tagInterracial LoveKelly Ch. 01

Kelly Ch. 01


Kelly walked seductively out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her gorgeous buxom body. Her strawberry blonde hair was still damp from the shower. She walked slowly over to the mirror allowing the towel to drop freely to the floor and starred to admire her gorgeous figure in the mirror.

At thirty four, she was just as attractive as she was in her early twenties if not more. Some men would consider her body as thick. She didn't have the least bit of fat on her anywhere. She was just a healthy looking woman.

Gorgeous legs with thin ankles. Nice full thick thighs any man would die for. A nice curvy full ass and thin waist. This all topped off by a pair of gorgeous 38 DD breasts. Girls made fun of her for having such large breasts back in her old school days.

She twisted and turned her body and admired her lovely curves. She looked down at the floor spotting her fuzzy high heeled slippers tucked in the corner and walked over and slipped her feet into them.

Kelly stepped back in front of the mirror admiring her gorgeous legs and the way those high heeled slippers enhanced her figure. She giggled thinking how her husband, Henry called them, "Fuck Me Pumps".

The reflection of her marquise shaped diamond engagement ring shinned as she lifted her hand to adjust the thin silver necklace around her neck. She studied the tiny diamonds around the little heart on the chain before dropping it back down between the cleavage of her large full breasts.

Henry bought her tons of fine jewelry. He loved her dearly and could afford to buy her nice things. Henry was a lawyer with his own law firm. He was very shroud in the court room but at home he was like a pussycat.

He practically acted like a little boy at times allowing Kelly to dominate him in many ways. He'd beg her like a child asking for a toy or some candy when he wanted sex.

Kelly ran her fingers along the edge of her pussy lips feeling the smooth soft skin on her shaven mound. Henry loved a shaven pussy so Kelly always kept it clean shaven for him. Her fingers traveled up over her smooth belly and up around one of her full naturally huge breasts.

She messaged her breasts feeling a warmness between her legs. Her other hand lowered and touched her pussy slit finding it wet to the touch as she gently slipped a finger inside her pussy slit.

Kelly was still aroused from the afternoon. Kelly worked as an real estate agent and showed a house this afternoon to a single guy out of Chicago. He was an attractive blonde haired guy. Tall slim and very handsome. He made Kelly an offer at the house but it wasn't the type she was looking for. He hit on her like so may men do in her field.

It wasn't that she could blame the man since she was using many of the tricks of the trade to do business in her field. She may have led him on a little too much this afternoon. Like so many of the other single men she meets in the coarse of a year.

One being to remove her wedding rings while out in the field. Kelly giggled again thinking about how many times she pulled that one off only to show up at a closing with her rings back in place. Henry always told her that her body was a tool in her business and she should use it to the best of her advantage whenever she could.

Henry loved hearing the stories she could tell about how these men came on to her while out showing them homes. One guy even went as far as shutting a bedroom door and locking it. When he tried backing her up toward the bed she ended up kneeing him in the balls to get him to stop. It all ended well. He made an offer on the house she was showing that day.

Kelly stepped over toward the dresser and took out her favorite toy from the bottom drawer. It was a fake rubber cock which vibrated and squirmed. She kept it tucked under a stack of panties where Henry wouldn't find it.

She quickly got onto the bed and flopped herself down onto the pillow spreading her legs as she dug her high heeled sleepers into the mattress. She arched her head back feeling the wet folds of her pussy lips and inserted the head of the fake cock between the wet folds of her pussy.

She gently put pressure on the cock until it was inserted inside her pussy and flipped the little switch making it come alive. Kelly messaged her clitoris with one hand as she held onto the fake cock.

In no time, Kelly was arching her hips up at the fake cock pretending it was a real man fucking her wet pussy. Her eyes were closed as she pushed the fake cock a little deeper into her pussy. Her finger found the knob which made the fake cock squirm.

Kelly gasped as her body stiffened as the fake cock worked it's way inside her wet hot pussy. Her finger wiggled against her clitoris as her other hand kept hold of the fake cock. She wanted to make herself cum. Henry would be home any minute and wanted to make herself cum before he arrived.

Within moment's, Kelly was letting out a loud squealing sound. The fake cock had did it's job like so many times before. Kelly's body started to relax as she turned off the vibrator. She laid there starring up at the ceiling as she stroked her wet pussy. She felt more relaxed now. She looked at the time. Henry should be home at any second. She quickly got up and wiped off the fake cock with a wet cloth before tucking it back into it's hiding place among her finest panties.

Kelly slipped into a short nightgown and met Henry at the door giving him a wet open mouth kiss.

"How's my gorgeous wife this afternoon?"

"I'm just fine darling, and you?"

"Uh, it's been one of those days for me again. This murder case has been amazing. Something entirely new has come up with my client."

Kelly helped remove Henry's suit jacket as he kicked off his shows.

"Why don't you sit down and relax until dinner is done?"

Henry took Kelly into his arms giving her another kiss and starring at her like a little boy wanting candy.

"Don't give me that look now, Henry! You know I have to cook dinner."

Henry looked pleadingly at his wife. "Please! It's Friday and you always take it off on Friday's."

Kelly's face turned to anger as she stepped back crossing her arms and starred back at Henry.

"Don't you argue with me, Mister! You know well enough that's not going to happen until after dinner."

Henry just sighed as he put his head down. He knew better not to push Kelly too far knowing the consequences if he did. He passively read the newspaper on the sofa while Kelly prepared dinner.

Henry could wait to get dinner out of the way. He finished loading the dishwasher for Kelly and flipped on the machine to let it do it's job. Kelly was somewhere out near the pool. Henry walked out and found her seated near the pool with her legs crossed sipping on a glass of ice tea.

Kelly smiled at Henry as he approached her. He still had that puppy dog look on his face as he stood just a couple feet away from his wife.

"Did you finish your chores young man?" "Yes baby. The dishwasher is running now.....Uh......May I take off my clothes now?

Kelly leaned back in her chair as she crossed her arms. Her leg was still crossed over and she started to swing it back and forth as she tried to make a decision.

"OK, lets have a look at the poor little thing."

Henry smiled. He loosened his tie than started to take his shirt off as Kelly sat with her arms still crossed. She then leaned forward uncrossing her legs.

"Come closer darling."

Henry stepped closer as he took off his shirt. Kelly worked on his pants until they dropped down onto the brick pool pavers below. Kelly looked up into Henry's eyes as she hooked her hands around the elastic of Henry's boxer shorts.

She just continued that devilish stare as she slipped the boxer's down his legs until they too joined his pants on the brick pavers below. Kelly examined the shinny chastity tube on her husband's little cock.

One of those cheap plastic models wouldn't do for Kelly. She always had to have the best. This was a custom made stainless steel model which she had made in Germany especially for Henry. This would was made to fit snug and had a curve in the tube.

This insured that Henry couldn't obtain a complete erection in anyway. His cock head peered through the opening and a metal ring wrapped around his tight ball sack keeping the tube locked in place until Kelly removed it.

Kelly slid her foot out about half a foot. Henry knew his job. He kneeled down in front of his gorgeous blonde wife and unhooked the little silver key which was attached to an ankle bracelet she wore almost constantly day and night.

Henry was still kneeling as he peered into Kelly's' gorgeous eyes. He looked pleadingly at her face waiting for some sort of reply.

"Stand up darling."

Henry felt relieved already as Kelly ordered him to stand. This usually meant she was ready to unlock his little cock. Henry gave Kelly the key and sighed as she took her time deciding if she were going to unlock his cock.

Kelly reached out and stroked his inner thigh moving her fingers up just far enough to touch his ball sack with the tips of her nails. Henry looked down into Kelly's eyes as she teased him with her fingers by messaging his little ball sack. She raised her other hand and touched the head of his penis with the tip of her long nail.

She then placed the tip of her soft index finger on the head touching the slit. She messaged his little balls until a tiny bead of wetness appeared at the slit. Kelly broke out in loud laughter as she starred up at her husband.

"Maybe I should give it another week." She leaned back as she clinched Henry's ball sack with her fist giving it a gentle squeeze as she added. "Do you think your man enough to handle what I have young man?"

Henry gulped. "Yes baby. I think I can satisfy you."

Kelly's expression turned from a smile to devilish mean as she heard those last words.

"You only think? I don't think that's going to be good enough Henry."

Kelly leaned back further in her chair as she released her grip on his ball sack and crossed her legs again.

"I'll have to give this a little more thought. Go fetch your leash."

Henry obeyed. "Yes baby."

"Oh....and take these clothes with you on your way into the house."

Henry picked up his pants and underwear and hurried into the house as Kelly took a sip of her ice tea.

Kelly sat thinking how she could be a real bitch to her husband this evening. She started swinging her leg as she sat thinking about the last two years. She remembered the night that Henry spilled his guts telling her about his fantasy. Kelly was shocked at first to hear all the things that Henry wanted her to do.

Kelly knew that her husband enjoyed looking at porn on the internet and knew where he had got all these crazy ideas from. She started investigating the web sites Henry visited and learned the tricks of the trade herself. If Henry wanted her to act a certain way, she would have to learn exactly how it was done.

Female domination was the first term she explored. That was followed by keeping a man in chastity as Henry had mentioned. Then there were the toys. Kelly smiled as she thought back to the summer when they went shopping at the pet store.

Henry kept pleading for Kelly to buy a dog crate. It seemed that he wanted to be punished at times having Kelly lock him inside one of those things. Kelly laughed to herself thinking about what the salesman in the store had said.

"How large is your dog, Miss?"

Kelly remember looking around trying to come up with an answer when she looked at Henry and said. "He's about the size of my husband."

Kelly busted out laughing every time she thought back about it. Henry had Kelly buy all sorts of little toys. Some things she just wouldn't agree on. None of this was her idea in the first place but she wanted to make her husband happy. She loved him so much she'd do practically anything for him.

Kelly learned that Henry also had a strong fetish for interracial sex. He loved seeing white women being pleased by black men. Kelly explored the idea but came to the conclusion that having sex with another man just wasn't going to happen!

Henry went as far as telling her how he loved seeing blonde women with the largest and darkest of all black men together. He showed her pictures online and seemed to get his jollies seeing those awful looking cream pie shots. Henry told her it would be his ultimate fantasy to be able to eat a black man's sperm out of her pussy. It gave Kelly chills just thinking about it.

Henry returned with his leash and collar in hand and gave it to Kelly. She sat her glass back on the table and looked at Henry.

"Kneel down."

Henry got down on his knees. Kelly put the collar around his neck and clicked it in place and tugged on the leash as she pushed up on his chin. Henry stood back up while Kelly put the tiny little key into the lock on Henry's chastity tube. Henry heard the click of the lock.

Kelly worked the tube pressing her thumb on the head of his penis as she gently twisted the tube working it off his little cock. Kelly laughed as she was glad Henry wasn't largely endowed. He only measured slightly over 4 inches long.

The tube finally slipped off and Kelly began a light message of Henry's little cock.

"There. Doesn't that feel better?"

Henry sighed in relief while Kelly took the small penis between her fingers and started a gentle message. Henry's cock stayed in it's curved position long after the tube was removed every time. Kelly figured the tube sort of trained his cock that way after being confined during the week.

Kelly messaged his little cock a bit longer before standing up and tugged on his chain.

"Come on with me young man. I want you to make me cum." Kelly turned to walk toward the pool steps but quickly turned around and added. "You better make me cum hard this time if you know what's good for you."

Henry was led over to the pool. He'd done this many times with Kelly. He started to walk into the pool down the stairs in the shallow end as Kelly kicked off her high heeled slippers. She slipped off her transparent night gown changing hands that held the leash as Henry got down into the water.

Kelly had towels set aside earlier and leaned down and spread them down on the pool deck and got down facing the pool. She edged herself forward and positioned her feet at the edge of the pool and leaned back.

Henry knew what to do next as he hunched down between Kelly's lovely thick thighs and started to kiss her inner thighs. He skillfully ran his tongue over her skin causing little goose bumps to form on her legs. He kissed his way to her bare pussy and planted a few kisses there until he inserted his tongue between her wet waiting pussy lips.

"That's it darling. Your so good at licking me."

Henry began to work his mouth on her pussy. He had gotten very skilled at the way he moved his tongue against Kelly's clitoris. He flickered it in all the right places at the right time. Kelly's body was responding to Henry's tongue. Her body began to quiver until Henry brought her to her first very intense orgasm.

Kelly yelled out loud as she came and finally opened her eyes looking down at Henry. He was kissing her thighs again waiting to bring her to another orgasm. Kelly looked from side to side thinking she was glad they had a tall privacy fence around their yard.

It didn't take but several minutes to bring Kelly to her second orgasm and than a third before she had enough.

Kelly backed away a few inches from the edge of the pool as she tugged on the chain. Henry quickly got out of the water and grabbed one of the dry towels and started to dry off his lovely wife. She slipped into her heels and waited for Henry to dry himself off before walking him back into the house.

Kelly walked him straight into the bedroom and pointed at the bed. "OK, Henry. Get on the bed and lay back for me."

Henry was excited. He knew he did a good job making Kelly cum so hard and she was going to reward him. Henry positioned himself in the center of the bed and waited for Kelly to join him.

Kelly climbed onto the bed and laid on her side with her feet toward Henry's head. She reached out and touched Henry's shriveled little cock. It had gotten all these little wrinkles from being in the cool water. Kelly didn't mind. She just wanted to get this over with fast.

Kelly loved her husband very much but sex with Henry wasn't exactly a highlight in her life. Kelly messaged the little thing until it finally showed a little sign of life. It started getting hard but retained that awful looking curve to it.

She looked down at Henry's face as she messaged his little cock. "I think we're going to have to make you cum like this tonight."

Henry sighed in disappointment. He knew that when Kelly made her decision that it was a done deal. She was either going to jack him off, suck it or sit on him. Henry knew he was going to get jacked off this evening. He just laid his head on the pillow trying to fantasize about his lovely wife with another man.

Kelly looked at Henry's face as she began her task. Her fingers held the little shaft tight as she moved them up and down a little faster. Kelly knew what he was thinking. He had that damn fantasy of seeing her fuck another man.

No....Not going to happen. She loved Henry and would never think of having sex with another man. No....Nothing but trouble. Fuck a strange man? Never! God she thought. People catch things all the time fucking around.

Kelly kept stroking Henry's cock as she thought about other men. Luckily she had her toys. She would never have to worry about one of those sick men trying to call her for sex all the time. She'd never have to worry about a relationship or any of that bad stuff.

Henry started to groan as Kelly stepped up the pace a little. He humped up against her hand until he finally shot off a nice little load of hot cum. It shot straight up into the air a couple inches and landed back down on her hand.

Kelly stroked Henry's cock a little longer and looked up at him and saw how relieved he looked after shooting his little wad.

"Feel better?"

Henry nodded and smiled. Kelly looked around the bed and remembered she forgot to bring a towel. She held her cum soaked hand up toward Henry's face.

"Oh darn it. I forgot to bring a towel."

Henry smiled as he lifted his head. He began licking Kelly's hand clean of ever trace of cum until it was all gone. She smiled at Henry and said.

"You better go take a nice hot shower now."

Henry did just that. He returned after drying himself off and found Kelly waiting for him in the bedroom.

"Come here young man and let's take care of that little thing."

Henry knew what was coming again. Kelly had the chastity tube ready and waiting. She had cleaned it and polished the finish. It didn't take her very long to get it back on and locked in place.

Kelly handed Henry the key and watched him kneel down and put it back on her ankle bracelet.

"If your good, I'll take it off tomorrow and allow you to play with it."

That was fine with Henry.

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