tagIncest/TabooKelly's Bedtime

Kelly's Bedtime


Kelly walked into the dimly lit kitchen wearing the white, satin robe she often used for lounging around the house. She always cinched it closed when she came out of her room, and the way the material draped over her lusciously thick curves wasn't lost on Mick. Tonight, he could see slivers of red lace at the inner edges of the V where her robe closed over her enormous, round tits. He didn't stare, but he didn't make an effort to conceal his look, either. Maybe the bourbon he was sipping alone at the kitchen table was beginning to affect him.

"Hey Dad," the nineteen-year-old said softly as she walked in and opened the refrigerator.

"Hey Sugarpie." It was a name he'd called her years ago. It used to make her giggle. Nowadays it put a subtle smile on her face that Mick wasn't sure how to read.

As the refrigerator door opened and she bent down to rummage around inside, the whole area around her body lit up. The bottom hem of her robe lifted up high on her thick, shapely thighs, until he could see the red lace hem poke out from underneath. She had to be wearing a tight slip or bodysuit of some kind under the robe.

Without thinking, Mick picked up his phone off the table and switched from his email app to the phone's camera. He silenced the phone and took three quick pictures of his pretty, blonde daughter bending over in front of the fridge. The pneumatic, heart shape of her ass and exposed thighs brought a swarm of heat to his cock. But as soon as he snapped the pictures he felt like an idiot. Why would he do such a thing? He thumbed the screen back to his email and set it down quietly, but he kept his eye on the girl's sumptuous ass until she straightened back up and shut the refrigerator door.

The front of her robe had loosened slightly while she'd been rummaging in the fridge, and now there was more red lace and deep, creamy cleavage showing. Mick did his best to maintain eye contact with her, but he indulged a brief squeeze of his thickening cock through his sweatpants when his daughter sat down at the table across from him. She opened the can of pop she'd taken out of the fridge and took a sip.

"Feeling restless?" Mick asked.

"Kind of," she said. "And thirsty. And, um, a little lonely."

Mick nodded with concern. "That's only natural," he told her. "You've only been here three weeks. It takes time to make new friends in a new place. If you decide you want to stay, that is."

"Oh, I'm staying. No way am I ever going back to Mom's."

Mick couldn't help smiling. He hadn't seen his daughter in five years. His ex had done everything in her power to sever ties with him, including keeping father and daughter from contacting each other. But once Kelly got away on her own at college, she'd gone on a search to find her father. It hadn't taken long. They started getting reacquainted through email, which quickly evolved into regular phone calls. By the end of Kelly's first year, Mick suggested she come to stay with him over the summer, hoping she'd consider moving away from her mother and staying with him permanently.

"Awww, sweetie, that makes me so happy," he said while trying to ignore the aching sensation between his legs.

"Besides," his daughter added, "I couldn't even if I wanted to. When I told her I was coming here she said I'd never be welcome back."

Mick heaved a deep sigh. "Sounds like she hasn't changed a bit."

He'd already told the girl how hard he'd tried to contact her over the past few years, but that her mother had done everything to stop him.

"I wouldn't have gone back there anyway. The day I left for college I knew I was never going anywhere near her again."

"You never have to, baby. This is your home, where you've always belonged. Eventually it'll start to feel like home to you, and I won't seem like such a stranger."

"What makes you think you're like a stranger to me?" she asked with a surprised look. Her shoulders squared as her spine went stiff, pushing her enormous tits against her robe bringing more of the well-stretched lace over her tits into view at the edges. The girl was showing such a huge of amount of smooth, beautifully shaped cleavage that Mick had a hard time holding eye contact.

"It's not that, Daddy," she said, training her big, expressive eyes on him. "I guess I'm still a little overwhelmed just being here and us being together again. I spent the longest time thinking you didn't want me. When I found out Mom was blocking all your attempts to contact me I freaked. We had the biggest fight ever."

Mick felt a wave of anger rush through him, but he reached across the table for his beautiful daughter's hand and instantly felt calm again. He'd spent the whole time of the separation thinking Kelly didn't want him around, probably poisoned against him by her vindictive mother, but he'd never stopped hoping and reaching out.

"That's all in the past now, baby," he told her. "Now you know your daddy loves you more than anything in the world. You're home, and you can stay forever if you want to."

The smile that crossed his daughter's pretty lips gave Mick a warm feeling of satisfaction, but at the same time his cock ached harder too. He snuck his hand over the swollen bulge in his sweats under the table and squeezed while Kelly held her smile.

"Maybe I'll just do that," she said, her smile widening slightly. "And what would you do if I did stay forever?"

Mick slid his hand away from his cock and rested it on the table before his daughter figured out what he was doing. If she hadn't already.

"I'd be the happiest man in the world," he told her honestly. "And I'd love you so much every day to make up for the years we lost."

"Oh my god, Daddy, what girl wouldn't want that forever?"

Kelly squirmed in her seat, grinning happily and causing the edges of her robe to part open a little more. Her enormous tits were nearly spilling into the open, making her father realize just how much of them the little red thing she was wearing underneath left exposed. When he forced his eyes back up to her face, he knew she'd seen where he'd been looking, but the smile on her pretty face never faltered. Mick picked up his drink and shot back the rest of it, needing to steady his nerves.

"Well...sooner or later you'll start dating, and you might even want to get married some day. Maybe you even have a boyfriend from your first year on campus."

He suddenly realized how much he hated the idea of his lusciously built daughter being pawed or groped by some horny college boy. And he didn't even want to think about his precious Kelly getting married. But it was too much to expect. Trying to be realistic, Mick had to admit that a girl as pretty as his daughter, built the way she was, was sure to have plenty of men of all ages going after her.

"Daddy," she said, blushing, "I don't have a boyfriend."

Mick grinned more than he intended, even though he couldn't help feeling skeptical. He raised a brow and gave her quick smirk.

"Really, I don't. Well, I mean I've dated some guys," she admitted with a sheepish smile. "But...um..."

The father waited, but not patiently.

"I'm...still a virgin. Technically," his daughter finally admitted.

Mick was at a loss for words. He gazed at his curvy, scantily clad daughter not knowing if he should believe her. His cock throbbed heavily as he silently admitted what an overtly sexual creature she was. The "technically" part was racing through his mind and raising a chaotic slew of questions he wasn't sure he really wanted to know the answers to.

And then there was that intense throbbing of his impossibly hard cock as it oozed a heavy flow of precum straight into his boxer briefs. He poured more whiskey into his glass and took a slow pull, buying time to gather his thoughts while his daughter's eyes never strayed away from his face. There was an expectant look in her eyes, almost apprehensive, but he felt like there was no right thing to say next. At the same time, he couldn't help slipping his hand back under the table and running it over the aching bulge in his sweatpants.

"That's a good thing, isn't it, Daddy?" Kelly finally said.

"Of course it is, baby. It's just ... kind of an unusual thing to admit to your father, don't you think?"

"I guess," she replied, smiling but looking down shyly. "But I just wanted you to know. I can't explain why. I kinda hoped it'd make you proud of me."

The girl actually blushed. Her robe was constantly loosening and falling open wider to expose more of her enormous tits, barely covered by her red lace slip, but her unexpected confession made her face turn almost as red as her outfit. Mick knew to believe her then, and he instantly pulled his hand away from the throbbing bulge in his sweats or he was sure he'd cum right then and there.

"Oh baby, of course I'm proud of you. I'd be proud of you either way ... but ... well ... I have to admit I do love that you're still a virgin. That's one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard. But ..."

"Yes, Daddy? What?"

"I'm not sure you needed to say anything about the technically part."

Kelly blushed even harder, but uttered a giggle. "Geeze, Daddy," she said. "A girl has to be prepared to take certain steps to keep a guy from being too eager."

The blush slowly disappeared while a coy smile remained on his daughter's face.

"That's true," Mick admitted. "But I don't think it's anything your father needs to be thinking about."

"Oh? Is that what you're thinking about, Daddy?"

Mick just smiled quickly, refusing to answer the question.

"Do you think that makes me a bad girl?"

He sighed, chancing another quick squeeze under the table. "Well, no, of course not. But ..."

Kelly waited a moment, but when her father didn't say anything more, she stood up from the table, allowing her robe to fall open completely. Mick nearly cussed out loud as he took in the view of his daughter's ripe curves.

"I don't know what you're thinking I might've done," she told him, "but you can always ask. I'd never keep any secrets from you. You're my dad, and we love each other. That means you have a right to know anything you want." She then uttered a yawn that came off as fake and said, "G'night."

She walked out of the kitchen, leaving her father in his seat with a raging hardon. He was imaging his clever daughter giving handjobs and blowjobs to keep eager males from trying to get their stiff cocks into her fresh, young pussy.

Mick was almost relieved she was gone, since he hadn't known how he was ever going to get out of his seat with an erection stretching out the front of his sweats. At the same time, she'd left unfinished business. He could barely even bring himself to think about why she would have gone down that road to begin with. It was a big enough adjustment just having a female in the house again. It had been too long. But Kelly was his own daughter. He shouldn't be feeling this way about her no matter what she did to tease him.

But why the fuck would a girl like her want to tease her own father this way in the first place?

He was too hard to think about it. The look on her face and the sight of her enormous tits practically falling out of her robe had his pulse pounding madly. With his cock straining inside his briefs, he finally got up and went upstairs, rubbing at his aching shaft the whole way. He intended to head straight for the bathroom and jerk off in the sink, knowing Kelly would probably hear him, but when he saw how her bedroom door was halfway open he pushed it open and stepped inside her room.

She was lying on her bed as if she'd been expecting him. She was still wearing that sheer, skintight slip, and her thickly curved thighs were spread open. Her hand was between them, lazily rubbing at her smooth pussy as the hem of her outfit was gathered around her hips. At the same time, her oversized tits were now spilling out of the wide open V neck, her swollen nipples fully free and exposed.

Rational thought left Mick's brain far behind as he gazed at his daughter's curvaceously ripe body. She kept her eyes trained on him while her fingers continued playing over the wet folds of her hairless slit. There was no denying the huge bulge in his sweatpants. His cock was painfully straining for freedom, and he watched the drift of his horny daughter's eyes as he let his hand drift over his stone-hard shaft.

"We shouldn't be doing this," Mick said, barely aware of the words coming out of his mouth. "And you shouldn't have told me those things."

"We're not ... really doing anything," his daughter replied. "Not even touching."

Mick stepped closer to her bed, gazing intently between her full, open thighs. Was it because of or despite her being his daughter that he thought she had the smoothest, wettest, most beautiful pussy he'd ever seen? He wanted it more than he'd ever wanted anything. The smell of her hot lust was growing stronger and filling his senses with blinding need. He finally pushed the waistband of his sweatpants down past his spunk-laden balls, allowing his hard, imposingly large cock to spring free.

"Holy fuck, Daddy," Kelly gasped when she saw it.

He began stroking his thick shaft, aware of his daughter's gaze even though his own eyes were steadily trained on her pussy and playing fingers. Precum was oozing heavily from Mick's engorged knob while he began wondering how his girl's smoothly waxed pussy would feel if he slipped his aching rod into her slit.

"I can't believe no one's ever been in there," he groaned, not thinking about what he was saying. "That pussy is just too beautiful to resist."

Kelly purred and rocked her hips. "Nothing but fingers and toys, Daddy. Oh, and a couple of tongues."

She giggled briefly, but then the sound of her gasping breath took over again.

Mick could barely speak himself, but his curiosity about his daughter's sex life was more than he could avoid.

"How could a girl with a body like yours ever hold out so long? You obviously have deep needs, and you must have plenty of guys wanting to fuck you deep and hard."

Kelly stared back at her father and slipped a finger up inside her sopping wet hole. "I'm good with my hands and mouth, Daddy," she explained between gasps. "Real good."

"Fuck," he groaned. She made it sound as much like an invitation as a boast. His cock was painfully hard, and he had no idea how he was going to keep himself from fucking his own daughter. There just didn't seem to be any way a man could live under the same roof with a girl like her and not need her as much as he needed her now. She was virgin and slut all rolled up into one, stunningly hot package, but she was still his daughter.

With her free hand, Kelly fondled and squeezed her enormous globes while her other hand kept working over the wet folds of her smooth pussy. Mick kept stroking, fully aware of his horny daughter's steady gaze on his cock. With his free hand, he pushed his sweats further down and let them fall to the floor. Then he stepped closer to her bed and sat down on the edge where he had a clear view of her wet pussy and the undersides of her enormous tits.

"I'm sorry, baby," Mick groaned, his cock throbbing harder by the second. "I just can't help..."

"It's okay, Daddy," his agonizingly voluptuous daughter replied. Then she spread her glistening pussy open with both hands. "I want you to see it. I was hoping you'd really like it. It makes me even wetter to have you looking right at it...finally. Oh god, I've thought about this so many times."

"Fuck, baby."

He spent a few moments just staring at Kelly's spread pussy, amazed and aching for her more than he ever ached for anything.

"Don't you know why I want you to see it, Daddy?"

Mick just shook his head without taking his eyes off the girl's pneumatic body.

"Because it's yours," she sighed. "All yours, Daddy. You're the one I've been keeping it nice and fresh for."

"Fuck," he muttered.

He kept staring at her, waiting for her to rub her pussy again, but she didn't. She just kept holding it spread.

"Don't you wanna taste me, Daddy?" she said, barely above a whisper. "C'mon, Daddy, please. I want you to lick it so bad. I love you so much and I want to give you everything that belongs to you."

Mick was all but paralyzed by Kelly's words. He finally dragged his eyes off her open pussy and looked at her face. She was staring back at him with a glazed look in her eyes. His solid cock was pulsing hard in the tight grip of his fist. No girl had ever looked at him the way his own daughter was at that very moment, yet at the same time, he knew they were playing with the hottest kind of fire there was.

"Baby, there are some places you can never come back from," he cautioned unconvincingly.

"Yeah, Daddy, I know. I think we're already there."

"Not quite. But..."

He finished the thought by leaning down and sliding his tongue up and over his daughter's generously offered pussy. Kelly pulled in a sharp gasp when her father's tongue lit up her heavily tingling pussy. Her hips rolled instantly in response, her gasp turning to moans while Mick eagerly slathered his tongue all around her creamily delicious slit. He soon focused his attention on her clit and slipped a finger up inside her hole at the same time.

The man's finger curled and twisted inside the girl, searching for her g spot while he suckled and lapped at her fully swollen clit. She could barely form words as she gasped and moaned, her luscious body now writhing with desire.

Kelly's pussy oozed heavily the more her father licked and fingered her. Her cream was sweet, tangy and intensely intoxicating. Mick probed at her hole with his finger and the tip of his tongue at the same time, but he soon drew his soaking wet finger out of her hole and wedged it between her ass cheeks, searching for her puckered rimhole.

The girl gasped deeply and lifted her legs up higher, giving her father better access to her asshole. He massaged her tight bud with his honey-coated finger and made deep, hungry love to her pussy with his mouth.

"God god god god, Daddy!" she cried, her hips rolling harder and harder against the man's mouth and finger.

The girl's body went tense for a few moments and then relaxed. Mick backed off and watched her languish after her orgasm, pausing briefly to catch her breath. Then she shifted her body and took the hem of her outfit into her hands and peeled it off over her head. Mick pulled off his T shirt and slid over on top of her luscious body, grinding his rock-hard cock against her pussy as he lowered himself to kiss her.

Kelly whimpered while Mick's chest mashed down against her heavy, naked tits. They felt amazing against his body, and he was beyond reason when the girl's mouth opened and set her tongue into motion against his.

Mick had never kissed any girl so hard or hungrily in his life. Nor had any kissed him back the way his own, incredible daughter was. At the same time, she was grinding her slick, wet pussy against his cock as hard as he was grinding against her. Then he squeezed his hands in between them and grasped at her enormous tits, kneading them eagerly with his strong hands.

He released her mouth and said," Baby girl, reach down there and put my cock inside you for me. I need that pussy bad, but I can't bring myself to let go of these fantastic tits now that I finally have my hands on them."

Kelly giggled happily and kissed him again while she worked her hands down between their naked bodies. Finally, she got one hand on her pussy and spread herself open while she wrapped the other around her father's thick cock.

"Oh geezus, fuck, Daddy you're so fucking hard," she cooed. "Oh god fuck me deep."

The girl tucked her father's cock head into her wet maw and Mick began grinding his shaft deeper into her sheath. His daughter's pussy felt so tight and creamy, and they both groaned as his rock-hard flesh gradually filled her body. They looked at each other in disbelief, even though nothing had ever felt more right or natural.

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