Kate's Capture Ch. 05


"What do we have here?" Lady Crystal stepped out of the shadows where she had been fetching another toy to use on the Captain. "It looks like your little bird escaped her cage. Malachi is not going to like that." She stepped off the stage toward Kate.

Kate edged back toward the door, but the door swung open and Günter framed the doorway. She darted toward the middle of the room brandishing the dagger, "Don't touch me!" she warned.

Günter just laughed, "I plan to get the reward for you, Bitch."

"Kate, put down the knife and kneel. Don't make this harder than it has to be," the Captain spoke from the stage, his voice was strained.

Kate shook her head, "I'm not going back. I won't!"

Günter spoke into his walkie-talkie as he edged closer, herding Kate to a wall. They stood there, starring at each other in a standoff. Kate knew that she was trapped, but she wasn't going to go willingly back to that man.

Malachi came in the door, followed by a couple of the men from the boat. He approached Kate confidently, "Now girl, you realize that it is just a matter of time before we capture you again. Put down the knife and give yourself up and we'll call it a draw."

"I am not going back to that hole, and I am not going back to that man. I'll kill myself! I promise, I will!"

Malachi nodded solemnly, "I understand. I was too harsh with you. I apologize. You just did what anyone would do. I promise that I will not punish you for this if you surrender now. As for Ahmed, he does not even want to see you. You injured him rather badly." He could see she was starting to waver, "I can see that you are not suited for this life. We can't keep chasing you down every five minutes. I think that we can work something out." He held out his hand for the knife.

From the stage, the Captain could see what Kate could not. Her attention drawn to Malachi, she did not see Paolo moving closer with a small black box. He knew that Malachi was lying through his teeth. He wanted to call out to warn her but there was too much at stake. He couldn't risk it, not with Malachi holding Shelia somewhere.

Kate realized she didn't have many options, but she didn't trust Malachi. She glanced at the Captain and saw something in his eyes, "No! Back away. I want a clear path to the door. Now!"

Malachi gave a slow nod, "Do it."

His order, however, was not to clear the path, but for Paolo to step forward. Paolo pointed a black box at Kate a pressed a button. Two wires shot out and before she could react, the barbed points lodged into her flesh. She did not scream, but tensed and then dropped to the floor, the dagger falling with a clang as she curled up in wordless pain. The Captain pulled at his restraints wishing he could get to her.

"Give her another jolt, Paolo. I want her to know who is in control here," Malachi walked over to the prone girl and crouched down, turning her head to look in her eyes.

Kate had never felt so much pain before in her whole like. She opened her mouth to beg him not to when ripped through her again. It was like time standing still and there was only pain. There was no conscious thought beyond stopping the pain.

Pulling her head up by her hair, Malachi forced her to look at him again, "You have caused me more than enough problems, Girl. Now I am going to be more than fair. I am going to give you a choice of what happens to you. You can either go willing back to Ahmed and serve him until he leaves, taking a punishment of my choosing afterwards; or, you can choose to return with him as a six month gift from me for all the trouble you have caused. It's your choice."

The Captain could no longer restrain himself, "Malachi –"

Malachi turned cold eyes to him, "Don't worry, Captain, I hold you responsible for this. You were supposed to have trained her."

Unnoticed by the arguing men, Kate wrapped her fingers around the hilt of the dagger. The words of the poem ran through her head; Go not gently to this good death. Using the last of her strength, she leapt at Malachi and then there was the all-consuming pain again.

Turning, Malachi bent to pick up the dagger. He waved Paolo to stop the current on the taser. Kneeling down he whispered to Kate, "What will it be, Little Girl?"

"Go...willingly," Kate managed through the lingering pain.

Malachi laughed, "Günter, get some ballet boots from the back closet. That should help keep her from bolting again. Paolo, radio for the doctor to meet us at the guest house if he is not already there."

Lady Crystal wandered back up to the stage, studying the Captain as she did, Running her long fingernails over his welted back, she purred with some amazement into his ear, "Why, my dear boy, I do believe you are in love with that girl. How very naughty of you." She tangled her fingers in his hair, pulling and forcing his head back until he gasped. "This must be so painful, to know that she is being sent off to Ahmed, imagining what he will be doing to her while you are helpless to stop it. I heard he actually fucked a girl to death once."

Kate lay still while the men forced leather ankle boots onto her feet and laced the tightly, locking them at the ankle so she would not be able to get them off. When Malachi pulled her to her feet, she realized the deviousness of them. They were beautiful in that they made her look like she was standing on tip-toe, which in fact she was. However, she found the position to be exceedingly uncomfortable and difficult to walk in. She was numb to the laughter and comments made as Malachi strong armed her back across the dark night to the guest house.

He pushed her in the door, watching her sprawl on the floor at the robed feet of Ahmed. He held out the dagger, "I believe these are both yours."

Ahmed bowed stiffly, "My thanks."

Kate lay very still, too afraid to move. She could smell the dust in the carpet and hear the sounds of the party in the distance.

Malachi spread his hands, "I am very sorry that she was not trained enough. I assure you that her trainer will be punished, as will the girl. As partial payment for your discomfort and inconvenience, I will waive the damage clause of the contract. Please feel free to stay as long as you want tomorrow. I am going to have our doctor administer something to help keep her from running away again. I assure you that it will in no way prevent any pleasure on your part. In fact, you may find it rather amusing."

Kate screamed at the unexpectedness of Malachi pulling her to her knees by her hair, arching her back painfully, "Tell the nice man how sorry you are that you hurt him and ran."

"P-please, I am sorry. I was scared. I didn't mean to—that is – I –please, I beg you to forgive me, please," she babbled desperately.

Ahmed smiled grimly, "We will work on that as the night progresses. You will do a lot of begging before I leave."

"Ah, Doctor," Malachi smiled, still holding Kate in the painful arch, "I trust you have the eye drops with you?"

Doc nodded and rummaged through his bag, "You will be pleased to know that our guest only required a few stitches. Yes, here it is. Hold her still, please." He unscrewed the top and with efficiency dropped two drops into each of Kate's eyes.

For a moment there was nothing, and then a burning pain. She reached up to rub her eyes but the doctor grabbed her wrists and held them. As she blinked and her eyes teared, the lights, which had been burning brightly in the room became dimmer and dimmer until it was completely dark.

"What have you done to me?" her voice was a horrified whisper, struggling hard to be able to touch her eyes in the vain hope that rubbing them would give her back her sight.

Malachi laughed deeply behind her, "Found a way to keep you from running. Enjoy your time with your Master."

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