tagSci-Fi & FantasyKenkou Journey Ch. 02

Kenkou Journey Ch. 02


It took a while of shuffling my feet to finally get past having abandoned the Orcs like that. Straight from the book, their nature is to either savor owning slaves or utterly fawn over a master, so to get abandoned is probably a first and a total shock to them. I kept having to shake the thoughts from my head and keep trudging on, getting toward the growing forests at the base of the mountains.

There was a quick movement in the rocks when I made the final turn, so I kept my eyes on the spot as long as possible. Once it finally got out of eyeshot, though, there was a moment's silence before a rock fell down the rubble surrounding the path. I snapped around in time to see a Lamia, who started darting down toward me as soon as I got a sight of her. "Ah, dammit!" Another who would keep me forever if she had the attraction, and I really didn't want to get a reputation among monsters or chased down by any more than I needed to.

Turn tail, run like hell, and eventually get out of the Lamia's sight. The plan worked, but once again, I was leaning on a tree and out of breath. As I inhaled over and over, a sweet scent overtook my nostrils. It was a curious one, powerful despite its source being far away. My head swam a little as the scent seemed to pile up, leading me to get curious and start to follow it for its source.

Following a sweet smell toward an unknown source when most women in this world lure men in to be raped should've been a red flag, but the more I smelled it, the more it seemed to take over my thoughts. The process was slow, but as I got closer, more powerful. I eventually saw a few antennas sticking out from above tall grass, moving in a line. Between cloudy thoughts and blurred vision from the scent's effect, I finally saw the full line of large Ants walking toward the mountain's walls to dig down under and into it in a tunnel, toting tools and loads of the stones and dirt built.

In a haze I found myself following one, curious about the goal and the ants themselves as they worked, bodies and clothes drenched in sweat from the labor of breaking the earth to take into a tunnel deep in the forest. The ceiling was large enough for me to walk into without ducking, and showed an enormous lobby with tunnels going out nearly every possible direction. The cart-pusher I was behind poured out her load before traversing a loop, only finally noticing me. There was an exchange of tools and I was brought down a tunnel, soon losing track of my leader and left to wander in a daze of sweet scents and dimly lit tunnels until I found the lobby again, as well as a couple other men in a similar stupor.

Other men. Tunnels. Ants. A spike of pain hit my head and I sobered up some, realizing my situation. Giant Ant colony, and their sweat's scent is an aphrodisiac. These guys were being gathered for... when shift ends, they were... claimed? I couldn't remember if it was take to the queen, or followers take who they lead in, or... All I knew was, I was lost in the colony, and my head wouldn't totally clear to get out.

I looked up to the line of Ants walking around the surface, pouring loads of material down to be taken out into tunnels closer to the base. It was a seamless operation, for sure.

"Ah.. Hello, ma--ahh!" I didn't get to look as quickly as I normally would've, but I got to see a Giant Ant taking a man by the hand and leading him into a pretty out of the way tunnel. There was a little nag at my head, but I looked back up at the surface, and seeing night time start to arrive outside the colony was my only worry. The workers were finally filing back in at the end of work. The more that came in, the more intoxicated I felt with their scents. I finally got a little recall that their sweat was laced with aphrodisiac smells, but that didn't stop me from looking for the one who I followed into the colony in hopes of meeting her again.

"Oy, oy, outta me way." "Foun'a nice lookin' one followin'..." "Can yeh believe th' progress t'day?" The tunnels soon become full of echos of these kinds of comments as the group of men became lost in the crowd, soon led away by Ants through the tunnels. I felt fingers twining with mine, and my heart skipped a beat in hopes that it was the one. I turned, but even before the sight, my head knew the scent of her... as odd as it sounded to adore it, her sweat and sweetness.

"Glad ah found you first, guy. Found a few ladies eyein' ye on m'way down." Her voice was a little higher pitched than all the others, seeming more delicate than their rougher tones, but all I could do was try to tell her my name in between her pointing our ways to remember the way to her room. A few seconds, minutes... hell, an eternity later of following her, we finally entered a little opening with room for a few basics. Bed, room for clothing, and tool rack.

If there was anything else, I didn't care. I was already being pulled over to bed, gentle despite the strength within her arms, and set upon my back. In a second, she crawled her body over mine and started deftly undoing each button and clip holding my clothing in place, just as soon exposing my body beneath hers.

I looked down once we both became exposed. She had human hips, though her slit was on the front side and a couple inches above where the ant abdomen began. Her heavy body rested down on my legs, and soon all six of hers coiled around my two to hold me still as her body ground into mine until my shaft was leveled to slip inside. Her insides were tight, strong, tugging at my skin firmly with every rock back and forth she pushed on me. Her face was melting into a dreamy look as she rubbed backwards before sliding up with a quick push, filling herself with my erection again and again.

My hands started to roam, tracing the carapace of her lower body before outlining the curves, each trace of my fingertips causing a high-pitched gasp of pleasure. I got a hold of her bouncing breasts, grasping tightly with each push forward her body slid on mine, mashing my fingers in harder the closer she got me to my peak. "Mm-mm-mm-mmore.." She hummed out in agreement and started ramming herself down onto me, our bodies bouncing together on her bed as her breasts and feelers jiggled wildly.

In an orgasmic daze, I dared to lift a hand from her bosom and grasp one to fondle at with a soft knead. Her eyes rolled upward and insides started contracting, grasping my shaft in an incredible grip that sent me over the edge, filling her room with a moan of bliss as I started throbbing and spraying my pleasure within her. My head swam with her scent and touch, grasping with both hands and meeting her incredible humps downward as our bodies met with repeated thrusts. My strength drained with the stream of pleasure gushing out, and I soon felt my arms drop from her body, feeling her needy grinds down into me.

Our bodies were soaked in sweat, drenching the bed and filling my head with nothing but her scent and feel. I couldn't think of anything but allowing her to grind, bumping up to her pushes down into me and feeling her muscles knead and stroke at my erection in the sensual dance. I don't know how long she continued, only that she finally wore down and fell upon me, rolling off against my side and breathing heavily while whispering words like "Amazing" and "Loving" as we recovered.

A few minutes passed, and our bodies finally cooled some. She was half asleep, but I was finally coming down from the high of her smell and thinking for myself again. I felt sore from the stomach down, and still weak in fatigue and pleasure. Even curling forward to sit up set my waist on fire, but it definitely felt worth it from how clearly I remembered her touch. Still, sleep definitely wasn't going to come.

I tried to be quiet while slipping out of bed, at least slipping into my bottoms and grabbing my sword sheathe as a mock walking stick. I didn't need it much, but weight on my arms was a bit of a relief as I followed the lights out toward the main tunnel. I will also say this, even a human could navigate the scents of the cave from how distinct each Ant is. Trusting I wouldn't soon forget my maiden's, I found the path to the entrance of the colony and propped against the curved wall of the tunnel to look outside.

There were a couple scouts skittering around, keeping a look-out within the tunnels and at the entrance. One decided to rest into place at the wall opposite me, fidgeting her legs as if itching to walk but otherwise still. "Norm'lly guys are the first t' pass out and we don' see 'em 'til mornin'... I think it was Clarissa who took you t' bed. Everythin' alright?"

I nodded and heaved a sigh, one hand kneading atop my thigh with a wince at the relief and pain of the touch. "Couldn't be better... At least, if it didn't end up bruising me like this. I don't blame her, though." Eager to get off the subject, I looked outside. "How often does an intruder come in for anything?"

She looked out with me. "Nigh on never, 'xcept for a couple o' Arachne tryin'a make a nest in here. We've had three who made it in, tha' we know of. Ev'ryone's kidna uneasy tha' we got another."

My eyes started moving left to right, like reading. I was trying to remember the book. "Arachne... Arachne... Um. I know two kinds, but I'm guessing you mean Ant Arachne. They look like you but just steal men to play with all day and don't work, right?" She nodded with a scowl. "I can see how it'd annoy you. Glad I didn't get gra--"

I felt my eyes snap wide, and her head looked at mine. "Grabbed by one... Ye say someone did? Who, where?"

I slapped my forehead for not remembering sooner. "That's what it was... When I got here, like after following you in, I couldn't think clear but saw someone get led away by an Ant. I mean, I think an Ant. But if all of you were working, then the Ant was--"

"--a bloody Arachne!" She reared her body back before crawling toward the colony again, motioning for the others up and about to come upward. It only took a couple minutes before half a dozen Ants were grouped around me. "We dunna wan' her knowin' we're onto her, so us six'll do. So, th' best ye can, please tell us what'cha know."

So, I started to recount. Following Clarissa in, the group of men, an incoherent greeting, and what vague direction I knew she led him before my attention shifted. I cursed myself for letting the aphrodisiac get to my head, but the Ants seemed to understand what it did. The largest of the bunch waved it off with her hand before scooping me and resting me on her abdomen like a steed. "Don't go cursin' yourself for something ye've got no control over. C'mon, let's see if being at the scene again helps ye out."

I held a hand to my sheathe and one around her belly for the quiet ride, viewing the walkway with an oddly higher clarity due to not having smells take over my head. I recognized where I stood with the other guys, and upon reaching the opening, started pointing a finger up the path I recall being taken. It didn't take long to ride up there, but mutters and quiet curses soon came from the Ants. "Only an Arachne! Why did'n' we notice sooner?"

"Huh?" I looked over at what they were talking about, and couldn't see anything wrong. There was a path, and the tunnel in plain sight. One of the six saw my face and pointed it out. "The path's weaker an' narrower, we'd fall through while she can move some'a herself along th' wall. Damned spiders."

I looked at the path for a minute before taking a deep breath. Reckless, for sure, but if the fake needed to be ousted, I felt like I could and should help. I slid from the side of the Ant carrying me and hobbled between them, a foot reaching the path before one of their hands grabbed my arm. "Are ye mad? Ye can't walk and haven't a blade in your holster, how are y' gonna get outta 'er webs?"

"Trust me. It'll show up... Thank the Cyclopses." The Ants must have known what they are famous for, because my hand was released. I put a hand to the wall and limped inward a bit, turning back to whisper out, "If nothing else, build a wider walkway now that you know which it is... assuming something doesn't go right."

Morbid thought, but hey, I didn't know what to expect as I crept inward. There was a dim light and a strong scent of musk, as though sex was constantly present in the room. I felt my feet shuffle past a bone, and nearly get stuck in a web. Arachne for sure. As I yanked myself free from the sticky fibers, I heard the now-familiar click of metal within my sheathe.

Since it was their, I decided to draw it. To my amazement, it gave off a faint glow--faint, but enough to let me see a couple feet in any given direction. The room soon became outlined in the steadily growing reflections of shimmers off the webs. I could see her in the bed, so deeply resembling a regular Ant that I had to remind myself what she was. Her prisoner was held on his back on the bed, his entire lower body and from elbows out tied down with naturally spun webs.

I tried to kneel to get a closer look at the Arachne's face, but my sore legs finally spiked in pain and gave out. My butt hit the ground, and she sprang up on the bed. "Die!" It was a shrill hiss, and the glare of her eyes hit me as she knelt to spring at me. I found myself swinging wildly and getting a cut across one of her feelers, slicing a bit off. The shriek of pain was enough that I dropped the sword and covered my ears, flinching enough that I nearly missed her leaping over my head to try to rush out of the colony.

"Hey, get back here!" The adrenaline rush helped me get to my feet and clumsily jog out, stumbling to the entrance in time to see her trying to struggle back into the cave. Three of her legs were being held, and she was clawing at the dirt of the entrance to get back in. The Ants must have had her, lower body... I turned my blade to the blunt end and gave a full, sharp swing into one of her hands. She shrieked again and let go of the wall, soon being dragged away and out of the entrance.

With a slow lumber I managed to see her restrained by five of the ants, one tying her up. Safe again, my sword dispelled, and my strength with it. As I tried to cross the bridge, I hit a spot that gave out, sending another spike of pain that buckled me into falling down into the dirt crumbling beneath me. "Whoa boy!" A very strong pair of hands grabbed mine, leaving me dangling by the grip alone. Thank god, Ants are strong... I was pulled up and instantly draped over the back of my rescuer as she started down the path. "C'mon, boyo. Ye've saved us from an invader, ye don' wanna see her fate, and ye defin'ly need your legs tended to."

I could only keep up with the directions before the tunnels went dark, and my being awake with it. I could feel a lot of dulled pain, a little heat, and a huge sensation of relief that woke me up. I looked around to find myself in another dirt room, but this one almost seemed polished. It was... comfortingly bright and smooth, kind of refined. I curled forward to sit, finding my legs heavily bandaged and soaked with a yellow liquid that was being massaged into me with a small Ant's firm yet careful hands.

"G'morning, sir. Clarissa sends 'er apologies, she did'n' mean t' bruise ye so much. Welcome t' the infirmary, by the way." Indeed it resembled one, now that I got a sight of all the kinds of liquids and ointments assorted. There was a small time of rubbing and a few tries to walk with no limp, only interrupted by a meal of simple breads and grain-based dishes. I didn't really have a timer to help out, but it seemed to take most of the day to get me back on my feet properly.

Even with the ability to go, though, my test walk to the center of the colony and back ended in realizing the sunset was upon us. The nurse led me back onto the bed, hands already rubbing down my unbandaged legs. "Was I out cold into the afternoon?"

"Nah." Each grasp of her hands left my legs feeling a bit more relaxed... Had I been getting this treatment since passing out? "You fought sleep for th' first hours of th' night, and then went like a babe aroun' midnight. Ye woke up right and proper aroun' breakfast for us. Truth be told, not often we get a man who gets treatment here. Nice change o' pace t' treat somethin' like this, 'specially after what ye did for us."

A little pride swelled in me at the idea of being a kind of hero to these ladies. My thoughts soon swapped over to the situation again, that I was still stuck in the colony for another night. "Um, miss, if I have to stay another night before maybe being able to go..."

"Another night o' Clarissa will prob'ly put ye right back in here. I'm not sure why ye need t' leave, but she'll understand if ye tell her t'night when the work's done. Do ye want to speak to her?" I nodded, and she immediately skittered off for a while. Even without being directly there to witness all the Ants' return home, the smells wafted into the infirmary enough to start clouding my head already. Thank god for the distance, because the nag in my head to head for the source was able to be resisted.

For a moment, anyway. Clarissa's figure soon came in, one hand resting her shovel atop her shoulder and the other wiping at her body's sweaty surface. Even having been wiped down, the smells had me on my feet and walking to her in a daze. It took me a second to realize why her face was a little conflicted, but I shook my head into clearing soon enough. "How much has the nurse told you?"

"Only that ye had a bit o' unhappy news. She thought it best to leave it there so ye could say in yer own words." Even with the worried tone of voice, her pitch still was delicate enough to make me smile a bit.

Just a bit. "I can't stay. As far as I know, I don't belong here, you've probably noticed that I'm kind of different from the other guys." However different, I wasn't quite sure yet, but that would be found out in time. "I need to find out exactly why, and where I belong, before I can do anything like settle. I'm sorry."

Her feelers drooped, but every other part of her stayed as bright as could be as she leaned to me and gave a pat on my shoulder. "Ah, buck up, boy. Adventurers are commonplace, but if I got ye in here and that led t' kickin' out that spider, I'm gonna be happy with that. Jus' promise if yer aroun', you'll check up, aye?" I nodded, and she lifted her towel to wipe around her neck again. "I should pro'ly go before I get a little needy on ye and repeat last night. Hope t' see ye someday!"

"You too, Clarissa." She soon departed, following a large rush of Ants going to feed and rest (with or with no men), leaving the colony nearly silent about an hour later. Even without a night of having her upon me, it was easy to track her cave by smell. I didn't quite have my sword to make a note, but in the dirt, the sheathe would do.

'Thank you, Clarissa. Signed, Harabec.' Hopefully a little imprint against her cave's wall wouldn't do much to the tunnel. All that left was getting some sleep. I felt torn between going back to the Infirmary and going deeper into the tunnel. A couple steps were taken blindly back and forth as I debated with myself if it would be nice or mean, romantic or cruel to rest with her one more night.

I didn't hear her skitter close, but her giggle was more than obvious. My head turned to find her reading my message, then looking at me with an outreached hand. "Yer welcome, Bec. C'mon, tonight we can just sleep." My body relaxed in relief and comfort as I took her hand and followed her back into bed. No matter how innocent the initial thoughts were, though, being close to her again had me excited. She seemed to share it enough to allow me to slip inside, but intended to hold fast to simply sleeping. It was definitely pleasant, falling asleep with a hard-on buried deep in softness and warmth of an equally comfortable body snuggled to mine.

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