tagFetishKeeping It in the Family Ch. 05

Keeping It in the Family Ch. 05


NOTE: All character herein that partake in sexual acts are aged eighteen or older. This story also contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Three days later...

Naturally, Eddis never bothered re-running for Mayor, essentially signing the position over to Ruth when he spurted his load over her belly during their confrontation in his now former office. Given that, Ruth accrued all the political power needed to start thinking about bigger things. She had such grand designs but needed the support of Bridgewood's people to ensure they became reality. What better way to win their support than by doling out food sent in from neighboring towns?

Ruth and her family stood atop the town hall's steps, watching the police hand out packages of food to the clawing families dressed in winter coats. The snow had finally stopped falling but the bitter cold persisted. Yet, the Hines's appeared almost unaffected by it. Ruth wore the same fur coat as when confronting Eddis, but only for effect - her cheeks were flush with warmth as she cupped her belly that had grown larger still, pressing against the coat. Judging by her belly's increased size, Ruth was actually overdue her delivery date. It just kept growing.

Kendall giggled girlishly watching four people fight over the same package, slapping and clawing at one another. There was more than enough for everyone yet hunger brought out the primal nature within them. Ruth had already explained beforehand that there was enough, but clearly that seemed to have slipped the peoples' minds.

Detective Kelly McNamara was part of the crowd, wearing a blood red Nicci belted coat. A package was tucked under her armpit, protecting it from anyone daring enough to come at her to steal it. At the back of her mind, though, despite the crippling hunger, seeing the violence erupt around her, she felt the need to do the right thing. Instead of keeping the package to herself, she split its contents amongst her and a small gathering of individuals surrounding the statue of the town's founder.

The police started unlatching the second batch of boxes stashed within a truck, revealing more care packages. The line of ravenous citizens closest to the vehicle didn't hesitate in their attempt to rush the officers of the law and raid it, pushing them aside, some even bold enough to openly attack them with anything they could find. It was a war zone and yet Ruth could see the advantages to helping people so desperate.

Ruth approached the lectern and tapped her nail on the microphone attached to it, sending out a coarse wave of reverberating feedback that caught the townspeople's attention, who immediately stopped dead in their violent acts. As they all turned to face her, Ruth coughed in preparation to speak.

"I imagine this is enough to keep you all happy for the rest of winter. Food, warm clothes, some toys for your children and education books for the students." Ruth's statements were met with silence but she expected that much. Truthfully, the citizens of Bridgewood were so set in getting theirs hands on what they needed that they didn't even know Ruth and her family were there, stood at the top steps like the savior she was, rubbing her midriff. "All particularly easy to come by."

Kelly moved between the citizens as she made her approach closer to Ruth. As she continued her speech, Ruth saw Kelly stand there scornfully but didn't react, instead maintaining her leading posture.

"This doesn't come all free of charge, however. Well, not exactly. You see, while the position was inevitably thrust upon me, I have come to understand my position as Mayor and have fashioned great plans that ensure our town blossoms. I would need your absolute loyalty to guarantee that."

There was a moment's silence, which Ruth used to examine the faces of those looking upon her; hungry, desperate, willing to do anything to ensure survival. Then she turned to Kelly and smirked shrewdly before seizing the moment back.

"That's all I want - your loyalty. Else the food you've generously been given will be seized back at the click of my finger."

Kelly glowered. She knew Ruth was serious about her threat and that the townsfolk were naive enough not to believe it. Simply, Ruth was dictating how the people should go about their lives. And they would be sheep in the matter. They wouldn't dare risk losing the food they had.

"This is wrong!" The Irishwoman exclaimed at Ruth, taking a step closer, passing the barrier between The Family and the rabble. Jordan stepped forward to protect his grandmother, but Ruth gestured for him to stay put, admiring Kelly's bravado. "Buying people's loyalty by preying on their hunger. It's Dictatorial."

Scott flashed a glare at Kelly. He was at least five inches taller and two hundred pounds heavier than her - all muscle - but she didn't care. Someone had to do the right thing. She had to do the right thing. Scott crossed his arms, the fabric of his new custom sized suit strained on account of his outrageous musculature, dwarfed his grandmother's. His mother Carolyn seemed to sense his anger, fearful for the safety of the child in Ruth's bloated gut, taking his hand.

Ruth's fur coat shifted in the light, gaining Kelly's attention. The young woman then realized Ruth's belly was growing again, right in front of everyone, straining and pulling at the grandmother's coat until small rips formed.

"And that," Kelly continued, pointing to the older woman's coat shifting. "Whatever you're carrying in that belly of yours, it isn't natural. No pregnancy is that big."

Kelly had opened the floodgates now. She'd practically goaded Ruth into revealing the extent of her pregnancy to the people of Bridgewood. Only her family, the doctor and Eddis knew of its greatness. But Ruth felt Kelly's persistence ought to be rewarded with a glimpse. Ruth stood in front of the lectern and grabbed her fur coat tightly, sensing her family's initial concern before it shifted into an uncomfortable aura of confidence. The townsfolk drew their eyes to Ruth as she parted her coat just enough for her pregnancy to peek through, yet that was enough.

Kelly took a step back in shock, nearly tripping over a brick. She couldn't believe the sight shown to her - the way Ruth's belly shifted this way and that wasn't unlike something in a horror movie, with squelches and - whatever it was - the unborn thing growing within her reached out from within its mother's bloated womb. The townspeople shared in Kelly's disgust, some turning away while most outright ran off. Thumbing the unusual growth that instantly formed at the side, Ruth smiled in a way that only served to heighten Kelly's concern.

Before long, Ruth removed her coat, shrugging it off to reveal herself completely naked underneath. A lattice of veins of varied lengths and sizes covering the eventual mother's belly audibly squirmed energetically, seemingly gathering en mass at her navel. Ruth's nakedness betrayed the laws of nature; the bitter cold seemed not to affect her in any way. In fact, she seemed to be the warmest person in the vicinity as the snow at her feet melted in sync with her belly's growls.

"Isn't she remarkable?" Ruth couldn't resist looking down at her belly as it shifted, turned and bulged wildly, soft, strange ethereal noises rippling from her swollen abdomen echoed. Kelley noticed a patch of wetness form at Ruth's crotch, initially assuming her water had broken when the reality was she was turned on by her stomach's lively actions. "Boundless in potential. I guess you could say I'm carrying a God in my womb."

Jordan moved up to his grandmother's side and stroked her belly with a perverted smile, feeling the roiling veins that encompassed her veins push against his palm as The Being moved, seemingly interacting with him. The rest of The Family followed suit, copying Jordan. Kelly watched as various growths rose from Ruth's gravidness, pushing their palms upwards.

Ruth smiled before entering a worrying monologue:

"She wants us all to be part of her family, to be one big happy family. She wants the men to marry and breed with me and my daughters, the women to do the same with my sons. Their children shall do to each other what I do with my own. Sons will marry their mothers, brothers will seduce their sisters. Cousins shall copulate with one another. Granddaughters shall sleep with their grandfathers as grandsons give their own grandmothers children. For the greater good."

"The greater good," the townsfolk repeated in unison.

Kelly blinked, her attention turned to the droves of people behind her in perfectly straight rows. It seemed as though their previously violent attitude had shifted to something more docile, yet their eyes were glossed over, as if influenced by something. That was when she realized the connection, looking back and forth between them and Ruth's exposed pregnancy - it was so mesmerizing that they were literally hypnotized!

"She only has these people under her control but as she grows..." Ruth moaned as her stomach creaked and bulged with a small ripple of growth, feeling the child mature further. "...so too will her power!"

"Accept her offer and you shall share in her gift." Ruth continued, moaning as she felt The Being kick out violently. Bruises formed in her belly but she didn't find pain, rather she praised them, feeling the extent of her child's power growing within. The snow encircling Ruth melted further as she thumbed her navel with a sinister grin. "Praise her!"

"Praise her!" The people cried out jointly before they started doing what could only instill horror in Kelly, stripping in front of one another in unison while keeping eye contact with Ruth, who reacted in praise by first kissing Scott, then Jordan. Both men instinctively caressed the woman's belly gently whilst partaking in the act. Jordan, Scott Kendall and Carolyn had also stripped, with the mother and daughter revealing equally horrifying pregnancies of their own.

Before long, Bridgewood's families started making love to one another; sons with mothers, fathers with daughters, brothers and sisters... The only person unaffected by this act of hypnotism or brainwashing was Kelly. Ruth realized this when she pulled her lips away from Scott's but didn't immediately react aggressively. Instead, she passively gazed at the young woman watching the families mindlessly fuck.

"My daughter is kind, Kelly. She offers you a chance to join her in reshaping the world. A world of one blood," Ruth professed, descending the stairs slowly, alone. The rest of The Family stayed put, watching her naked massiveness ripple and bulge in very conceivable way. Her muscles expanded, her breasts swelled copiously with milk and her belly squirmed. The veins surrounding it split and broke off in different directions, swarming her navel, pelvis and umbilical. Once she reached the bottom step, Ruth found herself face-to-face with Kelly, who instinctively reached for her firearm tucked at the back of her trousers. "She wants you to be her sister, to be my daughter. I am inclined to agree."

Kelly pulled back her gun's safety hatch as slowly as she could, not wanting Ruth to hear it, which she luckily didn't. But the truth was—

"That won't help, child. You cannot prevent the inevitable."

-It didn't matter. Ruth knew anyway. She smiled, her wrinkled cheeks emphasized by the beam of sunlight cutting through the clouds. She winced as her belly expanded further, stretching out visibly to the point where a vein burst. But the woman didn't react. At least, not how a normal woman would. Ruth petted her belly covetously yet maintained a curious stare at Kelly.

"A world united by one blood is a world without violence, Kelly." Ruth petted the young woman's cheek. It was soft to the touch, Ruth's skin. As soft as anything could ever be. Kelly recoiled not in fear of what Ruth might do, but in shock of her skin's velvety touch. "Surely you, an upholder of justice, would want something like that?"

It would be remiss to think Kelly didn't at least consider the truth behind Ruth's words, even if they were used to manipulate her. A world without violence would be Utopian. But the Hines's idea of a Utopian world was one built on the foundations of incest. Wrong. It was all so wrong. Or was it?

Kelly thumbed the cross necklace given to her by her devout Catholic mother, thinking long and hard about the options presented to her, weighing the options. Though, it was hard to think so clearly with the citizens of Bridgewood loudly fornicating in the background.

Shaking her head, Kelly pulled the gun up level with Ruth's throat. The older woman didn't immediately retaliate, nor did the other members of her family. There was no guarantee the bullet would penetrate Ruth's steel-hard body. Somehow, Kelly just knew that. But the threat of the shot masked her inner pain. "No."

Ruth sighed. "I cannot overstate her disappointment in your answer. She had suspected you would be understanding."

"Yeah, well, sorry to disappoint."

Seeing Ruth's belly ripple in a way that suggested anger was enough of a threat for Kelly to reconsider whether she should fire the shot and see if what Ruth said was just a delusion of grandeur. But hearing the sex in the background also just made her want to leave and hide somewhere away from it all. Lowering the gun, Kelly decided to choose the latter and run from the vicinity in the hopes she wasn't too late in finding people not yet under The Being's influence.

Ruth looked down at her belly as The Being shifted its full body around inside her, pushing her muscles outward. Sighing contentedly, the mother-to-be thumbed her navel with a smile.

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