tagNonHumanKeeping The Elves Busy

Keeping The Elves Busy


Once upon a time in the frozen north, Santa looked out and saw that parents and other responsible adults were taking care of the bulk of his responsibilities. Making sure that all children had toys to unwrap on Christmas morning, by providing gifts for their children and donating to charities to provide a happy Christmas to less fortunate children. Between this and the elves inability to replicate modern name brand toys, the elves were starting to get bored. They had even been starting to play pranks on each other, which was putting them on the naughty list.

Santa could not stand for this, elves in his employ, on the naughty list? It could not be. He needed to take action. Now since the remaining world's children could be taken of by about a third of the elf-force, what was to be done with the other two thirds? He thought and thought, but nothing seemed obvious.

Earlier this past week, Mrs. Clause had spoken with Tammy the Elf. Tammy was a beautiful elf, as far as elves went, and she had described a prank that Jimmy had played on her. Jimmy had waited until she was asleep, then had joined her dream, where he had engaged her in some very explicit sexual activity that Tammy did not wish to share with the big guy's wife. Tammy didn't object to the sexual nature of the dream, but her husband Larry did when he found out that it was deliberate.

Elves are very sexual creatures, which is why they basically live in a commune at the north pole with the Clauses. They do not worry so much about sharing their partners, but to do so without receiving permission first, even in a dream, is very poor manners.

The Clauses knew that they lived with some very kinky elves but up until now did not realize that they had the ability to join and manipulate dreams. They wondered if this was a new skill or if it was something that was something that only worked between elves.

Santa asked Jimmy to come in to his office for a cup of coco and a chat. "Jimmy," the big man began, "I've heard a tale that surprised me today. I heard that you have the ability to join other elves dreams."

Jimmy's rosy cheeks turned a brighter shade of red, he stammered a reply, "yes, boss, I have the ability to join dreams."

"Is it just you with this ability, or can other elves do it?" Santa asked.

"All the elves can, sir."

"Have you ever done it with me or the Mrs?" Santa prompted.

"Err, yes sir, right when we first joined you here, we watched your dreams. This was before the Mrs. was in the picture. We saw that what you wanted was to make the world's children happy and live in seclusion. This fit with what we wanted, which was a place away from the humans, who didn't really like us much, so we approached you with the pact." Jimmy admitted.

"Are you sure you just watched my dreams?" Santa was suspicious as he thought back to around the time the elves first arrived. He was much younger then, and he remembered having some very interesting dreams about the elves.

"Me, I just watched your dreams. Maybe some others joined you, I don't know for sure." Jimmy replied.

"So the ability to join and manipulate dreams isn't limited to within the elf population? Interesting." An idea started to form in Santa's head. "That will be all for now Jimmy, and please do request permission before joining married elves dreams, you're getting very close to the naughty list." Jimmy blushed and scurried off as fast as he could.

Santa leaned back in his chair, remembering some of the dreams he had experienced. A smile crossed his face as he was thinking about the dream he had after finishing his run one of those early years. A beautiful elf had come to him. She did not say a word as she got down on her knees in front of him. She pulled his cock out of his pants and started to kiss and lick it. Then she sucked it into her mouth, looking up at him with big, beautiful, twinkling eyes, as if she was savoring the best candy cane ever. She sucked on him until he was hard as a rock.

She stopped after a little bit and stood up. Her clothes had disappeared, as had his. Given her slight figure, she had surprisingly full breasts. He cupped them and bend down to taste them. He sucked her right nipple into his mouth and found that it tasted of cotton candy, he switched to the left nipple and it tasted of rich dark chocolate. He leaned her back onto the bed which had conveniently appeared behind her. He then bend down to taste her pussy. It tasted pure and refreshing, almost like an orange. He tasted her lips and spent a long time sucking on her clit, until she started to buck under him in ecstasy.

He pushed her farther up on the bed and climbed on top of her. He pushed his cock into her inviting hole, it was tight and wet and felt so good around him. He pounded into her for a long while. He then leaned back into the chair that was behind him, pulling her on top of him. She then gyrated on his hard pole, grinding herself in deeply. He kissed her honey flavoured lips, and it triggered an orgasm in both of them. They came very hard, she painted her pleasure down his back with her finger nails. His eyes rolled into the back of his head for a moment and she was gone.

He wondered if his sweet tooth was influenced by these erotic dreams. He remembered that this elf had appeared in many dreams, but he had never seen her in the workshop or around the elves village, he took a guess that the elves could make themselves look however was desired.

"Now" he thought to himself, "Can I put the elves pranking dreams to good use? What if I rewarded the good adults of the world, with dreams instead of toys? That would keep my elves out of trouble and reward some very worthy people."

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