tagExhibitionist & VoyeurKatie Gets Around Ch. 4

Katie Gets Around Ch. 4


Katie and Steve parked the car and walked down the path through the woods to the lake. It was a lovely warm summer's day with a light breeze taking the edge off the heat. They walked slowly hand in hand, Steve in slacks and a white cotton short sleeve shirt with a camera in his other hand. Kate was in the same white dress she had worn last night. She felt cool and comfortable as they reached the lake and took the path to the left, which she knew led to the secluded pool that few people knew about.

They had slept in late at the hotel, made love slowly and contentedly after breakfast, Steve sliding in and enjoying her tight wet cunt, and then showered together. They had fucked more urgently under the warm water, Steve taking her from behind when she was least expecting it. He had been rough and demanding, ramming in hard up her cunt. Kate could feel that she had been loosened up by the events of the previous evening and relished the ease with which her pussy opened and accepted the thick strong dick. Steve could feel the heat of the water inside her as he drove in relentlessly.

Kate rubbed on her clitoris again; it was a little sore now but the pleasure outweighed the pain. Her juices flowed and were carried away by the water running down her legs; Steve came out of her just before he came, so his warm spunk exploded on to her arse and ran down her crack, then down the insides of her thighs.

Steve had been selfish for the first time and Kate felt frustrated that she had been having small rapid orgasms and was on the brink of going into a sequence of several large ones in immediate succession – she knew the feeling!! She felt too embarrassed to continue rubbing herself, so stopped that and allowed Steve to pick up the soap and wash and massage her all over, starting with her back, down over her bottom, her thighs and inside her legs. He washed between her legs, paying particular attention to her tight arse-hole and not so tight pussy. Then he moved her around to face him and washed her front, paying particular attention to her breasts and nipples.

So, as they walked up the hill by the stream that led to the small pool above, Kate still felt that frustration inside her. Her nipples were hard under her dress and, although she was panty-less and she could feel the breeze between her legs, she began to feel hot and bothered. She began thinking that she had some unfinished business with Steve!

They were both physically fit but even so were breathing heavily when they got to the top of the hill. The view back over the town and surrounding countryside was stunning and Steve took a few pictures with his camera and waited for each to develop and print. Turning around, he was pleased to see Kate undressing to swim; he snapped away as she unbuttoned her dress and removed it. She posed with her hands over her breasts and pussy, with her hands at her side, then turned and bent over to touch her toes. Her arse-hole and pussy seemed to wink back at the camera. Steve took a picture of each pose; it was erotic to see them appear slowly as they developed before his eyes!

Neither of them could know that every movement they made was being watched. The eyes behind the heavy duty binoculars had picked them out walking up the hill and, having done so, did not leave them for a moment. Hidden in the woods above the pool, he knew they would never know he was there.

As Steve sat and admired his work, Kate plunged naked into the water. It was cold at first but she soon got used to it and enjoyed the cool water against her skin.

"Steve, it's lovely – come on in!"

When he was ready, he checked that it was unlikely they were over-looked, then stripped and joined Kate in the water. The pool was small but deep enough to swim a few strokes. They played together for a while splashing each other then cuddled up to each other and kissed, her breasts bobbing high in the water. Kate noticed through the clear water how small Steve had become, like a little boy, and smiled.

"I'm getting cold. You stay in as long you like." She said and left the pool, her shapely bottom wobbling provocatively as she walked. As Steve followed her, she picked up the camera and took his picture front-on as he followed her out of the water.

As the picture developed, Kate looked and laughed. "What a whopper! No wonder I didn't come in the shower! Do all Englishmen have such small pricks? And don't you have balls?"

Steve came over and had a look. "Very funny! You obviously don't turn me on anymore. It must have been the sight of you naked that made him try to hide!" He said with a smirk.

"We will see about that. Get the camera ready!"

Steve lay on the dry grass with the camera in his hands. Kate knelt between his legs and leant down to kiss his cold limp dick, barely two inches long and shrivelled like a prune. It stirred feebly as she took it in her mouth; it was an intriguing sensation to feel it so cool and apologetic between her lips. She blew on it and sucked gently to try to warm it up. The penis began to stir, twitching slightly at her touch. Warmth was returning gradually and Steve could feel her mouth around it for the first time since he had sat down.

The pictures Steve took showed his dick returning to its normal size and hardening. They showed the smile on Kate's face as she took it in and out of her mouth. They showed her down at his balls with the hard long shaft against her hair. They showed her upright as she changed position, her breasts white with hard large nipples. They showed her stroking her clitoris with her pussy moist and pink below. They showed her easing on to Steve, with his dick at the opening of her cunt. They showed her moving on top of him. They showed the colour of her skin deepening around her pussy then up her body.

They showed her breasts bouncing, frozen in time at the top of their motion. They showed in close up his dick moving in and out of her wet cunt. They showed her face as she concentrated on her pleasure ahead of her orgasm. They showed her arching back as she came, her whole body tense, and her head back.

What they couldn't show was the noise as she came; Steve put his free hand over her mouth to muffle her scream of abandonment and the filthy words that poured from her mouth. They couldn't show how her cunt tightened and tightened; or how Steve felt as the pressure around him increased, seeming almost to suck the orgasm out of him. They couldn't show his spunk speeding up her cunt. They could not show the intense pleasure they both felt as they each went into their own little world of ecstasy.

But they could show his dick as it slid back out again, almost as small as before, covered in her juices. And they did show Kate's big smile as she licked up the remaining juices on Steve's body.

They relaxed and enjoyed looking over the photos. Using the delay function, Steve took a few more of them together, standing together, kissing and then in various sexual positions: missionary, doggy, straddling, and 69. At last, they were getting chilly so dressed and got ready to go. Kate put the photos in her handbag.

They each needed to answer a call of nature so they walked to the woods a minute or two away and relieved themselves. They returned to the pool and washed themselves up. Back at the spot where they had fucked, Kate picked up her handbag and they walked carefully down the hill together and returned to Steve's hired car.

It was about ten minutes back to the hotel so, after a while, Kate thought she would have another look at the photos. She opened the handbag but all she found was one picture; making sure Steve was concentrating on the road ahead, she turned it over.

A scribbled note in masculine handwriting: "Thanks. I'll be in touch, Catherine."

Kate sat frozen in her seat and looked out to her right to avoid Steve's eye. She recognised the neighbourhood. She recognised the road. As they passed the family home, she saw the family car and the family carrying the luggage to the door. They had obviously come home early from the country! Her husband, John, was there and she could tell from his body language that he was not a happy man!

Kate's head jerked back to the road in front, her mind racing and a chill running down her spine. She needed time to think.

"Steve, can you drop me in town? I need to buy a few clothes and things. I'll see you at the hotel; I can walk there from here."

"Of course I can, darling. Tell me where. I'll be in the room – I could do with a rest any way."

He dropped her at the lights near the middle of town and drove on. Kate waited until he was out of sight and burst into tears. She stood there for several minutes, oblivious to the looks of passing pedestrians, with tears pouring down her face.

She had no idea what to do. It was less than twenty-four hours since she had been with her family. So much had happened since that it seemed a lifetime away. All that was certain was that she was on her own now...

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