tagCelebrities & Fan FictionKathie Lee Gifford vs. Kelly Ripa

Kathie Lee Gifford vs. Kelly Ripa


It's a fuck parody... It ain't real

"Why is this bitch here James? You know I hate her. She took my job and she's a puny little twat." Kathie Lee asks me... upset she's sitting mere feet from her arch enemy.

"Puny little twat? Where'd you learn that one grandma?" Kelly... pissed off.

"Why would you wanna fuck her anyway? She's a walking STD advertisement." Kathie Lee puts her hand up, between the two.

"Coming from the biggest slut ever on TV... HA!" Kelly, looking away, evil smile.

"The only reason Regis hired you, is because he wanted a little blonde Italian whore on his "I Fucked Her" resume." Kathie Lee gives Kelly the finger.

"He hired me because he was tired of your floppy pancake titties and I could actually suck his cock without gagging every two seconds... and inches... and I SWALLOW!" Kelly looking right at Kathie Lee, cocky grin on her sexy face.

"Yeah... you've taken in more semen than the Navy... and what would you know about pancake titties? Or titties in general? You have the chest of an 8 year old boy... Bitch!" Kathie Lee angrily.

"Skank!" Kelly angry.

I was beginning to think this wasn't a good idea. I brought in Kathie Lee Gifford and Kelly Ripa to do a porno with me... Kind of a mature hottie vs not quite mature hottie... who took her job. That part was the problem... I was hoping it would give the movie a hot edge... but I was beginning to think it was gonna give me an aneurysm instead.

"We all know how much James likes me Ripa... look at his stories... I'm in pretty much all of them. You've been in one... and he didn't even fuck you in it. HA!" Kathie Lee looks at me, blows me a big kiss.

"You do know we fuck "off camera" all the time? HA... HA... HA!!" Kelly looks at her fingernails... smiling.

"You better go get checked James... who knows what you've caught from the President of the Genital Warts Fan Club." Kathie Lee, looking away in disgust.

"Ladies, you need to please cool down on the insults and genital whatever stuff... I brought you two here today to have some fun. Can we please relax and fuck?" Me, trying to calm everyone down and get them to stay focused on the fucking.

"Sure thing sweetie pie... but granny Gifford needs to chill on her jealousy bitch trip. I'm more talented than her... younger... hotter... a better singer." Kelly smirks.

"Better singer? Bitch, the only thing coming out of your mouth is the gallons of jizz dumped in there every damn day." Kathie Lee says, crossing her arms... looking frustrated and angry.

"I told you grandma... I swallow." Kelly winks at Kathie Lee... smirks again... reveling in pissing off Kathie Lee.

"Here... let's have a drink... God knows I need it." I pour us all some scotch and desperately hope they both get drunk... so they will shut the fuck up.

We drink a few drinks and the mood lightens a little. Kelly unbuttons a couple of buttons on her tight, white blouse. Kathie Lee sees it and shakes her head. She mutters, "Bitch" under her breath, as she looks away.

"You like my small titties... don't you James?" Kelly asks... slowly rubbing two fingers across her white bra, smiling a very sexy smile.

"Yes... they are cute... taste good too." I rub my cock through my suit pants.

Kelly watches and opens her blouse all the way... looking over at Kathie Lee, smirking... then looking back at me... blowing me a kiss. Kelly unhooks her bra in the front, then takes off her blouse and bra. She stretches her arms, making sure to push her small chest out at me.

"On my God... you don't have the ammo to turn on James like that... Watch and learn bitch!" Kathie Lee slowly unbuttons her white blouse, looking at me, her lips pursed, blowing me kisses. She pulls open her blouse, pushing out her 36D mature titties. I immediately get hard. Kathie Lee notices and reaches over (I'm siting on the edge of my desk) and rubs my huge bulge in my pants.

Kathie Lee unzips my pants and pulls out my hard 10 inches. She slowly strokes it, blowing me a big kiss. She flips off Kelly, then leans back in her chair taking off her clothes. She leaves her bra for last. My huge, hard cock shakes by itself. Kelly sits in her chair, her arms crossed, a very frustrated look on her beautiful face. Kathie Lee sees her and smirks.

She takes off her bra and tosses it at Kelly. "Look at what real tits actually look like bitch!" Kathie Lee plays with her gorgeous, only slightly saggy, mature tits for me. Kelly throws Kathie Lee's bra across my office, watching everything with a disgusted look. Kathie Lee pulls her hard nipples, rubbing the tips, looking right at me, blowing me a kiss. FUCK YEAH... this is more like it. Kathie Lee squeezes her tits, pulling her pulsating nipples. Her sweet milk dribbles out. I go to her, and suck her hard nipples, drinking that sweet milk so eagerly, so fucking turned on by this gorgeous mature goddess.

Kathie Lee hugs my head to her awesome chest. I alternate tits, sucking both happily, softly chewing on the nipples as I suck out that wonderful milk. I lick Kathie Lee's nipples pulling them hard with my teeth, she moans. I stuff almost her whole breast in my mouth and suck so happily on it... moving from one perfect breast to the other.

Kathie Lee smirks at Kelly... "You see how it's done? Now get over here and suck one of my titties while James sucks the other... NOW!!" Kathie Lee takes charge of Kelly. I keep sucking, while Kelly licks her lips, as she watches me drinking down Kathie Lee's sweet milk. "I SAID NOW BITCH!!" Kelly obeys, sucking Kathie Lee's right breast, as I suck the left.

Kelly softly holds Kathie Lee's D cup, with both hands and licks the hard nipple quickly, looking at Kathie Lee lovingly... admitting her submission to the mature goddess. Kelly sucks hard on Kathie Lee's throbbing, milk pouring nipple... She sucks as hard as she possibly can. It dribbles out of the corner of Kelly's mouth. I lean over and lick it up, joining Kelly on Kathie Lee's right breast.

We suck and share the milk that shoots out. We kiss and swap her milk. I pull up Kelly's very tight, beige miniskirt and finger her dripping wet snatch. Kelly moans, smiling at me as she happily sucks down Kathie Lee's milk. I finger her tight pussy faster and faster, wiggling my fingers, twisting them, sliding my thumb up her tight, toned ass.

"AHHHHHHH...MMMM MMMM." Kelly squirts all over my wiggling fingers. I continue to finger her tight holes. I kiss Kathie Lee and finger Kelly's ass and pussy, wanting Kelly to squirt again. Kelly sucks intensely on, her now mistress' rock hard nipple, drinking down every sweet, delicious drop of milk that pours out.

I kiss Kelly, as she screams in sexual bliss, into my mouth, squirting hard on my fingers. I pull them out of her tight, squeezing holes and watch, as Kelly sucks my fingers clean. She sucks them like a cock, as she looks deep into my eyes. Kelly is such a sexy woman.

We all three kiss, our tongues fucking in our mouths. I'm so fucking hard, kissing two of the sickest women on earth at the same time. I lick and suck their tongues, kissing both deeply.

I fuck Kelly as she eats Kathie Lee's juicy, mature pussy. "Eat it bitch! You're my bitch now... you're gonna serve me and do whatever I want... do you understand?" Mistress Kathie Lee takes total control of Kelly Ripa. Kelly nods her approval... pulling her mouth off of her mistress' bald pussy to respond.

"Yes mistress... I'm your bitch... your wish is my command." Kelly fully submits to Kathie Lee, becoming her sex toy, to be sexually and emotionally used, as Mistress Kathie Lee wishes.

My cock plunges into Kelly's soaking wet, bald snatch. Kelly looks back at me, screaming in delight, smiling at me... blowing me a huge kiss. "FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK MEEEEEEE JAMESSSSSSSSS... YESSSSSSSSSS!!" I reach up and play with Kelly's sexy small titties, pinching her perky nipples, pulling them hard, her milk squirting out. I pound her tight, juicy pussy harder and harder, squeezing out more milk from her sweet little titties.

"YESSSSSSSSSS... I'M CUMMMMMINGGGGGGGG MISTRESSSSSSS!!" Kelly looks at Kathie Lee and squirts all over my rampaging, throbbing cock. I pull out, stand up and pull Kelly's head back. She smiles at me, engulfing my entire 10 thick inches in one gulp. She sucks her juices off of my cock, tasting her sweet pussy all over my cock. She sucks me ridiculously fast, bobbing that beautiful head on my throbbing, ready to cum, cock. Kelly smiles at me, around my cock, licking all over it, her saliva pouring out of the corners of her mouth.

I explode in her mouth, pumping my jizz in, as she swallows it down. I pump wave after wave of thick cum down her throat. Kelly swallows fast and hard, drinking down every drop. Kathie Lee pulls my still jizzing dick out of Kelly's mouth and sucks it down herself. I finish cumming down Kathie Lee's throat.

Kathie Lee winks at me as she swallows my cream. She keeps sucking, tickling my balls. Kelly sucks my balls, then slips her tongue up my ass, rimming me, tongue fucking my ass. It feels so fucking good. I start pissing down Kathie Lee's throat. She moans her approval and drinks it down. Kathie Lee smiles around my big pissing cock, massaging my aching balls. Kelly tongue fucks my ass faster. I close my eyes, so fucking happy fucking Kathie Lee and Kelly.

Kathie Lee pulls Kelly's mouth to hers and shoves my so fucking happy, pissing cock, into hers. Kelly moans happily, drinking down my massive load of piss. She sucks me, bobbing her head on my pissing cock. I wanna cum again. Kelly senses it and sucks me harder, bobbing her beautiful head faster.

I finally finish pissing down Kelly's throat, right as I blast a huge load of cum down it. Kelly laughs and moans in delight, as she drinks down my massive wave of jizz. I watch her throat swallow hard, as my jizz is pumped down it. Kelly sucks me totally dry.

We spend the next three hours, in my office, fucking and sucking our brains out. I fuck Kathie Lee's perfect tits, cumming all over them... Kelly licks them clean. I fuck Kathie Lee's toned, mature booty, while Kelly sucks my balls. Kelly sucks out my jizz from Kathie Lee's ass.. They kiss and share it, putting in a sexy ass show for me, letting it dribble out of their mouths and licking it off of each other's tits. I piss in Kathie Lee's pussy... she squats over Kelly's face, blows me kisses and shoots my piss into Kelly's open, smiling, mouth. Kelly's eats Kathie Lee's pussy clean, drinking down two orgasms from her mistress.

I fuck both their sweet asses, drilling both for 30 minutes each. I pull out of Kathie Lee's booty and cum all over both gorgeous ladies' faces. They lick each other faces clean, kissing as I film it all. I take several pictures of the both of them sucking me clean and kissing my cock. I post them to Twitter.

We go back to my place and spend all night fucking and sucking. Kelly calls her husband and breaks up with him on the phone, my cock wedged up her tight ass, Kathie Lee squirting on her face. We all moved in together. We have a very happy three way relationship. Kelly is submissive to both Kathie Lee and I...so I guess Kathie Lee wins the battle. Actually, we all three win... Kathie Lee Gifford vs Kelly Ripa.

This story will be continued in my new series... Livin' With Kathie Lee And Kelly. Make sure to check it out.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous12/11/18


That was a legendary face off between those two.
Kelly is sexy as fuck in a teen way but Kathie Lee is a fucking powerful goddess.
Totally agree with Kathie Lee making Kelly her bitch.
Good job with themore...

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by DickThePimp12/05/18

Thanks playa

Thanks for the support Playa... I'm always gonna keep pimpin' and pissin' the night away... More stories on the way... Swagg Pimpin' 24 /7.

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by playa_s6412/05/18

Swagg champion

Keep pimpin them hoes like a boss. No one does it better on Literotica. The best author writing these stories.

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by DickThePimp12/03/18


Thanks for the good review... I'm working on a Fox News story now. A lot of hotties from the past will return in it. Swagg Pimpin'24/7.

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by Anonymous12/03/18

Great Story

These are 2 of my favorite cum fuck celebrities. I'd dearly love to fuck them both. I am so happy that you put them together for a great sex story. I also like Hoda. My all time favorites are any of themore...

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