tagErotic CouplingsKatie Gets Around Ch. 3

Katie Gets Around Ch. 3


About the time that the gang arrived at Simon's apartment, Katie was beginning to stir. It was pitch black in the hotel room; she could see nothing but could feel warm skin against her back. For a moment she assumed it was John, then remembered where she was and who she was in bed with.

Lying on her side, she pushed back gently and must have woken Steve. His hand moved on to her right hip and he pushed his body against her. As she felt the hair on his chest against her back, she was aware of his hand exploring up one side and then around to the front, on to her tummy and up to her breast. Her right nipple stiffened as he stroked it gently.

His mouth was by her ear; his soft English voice: "Morning, darling. "

"Hello, there. "

He kissed her ear and nibbled her ear lobe gently as he caressed her breast more eagerly. As his tongue and lips explored her lovely neck, she waited with anticipation. He was so close and she knew he would find it; she found her hand going down between her legs. Without him knowing, she traced her fingers over her pussy hair into position over her cunt. But she didn't need to touch.

He found the spot, at the bottom of her neck, before the cleavage began. Her nerve ends jangled and her legs began to quiver. She forced her legs together to try to control her movements as her whole body stiffened. Steve now put both arms round her and squeezed both breasts. He could feel the pulsation of her body against him.

He wanted to be inside her when she came, so he rolled her on to her back, opened her legs and thrust in to her. Still tight but the events of the previous evening had loosened Kate just enough for him to slide all the way in on her juices. He felt and heard orgasms building up underneath him and around his dick.

"Oh, yes Steve. You're getting bigger! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees! Oh fuck you, you horny bastard!"

Steve continued to move inside her until his arms got tired. He asked her to get on top. She straddled him enthusiastically; then stopped for a moment while she leant over to her handbag where she found her special vibrator. She used it most days and never left home without it and some spare batteries. It was quite thin and only about four inches but that was all she needed!

She handed it to Steve and told him to stick it in while she began to straddle again. He put it up to full volume and pushed it slowly up her arse, her movements and the juice from her cunt providing the force and lubrication necessary to get all the way up that tight little hole. Kate had never had two men at once but now she felt as if she was being taken from behind while she fucked Steve with her cunt and rubbed her clitoris hard with her hand. This could feel the three sensations melting into one enormous pulsating sexual thrill spreading out from her centre to her whole body in waves of electric ecstacy. All this in total darkness; all touches, feeling, smell and taste and total, total mind-blowing pleasure.

The night before had been a quick, urgent fuck. This was a long intense hour or more of lovemaking in the dark. Steve controlled his orgasm, but Kate didn't! She came as she straddled, she came as he sucked between her legs, she came as he used the vibrator on her, and she came and came and came. Time stood still as they explored each other, each pleasure hole, each sensitive spot, each little smell and taste and fluid until they felt as if they had known each other all their lives.

When Steve eventually came, it was almost an anti-climax; the feeling in his balls, knowing that he was at the point of no return then the sudden eruption inside her. He made less noise and Kate hardly noticed except that he softened inside her and the area between her legs became even stickier. He kissed her on the lips very, very gently. "Thank you, darling. "

"And I thank you, you horny man!"

Then a deep sleep until the light came and they would know if they had the energy for more before, during or after breakfast.


The women were better dressed for strip poker than the men – all those little things they wore; rings on every finger it seemed, bracelets, bangles and beads. Although the men were better at the game and didn't lose so often, they were soon down to the basics. Freddy, the big muscular, not too bright, football player, was a show-off anyway. He was first down to his underwear and soon flaunting his body for the girls to admire and, it had to be said, the other two men to envy. His penis was soon set in a permanent hard which all five tried hard not to stare at.

Betty was enjoying it the most; the "college bicycle" she was called behind her back. She was a curvaceous blonde who left little to the imagination. It was rumoured that she had pleasured most of the class except Simon and several of the teaching staff; she was always staying behind for "special tuition. " She was the second to be naked but then she wore less jewellery than the other girls and no bra or panties.

Claudia was the slowest. Susan had been surprised she had even agreed to come. Claudia was the most studious in the class and one of the quietest. She came from a strict church-going family who would have been horrified to know she had been drinking in a night club and with BOYS!! But she was a pretty little thing behind her thick glasses which she kept on even when she had to go down to her bra, slip and panties. Simon, Freddy and Paul were also pleasantly surprised at the fullness of her figure; at college she wore such loose clothes and so many of them!

When the rest were naked, Claudia still had her bra, panties and spectacles on. The others sat in different positions, Freddy laying back showing off next to Betty, Simon and Susan close together kissing occasionally and Paul nervous with his hands placed strategically over his lap.

"Come on Claudie, give us a strip tease, " called out Freddy, never thinking she would.

What they had forgotten was that it had been Claudia who had pointed out what Simon and Susan had been doing on the dance floor. She had been even quieter since and kept having secret glances at Paul; she was the only one who had noticed that he was just as erect as Simon and Freddy but was trying not to be seen. He was by far the best looking man in the class, charming and popular but very shy.

Claudia frowned. "Put some music on then. " She said. Simon went to the CD player and put on something slow and sexy.

They all sat transfixed as Claudia began to move to the music, swaying her hips and shoulders to the rhythm. She eased over towards Paul and started a special dance for him, as if he was the only one in the room. She continued to look serious as she gazed through her glasses into his deep brown eyes. She came right up to him and he leaned forward in the chair. She lowered her breasts right in front of his face, undid her sensible bra and slowly released each mound, showing large pink nipples firm and upright and large, soft white breasts. They fell forward into Paul's smiling face, but she pushed him back into the chair and moved between his legs.

"Take them down, Paul. "

He needed no second invitation to pull her white panties slowly down over her hips, the pubic hair springing out as the elastic passed it, and allowed them to fall to the ground. She had well rounded "child-bearing" hips and strong, very white thighs contrasting with the thick, black untrimmed bush.

The rest of them watched entranced, Freddy pulling on himself unashamedly while Betty readied herself to take him. Simon and Susan just watched in amazement as Claudia began to rub on her clitoris and finger fuck herself right in front of Simon's face. He could see her open pussy through the dark hair, getting pinker and pinker and juicier and juicier. He tried to get closer to lick and taste her but eyes told him to stay back in the chair.

Then Claudia steadied herself, opened her legs and positioned herself over Paul. He put his hands out and pulled her towards him. As she eased on top, their bodies seemed to melt into each other, her wet pussy descending around his hard long cock. Her breasts against his chest, he removed her glasses before kissing her passionately. He could tell from the ease with which he entered her that Claudia was more experienced than anyone could have imagined. He had assumed she was a virgin, but this was no virgin with bouncing breasts in front of him and a tight pink very wet pussy milking him expertly. He helped her rhythm by putting his hands on her hips and moving his body with her for several minutes until she slowed, got off and went on her front on the carpet with her pussy wet and red, red and ready to be taken from behind.

But Freddy got there first; Paul was always too polite!! Claudia noticed a different feeling, something tighter, thicker and then longer inside her. Pure pleasure as Freddy fucked, hands on her hips, and then Paul came round to the front and offered himself to Claudia's wide, sensuous, still very serious mouth. He could fell the power of Freddy transmitted through her body pushing her face up and down along his dick. They came simultaneously and Claudia felt herself being filled at both ends.

The other three had mirrored them, except that Susan was astride Simon's dick and Betty was riding his face with her cunt. The women were facing each other kissing, caressing each other's clitorises at the same time. This time the two women came together and it was Simon who enjoyed their spurting juices at both ends and immediately exploded up Susan for the second time tonight.

They all lay on the floor and began to laugh, even Claudia, until the tears run down their faces and mingled with all the juicy, sweet smelling fluids all over their naked bodies. Betty slowly went round them all one by one licking it all up with a huge wanton, sex smile all over her face.

"Tasty! Tasty!!"

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