tried to please me. She had a lot of pleasure coming and so I began to pleasure my new lover as she raised her knees and then parted her thighs for me.

Karen wrapped her arms around my body and I caressed her soft, wet quim. I could hear her moaning and feel her body shudder with each orgasm. Now it was me who didn't want to lose a sweet drop of tasty cum. As I continued to eat her oozing quim, I felt her legs close around my head. She didn't want me to stop and to be honest I had no intention of stopping. Finally, she relaxed her grip and lay flat on the floor.

I lifted myself off of her body and she didn't move. I lifted her body up and carried her out to the hot tub. I kissed her deeply as we descended into the hot water. Her body felt wonderful and we relaxed together for the next few hours. We took a shower together, soaping each other thoroughly and then as I got out, Karen cleaned her quim.

Laying her down on the bed, I massaged her back for a few minutes and she drifted off into sleep. I went into the den and reviewed the pictures I had taken during the day. Some of them were quite good. I selected a few to show her when she awoke.

After a few hours, I came in and began to nibble on her breast as she slept. She moaned a few times and rolled gently, allowing her firm thighs to part. I nibbled my way down to her pussy and began to kiss and tease her clit. Slowly, sexually, Karen began to stir from her sleep.

I showed her the pictures and she was aroused by how sexy and helpless she looked in them. I felt her hand move to my cock and we made love one more time. I gave her two of the pictures as souvenirs of her first afternoon in bondage.

To be continued....

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