tagMatureKathleen's Lovers Ch. 02

Kathleen's Lovers Ch. 02


Did you enjoy reading about my first time Steve?

Was it what you expected? Or did you think I'd be disappointed, like you said you were after your first time?

Remember asking me what was the biggest cock I ever had? Well it certainly wasn't yours as you're about to find out...

Kathleen's Lovers: Chapter two -- Cliff

I would love to say I awoke the next morning to Darren's soft kisses and made love again as the morning sunlight broke through the window. The reality was somewhat different.

I was asleep next to Darren when the bedroom door flew open and a young blonde guy burst in shouting "Dal! Dal! C'mon it's nine o'clock!"

I realised I was naked and quickly pulled a sheet around me, but not before he'd got a good look at my half-covered body. Our eyes met and I recognised him as one of Darren's friends from the night before. He looked over towards Darren

"C'mon Dal, the bus is waiting!"

Darren leapt from the bed, pulling on scattered clothes from around the room.

"What's going on?" I asked, dazed by this sudden rush of activity.

"Sorry Love, we're going on an excursion, it's already booked" he replied, pulling a T-shirt over his head.

"But.. but what about me?" I said in a rather feeble voice.

"Look, make yourself something to eat if you like, have a wash, whatever and then let yourself out."

Darren bent over me and kissed my forehead.

"We'll meet up later Love" he said and made for the bedroom door.

"But where? Bengee's?"

"Erm, yeah Bengees. See you in there."

"What time?" but he was already out in the hallway.

"Eight? Is eight okay?" I called.

"Yeah love" he called back "Yeah. eight's fine" and the door closed.

I could hear other male voices out in the hallway and made out "how'd ya get on?" and some laughter but it soon faded away.

And there I was. All alone.

I pondered for a minute what had just happened. I'd fallen asleep next to the most wonderful guy I'd ever met, the man I had given my virginity to, and woke up to a whirlwind of excuses and goodbyes. And why did he keep calling me 'Love?' Had he forgotten my name?

"No, no he couldn't have" I told myself.

"He's not like that, he's just in a rush that's all."

The seeds of doubt had been sown though.

I got up and looked down at the bed. The centre of the bed sheet was stained with blood. The blood from my recently taken virginity. I bundled it up and left it in the hallway for the Maid to collect.

I showered, washing away the dried blood and semen from the insides of my thighs and pussy, and got dressed. I couldn't find my panties though. Had he hidden them to keep as some kind of trophy I wondered?

Again I dismissed the notion and left.

Entering my own Hotel meant going past the poolside bar and, sure enough, Karen and a few other bikini-clad girls were already there, having an 'early one.'

"Here she comes" cried out Karen, spotting me trying to creep by unnoticed "the dirty stop out!"

I stopped and, buoyed by Darren's words from the night before, turned on her.

"Oh who do you think you are? My Mother?" I snapped back.

This got a laugh from the other assembled girls and Karen for a moment looked a little dumbstruck. She then broke into a smile and beckoned me over.

I joined the girls for a drink with Karen welcoming in into her 'gang' and telling me I was 'alright.' They shared their stories of the previous night with me before asking where I had got to. I briefly told them what had happened to me before returning to my room.

There, still sleeping, was my best friend, Jenny. She asked where I had gone and said that she'd looked all over for me and had been really worried. I told her all about Darren, and how wonderful he was and, yes, that I had slept with him (I didn't however tell her of the abrupt end to it all in the morning). She seemed amazed that her shy friend had done such a thing on her first night on holiday and, although no longer a virgin herself, still asked me lots of questions...

"What was it like? Did it hurt? Did you like it? Did he come inside you?"

When she said that I suddenly remembered something and dashed to my toiletry bag for my pill (after a few unfortunate 'accidents', a friend had advised me to go on the pill to make my periods more regular. Now, thankfully, they were doing the job they were intended for). This put us both into fits of giggles.

We spent the rest of the day around the pool, my thoughts though were on the evening ahead and meeting Darren again. I got the rest of the girls to agree to go to Bengee's too but, come eight o'clock, he wasn't there. We stayed for two hours before moving on elsewhere. I felt like crying but managed not to. The doubts from that morning went through my mind again.

Had he meant to see me again? He didn't seem too concerned as he left, just repeating the place and time I had suggested before dashing away.

And what was all that whooping and laughing in the corridor when he left? Was he bragging to his mates about our night together -- my 'special night?'

Again, I told myself he wasn't like that and there must be some good reason why he couldn't have made it. Still, I was miserable for the rest of the night.

The next day I was in no mood to sit around the pool with the others. And besides, my red hair and pale skin were not good for sunbathing -- and certainly not the topless sunbathing they were all doing!

Instead I went for a walk through the town and found Darren's Hotel. I went in and looked around the pool but didn't see him or any of his friends. I went to reception to leave a message but then realised I couldn't remember the room number and, even worse, didn't even know his surname. Disappointed again, I left.

That night I made a feeble attempt to coax the girls into trying Bengee's bar again but the majority had seen enough of it and wanted to try somewhere else. Besides, tonight was a 'girls night' and Karen had produced a bag of pink vests for us all to wear, each with a nickname across it in black lettering. She handed me mine and said

"I got you a small. Jenny said you had red hair so that's all I could think of"

I held it up. It had spelt across it in italics


"Oh thanks" I said laughing.

"Well you'd better be one after me getting it printed!" replied Karen and we laughed again.

My nickname was tame compared to the others. 'EASY LAY', 'LIKES THEM BLACK' and 'ALWAYS SWALLOWS' were some I remember. Jenny's was 'INNOCENT BLONDE' whilst Karen had given herself 'LADYBOSS'.

Gathered in the hotel bar that night, we looked like a Ladies football team and I began to put Darren to the back of my mind and cheer up. Karen even asked did I want to look into Bengee's again on our way into town.

We did.

Darren wasn't there.

We went onto a few more bars with me doing my best to keep myself from being too downhearted. Karen then led us into a huge Pub-Club venue she knew and was soon busy organising the girls into another contest when I looked across the room and thought I saw Darren. My heart leapt. It was him! At the far end of the bar...next to an attractive blonde girl. He turned to her, talking very close to her face, smiling. Were they about to kiss?

I felt my eyes fill with tears. I couldn't hold back and rushed off to the ladies toilets where I burst out crying. I couldn't believe it. He was with someone else. I'd meant nothing to him and this was the guy I'd given my virginity to. How stupid of me.

I lent over the sink in the corner, sobbing. I could hear other girls coming in and out when a voice behind me said

"Kathleen, what ever's the matter?"

I turned and it was Karen looking concerned. I mumbled something about 'it not being fair' and she put her arms around me while I cried. She let me go on for a minute or so then lifted my head, looked me in the eyes and said

"Listen Kathleen. I know it's hard but believe me; he's not worth your tears okay? No man is. They're all bastards deep down and it's up to us to either let them beat us or do something about it. Right?"

I nodded, tears still running down my face

"Now, you and me are going go out there and show him what he's missing. I've already got my eye on two blokes and we're gonna pull them and have a great night. Tomorrow morning you won't even remember old what's-his-face's name, okay?"

Again I nodded and even managed a smile. She was funny and I was glad she had befriended me. Having someone as feisty as her next to me was the only way I was going to be able to go back out there.

"Right, let's get ready" she said and turned me towards her. She helped dry my eyes and I thought she was going to apply some make-up to me (not that I was wearing much anyway) when she said

"I know what will do the trick."

With that she put her hands by my sides and pulled my vest, lifting it over my head. I went to say something but she stopped me and guided my arms up so she could pull the vest over my head.

With the vest gone, Karen was standing behind me and I was now just in my white bra and a pair of white tennis shorts. Karen's hands went up to the clasp and swiftly undid my bra.

"These will have their eyes popping out their heads" said Karen as she slid the straps off my shoulders and uncovered my breasts. I was so shocked I could hardly speak but more was to come.

She brought her hands up and firmly cupped my bare boobs.

"Corr, they're really firm aren't they" she said, giving them a playful squeeze. "Mines used to be like that. Not now though. They're more like a pair of spaniel's ears. See..."

And with that she whipped off her own vest and bra, showing me her large, sagging boobs. She had a good tan, no lines thanks to her topless sunbathing, and big brown nipples, all crinkled and sticking out. Not like my tiny pink nip's.

We stood for a moment, staring at each others boobs, before remembering where we were. We pulled on our vests and stuffed our bras into our handbags before turning towards the mirror.

We looked at our reflections. It was obvious we weren't wearing bras. My vest was too small anyway and my DD's were stretching the material tightly around them. My little nipples though were barely visible whilst Karen's were sticking out like two little thumbs (I remember thinking I wished I had nipples like hers). Apart from my still-moist eyes, Karen was right. We did look good.

"Right, ready to get out there?" said Karen.

"Yes, ready" I replied and we made our way back into the crowded bar.

I made a point of not looking in Darren's direction and instead followed Karen. She'd surprised me by touching my boobs in the toilets but she'd also managed to pull me back together and so I was ready to do whatever she suggested now.

"They're over here" she said and snaked her way through the groups of ogling guys towards two men standing at the back of the room. They looked to be in their mid-thirties, one a cheery-looking dark-haired fella, the other a huge, muscular shaven-headed man. She must have known the dark-haired guy as he seemed to half-recognise her as we approached.

"Alright Tel" she said "you gonna buy us a drink then or what"

He grinned and shouted up a couple of drinks. His name was Terry and his friend was Cliff. I looked up at him and caught him staring down at my boobs. Guys were always doing this to me but quickly stopped when they realised I was looking at them.

Not Cliff.

He slowly looked up at me, gave me a slight nod by way of a greeting, then lowered his eyes back down to my boobs again.

I felt myself blush at his behaviour and felt a little thrill too. Karen was right. This no-bra, tight-vest look was definitely drew guys attention and, I had to say, was something of a confidence booster too!

Karen and Terry got on really well. Apparently they had met before though Terry didn't seem to remember that much about it (was Karen trying it on I wondered, just to get them to buy us drinks?) The two guys were from the east end of London. Terry was a roofer and I asked Cliff what he did. They both chuckled and then Terry said

"he helps me, when he's not minding people, ain't that right Cliff?"

Cliff laughed but I didn't understand and said so.

"I make sure people who other people wanna hurt, don't get hurt," explained Cliff, his voice low and deep.

"What, like a Security man?" I innocently asked. Again they laughed.

"Yeah, sort of," chuckled Cliff

I still didn't understand but then Karen said he was a 'minder'. The penny dropped and I realised he gets paid to beat people up and make sure the people he 'minds' don't. I quickly tried to change the subject but Karen seemed fascinated and wanted to know more. They began to open up, talking about the various gangs in south and east London, the rivalries between them and the nightclubs they took money from. Karen seemed to know most of them! The subject moved onto the Police and what they thought of them.

"He's old Bill over there you know" said Karen and she turned and pointed out Darren and his new girlfriend. My heart jumped.

"Don't say that Karen!" I thought. "These guys are criminals. They might do something"

"Yeah, the one with brown hair treated poor Kathleen like shit the bastard, didn't he Kath?"

I was mortified but nodded all the same.

"Oh yeah..." said Cliff slowly, looking over at him. His eyes narrowed slightly.

Nothing more happened and we carried on chatting and drinking but I noticed Cliff glance over towards Darren every now and then.

Karen and Terry were great fun and it was entertainment enough just to be in on their conversation while Cliff and I just listened. Then Cliff left to go to the toilet and, while he was gone, I looked around to see if Darren was still there. The blonde was but he'd gone.

Then Cliff returned.

"Come on" he said "drink up, I think we'd better move on."

Something had happened. We all did as we were told, downing our drinks and exiting quickly. We all walked a few hundred yards and then slipped into a quiet bar on a side street. Once inside, with Terry buying us all more drinks, I looked over at Cliff. He had spots of blood on his shirt. And on his knuckles too.

Terry came back with cocktails for me and Karen and they carried on laughing and joking as before but in my mind I was panicking.

"Has he beaten Darren up? Has he done it because of me or just because he's a Policeman?"

Cliff was a man of few words it seemed. Tough and good looking I had to say but also almost old enough to be my Father. I'd never really been in men of his ages' company before like this and never really looked at them in a sexual way. And I certainly never thought men of his age would look at me like that.

But he did.

I could feel his eyes on me all the time and it both scared and excited me. Now the thought that he'd beaten up Darren sent me into even more confusion. Should I say something to Cliff about it? I had really liked Darren. Even fallen in love with him I suppose. But he'd also been cruel to me, using me and discarding me. Perhaps, if Cliff had punched him, he'd gotten what he deserved?

I kept my thoughts to myself.

The bar was closing but Karen and Terry were in no mood to call an end to the night.

"Let's all go back to ours for a drink" said Karen and soon we were back in her room at the Hotel.

Karen's room was like an oven. There was no air conditioning and even opening the windows made no difference. She cracked open cans of lager that were in the fridge and poured out Jack Daniels for us all too. Then her room mate, Mandy, stumbled in drunk and confused, asking who Terry and Cliff were but Karen quickly ushered her out, telling her to stay 'in Jenny's room'.

"So, I'm staying here am I?" I thought.

Terry was sat on the sofa with Karen perched on his knee, laughing and telling him he was 'a dirty bastard' when he put his hand on her leg but she didn't stop him. Cliff meanwhile, stood by the window, drinking from a can and continuing to look at me, or should I say my bra-less boobs.

"C'mon then" whispered Karen to Terry and she got up and led him into the bedroom

"Night Kathleen" she said with a wink and closed the door.

My heart began to thump as panic took over me again.

"I was alone. Alone with Cliff. Oh God, what happens now if he wants to have sex with me?"

I hadn't expected events to turn this way. For Karen to leave me with him. I thought he was good looking and was quite excited by the way he'd been looking at me but never expected to find myself like this. I wasn't afraid he'd rape me or anything like that, Karen was only in the bedroom after all, but I was uneasy all the same despite finding him attractive.

Cliff put his drink down and walked over to me. Never taking his eyes off me.

We were stood facing each other. Me looking up, him looking down. He must have been a foot taller than me. I'm 5' 7" and had never felt particularly small but I felt tiny standing in front of him.

We could hear Karen and Terry in the bedroom, half-laughing, half-making love. I went to say something to break the tension but Cliff moved first.

He brought his big powerful hands up to my bare arms, just below the shoulders and held me firmly, looking into my eyes but then down to my cleavage. I was breathing heavily, scared of what he was going to do next but also, I have to say, quite turned on too by this huge muscular man towering over me. I thought he was going to kiss me but didn't.

"How old did you say you were?" he asked, his hands moving up and down my arms. I could feel the calluses on his palms against my soft pale skin.

"Eighteen," I replied quietly, looking up at him.

He had a slight smile on his face as his hands moved across my chest and began to squeeze my boobs through my vest.

"Oh my, it is going to happen again," I thought to myself and my head began to spin.

"Oh God!" I moaned out loud, unable to keep the nervous excitement I felt inside me.

Cliff took this as a green light and pulled my vest over my head, exposing my breasts for him to see. His hands quickly returned to them, squeezing them harder. His hands were big and felt rough against my large sensitive boobs. His fingers found my small nipples and he pinched them hard.

It was turning me on and I placed my hands on his hips, pushing out my chest to allow him to continue. I looked at him as his hands squeezed my breasts like dough but his eyes were focused down on what he was doing. I looked down and watched his big hands pulling and squeezing my boobs up and out and then back into my chest. In his hands they didn't look the big lumps they usually did and as for my nipples... he was holding them between his finger and thumbs and pulling them out away from me, making them two maybe three times longer than their usual size.

This did hurt and I let out an "Ahh!" that was more pain than pleasure.

Cliff stopped, and still with a slight smile on his face, gently pushed me down so I was sitting on the sofa facing him. Facing the crotch of his trousers. And the long bulging shape within them.

"Get my cock out" he asked me. No, told me.

His voice was still in his deep calm London accent but it now had a touch of menace about it.

I wasn't about to question him and, trying not to look too nervous, brought my hands up to his belt and started to unbuckle it. My hands were shaking a little as I did it, both from fear and expectation. This really was sexy I thought and, to be honest, I was enjoying being given instructions by him.

I pulled the strap from its buckle and my fumbling fingers then undid the button and zip.

His trousers slipped down.

He wasn't wearing underwear.


That was all I could manage to say.

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