tagNonHumanKeyanna and Kevin Ch. 03

Keyanna and Kevin Ch. 03


Here is the next installment of Keyanna and Kevin's story. I hope that you all enjoy it. I was hoping to lessen the time between posts but...I am in an awkward living position due to the loss of my home to a tornado in 2011. Unfortunately the mortgage company has not been cooperating and we have been forced to pursue legal action. I have had to do a lot of work for the case producing documents, pictures so forth and so on. I am working on finishing chapter 4, however it will be in between work, school, depositions and the such. Thank you all for your patience and for sticking with me. Thanks to Kalamazoo707 for beta reading it for me, though I did add to it afterwards (lol). Thanks also to kala for her encouragement...w/out it I never would have posted in the first place. Now without further ado...


The weekend with Kevin was over too soon for Keyanna. She didn't want to be away from Kevin and it baffled her that she had become so attached so fast. She thought that maybe she was having what she called rebound feeling for him because he treated her so good compared to Donovan. She was getting dressed in a daze. Kevin was in the shower and Keyanna found herself staring off into space and daydreaming more often that she care for. Her thoughts and emotions seem to be all over the place and it was starting to work on her nerves. "Get it together dammit" she chastised herself for what seemed like the hundredth time, "I have to get to work and so does he; it's not like we won't see each other again". Keyanna got up off of the bed and began dressing. By the time she got her shoes on Kevin was out of shower and coming into the room to get dressed. She looked at him all wet with beads of water still on his chest and couldn't help the heat that was starting to build inside of her. She licked her lips and closed her eyes trying to will her body to behave. She opened her eyes to find Kevin watching her with a smirk quirking his lips and a semi-erect cock pressing against his towel. As if in a trance Keyanna walked towards Kevin intent on having her way with him one more time before check out. Keyanna walked up to Kevin and kissed him while reaching to remove his towel. Just when he deepened the kiss and placed his hands on her hips to pull her closer Keyanna's cell phone rang. "Dammit," she said against Kevin's lips, "let it ring," was Kevin's reply as he pulled Keyanna closer grinding against her with his aching stiffness.

"I can't I have to be in court today and this could be about my case," Keyanna said taking a deep breath and a step back from Kevin's embrace.

Kevin let her go with a low groan and proceeded to the closet to retrieve his clothes so he could get dressed. Keyanna went to the counter of the kitchenette where she sat her purse and rummage through it to find her phone. "Hello"

"Hi Keyanna this is Amelia, Mr. Sinclaire asked me to call and request that you meet with him today after you finish in court".

"Sure Amelia, is everything ok?"

"Yes ma'am he needs to go over some information with you and wants to meet with you before certain things take place. Mr. Sinclaire will explain the rest when you arrive".

"Okay will do Amelia. Tell him I will see him around ten-thirty or eleven at the latest"'.

"Yes ma'am good day Mrs. Masters,"

"Good day to you too Amelia".

Keyanna hung up her phone and put it back in her purse. Kevin came out the bedroom with their bags "You ready to go?" Kevin asked

"Ready as can be" Keyanna replied.

Kevin opened the door to find the bellhop waiting to take their bags. Kevin passed the bags to the bell hop who loaded them onto the waiting baggage cart. While their bags were taken down in the service elevator Keyanna and Kevin were left to proceed to the guest elevator. As they were walking down the hall Kevin felt the presence of another vampire. 'That's odd' he thought to himself. They came around the corner and nearly collided with Eldon Raynes.


Eldon was startled. He wasn't expecting to see Keyanna with someone. The vampire he ordered to keep an eye on her said that he saw her come into this hotel and that she exited on this floor but he didn't mention that she had or was meeting company. Eldon could see that the photo's given to him didn't do her any justice at all. She was breath taking in person almost goddess like in appearance. Any man lucky enough to catch her attention would be envied and she would be a trophy to any that could snare her. Donovan was a fucking fool he decided. He had this goddess at home and he chose to lie with dogs. 'Imbecile' he thought to himself as he thought of Donovan's arrogance. He kept his eyes on Keyanna as she and Kevin proceeded to the elevator he had just exited. As the doors closed he didn't miss the flash in the eyes of the vampire she was with nor did he miss the possessive way he held her around waist and kissed her while watching him as the doors closed.


Kevin could sense the vampire they practically ran into still staring at his mate. He didn't like it one bit and the beast in him was ready to kill the interloper for perusing his mate so blatantly. As they stepped onto the elevator Keyanna leaned forward to press the button Kevin's eyes flashed in warning to the staring vampire. When Keyanna stepped back Kevin put his arm around her waist and pulled her to him and kissed her. Keyanna closed her eyes but Kevin kept his open and on the other vampire until the doors closed. Kevin broke the kiss and murmured mine under his breath. He kept Keyanna pressed against him. He will have to find out who the vampire he just saw was but in the meantime he needed his mate to be safe until he could arrange to move his headquarters to Georgia.


Donovan spent the last few months racking his brain about how Keyanna was able to outsmart him. As he dressed he kept going over different scenarios in his mind and he kept coming to the same conclusion. She had help. The DVD's and recordings in the safe deposit box were guarded by password and even if the password was guessed you had to have his key to get in. The only other person who had a key was the manger of the bank. How did she get him to her access? "Maybe she fucked him," he mused out loud with a chuckle "seems I was able to turn her uppity ass into a slut after all". Never the less the fact that she manage to get away from him and get to the copies of the recordings he had of her had him seething with anger. More than that she had the recordings of the women he had taken against their will. If she decided to press charges he was in deep shit. If she contacted the other women and talked them into pressing charges he was in even deeper shit. He would have to wait before he could return to the states. He had a few contacts he could make that could see if she was going to be gunning for him before he made his next move. For now he will make good use of his time in China and come up with a plan to make Keyanna pay and take down Mr. Sinclaire too. "I will get you Keyanna, you will never be done with me, not until you are dead" Donovan said to himself as he went to go find Angela.

Angela was working on her laptop at the table in the living room of the suite Mr. Raynes leased for Donovan. She heard Donovan's little tirade but though nothing of it. Soon he will be divorced and the mating pull will begin. Two things were for sure; one she will be mated to Donovan Masters and two once he was turned they will find Keyanna and torture the pretty bitch until she begged for death then turn her and torture her for the rest of her miserable life. Angela had nothing against Keyanna except that she felt like she was keeping her mate from her. His obsession with her wouldn't end until they mated. She smiled at the thought of Keyanna chained up, broken and abused. She would ask to be the one to turn Keyanna and then she would "accidentally" kill her in the process. Donovan would believe her because she is his mate and his instinct to love and protect would be stronger than the feelings he had for his ex. She smiled at that thought and went back to work on her laptop. "Soon my love, soon" she said out loud as Donovan walked into the room.


Mr. Sinclaire was sitting in his office in one of the big leather chairs by the fireplace. He had a glass of scotch, his third glass that day as he waited for Keyanna to arrive from court. He was nervous about what he had to talk to Keyanna about. He was about to reveal to her who and what he was and it wasn't going to be easy. Amelia kept telling him that she would be able to sense a lie within him but he still had a hard time believing it. Amelia noticed the stress on Mr. Sinclaires face and tried to assuage his anxiety,

"Sir she has power within her, even though she doesn't know it's there it has always worked for her when it was needed. Sir her husband tried to break her but her power made her resilient and stronger after each incident. Her power will be awakened soon and she needs to know what is coming so she can be prepared. Sir you will need to have her to speak with her parents too. They are the key to the initial release of her powers her mate with wake the rest. Please try and be at ease sir all will be okay" Amelia said.

"I know Amelia but it doesn't get any easier. Thank you. If you don't mind I would like to be left alone until Keyanna arrives. Hold all of my calls; change my appointments and no visitors. Once we are done I am going home for the evening. One more thing" he paused "Amelia will she really have the power to call souls back from beyond as the prophecy says?"

"Yes sir" was Amelia's simple but confident reply as she turned to leave the office.


Keyanna's day at court was pleasant. She was able to get the case dropped against her client so she was done early for a change. She took the opportunity to call Kevin to see if his plane landed yet. Keyanna walked through the parking deck to her car. She unlocked the doors got in, took out her phone, dialed Kevin's number and started the car. She backed out of her parking space as Kevin's phone was ringing. She was driving out of the parking deck when he finally answered.

"Hello Kevin Weldon speaking" Kevin said in his business voice.

"Hi Kevin, I miss you," Keyanna blurted out at the sound his voice.

"I miss you to beautiful," Kevin replied with a chuckle.

"I see you made it back okay," Keyanna said with a smile.

"Yeah, but I want to come back. It was hard leaving you," Kevin said truthfully.

"It was hard for me too. It actually hurt, like literal, physical pain. I had to take a minute before going into the court room this morning. I am okay now probably shouldn't have skipped breakfast".

"Maybe not," Kevin replied knowing the truth of why she was in pain and sickened that he had caused it. "I will let you eat a real meal next time I promise," Kevin said.

"I have to go, I have meeting to get to. I will call you later, okay?" Keyanna said.

"Okay, baby. Have a good day and if you don't call me I will call you. Bye babe," Kevin said


Keyanna hung up her phone and sat in her car a few minutes to get herself under control. She was actually crying and she didn't understand where these feelings had come from. She dried her eyes and got out of her car and headed to Mr. Sinclaire's office. She couldn't imagine what this meeting was about but knew that if he was calling a meeting it was important. Keyanna got on the elevator and pressed the button to the 35th floor. She leaned against the back wall of the elevator and closed her eyes listening to the low dinging of the bell as the elevator ascended past each floor. With her thoughts all over the place she tried to figure out why she was so emotional lately. She was sure her being with Kevin over the weekend had a lot to do with it. She missed him and the way he made her body crave him was wonderful. 'Focus' she said to herself and forced her thoughts to the impending meeting. The bell chimed and she stepped forward to exit the elevator. The doors opened and Keyanna stepped off the elevator. She expected to see the other partners in attendance and was surprised she was the only one there. She approached Amelia's desk "Hey Am, where is everybody?" Keyanna asked.

"There aren't any other attendee's just you. I will let Mr. Sinclaire know you are here," Amelia replied.

Amelia picked up the phone and buzzed Mr. Sinclaire "Sir Mrs. Masters is here for your meeting," she said and hung up, "he said for you to go on in."

Keyanna walked on into Mr. Sinclaire's office to find him sitting with a glass of scotch in front of the fireplace. She sat her briefcase by the door and walked over to the where Mr. Sinclaire was standing as he got up when he heard her come through the door. They greeted each other with a hug and Mr. Sinclaire offered Keyanna a drink which she refused. They sat down and Mr. Sinclaire began talking.

"Keyanna, there is not easy way to tell you what I have to say. I will start by saying keep an open mind; listen to your inner voice to know that I speak the truth. Also know that I view you as family and trust you with all that I have," He started.

"You are scaring me a little. You aren't about to die or are terminally ill or something are you?" Keyanna asked curiously.

"No my dear but you can be the judge of how to best file what I will tell you. I will cut to the chase. Keyanna, do you believe what you see in the movies about vampires, werewolves and the like?"

"I don't know. My parents always taught me that we were not as alone as we think. I thought that was there way of keeping in line. I also think that all movies have a small element of truth to them. Why do you ask?"

"I ask because what I have to say will test the limits of what you believe to be real or make believe. What would you say if I told you vampires, werewolves, witches and fairies did exist?"

"I would tell you that I would have to see it to believe it".

"That is fair I suppose. Let me tell you who and what I am and if you still require proof in the end I will give it to you. Is that okay?"

"That is fine by me," Keyanna replied her curiosity piqued.

"Keyanna I am a vampire; a very old vampire. My real name is Kyros W. Sinclaire...

Kyros W. Sinclair

Kyros W. Sinclair was the King of all vampires. The Sinclair bloodline came from the United Kingdom to settle in the United States six hundred years ago. Though his rule went far he governed the other countries by way of Primordial vampires in the larger countries. The Primordial's were vampires that were as old as time it's self. The smaller territories were governed by Elder Vampires. The Elders vampires were almost as old as the Primordial's as they had been sired by them. Kyros was the son of a Primordial and the first born of his father's mating. The rule of the vampire race would always remain with his bloodline to be passed on to the first born of his mating. Altogether the ruling vampires made up a Council that Kyros ruled. They would hear a matter weigh in on it but the final word was always the word of the King.

Life in the U.S. seemed to agree with Kyros and the coven he presided over. The grounds that housed the vampire estate thrived with life, activity, and a peaceful existence. The estate was more like a small community within the city in which they lived. Being self sufficient they rarely had to go outside of the grounds of the estate anything. If one was to happen upon the estate it looked like a little town or an upscale retirement village. There were individual houses that housed mated vampires and their families. There were apartments and condominiums for the unmated vampires, guards, and those who worked in the main house where Kyros lived. The main house was situated toward the back of the estate. After traveling through the houses, condos and shops of the industrious vampires who made clothing, operated clinics, ran restaurants, gas stations, salons, grocery stores for those who could still eat human food; you would come to a place that on the outside looked like a sprawling mansion.

Inside it was tastefully decorated with best of the best.

Kyros was a judicious, patient and compassionate as King and leader. He believed that the members of the estate should have a trade, or a skill of some sort. Being industrious was the future and he never wanted the members of his race which he affectionately referred to as his family to be left behind. Each new century brought with it new advances in medicine, dentistry, architecture and technology. They embraced the changes and even contributed a few of their own to the world around them. He also encouraged them to move away from the estate and venture into the neighboring cities and to go to other states. Some left but refused to be away from their King. The 18th century brought about death and chaos for vampires as a rogue alerted humans to their existence. Once the threat was taken care of the coven was safely relocated, its members that survived had come to bask in the safety that came with being near the king and were reluctant to separate. The younglings of the family born to those who survived had different idea's and weren't afraid to venture out. For that Kyros was grateful as it forced the families to leave the security blanket of the estate to go and visit with their offspring. Kyros also made sure to have private jets that they could use for travel knowing that it would ease them in their travels as contact with humans still made most of them weary.

Kyros was mated to Myra Travers . Myra was human when she met Kyros. Their meeting had been an accident; she was leaving the library as she was an avid reader and loved books. She had just gotten a copy of book she ordered and couldn't wait to get home and read it. She had paid for her purchase and was headed out of the door with the book open to the preface when she collided with what felt like a brick wall. She stumbled and almost fell when a pair of strong hands caught and gently steadied her. Myra regained her balance and looked up to thank her rescuer and ended up looking into the eyes of Kyros Sinclair. She stared at him as if she were hypnotized by his emerald green eyes.

Kyros or rather I was headed to the library to get a copy of the newly published law review. With him completing law school and passing the bar he wanted to stay abreast of the happenings in the human world where law was concerned. He chose law because as much as he encouraged those he ruled to be industrious and to blend in with the society around them it came with a cost. The more they interacted with humans the more they became human in their thinking with their action soon following. He was finding himself more and more on the legal side of human laws than he cared for so law was a logical choice. He and a few of the members of his coven had gone into law. They started a Law Firm called Coven Inc. They represented their own in court and were well versed in human and vampire directives and bylaws. Since they were semi- public they were judicious in the cases they took and violators would be dealt with once the human courts were done they were subject to the King and the edicts of the council.

Since Kyros was the king his sightings in public and in the courts had to be kept to a minimum. There were members of the coven and other beings that felt that Kyros had grown soft and too westernized in his thinking. To eliminate the threat of someone trying to assassinate their King, they would use Kyros as an advisor and he would only be active on cases that would require him to be.

The day he was run into by Myra at the bookstore changed his and her life forever. Kyros was well over 400 years old and had given up on finding his mate. Elation would best describe what Kyros felt at finding Myra. He was as mesmerized by her as she was by him. Their courtship was not a long one. They spent every moment from the time they met together. When he revealed that he was a vampire Myra just smiled and told him she knew he was different. She also told him that she didn't care what he was as long as he was hers. That made Kyros the happiest vampire in the world. Kyros lived and breathed to protect his Myra and make her happy. Together they reigned for another two hundred years. Myra was a fast learner thanks to her love of reading; after she recovered from being turned she would spend countless hours in the estates library surrounded by books.

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