tagBDSMKatie's Place Pt. 07: Final

Katie's Place Pt. 07: Final


Having sex with Katie had been amazing, even with his head bricked up inside a box. Tom lay there looking up through the grille at the small glow of light that sneaked into the cell. He felt he was in love, although he knew that couldn't be the case, or if it was, he was in trouble.

Tom found he could get reasonably comfortable. Inside the box he rested his head on Katie's clothes and outside of the box he lay on the thin mattress. He also found that he could turn his neck within the gap in the wall and so could lie on his front, back or side. The only thing he couldn't do was remove his head from the box.

He tapped the side of the brick box with his hand and felt the vibrations. It felt different each time as the cement continued to harden. As he lay there he knew that the chemical reaction going on around him was making the box that contained his head even harder and even more impregnable.

He lay curled up on his side with her underwear still in his mouth. 'Leave them in there...for me' was all she'd said. He knew that leaving her panties in his mouth all night would be uncomfortable, the fabric that had been against her butt all day would suck what little moisture he had left from his mouth.

He could easily have spat them out and not put them back into his mouth until the morning, Katie would never know, but for some reason he had to obey her. Maybe it was because she had thrown him a challenge that he wanted to achieve, or maybe he wanted to show his devotion, or maybe he just didn't want to disappoint her. He was still trying to make sense of everything when a few minutes later he fell asleep.

He woke the next morning and managed to piss into the strategically positioned floor drain. He could probably also shit into the drain if he had to. Her panties were still in his mouth which he clamped closed to ensure they remained in there when she returned.

Katie finally breezed in at 9am wearing a fitted black top, orange floral ra ra skirt and black heels. With her legs together, she stood by the box and looked in.

"Good morning." she smiled, obviously having got out of bed on the right side.

Tom moaned back.

"Thank you Tommy, you kept them in all night." Katie replied with a big smile on her face. She clasped her hands together in excitement.

Tom moaned again, this time with an intonation that implied he was asking a question.

"OK, you can take them out." she smiled.

Keeping Katie happy was easy, it just required complete and absolute loyalty and obedience, no matter what she did to you.

"You look fantastic." he said quite genuinely.

Katie giggled as she gave him a twirl which made her short ra ra skirt lift. But the performance was only brief as after one turn, she sat down on the grille with her skirt covered the whole of the top of the box. Scented darkness returned to Tom's little world and once again he was left staring at her butt. Very brief white cotton panties with a frill around the top, Tom smiled, he was a world expert on Katie's choice of underwear.

"Shall I offer this service then?" she asked as she casually tapped her knees together.

"Maybe not for a one hour session."

"Mmm, yes it would have to be an overnighter."

"One nighter or one life timer?" Tom asked still unsure of how she planned to release him.

Katie opened her thighs, pulled up her skirt and looked down with a mock frown on her face. "Yes, how am I going to open it?"

"A hammer and chisel would help." Tom asked hopefully.

"And damage my lovely seat?"

"Is your seat really worth my freedom?"

"To me, yes." she said seriously as she closed her thighs and covered them with her skirt.

Tom listened carefully hoping for a giggle, but heard nothing. He stared at her butt in the half light, wondering what on earth was going through her pretty little head. She was sitting perfectly still, in silence. The seconds of his life ticked past as he lay imprisoned beneath her.


There was no reply.

Finally, he heard her typing on her laptop and a few minutes later she started to talk business.

Katie already had more clients than she could deal with and yet still was reluctant to raise her prices. She still struggled with the idea that people would pay more for the pleasure of being locked up by her. But demand for her unique take on female domination was increasing by the day and with Jess gone and Tom plus two other cells to service, her offering was often limited.

Guys, and the occasional girl, would arrive and be chained up in a cell. She'd usually sit on their face whether they'd asked for it or not. It was a personal favourite of hers and once they were wrapped in chains there was little chance of declining.

They would then watch as she closed the cell door on then, thereby depriving them of their liberty. The more perceptive of her customers were learning not to make plans for immediately after the session, as an hour could easily stretch to two or three in Katie time. Value for money some might think, although others might have considered it false imprisonment. Either way, few complained.

Her limited repertoire meant that she was often providing a relaxation, even meditation service rather than anything overtly sexual. Whatever problems existed in the real world seemed to disappear inside her cell. The steel, the concrete, complete captivity, sensory deprivation. Inside the small cells, rationale thought was just impossible. The overworked executive would just lie in the dark, usually mesmerized by the pretty brunette that had just slammed the door. Nothing else really mattered.

From beneath her, Tom dictated words for a new page on the website and even talked her through the steps of registering the new company. He was to be a co-director, which made him smile as he'd been unable to direct anything, or indeed have a sane thought, since the day he met her.

They discussed whether they should employ anyone else, but it was clear that Katie was still bitter about Jess. Tom was still wearing the D-lock that Jess had casually locked around his neck just before she'd been fired. He could still picture the mysterious Eastern European brunette pop the keys into the front pocket of her shorts.

Tom smiled, Jess was cute, and those tight cotton shorts were to die for. He'd given her oral sex several times that day. She had tasted nice and her little cries of pleasure had been adorable. Although that said, he'd liked the fact that Katie had been jealous. It was just a pity that Jess had taken the keys, keys that no doubt she had long since disposed of.

"Have you heard from Jess?" he asked as casually as possible.

"Are you still on about that bike lock?" she peered down between her legs.

"Well, yeah it's still kinda locked around my neck."

"There're only a few million people in this city, you might cross paths."

Tom was still formulating the right respond when Katie's thighs closed like the doors of a vault above him, once more sealing him off from the world. She didn't seem as concerned as him.

"If we do hire someone, you can interview them." Katie continued. "Please give me an example of when you chained your boss to the floor and forced him to give you oral sex."

"That's so clichéd." Tom joked.

"Well we want to make sure the hired help has the necessary skills." Katie's voice had a definite edge to it. She then crossed her legs which let in a small ray of light, but Tom read as a danger sign.

Later that morning, Katie bought a hammer and chisel and watched with an amused look on her face as he failed to make much impact on the solid brick structure.

With the other available cell holding some guy in a suit, Katie left Tom still hammering away. It was hot and awkward work, but the thought of getting out into fresh air and buying a litre of coffee drove him on. His ears were ringing and he was coughing from the dust and at least one finger was bleeding from a misplaced hammer strike.

He knew that Katie had left the cell door open, a 'schoolgirl' error on her part he thought. Strike that coffee, he would head straight to the bar for a beer. He swung again and felt a brick break free, he was only minutes away. At last the grille broke free and clattered across the cell. Tom sat up for the first time in over twelve hours and climbed to his feet, but as he did so he felt a jolt on his neck.

"No!" he shouted as his eyes followed the heavy chain that connected his neck to the floor, "You bitch!" he cried.

In his frustration, Tom picked up a brick and smashed it down on to the padlock. Nothing and so he tried again. The sweat was running down his toned biceps, biceps that were now bulging from the exertion. Now on his knees, he continued to smash down until the brick shattered into pieces. The next brick went the same way.

He lay down panting, his bare chest, dirty, sweating and slightly cut, looking like something from a Rambo movie. Even with the cell door open there was no possible way to escape.

"Tom!" a voice woke him from his daydreams.

He looked up and saw long toned legs stretching up into the little ra ra skirt above him. The legs then crouched down until the ra ra skirt formed a tiny tent over his head. His angry immediately dissipated and he felt totally relaxed as he gazed out from underneath her skirt and watched as a manicured hand slipped a key into the slightly battered silver padlock. The key turned and the lock sprung open. The ra ra skirt then rose until it towered above him once more.

"Follow me." she spoke gently.

With the free end of the chain in her hand, she led him by the neck back upstairs and into the new shower. She removed his remaining clothes before swinging closed the barred shower door which locked with a small click.

Tom stood naked in the small shower cubicle, surrounded by tiles on three sides and a barred door on the fourth. Tom reached through the bars and felt for the empty keyhole.

"Won't you join me?" he asked hopefully.

He did look sexy covered in sweat and brick dust, but Katie just stood there in her little ra ra skirt and turned on the cold water that fell from the oversized showerhead.

"Arrh." he cried out, unable to avoid the icy water.

"What did you say?" she asked.

Her slim hand pulled the lever again and again the cold water hit him.

Half an hour later Tom was clean, but the suddenly bursts of hot and cold water combined with his sexy dominatrix, or should that be business partner, standing just the other side of the bars had left him exhausted on the floor.

He listened as Katie released the guy in the suit from his cell. If she could be jealous of Jess spending time with him, why couldn't he be jealous of her spending time with other guy? He certainly felt that way right then. With his face pushed up against the bars, he listened to Katie talking to the guy downstairs. Her calm slightly clipped voice purring in a way that any guy would obey. He felt for the empty keyhole again as jealously started to consume him.

With a shower and proper toilet now installed, Katie really could keep someone imprisoned for as long as she chose. Indeed, two weeks had now passed and Tom had only left Katie's place on three occasions and during each of those times Katie had made sure he would return.

Each time, Katie had handcuffed him so tightly that if the cuffs weren't released within half an hour, they could start to do serious damage to the nerves in his wrists. Maybe he could run to the fire service and get them to cut him free, but then the cuffs were so tight around his skin that any angle grinder would also go straight through his wrists. And the locks were certainly too complicated to pick within the few minutes available. Each time as he walked through the cool night air, he knew he had no choice other than to return to the cute brunette with the key.

He had left it longer than usual this time and was relieved when Katie released the cuffs. He massaged his wrists as Katie led him back to his cell, which as usual was the only cell not already in use.

Laid out on the floor were twenty identical high security padlocks and over ten metres of industrial strength chain. Tom stripped down to his boxers and lay on his back on the thin mattress. Wearing jeans and t-shirt, Katie sat on Tom's waist and started to work.

"Many hits on the site today?" he asked as she locked the chain around each of his ankles with only a few inches between them.

"Yeah and I have some ideas for more clips."

"I believe you." Tom smiled as the chain reached up and encircled his knees and was locked by another padlock.

Katie was now sitting on Tom's chest and was admiring the word 'Katie's' that she had had tattooed on his waist. She kissed it as the chain continued to work its way up his body and now encircled his waist where it was locked by another padlock. Each wrist was then locked in turn to the waist chain before the chain reached down between his legs before coming back up and restraining his chest and upper arms.

Within ten minutes, Tom was wearing a full chain suit and could barely move. He struggled to roll on to his side, but then rolled back again to catch his breath.

"Katie, I hope you have the keys." he breathed as she stripped down to black silk G-string and skimpy bra.

"Key." Katie corrected holding up a single silver key.

"Is it the only one to all those locks?"


She held the key between her lips and then used one finger to push it all the way into her mouth. As if performing a magic trick, she waited a few moments building the tension and then brought the key back out on her tongue. Katie then withdrew the key back inside and closed her mouth. As her mouth closed, her big brown eyes seemed to get bigger.

She sat astride Tom's waist and pulled his boxers to one side. She did the same to her barely there panties and slipped him inside of her. Tom could read the excitement in her eyes and was increasingly worried about the fate of the key as she reached orgasm.

"Katie, the key..." Tom's voice tailed off as the feeling of making love to her took away all capacity for thought.

The pleasure was building in her eyes as he started to buck beneath her. Even with her body tantalisingly out of reach it felt incredible. He pulled instinctively at the chains as he tried to touch her body and was oblivious to the chains that were starting to bite into his wrists.

Katie was thrashing around wildly, her long hair flying from side to side. But even through it all and despite the obvious orgasm, Katie managed to keep her mouth closed with its precious cargo trapped inside.

Afterwards and while still sitting astride Tom, Katie leaned back, opened her mouth and let the key fall down her body and down inside her panties which she held open with one hand. With the key inside, she let the elastic snap shut.

"Wow!" she smiled.

He smiled back still short of breath.

"Were you worried?" she asked as she lay down and kissed him.

"No." he lied.

"Really?" she asked more firmly that expected as she sat up and picked the key out of her panties and held it above her open mouth.

Tom lay there wrapped in her chains, still trying in vain to free a hand so that he could touch her breasts that were almost hanging out of her bra. But as he watched, Katie swept her long brown hair out of her eyes and then dropped the key into her upturned mouth. She choked a little and then smiled.

"Maybe you should have been worried." she purred.

"Katie how do I get out of these chains!"

"You don't... not for now." Katie ran her fingers over her firm stomach, presumably somewhere near where the key had come to rest.

Tom's body was almost completely immobile and he was unable to stop Katie sliding up his body and planting her clit over his mouth.

"You wouldn't want to disappoint me, right?" she smiled as she felt his tongue on her.

His mouth and tongue were aching when the slim brunette finally climbed off him chained body. The room seemed to be spinning from emotions that overwhelmed him. Katie kissed him on the lips and he barely noticed.

"Don't worry, I'll look after you." she whispered.

Tom watched the 21 year old girl gather up her clothes and pile them under his head, her supple body gracefully moving above him. Still completely naked, Katie then left the cell and padlocked the door, leaving her plaything locked and ready for another day.

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