tagIncest/TabooKentucky Blend

Kentucky Blend


AmyJo's legs snapped shut as she fumbled with her short, powder orange colored skirt. She was barely able to cover her garters and thigh highs when her next door neighbor J stepped into her single trailer. It almost didn't matter anymore, but she attempted to show a little self respect, anyway. You know, it's not like Janey didn't understand any of AmyJo's little appetites it was just that AmyJo was always getting caught in the act lately.

Her mom, her brother, Janey, her mom again, The sweaty boy who mowed her lot, her boyfriend, and yes mom again, all caught her in one form of self pleasure or another. This time she wised up and was able to shut her slutty spread thighs before she was busted but unfortunately wasn't in time to stop the dvd player. And unlike the first time her neighbor curiously slinked into the room instead of begging off. Topping the intrusion off by peeking over the sofa with a shit eating grin on her face.

"Gawd, girl. I've never really watched one of these before. Do you mind?" Janey looked down at the empty side of the sofa. "Oh, would you look at that?" Janey whispered, excitedly, with her husky southern accent as she stared at the carnal image on the tv set. The actress was getting her wet pussy pounded from behind while she laid sprawled over a desk. The room was filled with the gentle sound of the woman moaning.

"You got to be fucking kidding? You sound just like my mother, christ. Well, sit down then." AmyJo patted the seat next to herself. "You mean to tell me all the years you were married to that jerk off you didn't watch one porno movie? Gawd, where have you been in a fucking convent?"

"No, silly." Janey giggled brushing her shoulder against her friend's low cut, cream colored sweater. "I've seen'em. I was just pulling your leg, man."

"Ok then, but this is what's gonna happen. You can't just sit there goofing around. You've got choices: to quietly sit there and let me go about my business or relax yourself and do what comes natural or you can hit the road, the choice is yours. I just want to relax and watch then maybe do whatever, you know? Do my own thing to get off. See what I mean? You can't just sit there farting around you're going to have to do your own thing or be cool while I do mine, ok? Or you can book right now. Your choice."

"Okay." Janey smiled slyly while speaking like a scolded child. "I'll be good."

"Well I hope the next scene is good. It seems we missed the last one." AmyJo nestled into her nook on the couch staring intently at the screen. Her knees hung over the edge of the sofa half sitting, half lying down. "You know, some guy's long hard cock banging away?" Janey couldn't help but stare a little at AmyJo relaxing. Spying her friend's tight, orange dress sliding further up her dark stockinged thighs as AmyJo's legs slightly spread out on the small sofa.

"Or eating her out, hmmm?" Janey's words drawled softly as she laid back, too. Her knee inadvertently touched AmyJo's knee but AmyJo didn't flinch. It was as if it confirmed that AmyJo was comfortable with Janey being there.

"Shhhhhh!" AmmyJo stared at the screen. If she had looked over she'd have seen her tawdry southern chum getting comfortable, too. Difference was, Janey was wearing a tight pair of severe cutoffs. The material of the faded, blue painter pants was so holy and old it was like they were almost transparent. Needles to say if she didn't sit like a lady in them an observer might get a flash of something, shall we say, more provocative. Like her slutty thirty two year old, dirty blonde bush, for example.

"I'm sorry Miss Johnson, but your performance here has been less than stellar. Besides, you've been fooling around with our clients without the courtesy of the board to view your activities." The well dressed business lady, played by pornstar bombshell Nova Scotia, exclaimed. "It seems there's only one way to settle this problem, don't you think?" Nova Scotia ran her hand down the front of her tight white blouse.

Janey was sure that AmyJo would fast forward the tape. It was obvious this scene was leading to a little lezzie fun. Surely she wasn't into that, was she? The scene continued: "Now, I can think of only one way you might redeem your worth to the company, miss Johnson." Nova Scotia slid around and sat on the edge of the desk pulling up her tight business skirt. The eighties porn star spread her well sculpted thighs allowing her, bighaired, lipstick co-star more than an eyefull of her aroused, hairy pussy.

Janey didn't have to wait long to find out if her friend was up to watching a lezzie scene or not. Janey spied AmyJo running her hands softly up and down her inner thighs. Hiking her slutty skirt higher each time she made a pass. Janey looked back at the tv as not to let her friend think she was gawking at her. The secretary was on her knees tenderly kissing her way up her boss' nyloned thighs. "That's it lick it. Lick my pussy you little slut." Nova Scotia groaned as her blonde haired, bimbo secretary lapped at her sweet, wet cunt.

Janey's fingers slid under the waistband of her beat up denim jeans. She loved how they felt "cos they were so worn out and soft. They also had the added bonus of easy access, when in Rome, ya know? AmyJo had her skirt sufficiently worked down around her waist by now and was working it between two of her fingers. Gawd, her clit was so big, Janey peeked. Catching sight of it poking out from in between AmyJo's greasy digits.

"Now isn't this better than being all embarrassed every time you walk in on me while I'm doing this?" AmyJo smiled at her neighbor while fingering her excited, wet pussy lips.

"Yeah, but I've never done it like this before." Janey cackled as her own fingers slowly worked her moist, tender muff. "Besides, I didn't know you were into any of this lezzie stuff.

"Me neither. I usually pass up on these scenes, but what the hell, ya know? I mean, it's not bothering you is it?" AmyJo's pussycat lips drawled. AmyJo kept her eyes on the lezzie show while absently caressing her long red fingernails down Janey's tanned inner thigh. Teasingly running them under Janey's poor excuse for outer wear. My god, Janey could even feel them barely brush the very edge of her dense, but neatly trimmed, pubic mound. Quickly as it had begun Amy Jo retreated her hand back to the masturbation of her own huge, wet clit.

"No, I'm not bothered. Maybe a little hot and bothered, ya know?" Janey's husky throat chuckled as her deft fingers ungulated beneath the flimsy cotton cutoffs she calculatingly threw on. She had an inkling that AmyJo's naughtly little pursuit might lead to other appetizing distractions. Other forbbiden games of secret lust.

God, her friend had already unashamedly admitted that she liked to diddle while watching this filthy porn and, it was'nt a big stretch that AmyJo might just want to try something most heterosexual gals found a little too provacative, not to mention taboo. Hell, Janey wasn't quite sure either, frankly. Besides, AmyJo would probably back down when it got that hot and heavy, right? Janey's question was answered by AmyJo's hand returning to her tanned thigh, once again, descending towards her fobbiden, secret lust.

"Getting some ideas there, sugar?" I think you might be up up to no good, huh?" Janey's husky voice purred. "Unless you just want to do it. Ummm yeah, that's it, lower baby." AmyJo's fingers found their way back to the edge of Janey's tattered cutoffs only to beg off again. What was this fucking tease up to? Janey thought to herself. Her neighbor resumed her selfish solo sex play leaving poor Janey hornier than ever.

"Janey, Janey? Wha.. what'cha doin?" Was all AmyJo could mutter as Janey quickly knealt on the floor pushing AmyJo's decadent stocking clad thighs into the cushions of the couch. Plunging her curious lips and tongue deep into AmyJo's musky wet snatch. "Ohhh, oh no, no.' AmyJo's weak throat choked in protest. Her eyes opened wide staring past her tightly wrapped breasts on down to her aching, delerious, pussy. Caught off guard unable to stop what was transpiring. Watching as Janey really sucked her own aching, aroused pussy. Spying her glistening dark pubes that now peek-a-booed from under the gaudy orange mini-skirt she so expertly and seductively hiked up. The same obnoxiously colored orange skirt she'd snuggled around her full, sexy ass and hips. AmyJo was in no position to stop regardless if it was right or wrong. All she knew was the out of control feeling building deep inside of her that she was about to cum and cum hard.

"How's that? You're so wet and your clit it's, so big." Janey's Kentucky accent purred while diddling her naughty neighbor's fleshy clit. Janey slowly slid two fingers into AmyJo's wet and willing hole. AmyJo licked her lips allowing her own cool hands to slid under the fabric of her tight school girl blouse twisting her nipples like they were knobs of a secret radio. Dialing in her personal, and very naughty, radio station, WSEX. Surrendering to the sweet wet desire she was dialing in.

School girl crushes never went this far. The tv showed a close up of Nova Scotia chowing down on the poor young secretary's hairy wet cooze. AmyJo grinded her hips fucking Janey's greasy fingers to the rhythm of the cheesy porn music and overdubbed moans pouring out of her stereo. It was when Janey resumed licking AmyJo's huge meaty clit that AmyJo couldn't hold back any longer. Her pussy erupted as this naughty and forbidden lezzie fantasy came to full fruition.

AmyJo's brother was across town in the semi-deserted parking lot of the local truck stop when his cell phone rang. Bobby looked at his caller ID and saw it was from his mother, Rachel. Bobby put the call on the speaker phone "Hello, Mom. What's up?" Bobby lit up a half smoked roach. "I can't hear you Mom speak up." Bobby choked turning down his radio and turning up the cell phone speaker.

"I'm at your sister's." Rachel whispered peering through the window of AmyJo's trailer.

"Can't you speak up." Bobby blew smoke out the cracked window.

"Listen, boy, I'm telling you it seems your sister is up to no good again. Doesn't that bother you?"

"Again, huh? Christ, Mom are you peeping through her window?"

"Well, if you have to know, yes. Yes I am."

"Jeeze, Mom I don't know what's worse AmyJo's video habits or your peeping tom foolery. Or is it just that?" Bobby began stroking himself slowly through his khakis.

"Just what, boy?" Rachel knew what her son might be thinking.

"That you like to watch AmyJo. God, that's kinda perverted don'tcha think, Mom." Bobby looked around in the dark lot spotting what he'd been looking for, Cora, the lot lizard here at Dells truckers inn.

"When are you gonna stop fucking with me, boy.? Will you ever let me live that down? Christ."

"Never, that was the best tape I'd ever found." Bobby put his finger to his lips as he made eye contact with Cora giving her the universal quiet symbol. Then he leaned over quietly opening the passenger door of his Delta 88. Cora eagerly sat her sexy hot pants clad ass on the old smelly leather. Silently curious as to what the hush was to why Bobby was keeping her so quiet. "Just tell me a few things, Mom."

"Yeah? Why should I boy? Ain't you been listening to me?" Rachel drawled coyly.

"Yeah, but I was really more curious as to what you're you wearing, huh?" Bobby tried not to giggle as Cora's slutty red lips gaped open by this bold question Bobby had nonchalantly asked his own kin. Bobby smiled at Cora while he unzipped his pants pulling out his rock hard cock stroking it, slowly.

"Hmmmm, all I'm gonna say is it it's real short. You like that, boy? You like that I'm wearing something real short? It's kind of similar to what your slutty sister's wearing right now, in fact. But here's the kicker, boy, you know that neighbor of hers, Janey?"

"Yeah, she's pretty hot."

"Well, it seems she's, how do you dirty little porno boys say it? That Janey girl's chowing down on your sister's sweet, sweet pussy there, boy. Heh, heh. Can you believe it?"

"No way. You're pulling my leg?" Bobby stroked a little softer.

"I think you're the one pulling a leg, mister." Cora whispered as she proceeded to do what any good lot lizard worth her salt would do. Her greasy, dirty blonde hair draped Bobby's lap while her glistening lips devoured the rock hard tool he'd craftily managed so far.

"But, but aren't y-you turned on?" Bobby stuttered.

"What are you doing, boy, pulling your pecker? Huh? Would you like it if momma was being naughty, hmmm?" Cora's mouth slurped audibly over the cell phone. "Who's that with you, boy? Is that you, Cora?" Rachel asked sternly.

"Yes, ma'am." Cora answered then resumed her fervent sucking of Bobby's throbbing cock.

"I'll take care of the both you later. Especially you, missy." Rachel cooed.

"Promise?" Cora moaned inbetween slurps.

"I'll think of something fitting for a little slut like you, missy. You wait, but for now, I gotta go. Enjoy it now, boy. Make her swallow every drop. Bye." Rachel hung up but some how knew Bobby would soon be exploding his salty hot jizz into Cora's wet and willing mouth. Cora obediently sucked down every gooey, salty drop, too. She didn't want Rachel to blow her any shit, later. Or for that matter unleash Rachel's very own small town, homegrown, sex posse. Though that wasn't too bad, either Cora heatedly thought slipping a twenty into her bra and across her aroused nipple as she slipped out of Bobby's old car and into the foggy night.

AmyJo, by now, had her tight white blouse unbuttoned all the way it hung open and disheveled across the couch. Her sexy boobs bounced in her tight lacey bra as her wet pussy banged away on Janey's wet tongue. Rachel quietly opened her daughter's trailer door as the sound of the cheesy porno and her daughter's passionate moans filled her ears. Standing in the dark kitchen Rachel silently watched her daughter's lezzie liason pinchingher own aching nipples through worn cotton of her old Motley Crue t-shirt.

"Ohhhh, ohhh, ummmm." AmyJo moaned as another delicious orgasm racked her helpless, lust filled body. Rachel opened the door and slammed it walking into the room as if she didn't know what was transpiring. The smell of sex was heavy in the air. "Ooops, I'm sorry dear I keep forgeting to knock. Hi Janey dear let me help you, hon." Rachel walked around the couch. Janey was surprised and still on her knees inbetween AmyJo's legs when Rachel sidled up beside her sliding her cool mature fingers down the tattered cutoffs hugging her exposed ass. Quickly Rachel's deft fingers slid under the flimsy material. Effortlessly sliding across Janey's hairy wet folds onto Janey's sensitive clit.

"Just relax, dear." Rachel leaned over Janey's doggystyle position pushing the hair from the younger woman's neck and kissing the back of her neck. "AmyJo, dear, would you scoot over and let this poor girl sit down, hmm?" Rachel slid the tattered cutoffs down janey's tanned legs. She could easily make out the distinct tan lies running down Janey's sweet ass.

"It seems like you girls are up to know good, ummm." Rachel purred helping Janey step out of her cutoffs.

"Thanks for the assist Mrs. Peabody."

"The pleasures all mine, dear." Rachel knealt stroking Janey's strong thighs. "Let me show you." Janey almost lost her balance when Rachel plunged her wet mature mouth into that forbidden dark fantasy. Bite after bite into Janey's taboo lezzie lust. Janey had to run her fingers through Rachel's crunchy, big, faux blonde, hair just to keep her balance as her tawdry pussy exploded in one orgasm after another.

"Oh my, Gawd." Janey's husky voice groaned. "Oh, my goodness. Oh yeah. Uh-huh, uh-huh." Rachel's biker tramp tongue flicked fast across Janey's clit. Her nose buried deep in Janey's womanly fur. Her hands digging into Janey's ass. But Janey was really sent over the top when AmyJo got behind Rachel and rubbed the blue suede material covering her own mom's wide ass. Janey kept cumming as she watched AmyJo lift her mother's skirt then slide her hand under her mom's lacy black panties. "Oh Gawd, yes."

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