tagRomanceKeeper Of Unlocked Desires Day 3

Keeper Of Unlocked Desires Day 3


To the keeper of my unlocked desires:

Day Three

You have been on my mind all day today my love. I have had many thoughts of our evening that we have planned tonight and can't wait until you embrace me in your arms and kiss me so passionately. The thoughts of your kisses make me smile and think more and more of the things that you do to me with your mouth. There are only a few short hours before we are together again and I have lots of fantasies to fulfill tonight.

I return from work one day and decide to take a shower and freshen up before you arrive home for our special evening alone. I undress and turn on the shower.I then enter into the flow of the steaming water. As I begin to wash my body, I don't realize that you have come home early because you couldn't stand the anticipation either. You are watching me through the glass shower doors. You don't let me know that you are there, instead you remain silent enjoying the view of me in the water.

As I wash off my body, the warmth of the water and the feel of my own hands on my body arouses me and I begin to get engulfed in my own pleasure. I caress my breasts and rub my silky body as the water runs down my sides and legs. I enjoy the pulsating water against my flesh and begin to rub my clit gently stroking it softly then faster and faster. You decide that you want to surprise me..you throw red rose petals over the top of the shower into the water with me. I look up to see where they are coming from, and more and more petals are flowing over the top and my feet are covered in red roses. You open the shower door and join me in the pleasure..you need not say a word - - the touch of your kiss says it all.

You are such a romantic, so much into passion, always doing crazy little things to excite me. The roses did more than that.you remembered that they are my favorite and what I surprise you gave me. You pick up a handful of petals from the shower floor and gently rub them across my body. The room is filled with the aroma of fresh roses, a smell that any real woman would die for. You then rub the petals across my nipples, it feels as if velvet is brushing against my skin. I am so aroused by you, by the roses, by your devotion and love to me.

We begin to kiss passionately as you kiss my lips and then my neck, always knowing the exact spots that entice me. You get behind me and caress me from the back with your arms wrapped around my body. The warm water pulsates down on us as you continue to caress me, first my breasts then down between my legs. You get down on your knees and begin to kiss my lower back then my ass. I bend over slightly and you start to lick my clit.

You finger me as you lick and suck me, and I do all that I can to keep from moaning loudly. There's something about the shower, the roses, and your tongue on my clit that is absolutely heaven. What more could a woman ask for. You are pure ecstasy.

You have me close to climaxing as you raise up end enter me from a standing doggy style position. I have my hands out in front of me holding myself up on the wall as you thrust your cock into my pussy. You feel so good, so full, so thick. With every stroke, I can feel a little bit more of heaven. I reach underneath my body and grab hold of your balls as you continue to fuck me. I hear you moan and say "oh baby, that feels nice", then I move and bend down further and place my upper back against the wall and have one hand on your balls massaging you and the other hand on my clit rubbing it.

We both cum at the same time, my climax lasting a little longer than yours. I stand up and turn facing you and give you the best and the most passionate kiss that I can, for it is you that my heart and soul is devoted to.

You are my life, my love, my heaven, and my true ecstasy. I will cherish you always my darling.



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