tagIncest/TabooKelly's Uncle

Kelly's Uncle


Kelly wrapped the robe around her body and then turned to give herself a thorough investigation on the full length mirror. The robe was made of a gauzy, almost see- through fabric and it contrasted wonderfully with her pale skin. Which made the robe even more special, was the deep V that dipped between her full, firm breasts and the hem, which hit her way above her mid-thigh, barely covering her round butt cheeks.

Leaning forward, Kelly studied the way her breasts pushed against the red fabric, her nipples clearly shown by the robe, obviously without the restrain of a bra. Standing up again, Kelly's eyes moved downward and she softly parted her legs, smiling wickedly when the dark brown curls of her young pussy came to view.

"Oh, yeah." Kelly thought as she fixed her robe so it wouldn't show the ripe naked body underneath unless she wanted to. Checking her long brown hair, Kelly walked out of her room and went downstairs to say goodnight to her uncle Bobbie.

Her pussy tingled at the thought of her uncle. Bobbie was a forty-two tall, well-built man who had always been her favorite uncle. Kelly still remembered the days when Bobbie used to sit her on his knees and that made her shiver in anticipation; if all went well, she would sit on something else than her uncle's knees before the night ended, Kelly thought with a grin.

With her young 18 years, Kelly had been infatuated with Bobbie since she could remember, but all had changed one night about four months ago. She was paying her uncle a visit at his beach condo just like she did now, with the only difference of Bobbie going out that night for a date. After staying up until midnight watching TV, Kelly was bored out of her mind and decided to go to bed.

She had been in her room for less than fifteen minutes when she heard noises downstairs: Bobbie was back. Kelly had wanted to ask him how the night had been, but her eyes grew wide when she heard a female voice answering to something Bobbie had said. The voices passed by her room and then went into Bobbie's, leaving Kelly slightly confused for a long while until a loud moan broke the silence.

Knowing what it mean but not really believing it, Kelly tiptoed out of her room and quickly reached Bobbie's, sighing relieved when she found the door slightly open. Peeking through the opening, Kelly had the surprise of her life. There, right before her wide brown eyes, a sexy blonde woman was busy sucking her uncle's cock... Her uncle's big cock, for what Kelly could see from her spot.

Kelly stared at them in amazement for a short while until the blonde released Bobbie's shaft with a loud plop and then, moving like a cat, she quickly straddled the man's hips before sliding his hard cock into her wet, hungry pussy. Kelly would never forget the delighted expression in Bobbie's face as the blonde fucked him, which made her determined to have her uncle in that same way the next time she visited him.

It had been long four months, in which Kelly had been tempted to give up her virginity to a lot of guys, but she somehow found the strength to keep herself intact for her uncle. She wanted him to be the first; Kelly wanted that big 9 inches dick to be the first entering her pussy. Now she was back at the beach condo, her naked body only covered by a delicate robe and her pussy tingling in anticipation as she walked the short distance that separated the stairs from the living room, knowing Bobbie was there watching some basketball game.

As Kelly entered in the living room, her groin throbbed at the sight of Bobbie sprawled on the sofa, a snug pair of black shorts that did nothing to hide the bugle between his legs, a white tee-shirt and a beer in his hands trying to fight the heat of the night. Kelly pictured herself running her tiny hand up and down that bulge that threatened to break the confines of his shorts, Bobbie's hands spreading her pussy lips and pushing one of his long, wide fingers into her tight core...

Kelly mentally shook her head and the put on her most innocent smile for him.

"Uncle Bobbie? I came to say goodnight." Kelly said. Bobbie looked up at her and she shivered when her uncle's eyes roamed her body.

Bobbie felt his throat go dry at the sight of his niece. Fuck! When had Kelly turned into this sexy, fuckable woman?? Her legs were long and smooth looking and they would be naked to his eyes if not for that too damn short robe that hit her just one or two inches below her pussy.

As he moved his eyes upwards, Bobbie felt his cock begin to stiffen a bit. The robe's belt showed her thin waist and her full breasts pushed against the red fabric in the most delectable way. Her nipples poked against the robe and Bobbie had to discreetly cover his crotch with his hand to hide his erection from Kelly. She was young, barely out of school and her body was so curvy and ripe that it begged to be fucked. In fact, if Bobbie weren't Kelly's uncle, he would teach her a thing or two about teasing a man like that.

Looking into her brown eyes Bobbie smiled, running his hand through his brown hair.

"Sweet dreams, baby girl." He murmured in a husky voice and Kelly grinned. Oh yeah, he had noticed... Then, with a coy smile, she added.

"Don't I get a kiss from my favorite uncle?"

"Oh, you'd get much more than that, Kelly!" Bobbie thought and then cursed himself when his dick twitched in his shorts. His niece was making him so hard that Bobbie knew he'd need a long session with his favorite porn movie in his room before going to bed.

Resting his beer on the coffee table, Bobbie smiled at Kelly and then opened one arm to her, the other one safely covering his hard on.

"Come here."

Kelly grinned inwardly. With her sweet, innocent smile still plastered on her face, she slowly walked toward Bobbie, making sure her hips swiveled in a provocative way. As she moved, she noticed her uncle's eyes growing wide at the way her robe clung to her in some strategic places.

Taking a deep breath, Kelly stood before Bobbie and before he could say anything, she posed her hands flat on the back of the sofa on either side of his head, her chest mere inches apart from Bobbie's brown eyes.

Bobbie's jaw dropped to the floor as his niece's chest appeared before his eyes, her full breasts threatening to spill from the confines of the robe, her taut nipples begging for him to take them into his mouth. Then, one thought entered his mind... was Kelly trying to seduce him? His eyes flew toward hers and he soon found his answer.

"Goodnight, uncle Bobbie." Kelly murmured huskily before lowering her lips to her uncle's for a long, sensual kiss, her tongue dipping into his mouth.

Bobbie was too surprised to react. His niece was kissing him! Kelly, the sweet little girl he had spoiled since she was born, who worshipped him, was kissing him in the way a woman does only when she wants to be fucked. Then, an image of this full grown, beautiful woman wearing tight shorts or really short skirts during the last few days told him that he wasn't dreaming.

Just as Bobbie went through all the times Kelly had made him hard in the last couple of days, his niece decided to give him a surprise. Stepping between his parted thighs, she threw one of her own legs over his right one and slowly sat on his bare thigh, letting him feel her naked pussy on his skin. Moaning, Kelly moved her hips back and forth a few times, enjoying the feeling of the crisp hair of her uncle's leg against her throbbing full lips, as well as coating his skin with her juices.

"Can you feel how wet I am, uncle Bobbie?" Kelly murmured, her lips leaving his for a few seconds as she kept moving her hips. Wide eyed, Bobbie's hands flew to her hips in a futile attempt to still her movements, but he groaned when he touched soft skin; her robe had ridden up and he was now sampling Kelly's softness. Still, Bobbie forced himself to stop.

"This is wrong, Kelly." Bobbie argued, but Kelly didn't pay any attention. She moved her lips to his ear and after nibbling his lobe, she murmured huskily in his ear.

"Fuck me, uncle Bobbie... I want your cock to be the first one to fill my cunt."

That was all it took for Bobbie to give up; he had never been able to resist a warm and inviting body in his arms and this time was no exception. Even the fact of Kelly being his niece AND a virgin only made it more exciting, as if he took a bite of the forbidden fruit.

Groaning, Bobbie's left hand moved to Kelly's chest and moving the robe aside, he cupped one full breast in his hand, marveling at the size. His niece's breasts were full and firm, and big enough to fill his big hand. In the meantime, his other hand sampled the softness of her rounded little butt, a tentative finger teasingly dipping between her ass cheeks. Kelly moaned in his ear and Bobbie's cock hardened even more in his tight shorts, which made him so horny that he gently pinched her tender nipple, making her squeal with pleasure.

Kelly shivered in delight, her mouth now covering his as their tongues moved in a frenzy. She had allowed a few guys to grope and even finger fuck her in the past months, but it had never felt this way. Bobbie's hands were big and rough, touching her in all the right places.

Her hands were busy roaming his chest when she cried out in pleasure again; Bobbie had slid his hand between her ass cheeks and was now teasing her wet and wanting pussy with his finger. Bobbie circled her clit a few times and then posed the tip of his finger on her entrance, pushing against it but never entering her. Throwing her head back, Kelly thrust her hips backward trying to get her uncle to put his finger in her eager cunt, but the harder she tried, the more Bobbie drew his finger away from her. Soon, Kelly was unconsciously following his hand with her pussy in her need to be filled and Bobbie grinned at the sight of his slutty niece.

"You want it bad, don't you?" Bobbie growled in Kelly's ear as his finger toyed with the entrance of her pussy.

"Oh yes, uncle Bobbie!" Kelly moaned as she pushed her hips back, grunting when the hair of his leg tickled her now exposed clit with its roughness. "Please put your finger in me... Feel my tight little pussy before you fuck me with your big cock." She begged and Bobbie grinned. Moving his hand aside, he took Kelly's nipple in his mouth and once her surprise died down, Bobbie rammed his long middle finger in her cunt.

Kelly let out a loud cry when she felt her uncle's big finger enter her and she felt glad that Bobbie was a big man all over. Throwing her head back, Kelly let herself go, enjoying the feeling of Bobbie's hot mouth around her aching nipple and his long, wide finger in her pussy.

Bobbie stared at her and seeing the pleased expression in his niece's face, he decided to tease her a bit and have some fun himself. Not that he didn't like the feeling of Kelly's tight virgin cunt around his finger, but this was the perfect opportunity to get his little slut to do whatever he wanted.

Slowly, Bobbie slid his finger out of her and waited until Kelly grunted in disappointment. Then, he slid two fingers in her throbbing womanhood making her cry out when her pussy stretched to welcome such girth.

"Oh God, uncle Bobbie... Your fingers... They're so... big!" Kelly exclaimed between pants when Bobbie buried his fingers in her to the hilt.

"Yes, baby girl... You like them?" Bobbie asked as he stared at Kelly pumping his fingers into her pussy, his leg hair brushing her clit every time she thrust back to welcome the hand that came from behind.

Bobbie knew she was close to come; he could feel her muscles tightening around him, so he decided to move to second base. Removing his fingers from her, Bobbie heard Kelly's disappointed growl.

"Uncle Bobbie!" She cried out as she helplessly humped her hips, her pussy feeling awfully empty. Taking advantage of the moisture coating his wide middle finger, Bobbie teased the puckered rosebud of her asshole as he murmured.

"You want me to fuck you, love? Is that what you want?" Bobbie asked as he pushed the tip of his finger into Kelly's ass, making her pant. "You want me to fill that sweet little pussy with my dick?"

Kelly tried to speak, but she found herself out of breath at this new thing her uncle was subjecting her to. Kelly had never even considered anal sex, but the feeling of Bobbie's finger in her ass had her panting for breath... And not because she didn't like it!

"Oh, yes... That's what I want." Kelly finally answered, but she panted again when Bobbie's finger entered her butt up to the second knuckle. "God, just fuck me! My pussy burns for you, uncle Bobbie!"

"Then you have to do something for me, Kelly." Bobbie murmured as he swiftly slid his finger out of her, leaving his niece high and dry and unable to say no to anything he asked.

"What do you want from me, uncle Bobbie?" Kelly asked in mock fear and Bobbie gave her a playful swat in her ass for that.

"Suck my cock, you slut!" Bobbie growled and Kelly grinned in delight. If there was something she liked, that was having a hot, hard dick in her mouth!

Moving her hand down his chest, Kelly sampled the bulging muscles in her uncle's chest before taking care of another bulging muscle below his waist. Sliding her tiny hand over his shorts up and down a few times, Kelly then cupped his rock hard shaft through the fabric.

"You're so big, uncle Bobbie." Kelly groaned as she felt his cock throbbing in her palm. She gave it a playful squeeze and Bobbie thrust his hips into her hand, making her smile. Kelly could feel it twitching in her palm and she decided to wait no longer.

Kneeling between her uncle's parted legs, Kelly moved her hands to the waistband of his shorts and in one swift movement, slid them and his underwear down his legs with Bobbie's help. Kelly tossed the clothes aside and once she focused her eyes on Bobbie's dick, her eyes grew wide in surprise. Damn, he was big! His cock had to be at least 9 inches long and what amazed her the most, about 2 inches wide. Kelly had seen and sucked a lot of cocks in the last few of months, but this...

Licking her lips, Kelly looked up at her uncle, her hands running up and down his thighs.

"You're so big, uncle Bobbie..." She murmured as she planted soft kisses above his pubic hair, his dick delicately brushing her neck. Slowly, Kelly straightened up and softly moved her chest from left to right, allowing his hard meat to touch her breasts as she fixed her eyes on his.

"Oh, baby... Suck me... Take me in your mouth!" Bobbie exclaimed when his dick slid in the valley between her breasts and Kelly let it slide up and down a few times.

Grinning, Kelly lowered her head and licked his shaft from bottom to top before teasing its head with her tongue. She heard Bobbie grunting and when he instinctively thrust forward, Kelly parted her lips and willingly took it in her mouth.

"Fuck!" Bobbie exclaimed, his hands flying to her brown hair. Kelly's tongue was doing things to him no one had ever done before and he had to hold himself back before he came too soon. Bobbie grunted in pleasure when Kelly allowed him to push her head downward, taking his whole cock in her mouth. Bobbie could feel the tip of his dick touching the back of her throat and he regretted not having noticed the slut he had under his roof any time sooner. Then, softly tugging her hair, Bobbie turned Kelly's head until she looked up at him, her mouth full of cock and a naughty expression in her brown eyes.

"You love it, don't you slut??" Bobbie growled and he could see her lips twitching into a smile around the thick base of his shaft. "You're such a slut... MY slut!" He added with a groan when Kelly pulled back and nibbled his tip gently. "I bet you've sucked a lot of cocks, haven't you?? How did you manage to keep them out of your pussy?"

Giving his cock another nibble, Kelly looked up and said.

"I only want you, uncle Bobbie."

Bobbie groaned when Kelly engulfed his shaft one more time. This time, she sucked him with a vengeance and before he knew, Bobbie was shooting his load into his niece's hot mouth. Kelly welcomed his cum and willingly swallowed it, feeling dirty and slutty... and loving it!

It only took Bobbie a short while to catch his breath, but once he did, he looked down at Kelly with a smile. She was still licking his cock, and Bobbie had to admire her dedication. Still smiling, Bobbie grabbed her shoulders and pulled her up, grinning when his niece let out a loud grunt as his cock slipped out of his mouth.

"Come on, baby girl... I have something for you." Bobbie murmured before kissing her deeply. Sliding down the couch, Bobbie sat on the floor with his back against it and leaned his head back on the seat.

"What are you doing, uncle Bobbie?" Kelly asked with a grin and Bobbie motioned for her to sit on his face. Kelly, in spite of her forwardness, blushed a little before doing as he asked. Once she did, Bobbie's hands went to her butt, softly caressing her cheeks before sliding them between her legs and parting her pussy lips in the process.

"Uncle Bobbie!" Kelly moaned when his tongue traced her from her clit to her vagina. Gripping the back of the couch, Kelly arched her back and offered herself to her uncle's mouth, delicately humping against her face.

Kelly squealed when his tongue flicked at her clit, making her jump in pleasure before moving to her entrance and dipping curiously into her. Kelly couldn't believe this was finally happening. She had sucked her uncle's cock just minutes ago, that big cock that filled her mouth to a point no one had ever done before, making her wonder how it would feel to have it buried deep inside her pussy and humping madly into her. Kelly could easily picture it; she would be on all fours and Bobbie would be behind her, teasing her with his cock before diving into her to fuck her senseless. She was so eager to have his dick in her that she could almost feel it moving within her.

When Bobbie slid a big finger into her wanting pussy, Kelly cried out in delight. She had had guys licking her cunt before, but her uncle could do things to her no one had ever tried. Kelly could feel his teeth gently nibbling her clit as his finger moved within her, readying her for what was about to come.

"Oh yes, uncle Bobbie!" Kelly exclaimed as her hips danced above his mouth. "It feels so good..."

"You're so sweet, baby girl." Bobbie said, momentarily stopping his attentions. "And so fucking tight that I can't wait to fuck your little pussy!"

Kelly cried out in pleasure once her uncle's mouth moved to her cunt one more time. Both his finger and his tongue were driving her mad and before she knew it, she felt her inner muscles clutching his finger as she came in the most powerful orgasm ever. Kelly collapsed on the back of the couch trying to catch her breath, little cries escaping her mouth occasionally as Bobbie licked her pussy clean.

Slowly, Bobbie slipped from underneath his niece and quickly stood up, his eyes admiring the sight before him. Kelly's legs were spread wide and her robe was bunched up around her waist, exposing her butt and pussy to his eyes thanks to the way she had arched her back. Bobbie could hear her whimpering still and with an evil grin, decided to play a bit more.

Stepping behind her, he flexed his knees until she was at level with her and took her in his arms, his hands going to her naked breasts and his half hard cock slipping between her thighs and teasing her still trembling pussy.

"Uncle Bobbie!!!" Kelly exclaimed at the feeling of his cock touching her pussy. In spite of being quite open in other aspects of her sexuality, Kelly had never felt a dick so close to her womanhood and it sent a rush of shock up her body before she began to like the feeling. "God, uncle Bobbie... You're so good!" She said and Bobbie grinned, his fingers tugging her at her hardening nipples. "And this..." Kelly added, moving her hips so his cock slid up and down her pussy a few times. "It feels so good!"

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