tagBDSMKeeping a Stranger

Keeping a Stranger


"Stand up and face the bed," Tony ordered Rachel. When she did, he walked toward her and grabbed her arms. She felt cold metal click around her wrists and realized he was handcuffing her. She felt his breath on her ear just before he whispered, "You are mine."

Tony pushed her forward, bending her over the bed. With no more preamble than that, he shoved his dick inside her pussy. She felt his thick shaft part her soft lips to claim the tight prize inside. He pulled out slowly and rubbed around the outside for a moment, teasing her, before thrusting back inside. She cried out at the feeling, and he smacked her ass. "Be quiet, whore." She clenched her teeth as he pushed her forward again and again, his balls slapping against her obscenely. He varied his speed, sometimes thrusting as quickly as he could, sometimes possessing her slowly, making sure she knew that he was the one in control.

He pulled out and she was left leaning over the bed, aching to have him back inside. Tony wanted to be back inside her, but he was determined to give her what she'd asked for so many months before. The first time they'd talked, she'd told him she fantasized about being tied up and stuffed with cock. The handcuffs were a good start down that path, but he didn't think that was the kind of control she craved. He'd thought about how he was going to play their encounter, and the bag he'd brought inside was full of equipment to make her happier than she'd been in her life.

He unzipped the bag and pulled out a long length of rope. He also pulled out a strap-on, which he put on the nightstand - he had plans for the plastic dick, but they would come later - and a blindfold. From all they'd spoken of, he imagined she'd like being unable to see him. He slipped the blindfold over her eyes, and she gasped. He'd been right - she felt her body come so alive she could hardly bear it, all her nerve endings at attention, bringing every touch to a height she'd never imagined reaching.

He unlocked the handcuffs and tossed them at the bag. "Kneel on the bed," he ordered her. When she was there, he stood in front of her, the headboard hitting him just behind the knees. He took her head in his hands and guided her mouth to his shaft. She took him in, tasting herself on him. Unlike earlier, he didn't give her even a pretense at control, fucking her mouth from the very start. She felt him touch her throat and gagged a little bit before taking a deep breath and relaxing herself so he could go as deep as he wanted.

He pulled out of her mouth and walked behind her, throwing her head down against the bed and pulling her hips back so her legs were folded under her. Now he grabbed the rope and held it between his teeth as he reached for her hands, pulling them back to be level with her ankles. He tied her left wrist and ankle together, then pulled her up by her hair so he could make sure the rope went between her breasts and around her neck to meet itself in the valley between her tits. He pushed her back down and used the trailing end of the rope to tie her right wrist and ankle together. Finished, he surveyed his handiwork; blindfolded and trussed up, all she could do was wait for him to make his move.

The rope had gotten her horny as hell. There was something deeply erotic about being nothing more than a hole for a man. She'd come close to orgasm several times that night, but had been unable to climax. She was feeling it now. She knew with absolute certainty that she needed something to fill her pussy, and she needed it soon.

Tony enjoyed watching her squirm on the bed, looking desperately for some kind of release. She couldn't move much with how she was tied, but what little movement she managed spoke of desperation. His hands on her hips stilled her. He found her opening with ease and teased her gently. She moaned. "Please," she begged.

He brought his hand down hard, making her squeal when his palm made contact with her ass. "I already told you, slut," he snapped. "Be quiet. I'll fuck you when I'm ready."

His dick probed the outside of her pussy, teasing her, rubbing against her clit. It was all she could do to stay quiet and the sensations overtook her body.

Then, with one hard, fast move, he was inside. She came almost instantly, feeling her cunt spasm around him. It was more intense than she'd ever managed on her own. She hadn't known what she was missing.

Tony smiled to himself. The little whore liked being used as a toy, it seemed. She'd told him she did, but since she'd never been in a position to test herself, he'd been doubtful. It took a special kind of woman to enjoy being nothing more than a hole.

Her cunt was still spasming when he pulled himself out almost all the way and slammed back inside. He rode her hard, pistoning in and out of her as she jerked beneath him. As the aftershocks subsided, she felt him more and more deeply. She whimpered, tears filling her eyes from her need for him. Saliva filled her mouth - what she would give for something to suck on!

His thrusts got deeper still, making her wonder just how hard he could take her. She felt herself reaching the edge again, sooner than she'd gotten to a second peak with her own fingers. She lost herself in the feeling of being owned by a stiff dick and didn't even notice when she started speaking.

Tony noticed. The little tart had a mouth on her, that was for sure. "Pound me, fuck me, yes, take my cunt, please, harder, please, stick your dick in me hard, faster-"

He slapped her ass. "I thought I told you to be quiet!" he growled. Reaching for the nightstand, he took the strap-on and held it backwards. "Open your mouth." When she hesitated, he spanked her again, harder this time. Her mouth flew open in a gasp and he popped the end of the fake dick in her mouth. Still ravaging her pussy, he pushed the dildo into her mouth. When it was completely inside her, he tied it around her head so she couldn't get it off.

She was in heaven. There was a dick in her mouth and one in her pussy, Christ, how good could one girl feel? She came again, the second time in less than half an hour, and her mind was gone. Her clit was on a hair trigger, it seemed.

He pulled out and flipped her over. Her legs raised themselves in the air involuntarily, her hands following. He spread her knees and fell between them, licking and biting her tits like a man possessed as his cock found her cunt again.

She came over and over, lost in the new sensations, wondering why she'd never tried this before. He kept pumping into her, over and over, surprising himself with his stamina. At long last, he came, shooting himself inside her.

He rolled off before he reached up and pulled the strap-on out of her mouth. "Are you all right?" he asked. "Did I hurt you?"

It took her a moment to remember how to speak. "I'm fine," she said. "Better than fine. I'm fantastic. You're fantastic."

He kissed her softly. "Good to hear." They lay in each other's arms for a moment, catching their breath, both regretting that they would probably never again get to do this. The next morning, he drove her back to her dorm before leaving for the airport.

She wondered if anyone on campus could fuck her like he had, and he wondered if he'd ever find someone as fantastic as she.

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