tagGroup SexKelsey's World Ch. 35

Kelsey's World Ch. 35


"Twenty-six... Twenty-seven... Twenty-eight...... Come on!... Twenty-nine... Do it, girl!... Do it!... Yeah! Thirty! I knew you had it in you!"

Barb slapped a high-five with Wendy. Bobby looked on, smiling. "You're pushin' it, girl, that's awesome!"

Wendy was breathing hard, sitting on the chest butterfly machine at the gym. She smiled, too. "Is this gonna give me tits like Kelsey's?" she asked, as hers heaved.

"Nothin' wrong with yours," Bobby said.

Wendy's whole body electrified with tingles. Barb smiled when she saw the goosebumps.

"Let's do some barbells," she said. "Wanna spot for us, boys?"

"We'd like nothing better," Albert said. "Well, maybe not nothing, but..."

"Down, horndog. Heel," Bobby smiled.

Wendy's eyes flared wide with excited surprise, and she looked at Barb.

Barb smiled. "Nothin' like a little a little sexual tension to get the blood flowing, right?" she said.

"Blood flow is good for muscles," Bobby said. "Makes 'em bigger."

"Easy, boys," Barb said. "Wendy needs to focus. She's workin' pecs and shoulders today. What should we do?"

"On your back, Wendy," Bobby said, guiding her to a barbell bench. "That's good. Feet on the floor, spread your legs wide for stability. Nice. Let's try thirty pounds to start." He and Albert set the weight, and Bobby moved in close to her, the soft lump in his gym shorts just inches from her face. "Give it a go," he said. "Make it yours..."

Matt's face looked dreamy as he lay on his back on the bed. Wendy was up cowgirl style, riding him slow and gentle. They'd both just had nice orgasms, filling Wendy's pussy with slippery warmth.

"I think I'm ready," Wendy said softly. "Remember what you asked me last week? I think I'm ready."

"Really?" Matt said, his face looking more serious as he snapped out of his dreamy stupor. "Swinging, you mean?"

"Mmm Hmm," Wendy said. Her eyes were closed and her hips were still moving slowly as she enjoyed the post-orgasmic glow with Matt's nice cock inside her.

Matt waited for a more enlightening answer, but Wendy just breathed deeply, with a Mona Lisa smile on her pretty face.

"What brought this on?" Matt asked. "You and Barb been talking?"

"No. I just think I'm ready. If you still are."

"Yeah. I mean, yeah..." Matt said, "...I mean, what do you mean?"

Wendy opened her eyes and smiled at her cute, boyish husband. She loved that he was struggling to find words. "Well, we've already started, right?" she said. "With Koop, and Barb. If we're doing this, it's time to jump in. There's a whole community around here."

"Kay and Bobby Jonston, you mean?"

"Yeah. They've got lots of friends. I think it might be nice to be a part of it."

"You wanna go all in? Orgy parties, and..."

Wendy smiled when she felt Matt's cock firming up inside her again. "Judging by how hard you are, you wanna go all in, so I do, too."

"Shit, Wendy! We really doin' this?"

"Shut up and fuck me again." She arched her back and lowered a tit to Matt's mouth, moaning when she felt his teeth give her a gentle nibble. "Fuck, yeah, we're doin' it..."

Ashley got off the subway at Essex Street after a quick trip over the East River on the Williamsburg Bridge. It was a trip she'd made many times — back and forth between Manhattan's East Village and Brooklyn — since she'd returned to the city after the Christmas party at Kelsey's parents house. That was the fateful night when she discovered her true love of sex, and that she could enjoy her newfound enthusiasm in a casual way. Raymond was the key. Gangly, goofy, geeky Raymond. Of course Ashley never considered herself a prize, not even close. But she'd lost a good amount of weight since high school, and Raymond had changed, too. Thanks to Kelsey's tutelage he'd become something of a sexual dynamo, and his outer geek had morphed into something very close to hip.

As she walked north toward Tompkins Square Park, well satiated after a blistering round of doggy-style with Raymond, her thoughts drifted back to Christmas night, and the one thing she couldn't stop thinking about. It always surprised her, where her mind went. She wondered why it wasn't Jamar that consumed her thoughts, with his gorgeous brown body, pornstar cock and lilting Jamaican accent. But it wasn't him, or the other two handsome men that had fucked her. It was Rich Potter, the forty-something owner of the restaurant her parents used to bring her to when she was a kid. Not a gorgeous man like Jamar, and his cock was decidedly average, but something about that encounter triggered something primal in Ashley, and she couldn't get it out of her head.

As she walked she wondered what it was about guys with 'R' names — Rich had been stuck in her head since Christmas, Richie had fucked her at the little orgy at Kelsey's before the Christmas party, Raymond was fucking her regularly, and Rick was her swinger father. That last thought made her shudder a little, and she pulled her coat tight around her.

Tompkins Square came into view. It was a park she loved, so she wandered in amongst the still leafless trees and sat on a bench. She wondered what Rich was doing — maybe still at the restaurant, she thought, although it was late in the evening, so maybe he and his wife were home fucking already. Or maybe they were out with their swinger friends, maybe even Ashley's mom and dad. A warm tingle ran through her on the cold park bench. Oh my God, she thought. Maybe he's fucking Mom right now!

After a few moments of trying to picture that, she pulled out her phone and texted Kelsey...

Hi. Just saw Raymond. Thanks again for hooking us up.

Yay! I love that u guys are fuckbuddies.

What makes u think we fucked? :-)

Ha! Good one!

Ashley smiled, and when she typed the next text her whole body swooned. Hitting the send button took her a few seconds and a deep breath, but she did it...

Hey, I might take the train up this weekend. Any older guys around?

Yeah! How bout my dad? I can hook you up.

Your dad? OMG!!!

Good, right? :-)

I thought maybe I wouldn't tell my parents.

I get you honey, but that might not be cool with my dad. Maybe tell just your mom?

Shit. Yeah, you're right. OK forget it.

I'm pretty sure your mom and dad would be cool with it if that's what you're worried about. They were super happy you came to the xmas party.

Maybe. I should go, there's a couple of creepies heading my way.

OK honey. Let's make this happen. Give Raymond a blowjob for me. :-)

Ashley sat back on the park bench, mad at herself for chickening out and lying to Kelsey about nonexistent creeps. She breathed in the scent of the city and listened to its sounds. A train home was cheap and easy. Kelsey's father was a serious studmuffin of a man. Ashley had known him since she was little and always loved his smile, and all of the rest of him, too, fully clothed of course. All the happy-juice Raymond had stirred up was still dancing around in her brain. It was an overpowering combination. She knew she'd be on that train.

"Kay want's to know if we'd mind if a twenty-three-year-old woman joins us," Wendy said to Matt after she'd hung up the phone. "I chickened out for some reason and told her I'd get back to her."

"Jesus! Is it Kelsey?"

"No," Wendy said. "Another girl, named Ashley. Kelsey went to high school with. Her parents are in the lifestyle. They're all hoping to get this girl involved and I guess she's going to be in town this weekend."

"The lifestyle," Matt smiled. "That's the first time you've called it that."

"I know. It sounds funny, doesn't it? That's what they seem to say. I guess it sounds better than swingers."

"I guess. I kinda like swingers. Sounds sexier."

"So, what do you think? I told Kay I'd call her back."

"What do I think?" Matt smiled. "You're wondering if I'd mind an extra woman to have sex with on Saturday night?"

"Hey, Mister," Wendy smirked. "I can pull the plug on this whole thing if you don't behave."

"I'm leavin' it up to you, Babe. Next time, when there's an extra man, I'll get to decide."

Wendy felt a pleasant jolt, hoping the extra man would be Albert. The nice little tingle grew quickly, and she shuddered a little with a near orgasm. "I hope you remember this when you make that decision," she said as she dialed the phone.

"Hi Kay. I just spoke to Matt. We'd love to meet Ashley. What time would you like us?"

At 10:20 AM Saturday morning, Amtrak's Empire train 281 pulled out of Penn Station in Manhattan, headed north for Albany and points west. Ashley was onboard. Sixty-four dollars bought her a round-trip ticket. It was a quick trip home, in fact she wasn't even going home at all. Kelsey offered to pick her up at the station, she'd sleep at Bobby and Kay's after the get together, and then she'd be back on the train early Sunday afternoon, easing into Manhattan around 7:00 PM. It was cheap and easy, and Ashley wondered if she was, too.

She was tempted to call or text her mother when the train was snaking its way out of the congestion of the city, but she didn't know what to say, and she didn't want to think too much about what her mother would say to her. It was bad enough that Kay had made the arrangements for her, explaining the situation to Ashley's parents Donna and Rick. It was Kelsey who made everything seem almost normal to Ashley, but of course it wasn't, and after the ball was rolling she wished she'd never made that fateful text to Kelsey from the park. But then she thought of Bobby.

Mr. Jonston was what Ashley had always called him. She often blushed when he was around, even before her puberty hit, but certainly after. In her mind he'd always personified the handsome, sexy older man, and at times over the years she'd even felt odd twinges of jealousy toward Kay. When Ashley really thought about it, though, she was jealous of the whole family. Kay and Bobby and Kelsey were all just so attractive, and had perfect, happy, bubbly personalities to go along with their good looks. It was almost enough to make an overweight, average-looking girl throw up her hands in defeat.

Ashley stretched out in her Coach Class seat, next to an obese woman who barely fit in her own. It was good for Ashley, a nice visual reminder of how good she was doing with her dieting and exercise. She'd lost fifty pounds since she started — forty before the Christmas party at the Jonston's, and ten after, thanks in part to the pleasurable calorie burning at Raymond's apartment in Brooklyn.

The train trip was uneventful. Ashley slept half the way, and read for two hours. Kelsey was waiting at the station, and whisked her to their hometown in record time, serenaded by Katy Perry and Adele. They arrived at the Jonston homestead, got Ashley settled in one of the guest rooms, and wandered down to the kitchen.

"You've got way too many snacks, Mom," Kelsey said. "Ash is on a diet."

"There's another couple coming, Honey," Kay said. "Wendy and Matt Nanty. Richie's mom and dad."

Kelsey looked happily surprised. "Really? Wow, that's great!"

"Wendy called to ask if they could do their first couples swap with us, and then you called about Ashley. Ashley, Honey, you don't mind, do you?"

Ashley shook her head, but looked a little muddled. "No, that's fine."

"But the symmetry's all messed up," Kelsey said. "It's not a couples swap, is it. Ash, you want Austin to be your date tonight?"

"Oh, Honey," Kay smiled, "I like the way you think! Wendy will love that!"

"Wendy is Austin's mother's best friend," Kelsey explained to Ashley.

Ashley looked surprised. "Really? And you're just gonna spring him on her?"

"Sounds hot, right?" Kelsey said. "There's more to it, though. Wendy is Richie's mom, and Richie's been fucking Austin's mother Barbara for months. They're super hot and heavy."

"Holy shhiitt!" Ashley said. "Does everybody just have sex with everybody around here?"

"Wouldn't that be awesome? Maybe someday..." Kelsey said, with a dreamy look in her eyes. "So what do you think, Ash? Wanna borrow my Austin for the night?"

Ashley tried to hide her excitement, but Kelsey and Kay could see it. "Sure, I guess."

"Nice," Kelsey said. "Mom, do you think we should tell Barb?"

"No, Honey, let's let the surprises work their magic."

"Oh my God! Austin?"

The look on Wendy's face was priceless. Kay smiled.

"Ashley brought a date," Kay said. "I hope you don't mind."

"No, I..." Wendy's voice halted. She glanced at Matt. It was a look he hadn't seen before.

"You okay, Babe?" he said. He turned to the tall young man and offered his hand. "Hi Austin, I'm Matt. I'm a friend of your mom's."

"Don't you just love this?" Kay said. "It's such a nice circle now."

She made the rest of the introductions. Matt and Bobby had seen each other around town but had never formally met. When Matt shook Austin's hand everything seemed lighthearted and fun, but when he gripped Bobby's more manly handshake the gravity of the situation sunk in. It sunk in even deeper when Bobby hugged Wendy.

"How's my favorite gym rat," Bobby said, looking into Wendy's twinkling eyes.

"It's such a pleasure to have you here, Matt," Kay said, up on her tiptoes to hug him. Her big tits were loose under her casual cocktail dress, and she held the hug with them smooshed up against him until he got a good look down at her prodigious cleavage. "We're going to have such fun."

Ashley got a hug from the two men, too. She was pretty sure she would have fainted if they hadn't had their arms around her to hold her up.

"Are we all drinkers?" Bobby asked. "Shall we wander in to the bar?"

"I don't suppose I could get a nice sweet martini," Ashley asked. "Or two or three."

"Ha! Yes, let's loosen up," Kay said, smiling like she was plenty relaxed. "Feel free to shed your clothes whenever you'd like. We're very informal around here."

They all followed Kay to the nice warm kitchen. She took some crostini out of the oven, slid them onto a platter and joined the others at the counter where Bobby was mixing drinks.

"Would you like to unzip me, Honey?" she asked Matt, scooping her long red hair out of the way as she turned her back to him.

"Oh, sure. Things move right along here."

"We only got dressed for your arrival," she said as the zipper went down. "I'm much more comfortable without a dress."

"Oh my gosh, those are pretty!" Wendy said when Kay stepped out of the little dress.

Matt looked surprised, at Kay's remarkable body and at the way his wife was praising her tits so casually.

"Oh I know!" Kay said, sticking her thumb in the waistband of her panties to show them off. "Isn't it just the most beautiful lace? Wanna show me yours?"

"Oh," Wendy said, glancing at Bobby and Austin. "Yeah. I may actually be more relaxed after I get it over with."

"Austin, wanna help Wendy with her pretty dress?" Kay asked.

"Sure," he said. Just a month or two ago there would have been excitement in his voice, but he'd been watching the older men at the parties and was learning the calm, cool and collected thing.

"Ashley, would you like to join us?" Kay asked, as Wendy's zipper went down. "I love being topless with clothed men. Makes me feel like a Playboy bunny."

"I'm...pretty sure I'm gonna need a drink first," Ashley said, marveling at Kay's amazing tits.

Matt smiled at his wife, standing there with an 'Oh my God!' look on her face after Austin carefully draped her dress on the back of a kitchen chair with Kay's. She was topless, like Kay, but quite a bit taller in her high heeled shoes. Her lace-trimmed satiny panties added some glamour. "You look beautiful, Babe," he said, as he watched her big, already excited nipples bloom to their fullest.

"I finally get to see the results of all that hard work at the gym," Bobby said. "Absolutely stunning."

"How long have you been working out?" Ashley asked.

"Not long enough," Wendy said, blushing from all the attention. "Six months, I guess."

"Wow, you must have been beautiful even before you started. I've been trying. I've lost fifty pounds," Ashley said, sounding shy about it, but proud.

"My goodness!" Bobby said. He raised his glass. "That's worthy of a toast. Here's to beautiful people who care about themselves. And cute girls," he quickly added, winking at Ashley.

"He's an incorrigible flirt," Kay said. "Shall we go upstairs?"

Wendy's eyes flared with intrigue. It was exciting enough standing topless in a kitchen. Upstairs must mean bedrooms, she thought. Are we pairing off already?

Kay took Matt's arm and led the way. Ashley clung to Austin at the back of the group.

"So this is our boudoir," Kay said when they entered her bedroom. "We've thought of knocking walls down, but we kind of like it cozy. Shall we sit and talk for a while?"

"I...think I need another drink," Ashley said, holding up her empty glass.

"I'll get it for you," Bobby said.

"No, I can," Ashley said, looking like her nerves might get the better of her. "I'll be back."

She made a hasty retreat, disappearing around the corner into the hall. With her heart pounding she descended the stairs. Feeling a bit faint, she made a bee-line for the kitchen and it's chairs. A deep breath after she sat down, and then her phone was out of her pocket, in her hand. After aborting a text to Kelsey, she sent one to her mother...

Why am I so nervous? I'm the last girl with my clothes on.

It took a few minutes for Donna to respond to her daughter. Ashley had given up and was walking toward the stairs when the phone vibrated in her pocket.

Where are you?

Kitchen getting a drink. They are all talking in B and K's bedroom.

Donna knew the scene well. She and Ashley's father Rick had spent many an evening in the Jonston's bedroom.

Are you still sure you really want to be there? You don't have to you know.

Yes. I want to. I'm just nervous.

What are you wearing?

Jeans and a shirt. I should have worn a dress like the others. They looked so nice.

As soon as you're out of your clothes you'll look nice too. You'll all be equal. That's the way I always look at it. Nudity is a wonderful equalizer.

Even when Kay's around? Her body is amazing. Wendy too.

Yup, even when Kay's around. You look better than I do and nudity equalizes me. Trust me. Men are funny that way.

I have to go Mom. Thanks. :-)

Ashley didn't wear the right clothes, but she did wear the right underwear, a bra and panties that she bought at a gritty little lingerie store in Brooklyn, two blocks from Raymond's apartment. The panties fit her curves perfectly and the cut of them emphasized all that was right with her ass. Raymond was quite fond of them, always spending extra time back there before removing them. The bra matched the sexy panties, supporting her soft breasts loosely, letting her jiggle nicely with lots of curvy flesh showing.

Ashley knew what she needed to do. She stripped off her jeans and shirt in the kitchen and walked barefoot back to the stairs with a topped-up drink in her hand. Kay was just on her way down to check on her.

"Is everything all right, Honey?"

"Yeah," Ashley said. "Just...a little nervous, I guess."

"That'll be gone soon. You won't even remember it tomorrow."

Ashley smiled but her face was tense. She was surprised at herself for reaching out to her mother for advice on swinging. It seemed ridiculous and she almost laughed and told Kay about it as they ascended the big staircase.

"You look amazing, Honey," Kay said as she watched Ashley's jiggly tits. "You're like a new woman."

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