Kass Visits Lexi @ House of Dreams


"Kass, come on girl. This place specializes in satisfying the fantasies of the rich and famous………… and there are some weird fantasies in that group. I don't think you can shock me or come up with something we can't accomplish here."

I didn't raise my eyes to meet Lexi's as I halting relayed to her that I had heard of and read about a couple of things that I dreamed of experiencing, but was sure I never would. The first was to experience a Glory Hole. When she did not gasp at that one, I blurted out the second, to participate in sexually satisfying an entire college football team..

"Is that all?" laughed Lexi. "The Glory Hole is so popular for both men and women that we built our own. Football team fuck desire is a little less common, but one ort two of our clientele have asked for that and I have a hunch we can handle that fantasy too."

Lexi told me we would tour the mansion and the grounds and then have lunch before we satisfied either of my fantasies. So, off we went.

My mouth must have stayed permanently gaped open as we toured the facilities. The place was immense. It was like a fairly medium sized hotel and you'd have thought it was a Ritz Carlton, except for some of the special rooms and equipment I saw. There were two full ballrooms that had extra storage connected to them that held unique equipment like sex swings, Sybian vibration machines, Thrill Hammers, low padded benches that looked like they were made especially for sex, and more things that I did not recognize, but all looked like they had something to do with sex.

There were hotel like rooms (75 according to Lexi), and some of them had huge mirrors covering most of one wall. I soon learned that the mirrors were one way and if you were on the other side, you could see and hear everything going on in the room. Other rooms came equipped with racks, harnesses, ankle and wrist cuffs on X benches and short tables, manacles hanging from the ceiling or from metal bars that had chains attaching them to the ceiling.

There were three restaurants and three kitchens for the place. I noticed that most of the seating was in high backed booths complete with long tablecloths and dim lighting. I could guess the types of things that went on in those booths, especially after Lexi explained that the waiters were either theme clad or naked and could be included in a client's festivities.

There were lots of hot tubs around the Olympic sized pool. There were massage tables with metal framing that held curtains to close off sight into the massage area (unless you were on the top three floors of the mansion). Those top three floors cost more, Lexi explained. There were two large exercise rooms with the latest machines and trainers (again all of whom could be naked when you had your work out or even join in on your exercise fantasy.

The grounds had baseball batting cages, archery ranges, a nine-hole golf course and stables for riding horses. I asked why the rich and famous would tolerate a nine-hole golf course. Lexi grinned and explained that the male guests were usually in the woman caddy's hole before the ninth golf hole. Without prompting, she told me that the women clients usually only got to about the fifth hole before the male caddy was in one or two of the client's holes. I guess lady golfers are a little more randy that the male golfers.

I was very interested in the stables as Lexi showed that last to wrap up my tour. The animals were magnificent; big, strong, well groomed stallions and mares of almost every color and breed. The cowboys who took care of them weren't bad either; tall, lean, ropey muscled and very pleasant. One asked me if I was there for a ride and had a twinkle in his eye as he said it.

As we left the stables, I asked Lexi if the cowboys worked the regular jobs and serviced clients. She smiled, "Kass, every employee here is a sex worker and most have other duties too. Any of them are available if you or some client wants them. The fabulous sex is a fringe benefit here and we have very little turnover. I personally interview and test everyone we hire, but most of them were here before I arrived.


I remember that Lexi and I got caught up on each other's lives during the next couple of hours. Then we had steaks for lunch along with a salad and half a baked potato each. They were delicious. We giggled and talked and swooned with each bite. Then Lexi had the servers keep filling the wine glasses with a great cabernet. My head was getting light as one of the harem girls (Lucy) knelt between my legs and removed my panties. From under me skirt. I looked questioningly at Lane.

"She is just getting you ready for your turn in the Glory Hole." Lexi whispered in my ear. "Just relax and let it all hang out and you will enjoy the experience more."

After a few minutes of excellent oral stimulation by Lucy, I was more than ready to begin my Glory Hole experience. Lexi escorted me to the location and as we walked she explained she would be with me for a few minutes before she'd have to leave and take care of some management duties. That bothered me a little since I felt safer if Lexi was there to show me the ropes, but she grinned and patted my butt as if to say I would be fine.

We turned the corner and Lexi opened a door and ushered me into a dimly lit booth that was about four feet across in one section and almost six feet across in another. The back wall was a mirror. I looked at it and looked at Lexi with raised eyebrows. She understood what my question was.

"Some of our clients like to see themselves at work." Lexi stated.

The booth walls were painted a medium blue. The floor had tan tile on it and medium blue cushions placed along the floor in several spots. There was a chair, a stool and some sort of bench covered in dark blue velvet with cushions under it. I looked around but could not see the HOLES from which these places get their name. Lexi saw me looking and again understood the question in my mind.

"The rooms on the other sides of these walls are dark. When someone is in them there is low light. You can see the holes easily then." She explained.

"I think you should strip all your clothes off now. Kass."

"Why, I don't need to be butt naked to suck a cock through a hole, Lexi."

"No, Kass, but I will show you that you can do a lots more than just suck a cock through as hole!"

Lexi steered me to a far wall once my clothes were in a pile. She pushed my shoulder to get me to kneel on a cushion. As I did, a light came on in the room on the other side of the wall I faced. I could see light through a hole about 6 inches across. I peeked through the hole and saw a man's legs in dark slacks.

Lexi whispered in my ear, "Put your finger in the hole. That let's whoever is on the other side know you are available and interested."

I laid my index finger in the hole and within seconds, a half hard cock was poked through.

"Go ahead, Kass. Do what you came here to do. Suck the dick of a man you have never met, whose name you do not know and whose face you have never seen. Name the cock adventure and show it the great pleasures you can bestow with that sexy mouth."

I leaned forward and licked the cock. I felt it jerk and heard the man moan. I took the cock between two fingers and looked at it. It was hard now. Average size and leaking precum. I took the head in my lips and ran my tongue around the coronal edge. The man jerked and moaned more. I sucked him in deeper and bobbed my head two or three times. Suddenly the cock exploded and warm wet cum filled my mouth. It was a little salty and tasted bitter. I was surprised that the man came so quickly, but Lexi told me some didn't last that long.

Further to the right was another hole and a BIG dick came through the hole and almost waved at me. I knee walked over to it and as I leaned forward toward the cock, Lexi's small hand guided it to my lips. I sucked for a couple of minutes and was pleased that the guy just got harder rather than spraying me.

Lexi tapped me on the shoulder and asked, "Do you want to fuck that big cock rather than just suck it?"

I nodded with the cock still in my mouth. Lexi slid the bench over close to me and had me turn around with my butt toward the wall and let me lean on the bench. I got the idea quickly and spread my butt cheeks to rub my pussy against the cock head. I could here the man cheering me on. Then once again, Lexi held the cock and guided it to my opening. As I felt the cock head at my entrance, I pushed toward the wall and the man pushed into me. It felt great. Not knowing what the man looked like made it more exciting. Soon we were both fucking for all we were worth.

Lexi grabbed my shoulders and pulled me off the cock. Before I could hit her for robbing me of the pleasure, she slid the bench against the wall and had me lay on my back with my legs up the wall. My pussy was presented at the perfect height for the hole and Lexi was kind enough to again guide the cock into me.

As the faceless cock and I resumed screwing each other, Lexi kissed my cheek, pinched my nipple and waved goodbye. Without my asking, she stated she had to attend to some management duties, but would check on me in a half hour or so. With that she went out the door, but turned up the lights in the booth a little as she left. "So you can see the nice cocks you are playing with," she explained on her way out the door.

It didn't take the guy in my pussy long to cum. No warning, I just felt his big cock explode inside of me. He'd lasted about 7 or 8 minutes so he was better than average. These guys weren't trying to please me, just get their rocks off.

I looked around the wall and saw a big white cock coming through a hole in one wall and a medium sized darker cock (maybe Spanish or Italian or Arab) coming through a hole in the opposite wall. I decided to fuck the darker cock and try to stretch across 4 feet while lying across the bench to suck the white dick. I was enjoying the movements of the dark cock in me but having a hard time reaching the white guy on the other wall. Suddenly the other wall moved toward me and became just the right length for me to work both cocks.

I was switching between sucking and jerking the big white dick when it exploded into my face. Some of his cum hit my mouth and dripped off my lower lip. Some caught me in my eye and it burned. Some splattered my forehead & my cheek. I licked what was on my lips and found this guy's cum to be sweeter than the last one.

As the big white dick withdrew through the hole, I disconnected from the darker cock and began to suck and jerk it too. This guy lasted maybe 3 minutes before cumming all over my throat and tits. I wiped some cum off my left nipple with a finger and tasted it. I shuddered and thought…CLOROX.

Looking at the far wall I noticed three holes triangle shaped that I decided might fit my breasts and crotch. I tried and sure enough, my 36 C's fit nicely in the top two holes and my crotch was right at the lower hole. Within seconds I felt a mouth on each nipple and a hand came through the lower hole and began to feel my pussy. Moments later, one finger, then two were inserted into my wetness and started sawing in and out. I lasted maybe 2 minutes before I shivered and came.

The mouths may have switched, but my nipples were not uncovered very long. The next two guys were better at sucking my tits. I felt a great tingle from my breasts to my pussy. The hand in me pulled me toward the hole, then slid out and was replaced by a tongue. It could not go deep due to the angle but it sure played a tune on my clit. I lasted almost 5 minutes this time; then I came hard as my most tender spots were teased.

For the next 45 minutes, I played with, sucked or fucked every cock put into my booth through a hole. I must have gotten 20 guys off with my mouth, hands or pussy. I had big cocks, little cocks, long cocks, short cocks, fat cocks, skinny cocks, white cocks, black cocks, Latin cocks, European cocks, Asian cocks, cocks that came fast, cocks that made my jaws ache because they took so long to cum, cocks that dribbled cum, cocks that blasted cum great lengths. I loved the taste and feel of each one it was a faceless cock orgy.

They were all there to get their ashes hauled, but the excitement of the sex with all those anonymous cocks got my ashes hauled too, several times. I had cum all over my face, breasts, hair, pussy and thighs. I was tired, drained and was sure I looked like a well used crack whore. My jaw was sore and my pussy was sore too.

The lights had gone off in the rooms adjacent to my booth so I was stretching my legs and torso from all the cramped activity. Then, without any warning, the walls of my booth lifted in the air and the mirrored wall disappeared too. Bright lights blinded me and voices were becoming louder. I was mystified.

As the scene unfolded, I heard clapping and as my eyes adjusted to the lights, I saw about 12 guys and 2 or 3 women clapping and looking at me. They were all naked just like me except they did not look like they had been through a cum-one-cum-all party with themselves as the target like I did.

Out of the crowd, Lexi strode up to me (she was naked too) and using her index finger and wiped some cum off my tits and stuck that finger in my mouth. I sucked cum from her finger while looking into her eyes.

"You were a real star, Kass! My friends and clients loved your performance! We have watched you since I left your booth. You made everyone so hot; we played a little bit among ourselves."

With that, she took my hand and placed it between her legs. Her pussy was warm and sopping wet. I looked at my fingers and realized cum was dripping from her cunt. She pushed my shoulders until I was on my knees before her. She lifted one leg over my right shoulder and pulled my face to her crotch. My lips found her gushing pussy and I used my tongue to clean her up.

She shivered to a small orgasm as I dug cum from her pussy with my tongue. As I served her orally, I held her ass cheeks in my hands and rubbed a finger over her anus. She shivered even more with that contact.

Then we felt male hands on us both. Lexi and I were laid across the padded bench facing in opposite directions. In moments a man took his place behind of each of us and someone held our cheeks open as these guys slid their dicks inside our wet pussies. Quickly we were being pounded and our breasts were giggling with each thrust.

Lexi looked over at me and laid her hand on my arm.

"This reminds me of the time we dated two brothers and let them fuck us on the bridge over the lake in Austin, Texas! We held hands and giggled as the boats passed by sixty feet below and people looked up at us. Surely by the way our tits bounced each time the brothers slammed into us the boaters could tell what we were doing. Remember? Our tits were hanging over the bridge; our skirts were flipped up over our fannies and those big-dicked cowboys were pounding us. We both yelled when we came and that caused a few boaters to point up as they watched us." Lexi recalled.

I remembered all right. Lexi and I fucked guys together several times and it was happening now. And these fellas knew what they were doing. My cunt began to spasm and clamp down on the guy's cock. Lexi saw the reaction and knew what was happening. She reached over and pinched my nipple as I had an orgasm. A few minutes later, I got to repay the favor.

Then these two nameless guys (but with very handsome faces and sturdy bodies) blasted their essence into our pussies. After they pulled out of us, they grabbed us and turned us into a 69 position and instructed us to clean each other up. We readily complied since we both knew we could finish the second orgasms the guys had just started. Sure enough, Lexi & I were slurping and moaning in moments. The audience gave us applause as we both came again and squeezed each others heads between our thighs.

No sooner had we relaxed our tense muscles before two more guys knelt behind each of us. Big hard cocks were shoved at our faces and we were instructed to place the cocks in each others pussy. That started another round of screwing aided by my mouth or Lexi's mouth sucking the other's clit, licking the guy's shaft or tonguing his balls. I decided to wet a finger and insert it into the butt of the guy that was screwing Lexi. I was nervous that he might get mad, but he grunted and fucked Lexi harder. She started cumming and her clenching pussy muscles and my finger in his butt started the guy cumming.

The man with his dick in me watched all this and fucked me harder too. I saw one of the other two women (they turned out to be Lucy and Lacy, the twins) go around me and behind my guy. She must have witnessed what I did because my man asked her what she was doing and then moaned and told her how good her tongue felt on his ass. Seconds later, I was rewarded with several splats of hot cum inside me.

This time, instead of Lexi and me cleaning each other, we were serviced by Lucy and Lacy. They were both good with their tongues. Lexi and I lay side by side and held hands as our tired pussies were eaten by the lovely twins. While that was going on, a new guy straddled each of our necks and placed their cocks in our mouths. We could not see who was responsible, but our nipples were constantly tweaked as we ate cocks and had our pussies eaten. It was not long before we each had a fresh mouthful of cum. We just swallowed and smiled.

We were again instructed to get in a 69 position. I think these fellas really liked seeing two pretty blondes pleasing each other. But this time we were specifically instructed to lick each others assholes. We didn't even hesitate. We went at our tasks gleefully and passionately. With fingers and tongues, we each got our girlfriend's asshole looser and wetter.

Again, strong hands repositioned us on our hands and knees on the padded floor. A new man slid under us and Lucy or Lacy guided their hard cocks into our juicy love tunnels. Since we had prepared each other's asses, I thought there was more to come.

I was right. In a few seconds, we each felt tongues on our assholes (I suspect Lucy & Lacy again) and right behind the sweet tonguing a hard dick was pressed against our assholes and pushed until the heads popped in. Over the next few minutes, the ass fuckers worked their cocks all the way in while the man in our pussies worked on finding a good counter stroke rhythm to the man as fucking us.

I looked over at Lexi. I had seen her take cocks up her ass before and I knew how much she loved it, just like I did. And we both loved a good double penetration, especially by two guys smart enough to set a counter rhythm to their stroke timing. Within a couple of minutes, Lexi and I were both moaning loudly and cumming buckets.

I'm not sure how long the double fuck lasted but it was incredible. I could feel the cocks battling between my ass and my cunt. I did not have a single nerve ending in my body that was not alive and licking. Finally both guys blasted inside us, not at the exact same time, but within a minute or so. Time means nothing when you are on fire like that!!

The guys started to move us into another position but Lexi held up her hands. "Whoa, guys. We can only take so much. Our pussies and butts are off limits now and our jaws are pretty tired too."

The self appointed leader of the guys moaned that several of them had not cum yet and several more wanted to cum again they were so turned on. Lexi agreed that she and I would sit back to back on two small stools and they could feel us and jerk off, but we could not take part to any large degree. The guys nodded and gathered round and started stroking.

We were exhausted, but it was exciting to watch a dozen worldly men jerk off while watching our nude bodies and thinking of all we had done that day. They also touched our breasts, faces, pussies and anything else that turned them on. Lucy and Lacy weaved in and out of the guys sucking some cock, squeezing some nuts, fingering some assholes. They even came over and ate Lexi and me whenever they noticed us wiggling like we wanted to cum.

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