tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKatherine Ch. 13

Katherine Ch. 13


This is one of a series. I suggest you read them in order.

CHAPTER 13 Katherine offers her bound friend as redemption

Katherine kissed me deeply and then lifted her sweet pussy off of my cock. Taking my hands, she pulled me off of the sofa and then slid her arms around my waist kissed my chest. She reached for the front of my shirt and unbuttoned it, sliding the garment off of my shoulders and dropping it on the sofa.

Taking my hand Katherine led me around the coffee table. "Now close your eyes." she said. I did. As she led me around the corner of the wall into the dining area, Sandy silently slid her ass forward to the edge of the counter and spread her thighs as wide as she could. Katherine moved me in front of Sandy. "There is a barstool behind you for you to sit on." she said. I felt the chair behind me and lifted my body into it. Leaning back in the chair, I felt Katherine lift my feet onto the footrest and then I again felt her fingertips stroke up the tops of my thighs. As her fingers wrapped around my rigid shaft once again she said, "I promise never to disobey you again. I will do anything you ask of me."

Sinking to her knees in front of me I felt her hot breath on my shaft. "Here's your present, you can open your eyes." she said as her lips once again wrapped around the length of my shaft. I moaned as I felt Katherine's tongue flick across the tip of my cock. I moaned deeply and smiled down at Katherine as she looked up at me with my cock still wedged between her lips.

Opening my eyes, I saw this beautiful woman bound to the pole in front of me and blindfolded. Looking out, I could see that her wrists were chained above her head and around the pole and her huge breasts were drawn tight to her body. The sheer teddy that she wore had string ties over each shoulder and one between her huge breasts. I could see that the bows would open easily and that her nipples were rock hard as they pressed against the sheer fabric. Her waist was hidden but her stomach looked flat. Her thighs were firm and beautifully sculptured as they were spread before me. Her pussy was barely hidden under the hem of her silky teddy and I was sure she was not wearing panties. Her long, dark hair was brushed out beautifully over her shoulders and the black choker accentuated the length of her beautiful neck. I recognized her.

It had been many years but I remembered her well. She was one of the frustrations of my earlier years. Having been very sexually active in high school and college, she had decided to turn over a new leaf just before I met her. We had dated for some time and though she had been quite passionate and even sexually aggressive, she would not let me fuck her or even suck on me.

We would come so close, she would let me stroke and finger her pussy but not lick it, she would stroke my cock through my pants but not open them and then we would hump until she came and then she would stop, leaving me with a full load and nowhere to shoot it. It was such a frustration that I finally bailed out. I remembered how fantastic her body was and knew that once she let go of the bullshit about denying herself and inner discipline, she would be a hellcat in bed. Unfortunately, I was long gone when she finally let go of it.

I had heard some rumors that she had developed a strong sexual appetite since then and chalked it up, to being in the right place at the wrong time. But now here she hung in front of me, blindfolded and ready for action - and action was what she was going to get.

Turning my attention back to Katherine as she sucked on my cock, I lifted her face from my cock and helped her to stand up. I hugged her in my arms and nibbled on her ear. "Thank you." I whispered. "This is a better gift than you can imagine." I said softly. Katherine was puzzled but figured I was just pleased to have her arrange the menage a trois.

"Whose idea was the blindfold?" I whispered to Katherine.

"Sandy's." she replied. "She was fascinated by the idea of being forced to fuck someone and not know who it was."

"I wonder where she got that idea?" I teased.

"From me." Katherine replied. "I've told her everything we've done and how I felt about each of them, at the time and since." She confessed with a shy smile.

"And you like that, huh?" I teased with a smile. Katherine smiled as she blushed.

"What else did she tell you she liked?" I asked softly. Katherine leaned up and whispered in my ear.

"Good to know." I replied.

"You can do what ever you want with her and with us," Katherine said as she stepped to the side.

I stepped forward and placed my hand on the bow between Sandy's huge breasts. I could feel a shudder run through her bound body. Just then I heard a shutter click and a flash go off. Looking up, I saw Katherine with her 35mm camera, taking down the entire scene. I smiled up at her as she smiled back. She was relieved to see me pleased with the situation and with her.

I pulled gently on the string; careful not to touch Sandy's satiny skin and the bow came undone. The sheer fabric covering her breasts opened, revealing a fabulous cleavage. Carefully pulling on the strings, I opened the front of her teddy. Her meaty tits were just as I had remembered them. Full and firm with dark, red nipples that right now, were unbelievably hard. Katherine was busy taking pictures.

Reaching up to the bow on her shoulder, I pulled it open and then opening the bow on her other shoulder, the sheer garment fell away. As I had expected, she wore no panties and I gazed down at her beautiful, naked body for the first time. I was about to make up for lost time and missed opportunities.

Stepping up onto the step stool, I aimed my ramrod at the entrance to Sandy's womanflesh. I could feel the sexual heat as it emanated from her seething cunt. I positioned myself carefully and then reaching forward, grasped the young beauty by her firm asscheeks and pulled her body forward. She was surprised by the suddenness of the move and as her hips slid over the padded edge of the counter, her pussy plunged down hard onto my impaling cock. She screamed in surprise and excitement as she felt my cock fill her aching pussy to capacity. She was drenched inside.

She had never been taken so directly before. The suddenness of my assault on her body, with no foreplay or even words, had surprised and excited her. The idea of fucking someone she could not see or identify excited her and the size of my cock made it even more exciting as she plunged her aching pussy onto my shaft. Her body stiffened and she screamed softly as I felt her pussy bathe my cock with sweet cum.

Her inner muscles clenched around my invading shaft as her back arched over the counter and her huge tits were drawn tightly against her chest. I felt her grind her hips hard against my body as her muscles tightened around my shaft. She rotated her hips in ever widening circles as she tried to pleasure me. Orgasms began to ripple through her body and she continued to fuck me.

I watched in fascination as her massive tits heaved and her nipples grew even harder. Her beautiful body shone with a layer of perspiration and she glistened as she impaled herself on my rigid shaft. I reached up to her heaving titflesh and began to maul her firm breasts. I remembered she had liked it when I was a bit rough on her titflesh and this spurred her on even more. Katherine continued to take pictures from all angles as I ravaged her friend.

I felt Katherine's talented fingers reach between my open thighs and caress my balls as I thrust up into her friend's tight love hole. My balls were heavy and full and Katherine could tell. She squeezed them gently as I felt her soft lips and talented tongue caress the firm cheeks of my ass and then I thrust up hard into Sandy's tight pussy and exploded deep in her loins. As she felt the spray of my cum hit the walls of her pussy, the young beauty let go with another powerful orgasm and then she just slumped down onto my shaft, her body spent. I leaned forward and sucked her taut nipple into my mouth and bit gently. Again I felt her powerful inner muscles clasp around my shaft. Slowly I eased out of her tightness and then helped her slide her body back up onto the padded edge of the counter, where she hung in her bindings.

To be continued...

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