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Katie's Night


It's August 28th and it's the fourth day of a heat wave. Katie is sitting bored at work when her phone rings, she answers in her most professional voice, "This is Katie, how can I help you today?"

The voice on the line replies, "You can start by telling me what you're wearing."

Katie laughs it's her long time friend Mike, so she replies, "Just a dress and heels, why?"

"Because I'm taking you out tonight, I will pick you up at 8 and we will celebrate your birthday in style," Mike answered.

"Okay see you then," she replies and hangs up the phone.

See he hasn't forgot my birthday she thought. Katie spends the rest of her day watching the clock, so much to do before she goes out. Finally its 5 o'clock and she rushes to her car she jumps in and makes it home in record time. Katie enters her house locking the door behind her as she strips off her clothes on her way to shower. While waiting for the water to heat up she catches a glimpse of her naked body in the mirror, not bad she thinks.

While in the shower she thinks about the nights festivities. Mike is her best friend she has know him most of her life, but he is more than a friend. Katie remembers just how close they have been on occasion. The last time he took her out they had never made it out of the car. Just thinking about it got Katie so excited it made it to difficult for her to finish shaving. As soon as she put down the razor; she just had to touch herself.

So there she was in the shower all wet and soapy but she couldn't wait she had to get off now. So Katie slid her hand slowly down her stomach to her waiting clit. With just one touch she began to moan. She started with light almost teasing touches, but that didn't last long. Katie needed something more. So, she leaned out of the shower and reached into the medicine cabinet and grabbed her favorite toy, a large waterproof vibe.

She put her back against the cold shower wall, propped one leg on the edge of the tub and turned on her toy. First Katie slid that toy into her hot wet cunt, sliding it in and out; slowly at first. As her need to cum increased so did the speed she fucked herself. She then placed two fingers on her swollen clit and began to rub as fast and hard as she could manage.

In no time her body started to tremble and shake. And with a loud moan Katie began to cum, coating not only her toy, but her hands and legs, as well. After recovering from being overcome by her orgasm she rinsed off, wrapped herself in her robe and headed off to get dressed.

Katie picked out this soft flowing black wrap dress that showed off her small waist and large breasts. Katie has what most people would consider a perfect figure 38 - 28 - 38 top off with heavenly DDs, waist length dark hair that causes her ocean blue eyes to really stand out. Since Katie was hoping for some fun tonight she decided to wear nothing but her dress and a pair of black heels. Just as she is finished getting ready there is a knock on the door, Mike had a key so he let himself in.

"Are you ready?" he shouts, as Katie steps out from around the corner. "Dam girl you look Hot!" Mike exclaims.

Katie spins around as she does her dress flairs out showing Mike that she is not wearing any panties

"Do you really think so?" she asks.

"Hell yeah!" he replies. Mike takes Katie by the hand and leads her out to his car.

"Where are you taking me anyway?" Katie asks.

"It's a surprise," he replies.

The car ride seemed to take forever, Katie had no idea where they were, but she trusted him so she just sits back and relaxes. After about 30 minutes Mike turns off the road down some unmarked dirt road. He continues a few miles down when the road ends in a large open field.

Looking around Katie says, "I feel over dressed."

"You're perfect," Mike replies as he gets out of the car.

Mike walks around and helps Katie out of the car by taking her by the hand he then leads her to the middle of the field. In the middle of the field is nothing but a table, as they get closer Katie can make out a bottle and glasses on the table.

She turns to Mike and asks, "What's going on?"

He replies, "Birthday shots."

They reach the table and Mike pours the drinks, as he hands her a glass,

"Here's to a memorable night." Mike says

As soon as Katie finishes her shot Mike fills the glass again.

"Bottoms up," he says.

She drinks her second shot and reminds him "You know after three I am no longer responsible for my actions."

"Good have another," Mike replies.

After a few more drinks Katie could no longer contain herself. She went to get up from the table and since she was wearing heels in the middle of a field she stumbled, lost her balance and fell flat on her ass. Unable to get up because she was laughing so hard Mike offered her his hand.

Mike pulled Katie to her feet. Katie noticed as he did he didn't take his eyes off her breasts, so she thought here's my chance. Katie stepped right up close to Mike and with one pull of the string her dress opened up reveling to him, her naked body. She then pulled Mike to her and kissed him deeply. After the kiss, without saying a word Katie unbuckled Mikes pants and dropped them to his ankles then removed his shirt.

There they both are standing in the middle of the field completely naked just taking in the sight of each other bodies. Unable to resist the temptation Katie in one swift motion dropped to her knees while engulfing Mike's rock hard member into her mouth. She licks each and every inch with wild abandonment, all the time cupping and caressing his balls. As Katie was licking up the underside of Mike shaft she felt his sack begin to tighten.

She looked up at him with the most innocent eyes and asked "Should I stop?"

Without saying a word Mike placed his hand on the back of her head and softly pushed her down on his cock so she would finish what she had started. Katie deep throated his cock just twice when Mike started to tremble from his upcoming orgasm. He then exploded in Katie's mouth; she never missed a beat or a drop. When his cock began to become soft again Katie stood up and took Mike's hand and placed it on her clean shaven pussy. Mike felt the hot wetness and looked at her with a devilish grin to that grin

Katie replied "See what you have done to me. Now, what do you plan to do about it?"

No man in his right mind would resist an invitation like that, so Mike picked up Katie and placed her on the table and proceeded to lick her nipples causing Katie to squeal in delight. He then proceeded to lick his way down until he reached her engorged clit. Mike licked all around her clit never actually touching it, this drove Katie absolutely wild with desire.

Unable to take it any more Katie lifts Mike's face from her cunt looks him in the eyes and says "Fuck Me Now!"

Mike then stands next to the table, right between Katie's legs and slowly starts feeding his massive erection to her hot wet pussy. Mike had made Katie way too horny for anything nice and slow, she want him hard, fast and now, so she sat up grabbed him by the waist and pulled him deep inside her.

Mike too the hint quite nicely, he grab her wrists and pinned her down to the table with one hand, starts playing with her nipples with the other, while slamming his cock into her as hard as he could manage. They kept up this for what seemed like hours until Mike felt Katie start to quiver and shake, he then picked up the pace until she started screaming in delight. Then Mike started feeling the cock squeezing muscle contractions of Katie's pussy and that push him right over the edge to an intense orgasm of his own. They both collapsed in a sweaty pile of pure orgasmic bliss.

Mike lifted his head long enough to look in her eyes and say, "Happy Birthday!"

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