tagGroup SexKatie's Birthday, Part B

Katie's Birthday, Part B


None of the four men were ready to stand up, as all four were sporting erections that took their cocks to the largest point they could attain. If Katie saw them in this state, they were all afraid that she might suddenly change her mind and want to just go to bed and sleep. If she did that, they might all have to go find a private spot and jack off to release at least some of the pressure and tension they were feeling. Pat was quite uncomfortable, because his dick actually hurt, it was so hard. Chris, who was the largest of the four men it would turn out, was in almost as much discomfort as Pat. Chet, who hadn't been laid in two years, was actually already leaking pre-cum and Frank could not believe what was happening. He kept expecting Pat to tell him it was time for him to leave, but that thought never even crossed Pat's mind.

For her part, Katie was ready to put on a hell of a show. Katie moved into the space surrounded by the four chairs the men sat in as Pat dimmed the lights and turned on the music, both with the remote, and as the drums and other instruments began to play, Katie began to move her hips to the rhythm and her hands moved in time as well.

The games had begun.

Katie moved her hips left, right and around in a seductive circle. She moved her hands around and shook her breasts to make the coin vest jingle. All the time she was dancing, the four men sat fixated on her plump, sweating body. They were so transfixed, that they had forgotten their drinks or to make suggestive remarks or cat calls. As she danced, Katie really got into the music and her body jiggled, bounced, swayed and gyrated in directions she would never have been able to do without the champagne. The champagne, enhanced with the Grand Marnier, had removed her inhibitions and allowed her to move her body like it was made to move, but her self-image would never allow. She always viewed herself as fat and unattractive. The previous Saturday night had shown her that she was wrong about that. This night would reinforce that fact, as well as prove that she knew how to move her body in an incredibly seductive way.

Her audience had now leaned forward to get a better view of Katie's rhythmic movements and hip thrusts. Her eyes were closed and she was sweating heavily, causing the costume to stick to her body. Without opening her eyes or saying a word, Katie removed the coin vest and then her dancer's top. Then she replaced the coin vest. All the while, her hips kept moving and swirling to the beat of the music. Next, she stopped dancing long enough to remove the bottom to the costume, leaving just the matching panty and coin belt. She was a vision of delight with her breasts covered only partially by the coin vest and her lower body covered by the panties and belt.

As soon as she was out of the clingy leg covering, her hips started to move again, as if they had never missed a single beat. The four men could no longer stand the strain of the silence and they began to urge Katie on in her dancing. They all shed their pants and under ware and were now sitting back in their overstuffed chairs with erections pointing towards the ceiling. Katie was oblivious to all of this. She had no idea that she was having that kind of effect on her husband and the other three men until Pat gently reached over and stroked her left breast as it hung below the coin vest. This brought her back to the moment and she looked around at the four hard cocks that ached to explode in her or on her. She simply said:

"Did I do that? Maybe I better do something to take care of the problem you all have. But, where should I start? I know! Each of you chose a number between one and five. Ready? Okay, Pat, Chet, Chris, Frank."

The men responded with: "Three; One; Five; and Two."

Katie smiled and said: "Chet, what would you like?"

Katie had a sly, smile on her face as she said that and Chet nearly came right then. He looked around at Patrick who just smiled and said:

"Go for it, dude."

Chet looked at Katie, who had shed her panties and now stood naked before them all except for the coin vest and belt. She had curves in all the right spots, with a large tummy, drooping breasts, red hair, and a plump ass that looked like it was made to spank and fuck. He could not believe that he had never considered fucking her before and was trying to figure out exactly what he wanted from her. He raised his right hand and motioned her to him with a finger. She dropped her chin a bit and swayed towards him, exaggerating the movements of her hips which caused the coins to jingle and her breasts, with their hard nipples poking out though the chain vest, to sway from side to side.

"Suck my hard cock."

Chris said this with a tint of anger in his voice, forgetting for a moment that this was not his ex in front of him. She knelt in obedience between his open legs and leaned forward slightly. She took Chet's cock in her hand and stroked it up and down a few times. He grabbed her hand and said:

"I said suck it, bitch."

She blushed at being called a bitch, which surprised Pat. Pat leaned forward in his chair and pushed his wife's head towards her best friend's rock hard cock, which she was about to suck, and said:

"You heard him, bitch. Suck his cock."

Katie blushed again and, as she engulfed Chet's swollen, purple headed cock with her wet, wife's mouth, softly said:

"Yes, Master."

She began to bob her head up and down Chet's blood engorged cock as he began to groan and closed his eyes in pleasure. She always produced a lot of saliva when she sucked cock and this time was no different. She looked up at Chet's face and began to slowly stroke his shaft with her hand as she sucked as hard as she could. She pulled her mouth off just long enough to say:

"Come in my mouth, Master Chet. Squirt your two years worth of cum down my throat. Make me gag on your stiffness."

Then she licked her tongue up the entire length of his cock from his hairy balls to the purple ball on the end of the shaft and swallowed his dick again. She sucked fast and hard for about another minute before Chet groaned loudly, grabbed her by the sides of her head and thrust as deep into her mouth as he could. As he did this last motion, his cock exploded in Katie's sweet, married, slutty, slave mouth.

"OOOHHHHHHHH! Swallow it all you fucking cunt! Suck my dick until it gets soft, bitch!"

Katie, obediently did as she was ordered, while the other three men, including her husband, just looked on in awe and admiration at the blow job she had just given and the amount of semen she had just swallowed. Having licked all the cum off of Chet's now, deflated cock, she raised up on her knees, looked at Frank and said:

"It's your turn, Master Frank. What is your pleasure?"

Frank wasted no time in his response.

"I am going to fuck you, Katie. "

"Where?" was her only response.

"Right in that sweet little pussy of yours!" Frank said back to her.

With that, he stood up and took her by the hand and led her towards the couch. There, he sat her down and knelt between her legs, wrapping his arms around her as he did so. Then, he started kissing her as deeply and passionately as he had ever kissed any woman in his life. He allowed his hands to start roaming over her body and settled on her breasts. He cupped each on in the palm of his hand and grasped her nipples between his thumb and index finger. He gently rolled them back and forth and occasionally pinched them.

Katie responded by allowing her hands to caress Franks' rather well muscled body. She slid them down his back and grabbed his hard ass and pulled his hips towards her open legs. She groaned and whimpered as he pulled and pinched her nipples and whispered to him:

"Do anything you want to too me, Master Frank. I am your slave girl."

Frank groaned and pushed her back onto the couch, pulling her hips towards the edge of the seat as he did so. He dropped down and placed his tongue squarely on her clit and started licking it quickly. Katie groaned and grabbed Frank by the hair, pulling his mouth tight against her soaking wet pussy. Frank licked and sucked greedily at her flowing pussy and slid two fingers into her hot wetness. Katie whimpered, mewed and panted under his relentless fingering and sucking and said:

"Oh fuck, oh, God, oh God, I am going to cum!"

Just as she said this, Frank's probing fingers found her "G" spot and presses on it. Katie exploded in an orgasm that left her weak and covered in sweat. She reached down and wrapped her hand around Frank's rigid cock and began to stroke it. Frank pushed her flat on her back on the cushions of the couch and climbed on top of her. He told her to put his cock into her pussy and she did so without hesitation. As his cock slid into her drenched vagina, Katie dug her nails into his shoulders and back. Frank drove his cock into Katie until his balls slammed into her blood swollen pussy lips and she yelped just a bit from the pain.

Frank then began to slowly pull his cock out of her until the head of his dick slipped out of her and then sunk back in. His cock was about the same size as Pat's and she loved the feel of it sliding over her g-spot. She whimpered and purred and pumped her hips up at his invading manhood as her pussy tried to milk the sperm from his balls. All the while, she kept urging him on with:

"Fuck me. Fuck my pussy, pound on it. Hurt it so good that I can't stand it. Please, please, Master hurt your slave's cunt. Punish it and fill it with your hot creamy sperm. Oh God I want you to cum in me."

It didn't take long, maybe fifteen minutes, and Frank felt his balls tighten and his dick begin to throb.

"Oh, Shit! You hot fucking cunt! I am going to empty my nuts into your pussy." "I am going to just fuck you until you scream in pain!"

And with that, Frank began to pound into Katie's pussy. He slid his hands down the insides of her thighs and pulled her legs up to his shoulders. He looked at the other three men who were all rubbing their hard cocks and watching the scene before them and said:

"Grab her ankles and hold this bitch's legs open for me! I am going to hammer this pussy good."

Pat and Chet were up and on her in a second. They each took an ankle in their hands and spread her legs so wide that Katie thought she was a wishbone for a second. Frank rose up on his hands and slammed his cock into her as hard as he could. Then he did it again and again and again, all the while, Pat and Chet here fondling her breasts as they bounced up and down on her chest. Frank was hammering her so hard, that her nipples were actually touching her chin each time they slammed upwards. Katie was rolling her head from side to side, whining, moaning, groaning, whimpering and begging for more all the while.

Just as Frank bottomed out in her savaged cunt one last time, she looked at Pat and Chet, who each had a nipple in their fingers and screamed at them to pinch her nipples.

"Pinch them! Pull on my tits HURT ME!!!! PLEASE!!!!"

Both men reacted by doing exactly what Katie had begged for. They pinched her nipples until they were purple, then white. They pulled her tits straight up by her battered nips and twisted them cruelly. Both men had smiles of delight on their faces as they did so. Frank began to squirt into Katie's love hole and knew that he had fired at least ten times into her married vagina. Katie's hips bucked and lifted and gyrated under Franks pounding groin as her tits were ravaged and she screamed out her orgasm. Frank leaned down and for the first time, while he was actually fucking her, kissed her lips. Then he collapsed onto her heaving, sweat soaked body. After about five minutes of lying on top of her, Frank got up and said:

"Who's next?"

As he did this, he wiped his cum covered dick across Katie's soft, saggy belly and up to her tits, which were turning purple from the abuse they had sustained thus far. When he got to her face, he wiped a huge glob of sperm laden pussy juice on her eyes and mouth. Katie just lay there, used and abused.

The four men high-fived each other and congratulated Frank on one of the best pussy poundings they had ever witnessed. They knew it would take him some time to recover, but Pat and Chris had yet to have their turn at the Birth Day girl. After another five minutes or so, Katie rolled onto her right side and then sat up. Frank's cum was still on her pussy hair, jiggly belly, tits and face and she made no move to clean herself up. She reached over to the coffee table where her drink was and drained it in two gulps.

"Master Pat, what is your pleasure." Katie asked . Pat, whose cock wanted to explode in his cum-covered wife, looked at the other three men and said:

"Holy shit! My fuck bunny has turned into a fucking machine tonight. I Think I love her even more than I ever thought I could."

They all agreed that she was putting on a phenomenal show and all said they wanted more, much, much more.

Pat looked at Katie and said: "Well babe, so far you have swallowed Chet's load and had your pussy hammered by Frank. So, guess what I want?"

Katie smiled and got on her knees and dropped down onto her elbows so that her plump, un-fucked dimpled ass was sticking up in the air. Pat looked down at her and said:

"Not just yet, you little bitch. Come over here and suck me for a couple of minutes."

Katie walked on her knees to where her husband stood with his hard cock sticking straight out at her and wrapped her lips around his hardness. Pat groaned and had to fight to not just explode down her throat and after about two minutes of her sucking and slurping on his dick, he pushed her head away and she knew it was time to resume her prior position. She dropped back to her elbows and positioned her ass in front of her husband. Pat got down on his knees behind his wife and reached into her pussy with his fingers. He scooped out a huge lode of the co-mingled cum of Frank and Katie and smeared it on the hugely swollen head of his cock and into the waiting asshole of his wife. He was a little rough and Katie whimpered at the pain he inflicted on her tender ass.

Pat then scooted forward on his knees until the head of his dick rested firmly against Katie's asshole and began to press into her. He pushed his hips forward just hard enough to pop into her and she yelped and tried to scoot away. Pat had anticipated this reaction and had a firm grip on her hips. Chris, Frank and Chet were all really into things now and were urging Pat on.

"Fuck that ass, Pat." Said Chris

" Yeh, slam it into her fat butt. I bet she loves it, doesn't she?" said Frank.

"Fuck this fat bitch's ass until she screams and begs for mercy." Chet added.

Pat, overcome with lust at the last hour's worth of the sex show his wife was putting on for/with them all needed no encouragement to do everything that the other three had suggested. He drove his hard cock into his wife's ass until his balls bottomed out against her bouncing ass-cheeks. They he yanked his dick out and shoved it back into her waiting butt. Each time he did, she yelped, screamed, begged for mercy and waited for the next stroke.

"FUCK! Oh shit, oh God, God, God, please Master, please stop! It hurts so bad. You are stretching and reaming my asshole so hard. I don't think I can take more."

Pat, however, showed no signs of stopping. Not until he had emptied his cum filled balls into her sweet, tight, milking ass. After about five minutes of the assault on her asshole, Katie flopped down so that her tits were flat against the floor and her ass was positioned even better for the fucking it was undergoing. She just lost herself in the moment and let her ass be used as her husbands' cum receptacle. And the other three men wanted in on the fun.

Chris still hadn't gotten to use Katie yet and he moved over and knelt in front of her. He pulled her back up onto her elbows and shoved his 10 inches into her face. She immediately opened her mouth and began sucking his massive prick. Pat was about ready to cum and was hammering away at her ass. Chris leaned forward and grabbed her by the tits and began to squeeze, milk and pinch them with all his strength. Katie was trying to suck him while having her asshole battered by her husband and being urged on by Frank and Chet. Chet was now straddling Katie's back and was furiously stroking his cock. Katie was being buffeted and used like a cum-whore and was loving every second of it. She had a whole series of little orgasms and finally, felt a huge one building.

Just as Pat slammed his cock all the way up her ass and began squirting into her bowels, Chris grabbed her head and buried his cock down her throat. He squirted so much cum into her mouth that it leaked out around his shaft and down her chin. A bit shot up her nose and was running down from that opening, but most of it went exactly where Katie wanted it, down her throat into her stomach. Just as the two men who were using her mouth and ass exploded into her, Chet came all over her back and, especially, directly between her shoulder blades.

This unexpected hotness set her over the edge and she groaned and collapsed, pulling all of them down on top of her. Pat yanked his deflating prick out of her ass, causing her to yelp around Chris' now soft cock. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and wiped all the excess cum off on her face, eyes and hair. Chet, who was now kneeling on her turned around and wiped his cum on her ass cheek. Then, for some reason, he started spanking her and calling her names. She bounced and jiggled and bounced more trying to get him to stop. When he did, he got up off of her and roughly rolled her over onto her back. He looked down at her and said:

"Open your mouth, you fat cunt."

Katie looked hurt, but did as she was told. Chet then leaned down and spit into her open mouth. He pushed her jaw shut and told her to swallow it and she did. As he got up off her, he reached down and slapped he big, plump tits twice. Then, he spit on her cleavage and looked over at Frank and said:

"She's all yours, buddy."

Frank was on her in a second, smashing her big tits together around his cock and sawing away at them. It only took him about two minutes, since he had been forced to just watch the previous events, and he shot a load of man-juice all over Katie's tits, cleavage and chin. The entire time, she had just lain there with a sultry, slutty smile on her cum covered face.

Frank got up off of her reached down for her hand and he, Pat and Chris helped her to her feet and to the couch, where she asked for another drink and some water. She drained the water and then sipped the champagne as she looked at the four men who had been using her for that past three hours and smiled at them.

"End of round one." Was all she said and then sipped her drink some more.

All four men were stunned!

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