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Chapter One - My perfect life

Some people say that writing down your thoughts is good therapy, well at least that is what my counselor says. So I am going to try it, what do I have to lose that I already haven't lost.

I am Keri Ann Walker, a 35 year old divorced mother of three. I have ten year old twin boys and an 8 year old daughter. I work full time as an emergency room nurse and have since graduating nursing school. Most people say that I am very attractive and could have easily been a model. At five foot even and weighing one hundred pounds, my body is very fit with just the right amount of boobs and butt. I have reddish blond hair and green eyes. My soon to be ex-husband used to just stare into my eyes and would get an erection. I so missed that and him.

I live in a smaller city but is also the county seat. It has a big city attitude but a small town closeness. The Hospital that I work at is the county's only hospital. and as such is quite a large facility. It is affiliated with the state university's medical school, so we get a lot of student doctors coming here to learn their trade. The hospital's emergency room is very busy and I work with a lot of good people. It is here where I met my husband.

When I first started working here, I had my eyes set on latching onto a doctor and becoming a kept wife. Every time there was a new crop of medical students or new doctors come in I was sizing them up. Some of my girl friends and I would invite them out for drinks after work as we would try to find the right guy. I dated several of them and was intimate with a couple. After all, I want marriage and nobody wants to marry a slut.

Some of the married nurses used to make fun of us and say things like we look like hungry vultures waiting to pounce. One of those making fun of us was my friend Joni.

Joni was married and had two kids. Her husband was a firefighter for the county fire department. She and her husband lived on her family's farm outside of town. Her mother owned the farm as her father had passed away a few years earlier. Her father was a firefighter also who died while on duty. He had saved several people and went back into a burning building to search for more victims, when the roof collapsed. He was able to get his crew out saving them, but was not able to save himself. The county had made a memorial to him and even named a park after him. Everyone knew who Jon Walker Sr. was and what a great hero he was. Many families were together today because of his heroics.

Joni also had a brother, Jon Jr. who lived on the farm and had followed in his dad's footsteps. He became a para-medic firefighter and on his days off worked on the farm.

One day, while listening to Joni make fun of us girls, I asked her what she had against us marrying a doctor. Joni replied, nothing, but every doctor I have seen come in here is a wimp. They would never get their hands dirty and are looking for some young nurse for arm candy and to service their needs. Joni continued, I prefer a real man, one who works hard to provided for his family, one who would fight the devil himself to protect his family. I said well that is just in fairytales. Joni said, thank God I live that fairytale every day, because that is how my husband is. She said some day, you are going to find and marry some doctor. You will be spending your life worrying about some other nurse just like you, who will be trying to take him away from you. Look around and see how many of these doctors are divorced.

Now I must admit that this did get me thinking, I did not want to be one of those wives waiting for the axe to fall.

It was a couple of days later that I met her brother Jon Jr. for the first time. He walked into the ER with a patient and I about fell over. Jon was about six feet tall and you could see even in his uniform he was a very muscular and well defined man. He had dark brown hair and hazel eyes. He walked in with an air of confidence. I have never been so attracted to anyone in my life. I noticed that he was very friendly with Joni, so I asked her who he is. Joni looked at me and said. That is my baby brother.

I asked Joni, why had I not seen him before? She replied that he usually works on the rescue truck and not the ambulance, but was filling in today for someone else. I told Joni, I would like to meet him. She looked at me for a second, then she said, Look Keri, I like you as a friend, but I love my brother. I will not introduce you to him as I am not going to let you use him and then hurt him when Mr. Right Doctor comes along. "Forget it" and then she walked away.

Forget it hell. I walked over to him and started talking, I don't even remember what I said. By the time he left, I felt that I was making progress and would surely run into him again soon. Later that day, I ran into a couple of the medics that I knew and asked about Jon. I hinted that I would like to see more of him. They took the bait and called Jon. Now it was a waiting game to see if he would contact me. I must say that I had several erotic dreams about him.

A few days later Joni approached me and said that Jon had asked about me. I asked Joni, what did she tell him. Joni said, I told the truth, however Jon is a big boy and if he wants to go out with you, it is up to him. Of course I was delighted but Joni cautioned me by saying, "don't you dare fuck him over, I would never forgive you for that."

A few days passed and I had not heard from Jon. Joni invited me to come to a BBQ and she told me that Jon would be there. What she didn't tell me was that there would be several single females there also.

The whole day at the BBQ, several women tried to dominate Jon's time. It seems that I was not the only one wanting Jon's affection. Finally, I caught a break and saw Jon head into the house to use the bathroom. I followed him and when he came out of the bathroom, I caught him.

I asked him if he was avoiding me. Jon said well I heard that you wanted to get to know me, but Joni told me that you are hung up on finding a doctor to marry. I will not try to compete with anyone for the love of a woman. Either she loves me and only me or I will move on.

I replied what makes you think that I cannot love one man and only one man. That is exactly what I am looking for. I want to get married and have a family, but most importantly I want to stay married and grow old together.

Jon stared at me for a minute then said, "OK, if you want to go out, how about tomorrow evening. I smiled and said how about tonight.

Jon agreed.

I decided that this guy might be worth it, so I took it slow. We went out and had a good time. After 3 dates I allowed him to kiss me good night. On the fifth date, I invited him into my apartment and we had a really hot make out session. I refused to let it go beyond some really heavy petting. On the sixth date Jon and I had a discussion about where we were heading.

I explained to Jon that I had strong feelings for him, but I was not going to be a notch in his headboard. I needed to know where this was heading. Now to say that I had strong feelings was an understatement. I was flat out, head over heels in love with him. I had never met a stronger yet gentler person in my life. He made me laugh and when he wasn't around I cried. He was kind and respectful. He was everything that I didn't know that I really wanted.

Jon explained to me that he also would not just jump in bed with somebody. He had to care about that person. He wanted that person to care for him and only him. He asked me if I was that person.

I took Jon by the hand and led him into my bedroom. As I started to undress, Jon said, before we do this I want to know. Are you giving up you dream of catching a doctor and are we going to be exclusive.

I kissed him and said "Yes to all."

I would like to say that we had some great sex that night, but it would be a lie. We made love, it was mind blowing, heart stopping love. When we finally finished and as I snuggled into his strong arms, I cried. If I wasn't in love with him before, I sure as hell was now. In all my life I have never had sex like this.

Jon left early as he had to go on shift when we woke up. When he left I wrapped myself in my sheets just to prolong the essence of him. His smell was on everything. Later in the morning, Jon, sent me a text it read, "thank you for the wonderful evening, I hope that it was as special for you as it was for me."

I replied to his text, "Jon, I hope that I am not scaring you off, But, I love you."

Jon replied. "I love you too"

When I received his reply, my legs gave out on me and I sat on the floor crying. I don't know what he did to me, but I was so in love with him. I have never had this feeling before. I must say he has the body of Hercules, the Intelligence of Einstein, the wisdom of Solomon and the compassion of the Dali Llama all rolled into one. I have never met anyone like him before.

As a lover he is a little bigger than what I was used to he was about nine inches long and as thick as my wrist. I felt stretched and well used after our love session. I noticed that he had used three condoms and had thrown them in the trash can. I pulled them out and tore them open and rubbed his cum all over my tits and body. I laid there for what seemed like for hours basking in Jon's love.

The next day I went to work on cloud nine. Everyone could tell that I was sky high. Joni finally caught up with me and she gave me a stern look then said, If you break his heart I will kill you, now come give me a hug.

After that day Jon and I were inseparable. I gave up on my wish to be a doctor's wife for something so much better. We dated for a year and every day I fell more in love that I could ever have imagined. My parents adored him and I really think Jon's mother loved me also. Joni had really softened to me and even apologized for not wanting to hook me up with Jon.

One day at work, Joni told me that an ambulance was pulling in and that her and I needed to get a suite ready for the patient. The para-medics brought the stretcher in and on the stretcher was Jon. I nearly fainted. I ran to it and screamed oh my god what is wrong, when Jon sat up and said, "I am sick of not being with you, Will You Marry Me?" I was so stunned, I stood there for a moment, while the entire ER went deadly silent. Tears started pouring out of my eyes as I realized Jon had just proposed to me. I jumped on him nodding my head as I could not even get the words out. He held the ring back and said, "Keri, say something." finally I was able to get "YES" out.

We got married and I moved into the house with Jon and his mother. It was no problem as the house was large. Joni and her husband lived on the farm also but in a separate house. Soon I was pregnant and had our twin boys Jon's mom was wonderful and helped me with the children so I was able to go back to work after I finished breast feeding them. A couple of years later, I was pregnant again and this time we had a girl. Jon's mother was there to help.

I thanked God every day for the wonderful life I had.

Chapter Two -

My Downfall

Ten wonderful years had passed and we had settled into a routine. Both Jon and I still worked and on his days off Jon ran the farm with Joni's husband. Jon's mom still lived with us and was starting to really slow down due to age.

I really don't understand how it all fell apart because I was happy and secure in my family. Jon and I still had mind blowing sex and I was still madly in love and infatuated with Jon.

I guess it started by some of the younger nurses started going out for drinks after work and invited me along. Joni always refused saying that being in a bar without her husband is no place for a married lady. I never worried about it as I knew that I loved Jon and nobody would come between us. So a couple of times a week I would stop in for a drink or two and then head home.

One day while out with the girls I ran into Dr. Ben Wilson. Ben and I had dated for a while when he was in training and in fact he was one of the few doctors that I actually slept with. He had left and was working out of state so we stopped seeing each other. Now he was back working locally. We chatted and caught up with each other's lives. I told him about mine and he told me that he was in the process of getting a divorce. He had married a nurse and according to Ben, she had not been faithful in their relationship.

Ben complimented me on staying attractive even after having three kids. He was nice and polite and did nothing to set off any warning bells with me.

It seemed that every time the girls and I went out for a drink, Ben would show up. He was always polite and friendly. Yes he gave me compliments, but I never felt that he was out of line.

Sometimes he would ask me to dance and I would but only fast dances. One night while the girls and I was out, Ben came in and started buy us all drinks. He said his divorce was final and he was celebrating. I actually drank more than normal that night and kind of lost track of time. Ben asked me to dance and I did. We danced 3 fast songs and then a slow song came up. I turned to leave the floor but Ben grabbed my arm and swung me around pulling me into him and said please for old times, I could really use a friend today. So I danced with him.

Maybe it was the alcohol, I don't know, but I should have heard the warning bells ringing. As we danced he told me how depressed he was because of his divorce and how even though she cheated on him, he felt like a failure. He just really needed a friend right now and didn't know anybody in town yet. I stayed and drank more and danced more. When it was time to leave I had had more than what I should have had and I knew that I should not drive yet.

I went outside to clear my head and Ben followed me. It was a little nippy outside so Ben wrapped his arm around me. The next thing I knew he was kissing me and I think I was kissing him back. He guided me to his car and pulled me into the back seat with him. We were making out like two teenagers. Again, and I know it sounds stupid, but, the next thing I knew, we were naked and Ben was pushing his cock into me. I screamed for him to stop, but he just forced it all the way in and started pumping into me. I tried pushing him off of me and screamed again. He tried to cover my mouth but I bit his hand drawing blood. The more I fought the more turned on he became and all of a sudden I felt him shoot is load into me. I cried, "Why, Why did you do this to me?" Ben laughed and said you were always so prissy, but your just another whore.

Just then the car door burst open and a couple of the nurses I was with pulled Ben out and started hitting him. Soon the police arrived. I told them how Ben raped me, and how I fought to get him off of me. The nurses also told how they heard me yelling and saw me fighting. They even saw the bite on Ben's hand. I was taken to the hospital for a rape exam. and Ben was arrested.

You want to talk about embarrassment, The ambulance that came was from the fire department so now everyone would know. Then I was taken to my hospital and everyone there would know.

I was at the hospital about two hours when Jon showed up. He was not allowed to see me until after the detectives had finished interviewing me. Even though I had told Ben that I did not want to have sex, I couldn't show how I had got undressed without him ripping my clothes off. in addition several people had seen me making out with Ben and it appeared that I got in his car willingly. They still charged Ben but said the DA may drop the charges.

Jon took me home and patiently waited for me to tell him what had happened. The next day I sat with him and told him everything as best as I could remember.

Jon was furious. He said that I had no business dancing with another man. I told Jon that I thought that maybe he drugged me and I knew they had taken blood samples for that. For several weeks things were bad between us. I needed Jon and Jon was not there for me. Joni and Jon's mother tried comforting me but even they said it was my own doings as I had no business even going to a bar without my husband.

The DA finally contacted us and met with Jon and I. He decided that he could not prove the rape beyond a reasonable doubt. He said the blood test came back negative for drugs and even though he believed me, he was afraid a jury would side with Ben due to several witnesses seeing me dance with him, make out with him and willingly get into the back seat with him. He was afraid that the jury would think that I had remorse after we had sex.

That meeting kind of drove the nail into the coffin so to speak. Jon moved out of the house. He told me that he needed time away from me. I promised him that I loved only him and that I was sorry for what had happened. Joni and his mom stood by me and gave me the strength to continue.

Jon still came to the farm every day to do the work and see the kids but he never came up to the house or talked to me. I know he talked to Joni and Mom, but if I walked up to him he just left. I cried myself to sleep every night.

Joni and mom tried to get him to forgive me and keep our family together but after several weeks, I was served with divorce papers. For the sake of the kids, Jon wanted me to stay living with mom on the farm until the kids were 18 years old at which time I would have to move. He also provided child support and paid the household bills. Other than that I was on my own.

Jon sued Ben and Ben settled quickly just to keep it out of court. I don't know how much money Jon got but he used it to set up a prepaid college fund for the kids. Ben ended up getting the shit beat out of him. I know that Jon did not do it as he was on duty when it happened and all the firefighters and even a couple of police officers attested to that. I think they sent Ben a message because he quickly moved away.

I fought the divorce and demanded counseling. The judge agreed and for the next six weeks we went to counseling. I admitted to my indiscretions and even passed a polygraph test proving that I did not want to have sex with Ben and that I tried to stop it. Jon said absolutely nothing. He would just sit there. The counselor would threaten to tell the Judge that Jon would not participate and Jon said, go ahead.

The judge brought Jon and I back into court and told Jon that he would require counseling as long as it takes for Jon to participate.

Jon told the Judge, " your honor, I am a firefighter and as such I have to trust my partners to be there for me as my life may depend on them. My wife was my partner and I have lost that trust in her. You can force me to go to counseling but I will never trust her again."

The Judge decided to allow the divorce to proceed.

Jon stopped going to the counselor, but I felt that it would be helpful for me to understand why I did what I did. After several sessions my counselor Mike started telling me that no matter what, Jon would never come back and that I should move on with my life. In fact Mike made several statements putting Jon down and trash talking him.

One night at home I was talking to Jon's mom, when I actually started trash talking about Jon. His mom became angry and asked me where that was coming from and I told her that Mike had said the very thing. She said, "Who is Mike?" I told her he is my counselor. She then said since when do you call your counselor by first names, I think something hokey is going on here. You love Jon and he loves you. Why do you think he wants you to stay in this house as opposed to kicking you out.

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