tagLoving WivesKaren Rides Again

Karen Rides Again


Funny, don't you think, that once you try something the floodgates get opened.

For Karen, my long time partner, and I, that's exactly how it was.

We had managed to share a long-held fantasy of ours when we met a man from an internet dating website and got entangled in a wickedly sinful threesome.

For me it was an experience I could easily have been satisfied with having, and walked away. But Karen had got a taste for breaking some taboos, and she wanted more.

Since the threesome with Steve our sex life had exploded into this wild beast. Every time we had sex we would talk about the threesome, me describing how the sight of her impaled on his big cock excited me. Her telling me how liberating it was to fuck in front of me without guilt and with the realisation that she could let her inhibitions run free.

But when I arrived home from work one day to discover her on the computer chatting to another couple, I had my doubts.

Getting the sexual dynamics working with one extra guy who was already horny was one thing, getting it right with a couple was another altogether.

But when Karen showed me the text of the chat session (now two hours long by the way!!) it soon became obvious her planning was well advanced.

The chat had started along the usual lines, hello, your name, my name, age, where you live, children etc etc etc.

But then it had taken a turn for the hedonistic.

After gentle prompting from the pair, called Don and Michelle, Karen had described in intimate detail our threesome.

But to my surprise she had also described a piece of her past that was new to me: A lesbian affair from her university days.

Now every red blooded male will be sitting there nodding in agreement when I say this was all good news to me.

Now I could describe in great detail what happened next, but to cut a longwinded story short, it was a week later I found myself sitting in a lounge chatting with this gorgeous blonde called Michelle.

In the distance I could her Karen laughing at a joke told by Don.

We chatted for a while, a couple of hours maybe, before Don stopped us all dead with this line: "Okay, shall we fuck?"

It isn't often that I am lost for words, but I was here. Karen soon broke the awkward silence though with this line: "Okay....Here?"

We soon ended up in the guest room, naked, me watching Karen kissing Michelle and foondling her breasts.

The action soon developed to Don (who had obviously done this before) in between them both encouraging them to kiss and finger each other while also getting a handjob from Karen.

I was standing there not too sure what to do.

I had a hard on, one that was so hard in fact that I thought it might explode, but I had no idea what to do.

Well, Michelle soon sorted that out.

Karen, now obviously eager for whatever these two could conjure up, was now sucking Don's cock, a short but very fat specimen. He was fully shaven too.

So Michelle simply crawled on the bed to me, grabbed my cock and started wanking it. I was in heaven.

She then started sucking it while looking me right in the eye, stopping now again to tell me I tasted great and that she wanted me to fuck her hard and fast.

Who was I to argue?

She then turned to face Don and Karen, who were now fucking furiously, and presented her now wet pussy to me to fuck. But I couldn't resist. having not seen another woman's pussy for 10 years, well, not one I could fuck anyway, I dropped to my knees and started eating her out like a man possessed.

She tasted awesome and looked totally different to Karen.

I loved it, and by her moaning, so did she.

When I came up for breath Don and Michelle had stopped to see what all the noise was about. I then stood and slid my cock easily into Michelle's now hot, wet fanny.

Things went completely ballistic from there.

Soon Don and I were fucking Michelle, Michelle sucking me while Don fucked her and vice versa.

Then Karen got the same treatment.

Then I had to ask Don to fuck Karen again while I held her legs open and watched his fat cock slide into her. I particularly liked that bit.

Then I found myself watching Karen suck me while Michelle encouraged her and kissed me. I told her to sit on my face and she almost fainted at the the very idea!

Soon I was buried underneath Michelle, my cock getting sucked hard by Karen and when I managed to open my eyes saw Don getting sucked by Michelle.

Then Michelle walked around the bed and started licking Karen's now soaking wet pussy while she was busy still sucking my cock.

Which left Don standing over my face with a huge hard on, so I grabbed his cock and and started sucking on it for all my life.

This sent both the women into a frenzy. They loved it!

It all ended soon after though. I blew my load all over Michelle and Karen as they had now both decided to share my cock.

Then Don crawled over too the two and wanked himself to orgasm over Karen's breasts.

It finished with Michelle licking the cum off Karen's breasts while I lay there totally spent.

As we all came down to earth we started giggling uncontrollably. Realising we had wasted two hours of nervous chat when we could of been busy fucking and sucking each other seemed so silly now.

Next time we might bypass the lounge altogether and head straight for the guest room.

But who knows what Karen has planned next.

Pandora's box has been thrown wide open.

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