Kathy Exposed Me Ch. 03


I knew what was likely to happen but I hoped that by pulling my briefs tight to me the condom would be held in place. I wished that I'd worn dark slacks instead of the tan ones that I had chosen for that evening.

As I bent forward to tie my shoes, I could feel the condom slipping and I knew what was going to happen.

We heard Kathy's car pull into the driveway and her mother walked me towards the door. As we walked, I felt the condom slip off my cock and the cum spilling into my underwear. As I continued on I could feel the cum sliding down to my balls, creating a gooey mess.

Mrs. Curtis opened the door and hugged Kathy as she walked in. "Well what do you think of him, mom?" Kathy asked.

"A good choice," she said. He's a dripper, but you already know that. He'll get naked in front of clothed women, promised to do whatever I want whenever I want, and he knows how to do what he's told. I think he'll be fine. And by the way, I took care of the hair on his balls for you."

As they parted, Kathy looked at me, eyes suddenly going wide as they traveled to my crotch. My eyes followed hers down and, as I had feared, a large wet spot had formed on my pants.

"Mom! Did you make him cum in his pants? You're so bad," she said, smiling and laughing.

If I'd felt small before I felt even smaller now. My girlfriend laughing with her mother, thinking she'd made me cum in my pants. I felt like a piece in a game. Obviously this had been set up and Kathy knew what her mother had been planning on doing to me all along. I was the fly lured to the spider's web.

"No I didn't make him cum in his pants!" Mrs. Curtis replied with a smile. "He's got a condom full of cum in there. Well," she said, pausing and looking at the wet spot, "at least it was full of cum." Mrs. Curtis grinned slyly and Kathy laughed, nearly uncontrollably.

"Well," Mrs. Curtis said, "time for you to be on your way, I have to be up early for work tomorrow. And Kathy, judging by the size of that spot on his pants," speaking of me as if I were an object, "there's quite a mess in there. When you get to your car make him take his pants off and put them in the trunk. Have him sit on his shirt so he doesn't mess up your seat. I don't think he'll mind being naked in your car. He certainly didn't mind being naked on my coffee table."

I cast my eyes down and blushed, while she smiled and Kathy again roared with laughter.

"Come on," Kathy said, taking my hand and leading me to the door. "You're a mess. I can practically hear you squishing with every step."

"Off you go now," Mrs. Curtis said, patting my butt as we walked out. "I'll be seeing you," she added, stressing the word, "seeing."

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