tagRomanceKeeper of Unlocked Desires Day 1

Keeper of Unlocked Desires Day 1


To the keeper of my unlocked desires

* * * * *

As I sit on my lounge chair on my back balcony, I watch the sun set over the beautiful lake that is in front of me. I can't help myself from thinking about you. You have been on my mind non-stop for days now. I think about all the times we were together, just hanging out having fun.

All those times when we were both with someone else, wishing that I was the one in your arms instead of her. Just looking into your eyes I would be entranced by your physique. Your smile alone would send chills throughout my body. Oh how I wanted you. The wanting began to pull me farther away from the one I was committed to already, and was making me begin to see just how unhappy I truly was. Whenever I hear you voice, I can only imagine if that was the voice that I would hear everyday for the rest of my life and how happy I could truly be.

It's been several years now that we have known each other and my thoughts of you are still deep with emotions and are overflowing with passion. I would love to be the one that you put your arms around every day and to kiss me with so much unreleased emotions -- my visions of us are so intense they seem so real at times -- this vision is true in my head as I write this to you, wherever you may be..

You lay me down on a soft pillow bed, and gently start to undress my body one article of clothing at a time. First unbuttoning my shirt and exposing my breasts in my black lace bra. You then kiss my chest so softly as I can feel your breath on me. You look up at me and run your fingertips down my cheek as I stare deeply into your gorgeous eyes, and continue your hand down my neck and then my chest.

You slowly remove my shirt all the way off my body and next move your hands down to my pants and unzip them and slide them down my legs. As you slide my pants down, you kiss my legs all the way down to my feet. I lay all the way down onto my back as you remove my pants all the off and toss them to the floor.

You take a long look at my body as I lay there in my black lace bra and matching g-strings. You can't help but smile as you slide your hands up my legs and gently lay on top of me. As I stare into your eyes, I can't help but wonder what you're thinking..wondering what your next move will be. You then take a piece of ice and place it in your mouth and begin to kiss my neck, then down to my chest, then my stomach. The heat of your mouth begins to melt the ice and it begins to trickle down my sides.

I shut my eyes as your kiss is so soft and sweet - it is a kiss from heaven - a kiss of ecstasy. You start to touch every inch of my silky body and move your fingers gently across my bra - you unsnap it and as you slowly remove it you start to kiss my nipples and slowly move your tongue back and forth across them. My nipples are very hard and I start to feel your body move around on top of mine. You then take off my g-strings, leaving nothing left to the imagination. I am now yours --all yours to do with as you please.

You slide your hands down my sides to my hips and then you move your body to the side of mine and lay sideways next to me. You kiss my breast as you slide you hand to my clit. You gently begin to massage my clit as you gently bite and lick my nipples. You have already come to find out that my clit is soaking wet from your touch and your soft kisses.

You start to kiss you way down my body ..inching your way down to my clit. You place your head between my legs and begin to lick me. You taste the sweetness of my love for you. As I watch you move so seductively, you make me want you more and more with every moment that passes us by. You begin to kiss you way back up to my face and gently bite my bottom lip in a very sexy way that's almost enough to make me melt.

We continue to kiss silently for several minutes and then I roll you over and place you on your back and begin to please you as much as you just did me. I slowly pull up your shirt and remove it from you and toss it on the floor along with all my clothes.

I kiss your neck and take a couple nibbles from you ear and the nape of your neck then move my way down your chest. I can feel you shiver as I lick and caress every inch of your soft chest and stomach.

I move my way down to your pants and begin to unbutton them and slowly start to pull them down. As I move your pants down I can feel you cock start to throb. I move my hand across the top of your boxers and gently slide my hand over your cock to feel you. I then remove your pants and toss them on the floor and work my way back up and take off your boxers to expose the cock that I've been longing for, for years now.

I begin to lick my way up your legs and I hear you start to moan softly. I kiss my way up to your cock and let my lips slide down the thick length of your shaft bobbing my head up and down. I let my tongue tickle the underside of your cock as the head of it lunges down my throat.

I gently squeeze your balls and increase the suction on your cock. I can feel you start to throb faster and faster so I let go with my mouth and move to kiss your balls and lick you all around your balls and thighs. You start to squirm as I lick you in places that you never thought possible.

I gently stroke your cock as I lick your balls then I place your cock back into my mouth and stroke and suck you hard. You reach for my hair and hold me by my head as I move your cock in and out of my mouth. I look up and make eye contact with you as you watch me intensely with your cock all the way in my mouth. I can feel you getting ready to cum, and I won't let you, at least not yet.

I then move my body onto yours and bend down to kiss your lips. I place your cock inside me and slowly move up and down on your shaft. With every stroke it feels more and more wonderful. The deeper you go inside me the more I moan.

Our bodies become in sync with one another and we are intense in our movements and they become faster and faster. Our breathing has become erratic and load and our voices could be heard through all the walls. As if we could care who was watching or listening to us make passionate love.

You roll me over and place yourself on top of me. We continue to make sweet passionate love and you place my legs on your shoulders as you thrust your cock inside of me. We become so intense in each other that we feel our bodies start to shake and I feel you shoot your cum deep inside of me and I begin to cum too. We then lay in each others arms, silent for several minutes, until you turn to me and say, "The best is always worth waiting for." Then you kiss me and hold me tightly in your arms as we fall asleep together.

Good night my love, I will continue my dreams of you always


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