tagNonHumanKeeping The Elves Busy Ch. 02

Keeping The Elves Busy Ch. 02


(Synopsis: Santa's elves haven't had enough to do and have been playing naughty pranks on each other in dreams. Santa has decided that he wants to use this ability to reward the good men and women of the world.)

Trial Run

Santa called Jimmy into his work shop. "Jimmy, I'm planning on starting a pilot program to reward the good men and women of the world. Since they are too old for our toys, I'm thinking that the elves could provide erotic dreams, to make their lives more pleasant. I would like you to head up the project."

Jimmy realized that this was probably a bit of a punishment for the pranks he had been pulling, but it seemed like there was some fun to be had.

"I think that for the start we will need a team of about 6 elves." Santa continued, "I trust you to choose and approach 5 others for this special assignment, 2 other male elves and 3 female. I will generate sample profiles for a small number of targets, using the naughty/nice list magic. You and your team will be responsible for fulfilling their dream. After about a week we'll discuss the results."

Jimmy headed for the break room, where he found about 20 elves lounging around, drinking hot chocolate. He described the pilot program and out of the 15 volunteers chose Jessie, Jenny, Carry, Sammy and Charlie. These elves were known for their free spirit and creative flare in all things sexual.

Jimmy reported back to the big man. Santa handed Jimmy the profile of their first assignment.

Name: Andrew F.

Good Deed: Spent many hours talking with residents of a home for the elderly and raised money to make improvements to the home.

Wish for Christmas: A threesome with 2 tall, blond women.

Jimmy called the team together. "Guys, we've got our first gig. Jessie, Carry, you're up."

"Jimmy, don't you think that we should at least do a test run before trying this live?" Carry suggested.

This started a long argument between Jimmy, Sammy and Charlie about who would get to play the part of Andrew in the trial run. Finally Jessie and Carry decided that they would join Sammy's dream, ending the hour long debate.

That night before going to bed Carry and Jessie had a bit of a chat. This wasn't the first threesome they had ever been in together, but it was the first time they both tried to join the same dream. The discussion revolved around what they thought would be the most fun for Andrew, and how they should look.

Carry decided to be 5' 11", model thin with 32-B tits. She would have a long blond hair on her head, and none on her pussy. She would play the part of a blond airhead, with the high voice to match. Her primary job was to monitor and make sure that Andrew was having a great time.

Jessie would be a little more ample, 6' 1" with an athletic build. 34-DD tits, a short pixy cut to her blond hair above and a landing strip down below. She would be more of the director of the dream, making sure that it didn't switch into something less fun, and ensuring that the participants were all coordinated.

Sammy fell asleep fairly quickly that night, and it wasn't long before Jessie joined his dream. Jessie took his hand and lead him through a door. On the other side of the door Carry waited on a king sized canopy bed. The room was done in deep shades of green, but the bed was pure, blinding white. Carry was wearing a sexy, see thru negligee in the same green as the room. The moment Jessie stepped through the door she was clad in the exact same negligee, except in a deep burgundy.

Jessie closed the door, and made it vanish. Then she pushed Sammy into a comfy armchair.

Jessie climbed onto the bed, and crawled on all fours to Carry. She gave Carry a lingering kiss and then pulled Carry into a seated position. They sat on the bed facing each other. Jessie pulled Carry's hair back and kissed her deeply, Jessie's tongue thrusting deeply into Carry's mouth. Carry's hands clutched Jessie's shoulders, pulling her close. Their eyes were closed as they feasted on each others mouths. They looked like they were tasting the most divine dessert. Carry's left hand drifted down Jessie's front, gently caressing Jessie's DD's. Jessie's nipples could be clearly seen through the cloth, and they were very hard and at least an inch long.

Then in perfect synchronization they turned to Sammy, and beckoned him to join them, with wide welcoming smiles on their faces. Sammy just blinked and appeared on the bed between the vixens.

Together they kissed both of his cheeks, then started to run their hands down his body. They kissed along his cheeks to his ears, where they playfully nibbled on his earlobes. They kissed along the back of his year going down to neck. They planted matching hickies on each side of his neck, which he could see in the mirror. He noticed that there were mirrors all over the room now, showing the beautiful blond babes on his body from every angle.

They kissed down his body, still in perfect synchronization. They played with his nipples, tugging then gently. They each had one hand on Sammy's body and the other on one of each others tits. They lavished kisses along his sides and then started to bring their faces closer and closer together, until they were kissing each other at the same time as they reached his cock. They kisses and licked up and down his hard cock, then gently each sucked on one of his balls.

The synchronization ended as Jessie started to suck his cock deeply into her mouth, down her throat, while Carry went down between Jessie's legs and started to eat her out. The mirrors gave Sammy views of both Jessie swallowing his cock and Carry going to town on Jessie's clit and pussy.

Sammy closed his eyes for a moment, savouring the feel of Jessie's expert blowjob. He felt his cock slip out of her mouth, he opened his eyes and saw Carry lowering her pussy down on his mouth, while at the same time Jessie lowered herself down onto his cock. Carry and Jessie were facing each other as they were being pleasured by Sammy. The played with each others tits and kissed each other, Sammy could see everything in the mirrors.

Jessie's rhythm started to get a bit erratic, as she started to cum. Her pussy pulsed wonderfully around Sammy's hard cock. As the pulses ended, the girls magically switched positions, so that Sammy got to slide into Carry's tight cunt, and lick out Jessie's cinnamon scented pussy. The scorching slide into Carry was almost more than Sammy could stand.

They continued to fuck for a little bit in this position, Jessie and Carry both reaching climax at the same time. They switched positions, Jessie lied down on top of Carry at the edge of the bed. Their pussies and assholes were in a vertical line for Sammy to enjoy. He pushed himself deep into Jessie's ass. It was so tight and welcoming around his cock. After a few thrusts, he pulled out and pushed straight into Carry's pussy, then moments later into her ass. He thrust in to her tight hole, as deep as he could go and after a few thrusts he lost his last, tiny bit of control. He pulled out and the girls were on their knees in front of him and he came on their faces, covering lips, eyes and hair with his cum, which dripped down onto their beautiful tits.

Sammy came awake with a start. The girls came into his room asking if he thought they were ready to try it on Andrew in the real world. Sammy just laid there, nodding his head with a huge smile on his face.

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