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Kelly's Foot Massages


My friend Kelly told me about a boyfriend she had some years ago who gave her some great foot massages. He would take one of her socks off and start with her ankle. He'd gently rub all around that before moving down to her heel. He'd work his way up from there, pressing his thumbs into her arches and under the ball of her foot, until she seemed thoroughly relaxed. Then he'd move up a little more and rub her just under her toes.

Toward the end, he would take each one of her toes and pull it gently from the foot toward its tip. He'd put a finger between each pair of toes, and gently squeeze as he moved his finger back and forth between them. Last, her big toe would get lots of attention. When he was finished with each foot, he would lift it and give it a little kiss, and then put it back in its sock.

Kelly found that these massages relieved a great deal of tension, and was happy to receive them. But one day she noticed when he was finished with one foot, he would always set it down right in his lap. She wondered if it was pressing on his dick while he was massaging the second foot. Of course, since he'd be moving a little as he did the second foot, the first one in his lap must surely cause a little rubbing of his penis, and she wondered if he was secretly enjoying himself from that stimulation.

She thought she might find out if she moved her foot a little more than it would move just from her boyfriend's massaging. She didn't want him to know she was trying to get him hard, so she would stretch, or cough, or pretend to get more comfortable by shifting her position. But with each twitch of her restlessness, she would make sure that her heel would give him a little back and forth stroking.

Kelly thought she could tell that her boyfriend did get hard inside his pants. She decided to tease him. She remembered some girls she knew back in high school. They had been in the locker room when they were changing after sports, and she'd been at sleepovers with a couple of them. They told her she had smelly feet, and had ragged her no end about it. It got to the point where she thought that even though they were being mean, there must be some basis for what they were saying. So, one weekend after an active day, she took her running shoes and socks off, and before she took her shower, she sat on the edge of her bed and brought her foot to her nose. She took a good sniff, and she had to agree with her classmates. Actually, it didn't seem unpleasant to her, but she had to admit that there was a strong, organic quality there, and she could see how other people might be put off by it.

She wondered if her boyfriend would be put off by the way her feet would smell if she didn't take a shower as often as she usually did. So, one weekend she skipped her morning showers. On Sunday afternoon her boyfriend was there, and she sat down on one end of her couch. Just as she'd expected, her boyfriend sat down at the other end and suggested a foot massage. She extended her leg toward him and waited to see what would happen when he removed her sock. He didn't seem phased at all. He just went to work in his usual way, rubbing and stroking, kneading and, at the end gently pulling her toes. Kelly wondered what would happen when he was finished with her first foot. Would he really kiss it as he usually did? He looked like he was going to - and he did. He didn't shy away at all; if anything, she thought, he lingered a little longer than usual.

A few weekends later she thought she'd up the ante. This time she not only skipped her showers, but wore heavy socks and closed shoes all the time. When she stretched her legs out on the couch on Sunday afternoon, and her boyfriend offered a foot massage, she wondered what would happen when her sock came off. But she could see no sign that he was put off by her odor - which she could smell very clearly at her end of the couch. When her boyfriend placed her first foot in his lap, she thought she could feel that he was very hard under his pants.

This time, when he was done with her second foot, he gave it a kiss on the ball of her foot, which put his nose right up under her toes. Kelly could not resist asking him if the scent of her feet bothered him. He told her it didn't, but she could see that he was blushing a little. Then she decided to find out if he was really into bare feet. She had been moving her first foot in his lap, but now she got bolder about it and made it obvious that she was rubbing his cock through his pants. He spread his legs a little, making it easier for her heel to come in contact with his sensitive parts, and it was clear that he knew she knew he was enjoying her stimulation.

Kelly asked him if he would like to take his pants off and let her stroke his naked penis with her feet. He told her that if she would like to do him that way, that would be all right with him. But she could tell he was really hot to have her do it. She told him it was all the same to her whether she did him with her feet, it was all up to him, he just had to say whether he wanted it that way or not. He looked like she'd really put him on the spot, and didn't say anything for a while; but finally he said yes, he would like her to make him come with her feet.

He slipped down his pants and his erection sprung up. Kelly had never done this before, but she knew where her boyfriend like to be touched, and she slid her foot along the underside of his member until it was just below the tip. She went gently back and forth around there. A couple of times, she went past his most sensitive spot and touched the little opening in the tip. It was only the third time that she did this that she noticed she'd picked up some slippery fluid. She thought her boyfriend must have been excited for a long time to be wet so soon.

Kelly got more and more fluid, and her boyfriend seemed to getting very excited. Just when she thought he might be about to come, he lifted her other foot (the one that had been pressing against the back of his penis) and started kissing it. He pulled her stroking foot toward him, and positioned himself so that his dick was up against his belly and Kelly was stroking the front of it. Kelly kept moving, but her boyfriend was humping away too, and burying his face in her other foot. A few strokes more and he erupted, sending his cum up on his belly and all over Kelly's foot. He kept moving against her sole, and pumping more and more of his jism between her toes.

This way of getting her boyfriend off didn't do much for Kelly, and most of the time when she and her boyfriend had sex, he would be buried in her pussy when he came. But there was a time almost every month when they would not be having regular penetrative sex anyway. Kelly would wear her shoes and socks all day, and get a foot massage that night. She'd wear a blouse she could unbutton and pull aside to expose her breasts with their puffy nipples. Her boyfriend would take off his trousers before he started to massage Kelly's feet. When he was done with the second foot, he'd place it in his lap, and kiss the first one. Soon Kelly's toes would spread his precum over his member as her toes glided up and down over his most sensitive parts. It would not take very long until her toes were covered in her boyfriend's white sticky fluid.

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